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New Girl

Story from Janus 58.

New Girl
by Andrew Grantham

KELLY was mesmerised by what the Head Girl held in her hand. She bit her lower lip and then gulped nervously as four pairs of young, female eyes stared at her.

'I didn't think it would matter,' explained the pretty, 17-year-old newcomer to Wynstanleigh Girls' School.

'Smoking is a serious offence here!' snapped the Head Girl, an attractive redhead by the name of Wendy Tyrer. The other three girls in the room, all prefects, nodded in agreement.

'But I hadn't even started here,' protested Kelly. Her eyes, like rock pools under a blue sky, looked appealingly at each accuser in turn.

Wendy swooshed the shiny yellow cane through the air, causing Kelly to flinch. 'You were on the train,' the redhead stated coolly. 'Your luggage clearly showed your destination. You gave other passengers a bad impression of the school, even before you had set foot in the quadrangle.'

'I'm sorry.' Kelly spread her hands submissively. Although the other girls were much the same age as herself, she accepted their authority. That was one result of her upbringing in a Service environment. Kelly's father was a major in a very good regiment. 'Can't you overlook it this time – first offence and all that?'

'I won't be responsible for lowering standards at Wynstanleigh!' retorted the Head Girl. 'Make your mind up – either accept our summary punishment here and now, and that will be the end of the matter or else you will be reported to the Headmaster.' She looked at her fellow prefects. 'And we know what will happen to you then, don't we?'

The three prefects pursed their lips and nodded sagely.

Kelly sighed and despondently dropped her arms to her sides. She knew she daren't risk a bad report from the Headmaster. The brunette wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and the Army were now very choosy who they allowed into their ranks.

Kelly took a deep breath and her firm young breasts swelled handsomely beneath her crisply-laundered blouse. 'If you promise it won't go any further, I'll take a punishment from you,' she conceded.

'Agreed,' replied the Head Girl brusquely. Smiles flickered across the faces of the other three.

Apart from her fear of being reported to the Headmaster on her very first day, another influencing factor in her decision was the belief that the Head Girl would surely not be able to hurt her tender, young posterior as much as a mature, experienced member of the teaching profession. Quite possibly, the Headmaster would also write to her father to inform him that he had had to punish her, and she could think of nothing as embarrassing as that.

A small tear sparkled at the corner of one of Kelly's lovely eyes as she was pulled by the arm towards the centre of the study. She was curtly ordered by the Head Girl to bend over and touch her toes, with the promise that any shifting of position would earn extra strokes on top of the 'six of the best' she was going to get.

Wendy bared her handsome teeth at her colleagues as Kelly contritely did as she was told. The Head Girl tapped the palm of one hand with the tip of the springy cane as she came out with the shock announcement. 'Of course, you understand that you'll take it on the bare.'

'Oh no!' gasped Kelly, her head vanishing in a cascade of hair as she turned it sharply towards Wendy.

'Oh yes!' snapped the redhead. 'Do you honestly think the Headmaster will cane you with some protection on your bottom?'

Kelly sighed weakly and turned her head away.

Wendy nodded and the other three girls rolled the brunette's bottle-green, pleated skirt up around her waist. Her skimpy black knickers would have afforded no protection whatever, even if she had been allowed to retain them. Most of her impudent, chubby bottom overflowed from the tightly-stretched, black nylon. She realised that they were being removed mainly to shame her – as if being caned on the bottom at her age were not already degrading enough.

A lanky blonde girl took great delight in denuding Kelly's backside, pulling the knickers down and allowing the elastic to snap across her lower cheeks and thigh-tops as she did so.

All was quiet in the study as the unfortunate new girl's white, trembling bottom was starkly revealed. Her long, nicely-moulded legs were straddled and taut, her knickers stretched into a thin black line across her calves.

The prefects watched smugly as Wendy Tyler raised the thin cane as high as her arm would take it. There it stayed for a little while, poised above the soft, smooth, sensitive target flesh that had never been struck before.

Suddenly, it whooshed down and landed with a sickening thwack across Kelly's naked and helpless bottom. The girl took in air sharply but did not cry out.

Wendy pursed her lips, clearly disappointed that the new girl had not given a vocal reaction. She therefore put even more force into the next stroke and the cane slashed a satisfying line of flame across both sides of the long, deep cleft separating the round and fleshy globes.

It resulted in a howl of pain and a wild writhing of Kelly's pain-stricken buttocks.

Beaming proudly now, Wendy handed the cane to the leggy blonde who wasted no time in bringing it whistling down upon the burning, upthrust buttocks. The cracking impact caused the flesh to ripple and extorted a shriek of pain from Kelly.

The brunette buckled at the knees, but the sheer terror of having to endure even one more stroke forced her to quickly lock them back in position.

The remaining two girls eagerly took the proffered cane when their turns came, and when the Head Girl again held it to deliver the final stroke, Kelly's tortured bum was burning all over from the tops of her thighs to the crests of her meaty mounds.

For the last time, Wendy sank the cane into the curvaceous flesh and another line of fire leaped across her victim's scorched nates.

Hot-faced and gasping, Kelly sank to the floor, her body shattered from her ordeal.

Wendy Tyrer and her friends lit cigarettes and laughed so much they had to hold each other as they surveyed the criss-cross weals on the new girl's gyrating, lewdly up-poked bottom.

When they had recovered, they would tell the stricken Kelly that corporal punishment at Wynstanleigh had been abolished years before!

The major's daughter, however, certainly wouldn't appreciate the 'joke' they had played on her.

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