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Jennifer's Confessions

Story from London Life Vol.1 No.3.

Jennifer's Confessions
By Christopher James

No one needn't think I was in love with Mr. James. I like boys naturally but I like best to be with my best friend Molly that don't mean I'm one of them though. It's just that we get well affectionate. By the way I'm Jennifer and I'm sixteen and one month.

Mummy said I'd got to take these lessons and it wasn't fair well I ain't illiterate am I? Someone at work asked me well being bitchy but there's this story about the bird what was so dumb she thought grub-screw was a lunchtime fuck. Well I don't know what a bloody grub-screw is why should I? Anyhow mummy said I was getting wild because I'd got no father she even told Mr. James to see I kept at it me a working girl he did too by golly!

I got to admit I played him up not doing homework being late and so on it was a bit of a shock when he made me work extra time bloody nerve if you ask me only he didn't. Told him straight I did wasn't going to be treated like a kid I says and got put well and truly in my place. He made me feel a bit bad mum being a widow and not well anyway I couldn't really refuse but I didn't like it.

One evening when I was late and got told off I said he could well he couldnt've but golly wasn't he cross don't like girls using filthy language Mr. James don't. He went in the other room and come back with of all things a cane. A supple one the end bent in a handle it quivered like a spring. Shook me a bit I just stared he said if I was a real schoolmaster you'd feel it. I said Well you ain't and didn't no one tell you bum-bruising is out at girl schools these days? He just grinned and took it away.

That ought to've been that but well there's something I've never told before it's like as if there's two Jenny's in me one is a right coward scared of pain the others often thought of punishment specially on the bum yet I'd not been whacked on it much. We'd got a cane at home hanging behind a picture till I was grown up I just got a tap sometimes when I was little but I certainly never wanted it for real and I'd always been thankful girls wasn't caned much at school. They was a bit though I got the stick on the hand and on the bottom just a few times only one stroke or two but enough to know I didn't like it it's not right caning girls is it well everyone knows that well I mean boys is different aren't they? Yet well it's jolly funny this secret feeling I'd imagine things like I'd been terrible bad at school and I was stripped bent over and thrashed in front of all the girls from a man though it was a girls school. Sometimes it was a whip like I'm being flogged on my bare backside with a riding-crop and I'm howling and sobbing or I'd be naked and whipped by my Master a Sultan or whatever they have and I'd be screaming and blood running down. (TOO MUCH EASTERN PROMISE PERHAPS? ED.)

Anyway after Mr. James showed me that supple cane I just couldn't stop thinking of it the way the end seemed to wriggle gave me a funny tickly feeling somewhere near my navel and all tingly in my soppy behind. I'd forgot what it felt like tried to imagine him caning me well only thinking not really getting it oh no golly no I certainly never wanted it!

I started getting this dream thing at night giving my pussy a treat you know just suppose I was in court and there's this judge all dressed up in robes and whigs being terrible stern he says Jennifer you was caught offering your body to men for money and being drunk is no excuse I sentence you to twenty strokes of the birch on your bare buttocks in public. Then me and some other girls what got to be flogged get taken to our local park and its full of people watching and it turns out to be Mr. James is doing the punishing. There's this bench what I'm tied over and Mr James takes my knicks down and my poor mum's there crying and saying thats my child being whipped for horing and oh my goodness don't he bring it down but I can't imagine no more cause I don't know what it'd be like do I but its lovely dreaming and masticating knowing it couldn't happen well men can't go walloping girls behinds even if they are teaching them. But of course when the real thing happened it wasn't nothing like my dreams not one bit!

Half-past-eight come and I grumbled about working another dreary bloody half-hour and said You didn't ought to keep me in like a kid it ain't right. He looked at me with a sort of grim smile and said Well you know what I have in the other room if you prefer.

Of all the bloody cheek I told him I ain't a schoolkid and what the hell do you think my mum'd say? He said Your mother wanted me to be firm with you Jenny but don't worry don't you know when I'm joking? What came over me then well I don't know honest I don't! Well I mean thinking these silly things trying to imagine the sting what of course I couldn't and I got funny feelings in my belly and thighs and slit I was wondering if I could say I wanted to go to the loo so I could masticate. I never meant to say a word I swear. I heard myself mumbling all right Mr. James you can punish me instead of extra work. My face was burning couldn't look at him.

He didn't think I was serious. Course I am I says and you needn't worry you don't think a girl my age'd want people to know I've had the cane do you? Nor I certainly wouldn't want mummy to know and I'd much rather you give me the stick than stay extra time I was thinking Christ Jenny silly little bitch clean off your empty rocker that's what. I was all mixed up inside I mean I didn't want to be hurt kept telling myself it was better than being kept in just the same if Mr. James had been a woman I wouldn't have. Well it is ruddy odd and that's a fact and nobody what knew me would credit it I just couldn't understand how I could want to be beaten I'm not a meek sort of female no one tries it on with little Jenny. A boy got fresh once told me I'd got an adorable arse what needed spanking some hopes he'd got talk about tooth and claw I drew blood with both. Yet now well somehow I liked Mr. James being strict made me all goosy when he fetched the cane and was stern oooh that was nice! I was in for a shock though my arse was crawling with desire but he says Hold your hand out Jennifer. My hand Mr. James? Yes says he its humiliating for females to be beaten on the seat. Well maybe but the time came when I got my bare bot. spanked across his lap bawling like a baby but that's another story.

By golly I was feeling peculiar all shaky and buttercups in my tum. But more daft than scared making me hold my hand out at sixteen! I says Its bloody childish he give that grim smile I don't think you'll find this childish Jennifer and what's more won't I give it to you if you don't stop swearing my girl I didn't know where to look I was that embarrassed and thinking daft little cow.

Then I got real scared holding my arm out awful reluctant seeing him carve the stick in a bow what made it look horridly menacing then standing well back laid it across my palm. It felt hard and cold and the stubby end looked thicker'n before I was quivery my paw shaky and damp wishing I could change my mind but I couldn't back out then anyhow I thought babyish to be frightened of one whack but folly I was het up with excitement as much as fright.

Swish! Sharpish sting I didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed I says Well that's not so bad but it seemed he'd only tapped me as a warning didn't want to hurt me he said. They say some people never learn I have to go and be even more bloody silly don't I something was driving me on and maybe my pride was upset insolent as I could I asks Do I look sodding weak? I knew I'd get it then all right but I think he was a bit nervous said not to move my hand it might hurt more if I did. I gulped licked my lips and shut my eyes he wasn't hurrying twice I felt the cold hard touch on my palm I was praying he'd get on with it my knees seemed weak.

I was thinking not to be a goose – Christ nearly jumped a foot in the air I mean me not Him that bloody stick! (Thats a lovely word but I got out of the habit of using it to Mr. James on account of my backside getting too painful) I'm sure it wasn't so bad at school that time. Thought my hand was cut clean through burning like on fire and tingled as though with 100 nettle stings for absolutely ages I said Oh my Gawd that's no joke he says It wasn't meant to be and if I ever have to do it again it'll be two strokes and do you understand me miss always miss or Jennifer when I'm disciplined. Real stern by golly I says meekly Yes sir I'll try and be a good girl oh my golly never been so bloody subdued sir indeed I was being a baby well I've admitted I'm a coward.

Little Jenny'd learnt something and it wasn't English bloody grammar well I think I'm pretty good at that anyway well you can see that can't you I mean. I swore I'd been caned for the first and last time never wanted that again honest but some females can be screwy and maybe I'm screwier'n most only I reckon its just that I need something hot and stiff up me guess what if you like but no prize the fact is well I was scared stiff and getting funny sensations all at the same time. Oooh lovely warm thrill all over thinking of Mr. James all stern and masterful flexing and swishing that whippy cane I was real frightened then I'd think Jenny don't be a soppy little funk it's good for you like having a father keeping me in order and wish I could get at my clit thing.

I'm not sure but I think it was then I realised it wasn't really punishment I mean it was and it wasn't well it was sexy and to do with Mr. James being stern with me I've got to admit that but I mean I was thinking of him as a sort of father but oh my golly what a lovely sexy daddy!

Four days later I got two cuts for being fifteen minutes late and they weren't taps and I found out what he'd meant about hurting more if I moved. The first was awful and my hand jerked back just as the stick swished for the second time I didn't mean to it hurt so much my nerve went that bloody cane caught the tips of my fingers. Oh my golly the pain was sickening I doubled up eyes smarting poor fingers burning unbearable yet numb at the same time feeling six times their size and for a minute just didn't know what to do with myself tears was running down my cheeks but I didn't cry out loud. I know this sounds like school stuff but if there's any girl what thinks it's soppy and childish well just let her try it! Well of course I knew jolly well what most people would've said but I honestly thought I deserved to get the cane mummy couldn't properly afford private tuition and what was the good if I didn't do what I was told only it didn't work that way.

Anyway I'd had enough after that Jenny's going to be a good little girl honest! But next Monday I said to Mr. James Fuck the homework I got tore off a strip that made my eyebrows curl and told Fetch the cane miss. I was a bit sulky I said Get it yourself. Oooh he was mad he says that'll do from you my girl you need a good lesson and do what I tell you now! No more arguing I obeyed submissive as you like. That was the first time I'd handled the cane I ran my fingers along it all excited I was actually glad oh you stupid bloody bitch!

Three he says three on the same hand oh gosh I just couldn't I nearly backed out could have said No my mouth was dry I wanted to snivel. Till I thought of something that evening it was typing I says Please Mr. James I can't do ;lkjh after three on the hand Well he says you must have it on your bottom three strokes with your skirt up.

My heart was thumping somewhere near my throat voice shaky and hoarse face must've looked like a geranium and I wanted to wee but didn't take no notice of that. He said Very well my disobedient child shall have what she wants cheeky sod I nearly said then I looked at the cane and thought better not. Well I didn't have to pretend to be frightened trouble was I was getting sexy too funny feeling both I want it and no I don't I'm scared sick and nearly hypnotised by that whippy stick rapping against his hand threatening and sort of tempting. And then I spotted something what made me giggle and get told off didn't he know what made me laugh? I thought so that's why you want to cane me Mr. James your prick's sexy as my private place oooh my goodness I think I'd like it up me you wicked girl!

He made me lift my skirt rolled tight and bend over holding the seat of a chair I just can't describe the way I felt with this feeling only much stronger churning round inside like milk going buttery as us girls say I'd come all over unnecessary I'd never got so randy being kissed. Awful funny sensation in my cunt down my thighs up my back my breasts well all over. It was scary embarrassing and humiliating bum sticking out more immodest than I'd ever been first time in my life I'd ever stood like that showing my panties off to a man what would mummy say what's more I was wishing I'd gone to the loo it was getting bad s'pose its being afraid.

I'd heard that until a girl's had an eider as they used to put it up the Bricklayers way before they condemned us she don't want it with a man but don't you believe it! This must sound shocking immoral but I think I'd've let Mr. James screw me right then on the floor oooh Jenny you bad wicked girl even thinking that you need your randy arse tanning that you do.

I was enjoying being mastered and I felt well pain immodesty indignity so what? Now I thought now my knicks it coming down but he didn't s'pose he didn't dare I kept thinking oh lor I want to do a pee awful bad I can feel it with my pants tight under my crutch oh Mr James that naughty cock of yours'll bust right through soon. The air's cool on the bit of bare skin above my knicks I'm goosy all up my spine oh golly the stick's touching me making me all shuddery with a sort of ecstasy buttocks twitch boy am I frightened! Trembling breathless mouth and lips dry heart thudding fit to bust and ten pounds of cold suet pud. in my tummy if I wasn't gripping that chair I swear my knees would've caved in. The goofy thing is it's a really delicious fear I like it! I want to be hurt yet golly I'm funky! I dread it honest I mean that! The cane moving on my plump cheeks under the thin skin-tight cotton as he gets the right position is sort of well like as if he's caressing me oooh wish he would wish he'd take my panties down and fondle my bot. and right underneath.

I'm getting ever so worked up more and more and more the thrillingest sensations all through me strong like waves I'm tingling like electric it's glorious getting stronger and stronger – oh golly it's wonderful – I'm just not myself – it's like I'm high – a bit drunk – I can't stand it – I'm in a sort of daze like a dream – I'm nearly fainting it's rapturous – oh mum oh no no my bladder – I can't – I'll be disgraced for ever! Oh I'm frightened oh God don't let him cane me don't let him hit me hard!

There's that musical whirring hiss I flinch as I feel the crack across my bottom that's funny nothing much no pain Oooh-ouch! No pain? Jesus it's agony extraordinary sensation red-hot wire cutting right through my body catching my breath. I can't breathe oh God I want to cry I want to laugh I want to pee I can't stick it I can't! Pain rising burning my back icy cold sweat trickling hands sticky on the chair-seat.

WHAM! Another indescribable sharp surge of anguish oh my that's a good bit isn't it shows I don't need lessons don't it? I let out a gasping gurgling noise as pain sears right through the middle of me. Hold on Jenny brave girl he must see I want to do a piss the way I'm fidgetting I can't hold it and can't help shouting Bloody hell fucking cane! Foul mouthed child Mr. James says apologise for what you said I went all sullen why should I No I won't I says it is a bloody cane! He says Right miss that'll be one extra cut I won't have that language –

SWISH-THWACK – Ooooh-ow! My body jerks convulsive like an electric shock one leg goes right up oh God oh no warm wet running all in my pants now I'm crying tears plopping on the chair and wee running down my legs I can't think straight all knotted up inside all on fire. Blazing pain mixed up with burning excitement. Aren't I ever going to stop weeing must be gallons running in my shoes and soaking Mr. James carpet wouldn't punish me for that would he I'm writhing I know my face is contorted.

Stick it out don't move only one more – CRACK – Oooh-aagh! Oh oh oh can't help howling oh Christ never known such pain that was like being cut right in two thank God its over but I want another cut I'm mad my poor backside on fire is it bleeding? Oh oh I can't take any more yet I want it whip me oh glory whip me 'till I scream please sir scold me for being a dirty little girl say I must thrash your bottom for it my girl wetting yourself at your age! Yet while I'm thinking that I'm snivelling making little whimpering noises moaning No more please oh golly no more!

I said Please sir are you going to cane me for spoiling your carpet oh golly wish he would I would like just one more cut all the same terrific relief when he said Of course not Jenny you couldn't help that you may stand up yet I was disappointed too must be bloody mad I'm bloody wet! I stood up bent forward a bit squeezing and rubbing my burning arse. You poor child he says why didn't you tell me you wanted to go to the toilet?

I suppose that sounds a lot of fuss over four whacks across the arse with a cane nothing really but looking back that's what it was like real anguish like being cut in half I couldn't hardly stick it yet lovely blissful sexy sensations. In the mirror in Sir's bedroom I saw the weals beauties across the middle of each lovely round check just looking at them turned me on they was dark-red hard when I touched them and smarting oh golly burning! I was to get it lots worse but that's how it all started it always gave me a heavenly thrill funny the burning anguish in the backside cut right through and got joined up with the sort of gnawing pain in my gentiles pure rapture but there was a limit to the pain I could stick well I'm a coward and me thinking all them soppy thoughts about being birched and that.

Could've sobbed my heart out weeing my panties such a dirty childish thing and it was my fault I should have gone when I knew I needed to yet Mr. James was awful sorry for me even rinsed my knickers and dried them with an electric fire bet he's frightened my mum'll find out whipping her girl's bum so hard I pissed meself and I reckon she might smack my bottom for that!

Well I'm lying face down on his bed with my gorgeous botty all bare to cool the burning sting and my fingers in me oooh super mastication bet I look more tempting than the Sleeping Beauty anyway hope it'll tempt Sir so he'll have to put that stiff whatsit up me golly what a thing to say I know I'm a bad naughty dirty indecent girl but oooh I do so want an eider and anyway I'm the age of consensus. When my poor botty's better think I'll have to ask him to use a slipper on it for weeing my knicks really I ought to be wearing a bloody nappy!


I never could persuade Jenny to use commas. She always said "If you don't know where to put the bloody things better leave 'em out." But If I'd used her spelling you really would have had something to complain about!


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