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Reverend's Reverse

Story from Roue 02.

Reverend's Reverse

Ossie hummed as he walked briskly along in step with Matron, their footsteps squeaking in unison on the highly polished parquet floor of the long corridor.

'You're cheerful,' said Matron, as if enquiring the reason why.

'Am I?' asked Ossie, and seemed to consider. 'Oh, well perhaps I am.'

They squelched and squeaked to the angle of the hall and turned down another long corridor.

A girl stepped deferentially to one side as they passed. Matron glowering at her and Ossie winking and making the girl smile in a rather confused way. At the far end of the second corridor Matron swung aside and wrenched noisily at the handle of a heavy, green-painted door. The door refused to open. Matron belatedly produced a key on a ring and rattled it in the lock. She smiled apologetically for her forgetfulness and pushed the door open for Ossie to proceed her.

The girl sitting on the hard wooden chair scampered to her feet as she saw who it was. The door swung shut behind them, and Ossie glanced around the bare room automatically, although he'd been there often enough before. There was little to see anyway, just a chair, the solid wooden table and the wall cupboard. He looked at the girl, dressed plainly in her pale green dress with the white collar to relieve the sameness, and the buttoned cuffs edged similarly. Her hair was pulled back off her face into two bunches, the severity of the hairstyle quite failing to spoil the pretty softness of her youthful features.

Ossie smiled at her in a friendly way. The girl's expression, tight with apprehension, changed hardly at all, though her lower lip became somewhat tremulous.

'This is Maureen,' said Matron. 'Maureen, say good morning to the Reverend. Wherever are your manners, girl?'

Maureen stumbled over her obligatory greeting, and Ossie nodded breezily.

'Sony to hear you've been a naughty girl, Maureen,' he said conversationally.

The girl said, 'Yes', not knowing what else to say, but wanting to be polite. Her wide eves looked up into his, as if seeking a trace of sympathy or understanding. Ossie winked at her, then turned on his heel and enquired of Matron:

'Well now, what exactly are we to do with this poor child?'

'She's to be punished for insolence. And for having the nerve to protest about it, which is why the door has had to be kept locked.'

'I see. Well - er - Maureen, I realise that you may not have been here very long, but you have to understand that although this may be a charitable institution, that doesn't mean that its codes of conduct can be treated with contempt.'

Ossie thrust his hands in his pockets arid paced slowly up and down the little room, managing to appear both pompous and faintly ridiculous in the process. He puckered his brow and looked as if he were about to deliver some profound statement on the point under discussion, but, puckered brow or no, he quite failed to think of even one other relevant remark which he might make. Having thus made himself feel something of a fool, he stopped and turned again to Matron.

'Very well then Matron. Proceed.'

Matron proceeded. Maureen, notwithstanding her anxious eyes and the maidenly blush which rose rapidly to her cheeks, was persuaded to stand in front of the table with her thighs pressing against its edge, and then to bend forward from the waist until her firm young breasts rested fully against the table top and her chin overlapped the far edge by half an inch or so. The pale green dress slid inevitably up over her hips as she was coaxed into position, leaving her tautened thighs bare for rather more than half their length, and making her press her legs tightly together in a self-conscious attempt to preserve her dignity in front of Ossie. Without needing to be told she grasped the far edge of the table with both hands, and then, turning her head so that one cheek rested comfortably against the wood, she risked a wary, embarrassed glance at Ossie, who pretended not to notice, though the helplessness in her eyes gave him a sudden pang of something that didn't feel like guilt.

Matron's chapped hands reached for the hem of the dress, and without ceremony flicked it up and over the girl's back. Her cheeks flushing scarlet, Maureen looked quickly away from Ossie, her legs bending at the knees as she tried to reduce the prominence of her bottom, stuck up as it was and displaying in all their faded glory the pair of old green school knickers she was wearing, and which did nothing to disguise the pert rotundity of her elevated buttocks.

Ossie, in his capacity as witness, felt it incumbent upon him to move into a position where his view of the proceedings would not be obscured, and as Matron bustled across to the cupboard and unlocked it, he wandered over to his preferred vantage point, stepping round Maureen's legs and for some reason finding it difficult to pass without brushing a hand accidentally against the soft velvety knap of the prostrated girl's tight stretched knickers, the feel of her bum firm yet at the same time enhanced by a softness at surface level which quite tightened his trousers.

From the cupboard Matron bad taken a fairly stout cane, and with it clasped springily in one hand, she circumnavigated the table and hove to in the lee of Maureen's looming young bottom.

Ossie, finding that his shadow from the window was failing across Maureen's verdant slopes, adjusted his position so that the sunlight was allowed to play unimpeded on the pink and faded green of her penitently proffered bum.

Matron, being one for perfection in all things, decided that Maureen's knickers needed readjustment. With some care she smoothed out the faint creases in the worn pants and then, also being one for bending the rules when it suited her, with considerable dexterity she nudged at the tight nip of each elasticated leg band as it cut across the plump buttocks and caused the stretchiness of the material to slip neatly round into the division of the girl's bottom, leaving the full, soft undersides of each pink bum cheek conveniently bared, the knickers being allowed to cover only the upper curves of the unfortunate girl's bottom, and leaving naked and quite unprotected the tenderest parts of each buttock.

Ossie, fascinated by the succulent pout of the twin mounds from under the edges of the rearranged knickers, pretended not to notice that poor Maureen was about to get her caning virtually on the bare bottom, and he consoled himself with the knowledge that, after all was said and done, the child was being allowed to keep her knickers on, which was in keeping with the letter of the rules, if not the intent.

With a look in Ossie's direction, as if to be sure that he condoned her bending of the rules, Matron then gently laid the cane across the naked lower parts of Maureen's bottom, indicating without question her intention to cane on the bare, then, no reaction being forthcoming from Ossie, she drew the cane fully back behind her shoulder and unleashed the first swooshing stroke, which whacked solidly across the two cheeks together and jolted them into a quivering, twitching jerk as Maureen lurched forward against the table, the legs scraping across the floor and the wretched girl's face screwed up against the vicious sting of the cane's impact. She seemed to heave a great, breathless sigh, then, sucking in a lungful of air, she gurgled her first sobs even before the cane had been drawn back for the next stroke.

Ossie caught Matron's eye as she wound up for the next one, and he realised suddenly that she really meant to give the girl a sound whacking. The cane whizzed down again, and landed squarely across the two flinching cheeks. Maureen swerved violently away from the sting as it nipped into her bottom, and she yelped pitifully as she skittered sideways across the wooden tabletop.

'Er - how many?' enquired Ossie above the sound of Maureen's gasping sobs.

'A round dozen, that's what I thought,' said Matron, drawing the cane back again.

Ossie said nothing, but watched as once again Maureen's half naked and defenceless bum twitched and squirmed under the smart of the cane, which landed with an even louder 'Whack' than had the first two.

A dozen. Well, that was bending the rules too. Eight was supposed to be the maximum. Maureen caught his eye, her face contorted with the effort not to burst into tears completely. Ossie wondered whether he ought to do his duty and terminate the punishment after eight strokes. Maureen gasped again and spread-eagled her legs, shoving with her toes against the slippery floor. The bared parts of her cheeks were reddening rapidly, a narrow swathe of angry weals blossoming either side of the knickers tucked tightly up between her buttocks. He decided that he ought to do his duty. He watched as the wretched girl wriggled her punished bottom and squirmed her belly against the table for the next four stinging whacks, her tears coming copiously now, trickling down her face and splashing pathetically onto the table.

Then he stepped forward and held up his hand, catching Matron by surprise as he interrupted the punishment. Matron looked at him defensively. Ossie ignored her and, as if examining the effects the caning had had on poor Maureen's crimson bottom, he rested a hand soothingly on one hot and quivering cheek. Maureen choked on a sob, then lay there weeping quietly as his hand stroked across both firm little buttocks. He patted her trembling bum with an air of finality.

'That's enough I think, Matron,' he said, not looking at her as he spoke.

Matron drew breath as if about to answer, then she checked herself and reluctantly lowered the cane.

'I think she's been punished enough,' repeated Ossie. 'Er - perhaps if I simply had a word with her now -'

Matron took the hint, though rather gracelessly. She flounced over to the cupboard and locked the cane away, while Maureen sniffled miserably, still face down across the table, and Ossie thrust his hands in his pockets again and stood with his back to the room, looking out of the window. With a backward glance Matron left in a huff, slamming the door as she departed.

Ossie turned away from the window and looked down at the tearful girl. Maureen peeped up at him from under her eyebrows and mumbled her thanks.

'Regulations, my dear,' said Ossie pompously.

'Can - c'n I get up now sir?' sniffed Maureen.

'Well, in a minute,' said Ossie. 'There's just one little thing -'

Removing his hands from his pockets, he walked to the table and stood behind the girl, making a point of stepping between her parted legs, his trousers brushing against the insides of her knees. Nervously, Maureen twisted round and stared up at him. Her legs tried to pull together but Ossie's presence between them made that piece of evasive action ineffective. He reached down and, tucking his hands up under her raised dress, found the elasticated waist of her knickers. With a series of gentle tugs he began to inch them down over the swell of her hips. The girl's legs slammed tightly against his own.

'S-sir! You - you mustn't.'

'Regulations,' said Ossie mildly, and, slipping a hand around under each side of her hips, he slid the faded green knickers down from under her belly.

'But sir!' Impetuously Maureen scrambled her hands underneath herself and grabbed at her knickers, rolling over onto one hip as she tried to wriggle away from Ossie's intrusion.

'Maureen!' said Ossie, warningly.

'No sir. You mustn't - OW!'

Her half-knickered bottom jiggled very satisfyingly as he spanked one tempting bum cheek hard and stingingly.

'Now keep still girl! It's perfectly alright.'

'N-no sir -!'

He slapped her again, and she jerked one hand out from under her tummy and clasped at her already sore bottom. With a final pull her knickers dragged down over her buttocks and her struggles stretched them tightly between her thighs, where they lodged close up under the lower curves of each cheek.

'Look, the regulations insist that I inspect -' She squirmed so violently, and squealed so loudly in her virginal modesty, that he simply had to do something about it.

'Well alright then -'

He jammed her flailing hand firmly into the small of her back and, straddling his legs so that her thighs were spread apart and less able to help her in her desperate attempt to escape, he slapped hard and stingingly at her bobbing bottom, fresh splodges of bright scarlet welling almost instantly as she spluttered and then burst into tears again.

Another dozen spanks had her wriggling helplessly and bleating apologies in a series of gurgling sobs. For good measure he raised his hand again, about to emphasise his point with a last couple of really good wallops.

Matron's cough, a pointed and righteously critical comment on what she'd found as she opened the door on her return, left him stupidly poised in the very act of slapping poor Maureen's quite naked bottom. He met Matron's eyes for only a moment. There was absolutely nothing to be said.

* * *

Three days later it was a rather subdued Ossie who followed the officious Matron along the squeaky corridors to the bare little room with the locked door. She produced her keys and preceded him, without her usual deference, into the familiar punishment room.

One of the two girls was Maureen, her eves huge and anxious, the other was another new girl whom Ossie had never seen before.

Without any introduction Matron went immediately to the cupboard, then, the cane couched threateningly in her hand, she instructed the girl whom Ossie didn't know to get down across the table.

The girl blinked back the onset of tears and then, very sensibly from her point of view, shook her head dumbly and took a pace back towards the wall. With an agility that surprised Ossie, Matron pounced upon the reluctant girl and thrust her forcibly across the table. The cane swooshed faintly then cracked loudly across the bending girl's bare thighs.

She yelled, and the cane whacked again. Resistance evaporating, the girl subsided chokingly across the table. Matron flicked up the dress and, with an archly defiant glare at Ossie, tucked her fingers in the waistband of the girl's fresh and new looking knickers and dragged them down in one movement, leaving the huddling cheeks bare and helpless and the knickers inside-out halfway down her thighs.

Ossie could say nothing. He watched as Matron caned the blubbering girl soundly, deliberately counting the strokes aloud to leave him in no doubt as to the nature of the new arrangement. The twelfth stroke landed hard across the red and glowing cheeks, making them bounce visibly under the impact. The girl was allowed up and was consigned, still blubbering, to a corner, where she was made to stand with her knickers round her knees and her freshly punished bottom on display.

Maureen was beckoned to the table with a crooked finger and a flourish of the cane. Dubiously she lowered herself into position. Matron's hands fluttered with the dress, and the same pair of faded green knickers peeped shyly out from under the raised hem, they were exposed completely as the dress was hoisted up into the punishment position at the girl's waist. Matron paused, looking at Ossie as if daring him to object to the next move.

Ossie looked at the tempting curve of the prostrated girl's bottom.

'Er - how many?' he asked, making it sound like a polite enquiry.

'Sixteen,' said Matron, her eyes fixed on Ossie's.

Ossie shrugged. 'O.K.' he said, and added, 'with her knickers down, of course.'

Matron nodded. 'Of course,' she gloated.

She denuded the waiting girl's bottom with one sharp tug, the bared cheeks wobbling faintly as the knickers were yanked down. Maureen whimpered desolately, her panic-stricken eyes seeking Ossie's.

Ossie thrust his hands deep into his pockets, as much to hide the erection swelling in his trousers as to signify that he had no objection. He risked a half smile at Matron, who grinned triumphantly and raised her cane. He watched as the first, solid thwack cut across the girl's bare cheeks, and tried to ignore her shriek of protest as the pain made her squirm. He shrugged again, and leaned comfortably against the green-painted wall to carry out his job of witnessing the punishment, having decided that he might just as well lay back and enjoy it. Which he did.

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