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A desirable property

Story from Roue 06.

A desirable property

Kathy walked passed the shop briskly, trying in vain to glance sideways through the big glass window to see if Mr. Sharp was inside. She stopped at the bus stop still undecided whether to go back home and phone in saying she was sick or to take the chance that her boss was out, and slide in hoping nobody would realise she was late again.

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she saw reflected in the window of the shoe shop right in front of her, the figure of Mr. Gray, a regular customer to the estate agency, crossing the road towards her. She felt the colour rising in her cheeks and automatically dashed up the High Street and disappeared through the open door of Sharp and Partners Estate Agents.

As it happened, Mr. Sharp was out and she was able to discreetly make her way past the customers to the Ladies room out the back, with a sly wink to Miss Harris perched efficiently at the counter.

Kathy was relieved and thankful that again she had escaped the inevitable lecture from her ever watchful boss. She would make up the time anyway, she told herself, by working hard and by making sure his morning post was sorted and by giving him a coffee when he got in.

But the inevitable happened, Miss Harris got so busy on the counter and Kathy had to help her out by typing out house descriptions and running them off on the run-down old duplicating machine which Kathy over-inked. Consequently she ruined virtually all the copies as well as the stencil, so she had to start all over again and when Mr. Sharp marched loudly into the office, Kathy was covered in ink and surrounded by numerous crumpled messy sheets of paper. He glared at her with disapproval and beckoned her into his office without saying a word.

She didn't even attempt to clear up the shambles she had made of the duplicating, but headed straight for the wash basin, washed herself and plugged in the electric kettle before tapping quietly on Mr. Sharp's door.

"Come in". He sounded preoccupied, perhaps that was a good sign, Kathy sighed.

"My coffee?" Only his eyes moved up to her face, as his head pointed downwards to the pile of letters on his desk.

"Just put the kettle on, I'll just go and make it." She shuffled out.

"Hmm – thanks," he scribbled away and his attention wandered back to the work on his desk.

Kathy smiled and made everybody coffee then took Mr. Sharp's into him.

"Bring yours too, I want a word with you dear." He sounded a bit too friendly, so Kathy decided to tread carefully, she didn't really trust his smarmy ways, it usually meant he had something up his sleeve! But that day she was taken by surprise, she was being promoted – and with no strings attached!

"You've been working particularly well lately my dear and many of our good customers have remarked to me how helpful you've been. I like to reward my girls for their labours that's more than you can say for most bosses these days. Eh?"

"Oh yes sir, thank you." Kathy smiled radiantly. Little did he know that her improvement was mainly due to the fact that she was continually late and was scared stiff that he'd sack her or demote her for it!

Mr. Sharp liked to see Kathy smile, her whole body radiated warmth when she was happy. The excitement in her face gave him the satisfaction he expected. She would have been confused by his actions if she knew that Mr. Sharp had just met that regular customer Kathy had seen earlier in the bus queue. Mr. Gray had been on his way to meet Mr. Sharp for a drink to discuss the sale of new expensive property in the area, when he'd noticed Kathy running towards the shop. It hadn't been the first time a customer had complained about Kathy, but Mr. Sharp had faith in his girls and anyway he had other plans for Kathy.

Her new title would be "Assistant to the Director," she beamed appreciatively.

"You will accompany me when I inspect our properties and eventually you will be trained to work on your own, if you are good enough," he explained.

Kathy was delighted and worked the rest of the day like a streak of lightning.

Her duties started the next day. She was to meet her boss at a new block of offices not five minutes from her home. As usual, she was late, but he seemed not to notice. But unfortunately all did not go well for Kathy that day. She was wearing a skirt, when jeans would have been a more practical idea. She caught her skirt on a jagged edge of metal piping propped up against a table. It ripped the side seam about six inches. Then she walked right into a pile of empty paint cans, which made a dreadful din and echoed noisily through the empty corridor.

Mr. Sharp sighed heavily. "Oh dear Kathy you are a mess!" There was a streak of yellow paint on her jumper and a big blotch down her legs.

"Come here."

He took her into a small room and wiped her leg with his handkerchief. It just made it worse, but as he took the hanky away from the smudge on her calf, his other hand slid up the back of her skirt and rested on the plump unsuspecting buttocks. She jumped back in surprise.

"Don't be shy dear." His strong warm fingers grabbed fiercely at her tightened bottom as he pulled her towards him with the other hand, clasping her arm and pulling her down over a chair.

He held her arm firmly with one hand and laughed as he lifted the torn skirt over her shapely hips up to the neat little waist.

"You're a silly little girl, a silly, silly girl!"

Her bottom was firm and smooth with but a small area concealed under her skimpy nylon knickers. He ran his fingertips under the leg elastic of the flimsy panties and pinched the soft flesh gently.

She didn't resist his intrusion so he released the pressure on her arm slightly to see her reaction. She laid still, so he patted the cheek steadily and gently.

She giggled and her buttocks twitched with excitement.

"Good girl! Just you be a good girl now." He urged her warmly. Those round beautiful cheeks bobbed up and down invitingly as her boss quickened his strokes and slapped more heavily.

"OOO!" She yelped suddenly as he struck her silky flesh with a brisk crack! He held her arm again in case of resistance, but she made no signs of moving away from him. His hand relaxed again and stroked caressingly along her arm as his other hand patted a few practice shots before he struck those bouncing cheeks with a shower of sharp, painful smacks.

Kathy had remained obediently well behaved and frankly she was scared stiff of her boss, so she had thought it better to lay still than to protest and make things worse. Her bottom was sore and his inconsistent pattings and smackings took her by surprise, not knowing what to expect next. She liked his gentle fondling, that made her relax so that the punishment she was getting was not so frightening.

His hand slipped over her shoulder and his fingers dug strongly and caressingly across the front of her neck. Her body tingled with pleasure as the other palm struck with a loud crack on her painful bottom. She wriggled with excitement and jumped with the shock of the cracking palm. She held onto the legs of the chair as a sign that she wasn't going to resist. She was beginning to enjoy his friendly attentions.

The fingers worked down her blouse with warm intruding movements in time with the series of less painful slaps to her ever reddening cheeks. As his hand reached into her bra to the hardening nipples he whacked her thighs with a resounding





The palm had cupped her swinging breast and was squeezing the tingling flesh in its strong grip.

Kathy was happily bouncing about on the chair moaning and groaning with excitement and satisfaction. The spanking had surprised her, but Mr. Sharp had not expected her to protest too much as she had always had that remarkable quality of respect, which was lacking in the majority of the younger generation these days.

Her rosy cheeks glowed beautifully as he cracked another cracking blow on the bobbing buttocks. He was enjoying the feel of the soft bobbing breast in his hand as he rubbed the hard little nipple between his finger tips, but the jerking red bottom was the most satisfying. He began spanking that firm round bottom even harder, and told Kathy what a good girl she was being, but she was due for this punishment for being so careless.

"I know s-sir. B-b-but – OUCH! – my b-bottom's so sore – OWW!"

"Relax dear, relax!"

He patted the crimson thighs and decided to give her one final wallop.

WHACK! She jumped sharply.


His hand gave her tit one more friendly squeeze, then his hand ran firmly up to her neck and gently down her arm to the tight clenched fist. He eased her tense body from the chair and smiled into her frightened face.

"Relax dear, relax!"

Kathy tried to smile, wondering what she was supposed to do next.

Mr. Sharp pulled Kathy towards him by the hand. As the tears began running down her trembling cheeks, he laid her head gently on his shoulder. Her arms slid automatically round his chest as the tears soaked onto the shoulder of his shirt.

The urge was irresistible, his emotions welled up inside. He had to resist the temptation, but he wanted desperately to touch that beautiful bottom just once more. He eased her skirt up to her waist and caressed those lovely round cheeks in his firm, strong palms. He edged her neat little body closer to his and pressed his hardening lump into the softness of her pussey. She responded encouragingly by holding him tightly in her helpless little arms. He slid his hands down inside her knickers and fondled the soft, inviting buttocks with satisfaction. Taking a deep breath he released his grip on her warm flesh and the skirt was reluctantly replaced over her attractive hips.

Kathy was relieved, but glad to have experienced his emotional satisfaction of her body. They smiled at each other knowingly. Mr. Sharp appreciated Kathy's innocent relief, as he had not found it easy to resist her tempting body. He must conserve the respect she had for him, he thought, that was most important. He had enjoyed spanking her and she had been co-operative because of her respect. He would find it easy enough to punish her again, especially with all those girlish faults she had!

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