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A strap for Claire

Story from Swish Vol.3 No.5.

A strap for Claire

It was Hilda's idea – in all great innocence. Sarah wasn't so innocent, though, and she could see all sorts of possibilities in getting a strap for Claire. John, after all, didn't know anything about this sort of thing, she told herself...........

"I'm not putting up with that girl's language or defiance any longer," Hilda said. She looked a little breathless, Sarah thought, as if she had been chasing Claire who had just banged out of the back door as Sarah came in the front way.

"They can be difficult," Sarah said vaguely and followed Hilda into the kitchen, instinctively knowing that she was about to put the kettle on. A cup of tea in a crisis was always Hilda's first thought. Plump and forty-ish, she still held the bloom of her earlier prettiness, and some of the curves as well. But like many suburban housewives, Hilda had let herself go a little. Not like Sarah, she often thought with a tinge of envy. Sarah was thirty-six and though perfectly full of figure had kept her skin and her curves tightly under control. Hilda wondered sometimes whether Sarah wore a waspie to make her waist draw in like that, but there was never any hint of one beneath her dresses.

"I've told John she wants a good strapping," Hilda said tightlipped. The kettle was already filled and plugged in. She switched it on and turned back to face Sarah who would really have preferred a sherry. Sarah raised eyebrows. "And how did he respond?" she asked. "Not well," Hilda answered briefly. She seemed to chew on the thought for a minute. "I'll keep on to him about it – he knows that. She never got the cane at school, you know – that's half the trouble. And now that she's begun work she's a proper little madam." Sarah nodded and said "Mmm" in a noncommittal fashion. She didn't want to get involved – not with Hilda, at least. Hilda's ideas were too old-fashioned. "I'll give him a nudge about it if you like," Sarah offered and caught Hilda's pleased nod. She knew she could rely on Sarah; John would listen to her.

"I'm going out to my club social tonight," Hilda said, "but if you're passing by, Sarah, you drop in, dear and tell him." – "Yes," Sarah said almost dutifully. She hardly ever did 'pass by' in the evenings, since she lived five miles away, but thoughts had begun to spark off in her already. It would be an ideal opportunity, she thought, and let the subject drop. John's surprise was all the greater therefore when Sarah appeared at eight that evening. Being on his side of the family, Sarah was more in tune with him than even Hilda was and his lurking admiration for her had not diminished over the years. Sarah always sensed it in the way he kissed her cheeks when they met, as he now did. Their mouths had never really met, she thought with a passing inward smile. Conventions and all that – or maybe something more than that. Perhaps the deep-down desire to break them actually prevented one.

"Claire in?" Sarah asked casually. She seated herself opposite him, the hem of her black skirt easing up above her knees. Her legs were good – they always had been. She saw him give a half-guilty glance and look away. He'd been doing that for twenty years, she thought with amusement. John nodded. "She's upstairs – as usual." – "I'll go and talk to her in a minute," Sarah answered comfortably, "after you've got me a drink, sweet." She watched him go to the drinks cabinet and thought how strange it was that with her marriage to Frank fifteen years before a social rift had appeared between them. Her own house was much bigger than this small semi-detached – her life far more sophisticated, or so Hilda always said. What Hilda didn't know, and John didn't know, was perhaps best for them, at the moment.

Sarah's natural bi-sexuality had always spurred her into mischief. Far from her husband minding, he encouraged it. Her latest girlfriend, Tara, was five years younger than herself and Frank had first come upon them on the bed together months ago. It was quite clever how he had pretended anger, knowing that Sarah would play up to him. She had. Quite ruthlessly he had strapped them both, and since neither of them had had her panties on, and both were quite amourously worked up already, the stinging excitement had served to make things worse – or better. It had been quite dreamy to see Tara's bottom jerking away while Frank growled and strapped her. In the middle of it, Sarah had slipped on to the bed half beneath Tara and held her tightly, as if to comfort. No doubt Tara had known what was going to happen, too. It was the first time that she had taken Frank's cock and the first time that Sarah had ever watched a couple in the full throes of it. It was the biggest turn-on she had ever known – Frank's big tool slewing steadily in and out of the very pussy she had been tonguing twenty minutes before.

After that the three of them had made love together. Sarah stretched her beautiful, long legs luxuriously as she thought of it while John handed her a Pimm's. It was lovely strapping Tara's gorgeous bottom and making her do all sorts of wicked things now – it had opened up new horizons. Hilda had little known how Sarah's imagination had soared when she talked about Claire. She was such a cute little thing, with her dark, close-cut hair and her cuddly figure. Really cute. She wondered how embarrassed John might be at the thought of the discipline he had to dole out.

"If you're talking to Claire," he said hesitantly now, "I wish you'd say something to her about her behaviour. Hilda is talking about me giving her a good strapping, you know." Sarah arched her eyebrows. She got up, walked across to the sofa and sat close beside him. Five years his senior, he was still quite good looking; virile, too. She imagined, though she had no idea of what sort of work-outs he got with Hilda. Her thigh pressed warm and sleek against him – just enough to give him a body feel, she thought. – "Well, it wouldn't hurt," Sarah said in a practical way. "You need a good thick broad belt for it," she added and laughed. John flushed and stared. It was such an off thing for Sarah to say. He didn't know what to reply.

"I'll talk to her," Sarah assured him. "Give me about fifteen minutes, huh?" His look of astonishment was amusing. "Sure," he said at last and picked up the evening newspaper nervously as Sarah went upstairs. He was never going to be able to bring himself to do it, he knew. It was ridiculous. Sarah let herself in quietly to Claire's room and was met by a wave of pop music. Fooling around, as so often, Claire had a cute little peaked cap on, a loose jacket, white socks and a miniskirt. She looked up at Sarah, smiled and said "Hi!" – "Hi!" Sarah said and seated herself on the bed, her eyes drinking in the bulbous swell of Claire's small, tight but well-developed bottom above her cute legs. Yes, Claire could be quite perfect for this – if it came off. Terribly daring, but it might.

Sarah was glad of the music. She was going to spank that darling little bottom in a minute and it would be as well if John didn't hear too much. She beckoned to Claire who came to sit beside her, legs swinging. 'You've been going wild, I hear," Sarah smiled, "I think you're in line for a bottom-warmer, my girl." Claire flushed and tried to grin the remark away. "Huh! not me!" she answered. – "Oh, I don't know," Sarah said levelly. "It happens, you know. I used to have it." Claire's eyes widened. "You did?" Sarah nodded and smiled, laying her hand on Claire's thigh. It wasn't true, but often now she wished that she had. It would have been rather exciting. "Yes, real strappings," she declared. "I was a few months older than you, too – getting on for nineteen. Of course, I'd been smacked. That made it easier."

"Easier?" Claire's mouth dropped. – "Well, yes, definitely. I don't want to be crude, darling," Sarah went on, "but it prepares you for it better. He does mean it, you know, but then I said....." "What?" Claire asked. Her bottom shifted uncomfortably. He wouldn't dare do it anyway with Sarah there. He wouldn't dare do it, period, she thought. Sarah's hand had drifted casually against Claire's tummy. She gave her a playful little push that sent Claire down on her back, legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Before she could rise, Sarah leaned over her. – "I said, darling, I'd give you a spank instead. That'll satisfy him." Claire wriggled and tried to sit up, but Sarah's arm was over her body. "Oh, but you're not going to," she said with self-assurance, though there was a big question mark in her eyes and her heart pounded slightly. – "Oh, but I AM," Sarah laughed. "Anyway, it'll be good for you, and it won't feel half so bad when he does bring the leather to your bottom, will it now?"

"NO!", Claire began to protest, but with a seemingly mere flip of her two hands Sarah had quickly rolled her over. A shriek from Claire announced that her skirt had been flipped up, but then there wasn't much of it to flip up. – "I wonder he hasn't spanked you before this," Sarah announced. Her own heart was beating a little faster now. What a treasure! Those perfectly-rounded bottom checks literally begged for it, and with Claire's youthful, incurving waist there was a delicious sexiness to them. Beneath the misty veil of Claire's panties she could see clearly the deep groove between the chubby cheeks. A marvel indeed that John had never taken his hand to this treasure yet.

"L... let me..." Claire began. She meant to say, "Let me get up!" but instead of her breath being expended on words it burst out in a dismayed yelp as Sarah's palm descended quite sharply on her knickered bottom. "NA-AH-AAAH!" she protested, but the other hand of Sarah pressed quite commandingly down into the small of her back and the second smack made her bottom wobble and burn so much that tears stung into her eyes. "Don't!" she wailed, "please don't!" Sarah measured her cringing back with a look. – "All right, I won't" she said and affected a sigh. "I'd better call him up then to strap you."

"Oh, no – please!" Claire begged and swivelled her head round tearfully. "Please d... don't. He might really do it." – "I'm sure he will really do it once I've got you tuned up, my girl," Sarah thought, but her voice came out in a soft, practical tone. "Very well, Claire, but I can't control what happens when I'm not here. Next Tuesday evening, for instance, when she's out," Sarah added cunningly. "I'll give you a warmer instead – not so harsh, I promise – but these panties have to come off first – yes, and your skirt and top." Claire gasped. "For... for sp... spanking?" she spluttered. – "It's disciplinary," Sarah told her levelly, "you'd better get used to it. Get up and get ready – or..." she added warningly. In the end Claire obeyed, though she had never believed such a thing could ever happen to her. She was a real little dish, Sarah saw – bigger tits than she had suspected. Frank would go crazy over this stunning vision of cuddly nudity, but Frank wasn't going to have her. "L... lock the door," Claire begged and Sarah obeyed. It would be easier this way. For the time being. She wished desperately that she had a strap, but that would come later. Or sooner than later. Claire little knew it, but this was her testing time.

"Only lightly," Sarah told her gently and bent her over the bed. "Feet flat on the carpet, dear, and legs apart. A little bit more. It saves you from stumbling over," she said glibly, and thought what an exquisitely tight pussy Claire must have. Its lips peeped at her as Claire folded herself over doubtfully. "I'm going to give you about twenty-five, Claire," Sarah breathed. "I know it sounds a lot, but it isn't going to hurt you terribly." And just possibly it will work you up nicely, her mind added irrepressibly. She and Tara played this game sometimes – warming their bottoms up for the later attentions of Frank, or Tara's husband, if they were at Tara's house. They were quite private threesomes and both men juiced them powerfully afterwards. Claire had quite a lot to learn..... Very gently at first Sarah's palm began to descend.

Claire tensed her bottom cheeks at first, but the smacks were lighter than she thought. They did sting a little, but they brought a warm glow too. She scarcely realised at first that as Sarah progressed she was smacking her a little harder, then a little harder than that. Claire puffed out her breath and hid her face in her hands. If he did strap her, she thought a little desperately..... But no, he wouldn't. Unconsciously her hips were weaving at the tenth and twelfth and though Sarah's palm was tingling she was enjoying it. "Move it around, darling," she breathed. "Always move your bottom around when you're getting spanked or strapped – it helps." What it helped Claire would find out in due course, maybe sooner than later. The fifteenth smack was quite hard and Claire yelped, but Sarah's hand had come down firmly on the nape of her neck.

"NO-OOOW" Claire begged, but she knew she had to keep her voice down or he would hear. That was a real burner. Waves of heat shimmered and stung right through her tight bottom. – "Yes, Claire," Sarah said insistently, "move it – weave your hips – come on – just like I told you." Claire twisted her face sideways on the counterpane, her face as flushed as her bottom. "AAAH-AAAAH!" she stuttered and couldn't help churning her bottom to try to escape the smacks which now were making her bottom hotter and hotter. It was cruel and awful the way Sarah was gripping her neck. She had promised to give her only light ones and she wasn't. Helplessly as the stinging palm came deeper on to and beneath her reddened cheeks she began to blubber and squirm her hips the more. God, you're a juicy little thing, Sarah thought – really ripe for it now. Thank heavens for the tape music that was still insistently pounding out. It drowned most of Claire's startled cries. At the twentieth SMACK!, Sarah felt her distinctly quiver and jerk in a different way. Oh yes – yes indeed – she was coming along nicely. Claire's brazier-hot bottom came up beautifully at the next as her legs jerked straight. Immediately they did, a slender forefinger quested right under her hot-glowing bulge and sought the perky, rose clitoris beyond where the curls of Claire's quim were slightly more abundant.

The sound that came from Claire was like a sigh – a sweet, agonised, tremulous sigh. Her knees straightened even more and then buckled and bent, the globe of her botty churning, white fire streaking and bubbling within her. Her eyes rolled. Sarah's hand slipped from the back of her neck and she fell forward, clutching at the counterpane, her pubis grinding down dizzily into the soft, silky cloth. Sarah gave her a long moment of fulfilment and then rolled her over. Drawing up her own skirt so that her thighs were bared, she pressed her warm flesh against Claire's hip and kissed her mouth softly. Claire's eyes looked glazed. Her legs dangled again over the rolled edge of the bed, thighs slightly apart. – "Yes, darling," Sarah said softly and understandingly. Her fingers tasted the smooth, silky skin of Claire's thighs and moved upwards, making Claire tremor and clutch her.

"Work your bottom a little still, Claire – it helps," she breathed. "There, that's good. Always work your bottom afterwards – it helps to cool it, especially when you're lying like this. Now you can imagine what a strapping will be like, huh?" – "Huh?" Claire echoed. She felt warm and wicked and so wonderful, despite the stinging in her bottom which made its cheeks clench tightly still. She exhaled a sigh into Sarah's mouth and clutched her as the subtle, searching forefinger found its goal again high up at the junction of the now oily lips of Claire's quim – "Put your tongue in my mouth now, Claire," Sarah husked. "You have to learn darling – you can't just be left afterwards, can you?" "No," Claire tried to say thickly, but their tongues slid and played together and Sarah's finger had teasingly left her slit and was toying with her nipples which had become so stiff.

"It wasn't so terrible, was it? I believe you enjoyed it actually," Sarah teased when their mouths came reluctantly apart. She mustn't spoil Claire too much at this preliminary stage. She cuddled her tightly and began whispering. "The strap is different, Claire. It streaks your bottom but not so bitingly at first as the hand. Then as your bottom gets hotter and the strap comes faster......." – "Mmmmmm," Claire hummed deep in her throat. "It was nothing like I imagined, I mean...." Her voice trailed off, her mouth pressed to the side of Sarah's neck, feeling the swollen gourds of her breasts being deliciously caressed. – "You'll remember what I've told you, Claire, won't you?" Sarah whispered. – "Mmm," Claire said dreamily. She knew she would come again if she was touched down there and she wanted to be but she didn't dare ask.

"Good girl," Sarah said and stood all too suddenly for Claire's liking. Her bottom moved gently on the bed. She was naked and it was wicked, but she felt deserted now. "I might strap you myself," she heard Sarah say and giggled, "no," because she wasn't being cuddled now and it made her feel embarrassed. Very deftly Sarah bent, rolled her over and gave her bottom a last resounding smack that took Claire completely by surprise. It would make sure that Claire didn't get too uppish. Obedience came before sophistication. "Get your clothes on and come down, Claire – I'm leaving in a minute," she declared and went out.

John looked up at her in surprise and wondered at the lovely flush on her face. "You were quite a while," he said. There had been some pretty strange noises filtering down from above in between the louder bursts of music. "I was?" Sarah asked innocently. It had worked much better than she thought. Her body felt warm and ready for everything she couldn't immediately have. To John's surprise she came close to him, wound her arms about his neck and kissed him on the mouth. The first ever feel of those rich, soft lips gave him a guiltily dizzy sensation. – "I think Claire understands," she said. "I mean she does now," she added with a laugh.

"What?" He sounded quite startled. The sudden feel of her belly to his loins was ecstatic. Despite himself he felt his penis stir. The broad straps of her suspenders pressed quite clearly through her dress into his legs. Sarah tapped his nose with her finger, her bulging breasts pressed frankly into his shirt. "I gave her something she needed – that's all," she said innocently. "Your turn next," John's face reddened. '"Well....," he said reluctantly. Sarah shrugged and loosed her grip, slinking her body away from his. It was the first real frontal feel he'd ever had of her. He would think of it as an accident, but he might get to thinking of it as a promise, too. "Don't be a fool, John – Hilda will only keep on at you. It won't do her any harm, I assure you. Anyway, I must go now. Remember what I said, huh?" He nodded uncertainly and saw her into the hall, aware as ever of the ripe jiggling of her large, firm bottom cheeks. Sarah always seemed to wear so little, he thought, and again felt the knob of his tool tingling against his slacks.

Hilda's regular weekly evenings out might prove very useful, Sarah decided. When she turned up the next week the scene in the house was the same. Perfect. It was time to take sweet Claire on to the next leg, as it were. "Everything O.K.?" she asked John. This time her kiss lasted a little longer and Sarah made sure that he got a real feel of her unbrassiered tits through her blouse which was deliberately thin. She placed a packet down and watched him glance at it curiously. "Doing your duty?" she asked while they had their routine drink. – "Er – yes..... well.....," he replied uncertainly and his eyes dropped. "John! You mean you haven't – don't you?" Sarah asked sternly. "Then I suppose I shall have to see to her again." – "You!" he started and pretended, as she thought, to look astonished. Sarah's lip curled. "Yes, me darling. You're going to read your newspaper?" she taunted him and swept out.

Claire was even easier to handle this time, Sarah found. After a few giggles and wriggles she had her stripped down to her white socks. Then Sarah stuffed the peaked cap back on her head. "You look adorable, pet," she breathed and passed her hand down over the perfect, smooth globe of Claire's bottom. Claire breathed softly and leaned against her. It was lovely being felt like this; it made her feel swimmy. And yes, she did want a spank, she confessed – a nice one. – "It'll be a nice one all right – like last time?" Sarah whispered, and Claire nodded shyly and said yes.

"My, my – we have come on," Sarah said admiringly. "Posture darling? You remember your posture?" – "Oh yes," Claire said half excitedly. She turned, bent over her bed and arrayed herself deliciously. Legs apart – well apart, in fact – back dipped and legs straight. Her bottom formed a perfect moon – or a cleft peach. Sarah's heart thudded. This was going to be good and there was no music this time to drown Claire's little cries. That sweet little quim came up more appealingly than ever. She smiled within herself, quickly unbuttoned her blouse to her waist, out of sight of Claire, and slipped it off. She had no panties on anyway. The thought that John might have nosily opened the packet she had brought spurred her on. It was time he learned, too. Placing her hand more gently this time on Claire's naked back she began smacking her bottom lightly, as before. This lime she would take more time over it. The bouncy thrusting of the girl's bottom was pure delight as Sarah began to warm up to it. After a few minutes Claire began to whimper and wriggle more. It always made her feel so sticky and nice between her thighs.

"WHOOOO!" she sobbed happily as the rhythmic smacking of Sarah's palm built up. Ah! that was better. It was giving her a beautiful glow now. Her hips snaked back and forth like a belly dancer's. Claire knew she would come in a minute, even before Sarah began to finger her. Right in the middle of her bobbing and sobbing and weaving she caught a quick glimpse in the mirror of Sarah's skirt sliding down. Claire licked her lips and closed her eyes. Oh God, it was blazing now. "PMMMMPFFFF!" her breath exploded with every smack....

Downstairs John had opened the packet that Sarah had put down on a chair. He drew out a heavy, four-inch-wide leather belt and smiled.

It was exactly like the one he had bought and used on Claire's bare bottom one night last week when Hilda had gone to see their next door neighbours for an hour. And now he could hear plainly enough the regular SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! from upstairs. There was a final yelp from Claire and then a thump as if Sarah had fallen on the bed.

He glanced at his watch. Hilda would be at least a couple of hours yet. Humming to himself he swung the strap against his leg and walked quietly upstairs. It had been so thoughtful of Sarah to bring it that he might as well use it. Come to that, he thought with a smile, they had one each now and it was time that they were both brought right up to his – er – quite rigid expectations.....

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