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The Olympic Spirit

Story from Februs 39.

The Olympic Spirit
A Short Story by Samuel Lovell

We English tend to assume that when it comes to the thorny, if erotically, enticing issue of corporal chastisement, we are quite literally world beaters. Ben Farrow certainly considered his predilection for the tanning of female behinds to be a peculiarly Anglo-Saxon disease. It caused him untold angst especially during the early seventies when he was a student of ancient history at Leeds University. Within a puritanical atmosphere of women's rights and growing political correctness, his passions left him extremely uneasy. He also found that the so-called permissive society was less evident than certain sections of the press had led a small town boy like himself to believe. He was in his third and final year before Jessica finally agreed to full physical relations. It was a relief, no doubt, and to them both if the truth be known but there was still a glaring omission to his sexual cravings.

Little did he realise that his charming yet timid girlfriend held emotions just as strong as his own. Sadly, they left her feeling scared and abnormal. Being an intelligent young woman she know this was a silly reaction, but she had nobody in which to confide which meant the problem festered away untreated. Considering they had been courting for two years, it may seem odd that they had never even discussed the matter. Like so many couples, however, the very seriousness of their relationship somehow prevented further exploration of each others sexual psyches. It was almost like trying to imagine their parents making love and as one can appreciate, that is rather unsettling. Fortunately, life has an uncanny knack of pushing the inevitable along and so it was with Ben and Jessica one lazy Sunday afternoon.

They had taken a break from their studies and decided to spend the day watching nonsense upon the television. Ben's house-mates were away, affording them some unexpected privacy; it was a situation he intended exploiting to his own advantage. With the curtains shut, the door firmly bolted and a large supply of cider in the fridge, they snuggled together on the sofa. It all seemed to be heading for their usual quick bounce which for once would not take place in utter darkness. Then fate decided to lend a hand with the assistance of the British Broadcasting Corporation. A series of classic Elvis films was to be aired starling with Blue Hawaii. The scene so infamous to spanking fans caught them both unawares and for that matter practically naked. As Jenny Maxwell was hauled over the King's knee our two young lovers were both glued to the set. The brief scene affected them deeply and with their many inhibitions dulled by the alcohol the rest came quite naturally.

It begun as a nervous joke, but within a few minutes Jessica was over Ben's knee getting what for with vigorous aplomb. The release was incredible, both mentally and physically as their frantic lovemaking demonstrated. Sadly, the pathway to liberation then reached an irritating impasse. They were ready to move on having talked the issues through sensibly. Spanking was most definitely for them, of that they were certain. Quite understandably, however, it was an aspect of their relationship which they wished to keep private. Their activities, therefore, were curtailed by the egg-shell thin walls and the presence of house-mates. They attempted to compromise by whispering fantasies to one another as they made love, but nothing could really compensate for the real sting.

So it went on right up to their finals which, though stressful, at least offered a distraction. Then with surprising suddenness it was all over and they were free to leave. After a week of drinking and general merriment, Ben suggested that they sell everything and go island hopping in Greece.

'All right,' agreed Jessica cocking her head in the manner he found so attractive, 'but if my Morris Minor has to go so does your motorbike.'

'Anything but that,' he pleaded suddenly.

'Imagine a quiet cove, your lap and my naked bottom,' she replied with a roll of her brown eyes.

'I'll ring Exchange & Mart right away.'

* * *

Within a fortnight they were boarding the plane to Rhodes having taken advantage of a last minute cancellation. Being a student of ancient history Ben had hoped to start their adventure in Athens, but the prospect of laying his hands upon Jessica's pert little behind certainly made up for this disappointment. They spent three blissful weeks on the island finding numerous hideouts where they could indulge in their fancies. Already, however, the presence of organised tourism was making itself felt and after being caught by a German family in the throes of a good rogering the pair decided to move on. So, they caught a ferry to Karpathos in the hope of finding greater seclusion.

As the quay at Pigadia drew closer they smiled at one another, sensing immediately the unworldly isolation that is such a striking feature of this Dodecanese island. They had always preferred a long day's walk in the Yorkshire dales to the overcrowded and smoky bars of the Leeds student scene. It was quite natural therefore that they went in search of rugged and picturesque serenity rather than a busy night-life.

Alter dropping their rucksacks off at a small apartment they wandered down by the harbour and ate in one of the restaurants. The sun was still quite warm when they finished and both had only one thing in mind. Around Ben's waist was a leather belt he had purchased back in Rhodes and they were as yet to christen it. After taking note which way most people were heading, they set off in the opposite direction. This took them up a steep coastal path, past a small while church and up over the rocks. As they climbed ever higher Ben watched Jessica's buttocks as they strained against her tight hot pants. He could barely keep his hands off them as they jiggled from side to side and if they had gone on much further the bulge in his jeans would have rubbed itself sore. Fortunately, they came across a series of caves and without a word they both wandered into the largest one.

'Strip, you naughty minx,' Ben growled once they were submerged in the half light.

'Must I, sir,' pleaded Jessica, theatrically, her fingers already unfastening her bikini top.

'I'd be quick if you value the skin on your arse,' Ben threatened and on one swift movement he pulled the belt from round his waist.

'Oh yes, sir,' mewed Jessica, highly impressed by Bon's authoritarian manner.

They both enjoyed playing these little games before getting down to the real business of warming Jessica's nates. It gave the whole affair a certain edge and now they were becoming accustomed to their roles, the effect was greatly enhanced.

Jessica quickly disposed of her clothes allowing Ben to wallow in her naked glory. There wasn't a spare ounce upon the girl, even her breasts, though fulsome, displayed a youthful tautness. After admiring her exquisiteness for a moment or two Ben gave the order to touch her toes. This was a new twist, for in the past, she had always bent over his knee. Being supple and athletic, she achieved this classic pose with ease, presenting a target of supreme beauty. Her orbs practically begged to be whipped and her sex seemed to glisten in anticipation. She felt glorious, so vulnerable yet safe with her dearest Ben at the helm.

He folded the belt in half and cautiously lifted it back. The moment the leather swooshed across her orbs he knew that the blow was a trifle tame.

'Ow,' said Jessica with a giggle, thus confirming Ben's concerns.

Right then, he thought, try this one for size and he really let it fly. Jessica suddenly regretted her outburst of sarcasm as a dose of very real pain exploded across her denuded behind. It stung like crazy and she let out a piercing squeal that surprised them both. Then a lovely feeling of submissiveness overwhelmed her senses and she settled down to await the next instalment. Ben was quite shaken by Jessica's vocal response and placed a little less venom behind the following blow. His confidence quickly grew however and the rhythmic sound of leather slapping flesh soon filled the air.

By the end Jessica's rump had assumed a bright scarlet hue without suffering any lasting damage. On the whole they both thoroughly enjoyed the experience yet something was still missing. Later, after making love, the two discussed events in the open style that had become their fashion.

'You held back, didn't you?' Jessica questioned, as she nibbled at Ben's suntanned neck.

'A little, but only because you nearly jumped out of your skin.'

'It was just a shock that's all,' she explained. 'It feels different to your hand, stings more at the time, but it's not throbbing now and I kind of miss that.'

'So you want it harder?'

'Yes and I want to yelp. It's rather good fun.'

Over the coming days they visited the cave quite regularly with Jessica's naked behind suffering harsher and harsher punishments. This led to a fair degree of bruising which made sunbathing on the beach amongst their fellow travellers impractical. Again, they decided to press on, in search of some idyll that would suit their needs entirely. They wished to stay upon Karpathos, however, having fallen in love with its grey mountains, rocky promontories and anachronistic lifestyle. So, they caught the local caique around the island to the village of Olymbos. It was an interesting trip made all the more so by the flimsy nature of their boat and its susceptibility to break down.

Eventually, Olymbos came into view, clinging somewhat precariously to the mountainside. As they stepped ashore they were immediately struck by the women of the village who still wore the traditional apparel. Their elegant white dresses made Jessica feel rather conspicuous and she was relieved to find a hotel so quickly. It was here that they met Vanna for the first time. She was the proprietor's daughter and to their surprise spoke excellent English.

'I live in Rhodes for ten years working with the tourists,' she explained while taking them to their room. 'Then my father bring us back home to Olymbos saying it will soon be full of tourists too. He wrong so far, but it's beautiful yes?'

'It is indeed,' Ben replied and he couldn't help but think that Vanna was rather beautiful too.

Jessica noticed how her lover stared at the girl's behind as she placed fresh sheets on their bed. She could have made an educated guess as to what was going through his mind. A few months earlier she would have felt threatened by Ben's lascivious reaction, but now she had a new confidence in the strength of their bond. They were growing that was for certain, both together and outwards. Where it would all lead Jessica was as yet unsure, but it no longer scared her as it had in the past. There was perhaps another sensation simmering below the surface that she could not as yet express. Still, it stirred some pleasant currents in her loins and she began day dreaming about a sore bottom and a satisfied libido.

'Are there any quiet beaches or coves close by Vanna?' she asked innocently while flashing Ben a knowing glance.

'All the beaches on this side of the island are quiet, but I know what is a cove not?'

Once this minor linguistic problem was solved it became obvious that Ben and Jessica's love of spanking alfresco would be well catered for around Olymbos. Vanna promised to show them several solitary spots the following day where they could swim and sun bathe, 'however they liked... yes!'

That evening, however, the village was celebrating and she insisted that Ben and Jessica joined the revelry. The cause of this riotous affair never became clear though there seemed to be a religious theme hidden somewhere below all the singing and drinking. Whatever the motive, young and old alike partied into the early hours with hardly a pause for breath.

They were slightly fragile when Vanna awoke them early the next morning with a tray of feta cheese, bread and olives. She seemed none the worse for wear, her brown eyes sparkling as she ushered them out of the hotel in her bossy yet charming manner. To Ben's delight she had cast her traditional garbs aside opting for shorts and a thin pale denim shirt.

'Mama shouts at me for dressing this way,' she said as they wandered out of the village. 'She says it makes talk. I don't care I like less clothes when it's so hot!'

'I suppose,' Jessica replied thoughtfully, 'but I do adore the embroidery on your dresses.'

'Yes, if s beautiful, but not always,' Vanna continued in her husky tones. 'Sometimes it's best to be free of all clothes... yes!'

'Oh yes,' agreed Ben, suddenly taking an interest in the conversation.

You turncoat, thought Jessica who had suggested a touch of naturism back on Rhodes only to be told it was out of the question. Ben was no prude, however, to him it was simply a matter of aesthetics. He found the contrast between the milky white flesh on Jessica's bottom and the brown skin that surrounded it most enticing. If pressed, he would explain in detail how it highlighted the target area, thus ensuring he always hit the right spot. Never mind, Jessica decided with a hint of amusement, if anyone is going to suffer from sunburn it will be him and that dangling beast of his.

They followed in Vanna's wake as she strode effortlessly over the razor sharp rocks for a good half an hour. Then she led them down a preposterously steep crevasse, around numerous large boulders and out onto a long thin stretch of shingle which sloped down to the gently lapping sea.

'You like?' she asked in her demanding style.

'It's wonderful,' Jessica replied as she dropped her bag to the floor.

'And nobody but me comes here,' Vanna continued. 'Come let's go in for a swim, it will wake you two sleepy people up.'

She then pulled her shirt up over her head to reveal a pair of rounded breasts that were tipped majestically in dark ebony. Jessica feared Ben's eyes would pop out of their sockets not to mention the strain on his shorts. For a moment she felt a pang of jealousy, but then she bared her own buxom chest and realised quite smugly that they were just as ripe as their Greek friend's. Vanna meanwhile had pushed her shorts down to her ankles and kicked them aside. Her buttocks were oval and long, blending into her broad fleshy hips. Jessica also removed her shorts and the two girls skipped excitedly down to the water. Ben who was enchanted to near senselessness by the whole scene noticed the bruising on his girlfriend's behind at the last possible moment. Vanna won't spot them, he thought vaguely more concerned with the rather incriminating condition of his manhood than anything else.

With this in mind he stripped quickly and charged straight past the frolicking girls, plunging into the cool blue water. Upon rejoining them he discovered that Vanna was more observant than he had earlier assumed.

'Did you do this to her bot-bot?' she accused pointing her finger at him. 'You wicked man, you are, I think.'

'Well, errr,' Bon stuttered flushing with embarrassment.

'Oh, he's most wicked,' Jessica teased, less perturbed than her boyfriend by their lapse in discretion.

'Still it's such a cute little thing,' Vanna crooned and her hand reached out and grabbed Jessica's rump. 'I like to give it a... what do you say... spank?'

'Yes,' giggled Jessica, her heart quite a flutter.

'A good spank myself, over here, yes!' and she tapped her knee.

'I wouldn't mind,' Jessica beamed, 'and I'm sure Ben won't either.'

'I can see that for myself,' laughed Vanna pointing at his aroused condition.

Then she took hold of Jessica's wrist and dragged her up the shingle beach to where their towels lay. Ben, as was becoming his habit, followed close behind, his chest pounding in amorous anticipation. He could hardly believe that Jessica was the same shy girl he had tried so hard to impress back in Leeds. That life suddenly seemed a million miles and as many years away. He felt so alive that it hurt, but what an exquisite pain it was and how he wished to endure it forever.

Vanna picked up her towel, but instead of drying herself she laid it on one of the smaller rocks. Then she sat down upon it and beckoned Jessica to come closer. She required little encouragement, her backside was just itching for a hard slapping. Her enthusiasm was heightened further by the novelty of being bent over such a luxuriously feminine lap. This discovery caused a delicious tremble to pulsate down her spine and she became aware just how wet she was between the legs. She felt quite ashamed at enjoying her humiliation especially when she considered that Vanna was practically a stranger. Somehow that made it all the better and she determined to savour every moment.

'Over you go,' Vanna instructed. 'I spank your bot-bot till it nice and red yes.'

'Don't hold back she's much tougher than you think,' Ben joked his eyes wide as saucers.

'It is the same with all women,' Vanna replied with a touch of curtness.

Once snugly in position Jessica cocked her head to face Ben and winked at him. He winked back, both revelling in the simple joys of the flesh. Then Vanna's hand connected crisply with Jessica's buttocks. They were still cold and damp with salty water. Jessica liked the feel of it even more than usual and she moaned rather than gasped.

'You naughty girl,' Vanna scolded playfully, 'I not stop till it very sore now.'

That was just fine by Jessica who stuck her nates out invitingly for the next smack. Vanna obliged wrapping her hand around the upturned target with all the strength she could muster. She watched as the finger marks leapt from the pale flesh before giving it another then another. Jessica's bottom twitched and wriggled which delighted her chastiser not to mention the silent Ben. He stood transfixed, breathless and rather giddy as the blows began to fall at an unrelenting pace. Even in his wildest fantasies he had never imagined witnessing such a vividly stimulating display of erotic discipline.

Jessica meanwhile was completely immersed in that heady mixture of pleasure and pain that had come to represent the epitome of her sexuality. To her utter amazement she then realised how close she was to climaxing. That had never happened over Ben's knee though she often thought it might. She felt a little guilty, but there was nothing that could stop her going over the brink.

'Oh, you are terrible,' Vanna laughed when she realised what was happening. She obviously didn't mind for her fingers dipped lightly into Jessica's honey-pot thus aiding the girl to even higher peaks of ecstasy. 'That feels good yes?' she said as Jessica shuddered to a halt.

'Oh God, YES,' she wailed joyfully.

'Now maybe you do the same for me?' Vanna asked expectantly.

The idea of switching roles had never really occurred to Jessica and now she was faced with the prospect it held little appeal. She was by her nature highly submissive in the sexual arena yet it seemed only fair to accommodate Vanna's desires. After a moments hesitation she found the solution. 'I think it would be better if Ben took charge of your punishment,' she said upon rising to her feet. 'His hand is much harder than mine.'

'Yes, I'm sure it is,' Vanna replied examining his muscular frame. 'Well Ben, do you want to spank my Greek bot-bot?'

'The girl's I punish call me sir,' he said in mock annoyance.

'Yeees, sir,' Vanna pouted.

Moments later she was over his strong hip with her expansive behind taking the brunt of a passionate hiding. It was now Jessica's turn to watch proceedings and it aroused her far more than she had anticipated. In fact it was all she could do to keep her fingers from drifting down between her legs. She resisted however, suspecting that Ben would quell her lusty desires in due course. For the time being he continued to belabour Vanna's hide only stopping when the constant rubbing of her belly across his manhood brought him close to a highly premature ejaculation.

Vanna stood up and rubbed attractively at her smarting behind.

'Is it red?' she asked Jessica while attempting to look over her own shoulder.

'As a tomato.'

'But not marked like yours.'

'No he uses his belt to do that.'

'He do it to me?'

'I'll do it to you both,' Ben interrupted decisively, having become tired of them scheming as if he was not even there. 'And to make things more interesting we'll have a little competition.'

'Whatever do you mean?' Jessica quizzed.

'England versus Greece for the honour of being crowned Queen of the Hardy Bottoms,' he announced dramatically. 'So both touch your toes and the last one to rise will be our winner.'

'And the prize?' asked Jessica amid an uncontrollable fit of the giggles.

'It stands proudly before you,' he replied to yet more laughter.

'I think I understand,' Vanna said as they pulled themselves back together, 'but what is this touching toes mean.'

All soon became clear and the two girls bent over thus proffering their very different behinds to the waiting Ben. Both were exquisite, complementing one another like a fine wine does an equally excellent meal. Their unsurpassable quality certainly caused Ben to hesitate for a moment, his eyes skipping from one set of chubbies to the other.

'Stop leering and hurry up,' moaned Jessica.

'That's, stop leering and hurry up, sir, to you,' Ben rebuffed and he gave his beloved a mighty whack to force the point home.

Predictably, Jessica squealed like a wounded animal which led Vanna to assume Greece was going to claim the gold modal easily. It had been quite a while since her last bare behind whacking, but never in her life had she made such a racket. With a certain amount of pride she then remembered the Dutch boy back on Rhodes who had beaten her rump black and blue with a wooden sandal. If she could not only take but enjoy that kind of treatment then a mere belting would be nothing. Ben had become highly proficient at his task, however, and the smarting blow that wrapped around Vanna's buttocks caused her to gasp in alarm.

For some reason the two girls then turned their heads and looked into each others eyes. Their expressions must have been similar for both realised instantly that this was going to be a protracted affair. Ben certainly had the necessary energy and aptitude to keep their nates dancing, patiently gracing their behinds with stroke after torturous stroke. Jessica screamed herself hoarse while Vanna simply groaned. All three gave and took from one another, balancing upon the precipice of fulfilment for longer than seemed possible. Finally, with their buttocks crimson and wealed Ben threw the belt aside.

'You've both won,' he declared as he took hold of their hair and pulled them towards him. "Now, come and claim the spoils.'

They did so eagerly, hardly noticing the rough shingle as they fell into a desperate menage-a-trois.

Life would never be the same for Ben and Jessica after their time with Vanna in Olymbos. The path was set and they were now compelled to follow it whatever the consequences. Diversity, they found, could be a difficult cross to bear in such an intrusive and unforgiving world. So, once a year, at least, they returned to Vanna and the quiet little cove where their passions could be free.

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