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Manipulation - photo story

Photo story from Janus 104.


'I HAVE arranged something a little bit special for our special day,' said Anneke.

Roger Storing almost smiled, and his frosted heart began to melt. This beautiful woman was the only person in the world who had this effect on him.

'For you are, you know, a very special person,' continued the seductive tones. 'For you, dear Roger, nothing is too good...'

Like many of the educated foreigners that Roger Storing had met Anneke spoke almost too perfect English. Her voice reminded him of one of those heroines he had seen in 1930s British movies, and it was impossible not to reciprocate in the same style.

Each year it was Anneke's pleasure to celebrate the date of their first meeting. Her desire to delight this somewhat remote and loveless man was something which Storing himself found difficulty in understanding – although now that the day and moment had come he gave himself up to the mysterious excitement her near presence always induced in him. 'Ah, bottom-sweet siren,' whispered his thoughts. 'Your ice-blue eyes and sinuous sin-inspiring form are melting me and making me, almost, your slave...'

'Lita!' Her voice rang imperiously out. 'In here at once, girl!' They sat side by side oh his antique sofa, Anneke's stern, beautiful face looking haughtily dominant, her glorious figure clad in leather micro-pants, fishnet stockings and high-heeled boots.

When a shapely girl scarcely older than 18 stepped, completely naked, into the room, Roger gasped. She was a peach, lushly moulded, duskily Italianate, a joy to behold.

'Let us look at you!' snapped Anneke. 'Turn around.' Obligingly the young woman turned, giving Storing an eyeful of full proud breasts and bare rounded rumps which his palms itched to smack. He was not to know that the girl had come here gladly at his glacial beauty's request, nor that Lita's girlish worship of the other's worldly sophistication and promise of delicious decadence put her in Anneke's sweetly perfumed power as completely as was he.

'Well, darling, what do you think?'

'She's... admirable,' murmured Storing, almost salivating. Habitually a lonely man, this double dose of prime female pulchritude at such close quarters made him gasp, and he felt a stiffening of not only his sinews as his libido began to stir after its long lay-off. His mouth was dry.

'You may serve us now,' Anneke said with an imperious tilt of her perfect chin. The girl turned, allowing him another pleasure-dazed stare at her globulous arse-cheeks, marched off and returned with a low footstool which she placed on the floor before them with a deeply submissive stoop. He watched her ripe breasts swinging free, and licked his lips.

'I do believe your mouth is getting a little dry, darling Roger,' purred Anneke huskily, a wicked smile playing on those lips he had never yet dared to kiss. 'Never mind, our maid will bring a remedy.' She turned lo Lita, who stood submissively wailing. 'Quickly, girl!' said Anneke with some asperity. 'You know perfectly well what to do. Jump lo it!'

Moments later Lita returned with a tray bearing a bottle of champagne and Russian caviare on tiny biscuits. The girl herself had a slightly uncertain look – for, although her admired friend and now 'mistress' had warned her to be ready for absolutely anything on this very special afternoon, the anticipation of precisely what that something might be was giving Lita little thrilly tingles in her tummy.

Once more she bent low, depositing the tray before them. Then, as instructed, she presented the bottle for the man's approval. Managing to drag his gaze from the girl's lushly swinging breasts, Storing noted that the brand was his favourite. He took the bottle, which was satisfactorily chill. Then, for the first time, he frowned.

'Never, never,' he said to the girl, glaring censoriously into her dark, troubled eyes, 'serve champagne with the vendor's label still attached!' He removed the offending tag and handed it disdainfully to her, smelling her scented flesh and struggling for self-control.

'I'm sorry, sir,' she said meekly, happy to play her part and allow the exciting and unpredictable situation to develop.

Anneke glared at the girl as she turned her delightful bottom on them and walked away. But Storing was enchanted by the way this extraordinary treat was developing.

'Anneke, my dear,' he began. 'This is so delightful, I could kiss you!'

Such a passionate pronouncement was rare for Roger Storing. 'Then you should do so, Roger,' she smiled, tilling her cheek towards him. 'Today is your day, my darling – you must do whatever you wish.'

Basking in her perfume, Storing kissed the offered cheek. Then, heart drumming and hand trembling just a little, he poured the champagne. Their communion was unique, quiet yet deep, fraught with ecstatic possibilities. They sipped, legs touching, nibbled the ludicrously expensive savoury snacks, the salty tang tingling on their tongues. He loved to watch her eat, voyeuristic, noting the sensitivity of those strong, slender fingers, and how her lips caressed the caviare before engorging.

'Darling...' she breathed, blue eyes wide-bright on his. 'I'm beginning to feel most terribly erotic.' A pause. 'Aren't you?'

Storing, stirring harder, shifted in his seat. He cleared his throat, then drank deeper of the nectar. The approach of a smile distorted his usually sombre countenance. 'I confess to feeling... a little restless in certain respects, undoubtedly, my dear.'

Anneke fixed him with those eyes, resting a hand on his thigh. 'Wouldn't you just adore it if I were to give those wicked little buttocks of hers a warming?'

Storing swallowed hard, and his face brightened even more. 'Oh, ah... undeniably, my sweet.'

'She is such a lackadaisical thing, and I'm itching to have a go at that naughty bottom as much as you, dear Roger, so clearly are.'

He laughed out loud – a rare sound. 'I'm sure we can find a reason,' she went on, giving him a conspiratorial smirk.

'LITA!' Anneke's voice rang out with a shrill of outrage. The girl scuttled back in and stood there, trembling.

'Yes, M-Mistress?'

'This glass!' She pointed an offended finger. 'It's dirty!'

'I-I can't see anything wrong,' said the seemingly bewildered girl, peering. Storing, joining in, stared at a speck of non-existent dust with a look of shocked dismay.

'How dare you answer back!' Anneke exclaimed. 'I've never heard such cheek!'

'Yes, girl!' barked Storing, warming to the theme. The girl flinched at his deeper and more ominous voice. 'Take this all away and return at once. You are to be punished for your sloppiness.'

'Bui, sir...' protested the trembling maid.

"Go! Do as the Master says!' snapped Anneke. 'And come back here immediately to be dealt with.'

Wretchedly and uncertainly, Lila took the tray from the room. An almost visible excitement seemed to arc between Roger Storing and his lovely lady, galvanising both with anticipatory thrills. 'You adorable woman. Adorable!' he found himself saying.

'Indulge yourself, dear Roger,' she laughed. 'Life should not be gloom and silence. You know how you love to spank and spank a pretty bottom, just as I do – so let us thoroughly enjoy ourselves today with this naughty little girl.'

Transported by the closest he had ever felt to joy, Storing threw inhibitions to the winds and embraced this wondrous female, kissing and nuzzling her cheek, which made her laugh the more. 'Really, sir,' she teased. 'You're perfectly uncontrollable today – what am I to do with you?'

In came the naked maid, and their high spirits were muted as a sombre silence fell.

'Position her for me please, darling,' came Anneke's terse command. A riding-switch had appeared in her hand. The girl gave a cry.

'No, ma'am!'

Storing was on his feet. 'Kneel on the stool and bend forward,' he growled, dizzy with pleasure. The girl trembled. 'Down, girl – at once!'

As Lita tremulously knelt, Storing eased her sumptuous satin-skinned body forward so that her elbows rested on the sofa and her luscious bottom was perked up invitingly. 'Mmmm, divinely placed, my dear,' purred Anneke, taking up a position immediately to the left of the bent-over girl. 'Perhaps the bottom a little higher.'

Lita arched her spine inwards to strain her buttocks higher. She was aware of what was about to happen. Anneke had hinted at this when they made their agreement but now – at the moment of truth – her feelings were like nothing she had ever imagined. She felt open, vulnerable, yet darkly excited. Perhaps she was picking up something of the heady fervour of the man as he lowered himself to the sofa at her side, eyes gleaming behind his rather sinister spectacles.

Anneke contemplated the succulent target so perfectly presented. Yes, this girl was another. How was she able to sense so surely this potential submissiveness in a fellow female? She always knew. The willowy Norwegian brought the whippy shaft high, then sped it down to crack thwackingly across the waiting bottom-cheeks.

'Yowp!' Lita's body convulsed at the impact.

Whop-thwack. Again the yelp and shudder as the girl reacted to the pain which erupted within her buttocks. Storing watched, enraptured, exulting in the sight of his magnificent dominatrice warming to her task. He actually shuddered each time the whippy shaft struck hard across the upthrust, rounded target.

Thwack... Thwack... Thwack... Himself no stranger to the music of the rod, Storing's senses were assailed by myriad images: the grunting, jerking girl as the crop thwopped home, Anneke's cool-yet-fervid delivery, his own arousing manhood, the tang of femininity, of excitement, of fear. The girl's loud cries as the switch struck her naked bottom mingled with his own sighs and exclamations of pleasure. What a woman his Anneke was – if only she were his!

'No more, ma'am!' pleaded the girl – then gasped louder as the crop whizzed down again to wrap itself around the lush globes of her fiercely smarting rear. Crack!

'Up, girl! Stand up!' With a hand beneath the girl's chin, Anneke helped Lita to her feet. 'Face the Master. Head up, feel together, legs straight. I haven't finished with you yet!'

Storing leaned back on the sofa and looked up Lita's body and into her face as she stood rigidly to attention above him. In this position her buttocks were slacker and more absorbent of punishment, so when the riding-crop, driven by Anneke's fair hand, darted slickly in, it sank into the soft protuberances with a thunky thwick which made the girl shudder. Storing stared at her features in fascination as the biting pain convulsed them.

Thwick... Thwick... Thwick... Teeth set, hands clenched into fists, Lita teetered to and fro on her high-heeled shoes as the fire-hot crop bit again and again into her fleshy buttocks, distorting and rippling their rounded fullnesses with every impact. Anneke smiled with relish whilst she whipped the girl, feeling pleasurable sensations roused in her, excited flutterings loosed in belly and breast, and a keen craving to keep on punishing Lita.

All of this Roger Storing watched, staring voyeuristically up at the girl, seeing how her nude body juddered each time the crop cracked across her bottom, fascinated by the way her pretty face twisted and her mouth opened in cries and grunts as her punishment progressed. Indeed, his state of tumescence was by now potentially embarrassing, and he hoped he would not be called upon to stand up.

With a final thwack of the crop Anneke completed her part of the punishment. Lita's hands leaped to her buttocks and frantically squeezed and rubbed till the smarting abated somewhat. While Storing, almost overwhelmed by these erotic and sensuous images, removed his glasses and cleaned the lenses as if, in his all-too-evident excitement, they had steamed over.

'Now, Lita,' said Anneke, tantalisingly stroking her flanks with the tip of the crop, 'it is the Master's turn to punish you.'

'No, ma'am!'

'Quiet, girl.'

Storing put his spectacles back on, and sucked in air. 'Well, darling,' his glorious companion continued. 'What would you like to use – the cane, the strap?'

Storing licked his lips. Already aroused, he wanted to feel a warm feminine weight bearing down on his thighs. He wanted again the unique silkiness of a woman's buttocks under his palm.

'I'll spank her,' he said. 'Come forward across my knee, my girl...'

Anneke beamed with quiet pleasure as Lita complaisantly stepped forward and, with a tremulous sigh, sank forward over Storing's thighs and wriggled her hips provocatively into position. For him, the movement was highly erotic. He positioned her so that the pert young bottom was pushed up nice and high, ably assisted by his enthusiastic companion. When he pressed down on the small of her back, the girl arched it all the more, straining her bottom even higher.

Perfection! Anneke stood back and left the field to him. Storing patted the girl's buttocks so that they wobbled delightfully. Then he brought his hand down with a resonant smack, pancaking and pinkening the up-pushed mounds. A shriek was his reward. He hoisted the bottom up a little more, and spanked again.

'Yes, darling!' Anneke enthused.

He needed little encouragement. With palm a-tingle, Storing began to spank in earnest Lila's delightfully mischievous bottom, glorying in the explosive sounds of contact and the luscious wobblings of the steadily pinkening globes. Beneath his firm and energetic hand the girl's bottom bounced and rippled as she mewed and squirmed. She clenched her fists, drummed her toes on the floor.

Smack! Smack! Smack! It had been far loo long since he had spanked a naughty girlish bottom, and Storing felt himself coming alive as he continued to chastise that prime, youthful arse with lusty smacks, his pleasure heightened by the scent and sensation of Anneke pressed up close behind him, leaning over to whisper encouragement, laughing with sheer delight.

Spank-spank-SLAP-SLAP-SMACK! Lita felt the hard male palm striking fierily against her already extremely tender bottom-cheeks, and she yelped and wriggled, grinding her pelvis against the man's thighs. For a moment during the avid chastisement Storing found himself wondering if the girl could feel his arousal. Certainly Anneke seemed aware of his intensifying excitement, urging him on with honeyed whispers as the punished girl gulped, yelped, clutched frantically at his trouser-leg then drummed fists on the sofa and screeched as the resounding spanking went on.

The air seemed to sparkle with that champagne feeling of a very special occasion. Never would he forget the lush springiness of this girl's bottom under his hand as he smote it again and again, nor how her startled squeals mingled with Anneke's erotic murmurs, his mind lightened and brightened by the alcohol. His senses soared. Anneke's hand was gripping his shoulder, her perfumed breath was in his ear, while his own hand palpated the brazen naked bottom-cheeks of the wickedly naughty maid sprawled squirming across his lap.

Another thunderous smack and howl, and it was done, and one thoroughly spanked 18-year-old was helped painfully to her feet to stand squeezing energetically at her smarting rumps.

Anneke's voice rang out. 'And now get out!'

With her bottom pink and seething, their compliant maid for the afternoon walked out, reflecting that this experience had been rather more than she had bargained for. Undoubtedly though, she had pleased Anneke.

But what was this? Behind her as she limped, wincing, away, the man and the arranger of this afternoon's proceedings were looking into each other's eyes in a very special way. Furthermore, his left hand was tightly clasping Anneke's own extremely attractive bottom, clad as it was in the tightest of leather micro-shorts.

As Roger Storing squeezed that most desirable of bottoms, a liberty never before allowed to him, he felt that if his heart were to have stopped right then, he would have died content. Anneke pushed her hips towards him, permitting even greater freedom to his palm and fingers to roam the tightly-rounded contours. He could not know that her own exquisite bottom had been aching for this acknowledgement of its perfections, and wanted more now that the girl had gone. Wanted – nay, demanded.

There was a look in her eyes he had not seen before. 'Darling,' she breathed, 'I hope you will permit me to stay the night as well.'

Roger Storing's cup ranneth over...


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