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Alice by Julia Marlowe

Story from Privilege Club 10.

by Julia Marlowe

I can't get Alice out of my mind. I'm like a man possessed, a hopeless, burnt-out case, I know, but what can I do? I shall probably eventually go mad, but it's my fate. I'm finished. The funny thing is that it never would have happened if I hadn't lost my glasses on the Underground. I would probably have finished up marrying some nice girl and my life would have proceeded smoothly. But it's no use, once you've tasted the fruit of paradise, nothing else will do. On such trivial events do our destinies hang.

For me, though, it really began with the phone call. I live alone in my flat in a small Midlands town. Even as I picked up the phone I was still cursing my stupidity for losing the glasses. After I'd given my number a woman's voice came through. It was soft, warm, mellifluous, musical even. I liked it immediately. You can mostly tell a person's character over the phone. "Excuse me, have I the right person? Is that Mr Broderick?"


"Ah... Well, you're in luck, Mr Broderick, for I have your glasses here in my hand."

"No! ... God! You have? Wonderful! Where did you find them?"

"On the Northern Line between Chalk Farm and Belsize Park."

"Oh, that's absolutely great. I can't thank you enough. You're an angel."

"Well, I don't know about that. You were wise to have your name and phone number inside the case, but unfortunately no address. Would you like me to send them?"

"Yes, of... Er, no, wait a minute. Look, I'm visiting London again this weekend on business, so why don't I meet you and I can reward you? You at least deserve something for your trouble."

"That's very kind of you, but that isn't necessary. I don't -"

"Look, I insist. Please let me meet you. You've no idea how grateful I am. It's the least I can do to buy you a drink, or even a meal."

There was a long pause. Finally she said, "Very well, Mr Broderick. Yes, that would be lovely."

That's what started it all and sure enough that Saturday I met her as prearranged at Chalk Farm station which was near where she lived. I should have known from the voice that she would look a bit special, I suppose. But I wasn't prepared for what I saw. She was an absolute stunner. Her name was Lauren Masters. She was as tall as me and had a figure to die for. Her pale skin was flawless, the corners of her very generous mouth turned upwards. She wore those extremely large glasses that make a woman look even more attractive, that enhance her looks. I must have been staring like an idiot. I couldn't believe my luck. She took my hand in greeting and felt in her bag, bringing out my specs.

"Here," she said. "Look after them this time and don't lose them again."

As we walked off she told me she knew a really good Italian restaurant just up the road which she frequently used. It only took us about ten minutes to get there and we had an excellent meal with a couple of glasses of wine. She wanted to go Dutch, but I wouldn't hear of it, saying yet again I wanted to thank her for finding and returning the glasses. She told me that she owned her own business, a beauty consultancy, which I didn't find in the least hard to believe. She was a wonderful role model for her clients. After lunch we got a bus and she showed me a few of the city's sights I'd never managed to get round to before.

It must have been around four o'clock when I realised that the parting of the ways had probably arrived. I was just about to ask her if I could see her the following day when she asked me if I would like to go back to her place for tea. I needed no second bidding and in less than another fifteen minutes we were entering her flat just off Primrose Hill.

Inviting me to sit down, she disappeared for a few minutes and when she returned she had changed into an ankle-length sleeveless print dress buttoned down the front only as far as her upper thighs, so that her gorgeous slim legs were revealed by the split effect. She produced a couple of glasses and we relaxed to talk some more. Later, after a light afternoon snack, we sat chatting amiably, when suddenly the door opened and a girl entered. She was in school uniform, white blouse and loosely knotted tie, her navy skirt rather startlingly short, halfway up her thighs. I blinked, for she couldn't possibly have been a schoolgirl, they would never have allowed her to dress like that anyway, in such a provocative manner. She must have been at least eighteen. She glanced at me, then looked down at the floor as she began to walk across the room to the far door.

"Where do you think you're going?" Lauren snapped. "Where are your manners, girl? What do you say when we have visitors?"

I was startled by Lauren's tone. The warmth and softness had suddenly disappeared. I couldn't believe it. The girl turned to look at me. She was above average height, very slim. Her dark hair was cut short like a boy's. She was very pretty, but her whole demeanour was diffident in the extreme. She blushed and looked as if she wanted to disappear from my gaze. She quickly looked at the floor again.

"This is Mr Broderick," Lauren said peremptorily. "Say hello to him."

"Hello," the girl whispered.

"This is Alice, Mr Broderick. She's my protégée. I'm grooming her to take over the business at a later date. She lives here too. She belongs to me."

Lauren looked amused at my surprised expression. "Oh, she'll do anything I ask. You can have her if you want her. Any way you like. She won't mind. Come over here, you silly girl."

Alice walked over towards us and stood, her eyes still cast down.

"Don't you think she's exceedingly pretty, Mr Broderick?"

Though now quite dumb-founded, I nodded.

"Very," I said, and meant it, for she was.

"Nevertheless, she has to be punished for her gross ill manners." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but Lauren went on, addressing the girl, "Get across my knee. Now!"

To my utter amazement, the girl turned to the older woman and bent her body across her lap, supporting her arms on the sofa. As she did so the short skirt rucked up to the very top of her thighs, displaying a pair of beautiful firm, rounded bottom-cheeks. They were completely naked, something else I was totally unprepared for. In spite of myself, I could feel the incipient stirring of an erection, which I hoped wasn't obvious.

Lauren didn't mess about. She proceeded to deliver a series of heavy slaps to the girl's gorgeous behind. I winced, for they must have stung sharply. After Lauren had finished giving her at least thirty blows the girl's buttocks had reddened considerably. "There. The only trouble, Mr Broderick, is that she likes it. But I think that since you're the one she's insulted, you too should punish her, don't you?"

I opened my mouth to decline, when she added, "Only I think you should use your belt."

"But -" I began.

"Oh come, don't be reticent. She deserves it. She always does. She's dying for you to beat her."

Lauren pulled her off her lap. As Alice stood, the older woman looked across at me and said, "If you don't believe me, come and feel this."

I got up and walked across and she took my hand and placed my palm between the girl's legs. Her beautiful cunt was wet through, the juice running over my fingers.

"Jesus," I said. My hard-on was now becoming unbearable. I didn't care any more, realising I would have to fuck one of these two, if not both.

"See what I mean? It's all right, you can touch her. Any time, anywhere. She's all yours. I know you find it hard to believe, but she's a complete slut. There's nothing she won't do for you."

Turning to Alice, she said, "Bend over the table."

As Alice compliantly leaned over the table her arms spread wide, giving me an even lovelier view of her delicious behind, I knew there was no way I could resist the offer. Her rounded, dimpled cheeks curved in towards the valley below which formed their junction, her plump split peach pertly and enticingly exposed in that darker area.

I undid my belt and stepping forward, delivered a cracking, stinging blow over both already flushed buttocks. I'd never done this in my life before, but I was beside myself, the girl's extreme compliance and stance were too much for me. I thwacked her another with the belt and another and continued like a maniac, the marks making a crisscross pattern over that vulnerable rump. I don't know how long I continued or how many lashes I gave her. Once, I glanced over at Lauren and my jaw dropped to see that the split skirt had fallen off her thighs, her legs were open wide and she was vigorously masturbating, her long slim fingers circulating and rubbing over her clit with abandon.

That was it. That was enough. I dropped the belt and unzipped my fly, dragged out my cock as fast as I could, and buried the purple end deep within Alice's glorious cunt. Within moments I was fucking her as if the world was about to end and she was about to be taken from me. I was helpless.

"That's right, Mr Broderick. Fuck her hard. She can never get enough, you know."

I was a bit out of practice and Alice was so unbelievably and magnificently tight that I couldn't hold out any longer.

"I'm coming!" I cried, withdrawing as my cock began jerking out of control.

Alice quickly turned and dropped to her knees. She took my cock in her hand and clamped her sweet full lips over the end as I shot the load deep into her mouth. I was astonished to see her lick and suck it like an expert. She'd certainly done this before. Some of the cream spurted over her face as she withdrew her lips, but she used her fingers to scoop up and lick the rest and clean the end of my cock completely.

Lauren too cried out as she also came. Both their faces were flushed, and I suppose mine was too as I sank back into the armchair.

"God," I said. "That was unbelievable. You two are something else."

"Alice, go to your room now," Lauren said. "And don't forget that work you have to do for me."

As the girl left, Lauren said, "Well, what do you think?"

"What do I think? I've never seen anything like it. I'm amazed."

"Will you stay over tonight?"

"Well, thanks." Naturally, I envisaged more of the same before the weekend was over, so I was hardly going to refuse.

No more reference was made to the event which had just taken place. For the rest of the afternoon and evening it was just as if it hadn't happened. Lauren said there was an excellent play on in the West End if I wished to go, but I was tired and settled for staying in. When I was shown my room at the end of the evening, if I expected I was going to sleep with either of them, I mistaken. I was shown a guestroom and that's where I slept - alone.

The following day, Sunday, Lauren took me to see more of the city. We ate at a different restaurant this time for lunch before returning to the flat later in the afternoon. There was yet another surprise in store for me, for as we entered this time Alice was dressed in a maid's uniform and was busy dusting the furniture and vacuuming. The difference was that this time she was wearing silk stockings and a suspender belt, but the black skirt was as minuscule as ever. Her bare bottom-cheeks looked absolutely lush when she bent over to dust the coffee table.

"Oh, my God," Lauren said. "You should have finished this by now, you stupid little bitch. Put the machine away and go to your room, I'll deal with you later."

When she had gone, Lauren turned to me and said, "Sorry about this, Mr Broderick. It's so embarrassing. The little trollop is determined to spoil our weekend."

I didn't think so, she certainly wasn't spoiling mine, but I wasn't going to voice that sentiment. We settled down and she fetched out some more wine. We sat and talked at length about our respective jobs. I sell computer software and she seemed very interested in my varied anecdotes. After a while she said, "Excuse me, we must see what Alice is up to. I can't trust her."

She went to the door and called the girl's name. After a moment or two, Alice appeared, her gaze, as always, avoiding my eyes.

Lauren said, "The cleaning should have been finished before we arrived and you know it. So you know what that means, don't you?"

"Yes, Lauren."

"Now apologise to Mr Broderick."

"I'm sorry, Mr Broderick," Alice almost whispered.

"Now, bend over the edge of that armchair, you little slut."

Alice bent over just as she had done yesterday and once more her black pleated maid's skirt rucked up to show those wonderful curves of her bottom-checks. I gulped. Again, I could feel my cock quickly rising in anticipation. My throat was dry and I licked my lips. Lauren went over to a chest of drawers and, opening one, produced a wicked-looking thin cane, which she began to flex and a moment later gave the girl a resounding thwack across the left buttock, producing a prominent red weal. She then gave her another on the right one, forming a crisscross.

The effect on me was immediate. I had a hard-on fit to burst out of my pants and I began rubbing it through my trouser pocket. This hadn't gone unnoticed by Lauren, who smiled.

Alice wriggled her bum lasciviously, which was too much for me and I had to finally free my cock so that I could wank it more easily. Meanwhile Lauren gave the girl a series of further cuts with the cane until at last I could hear Alice whimpering.

Lauren handed me the cane and I gave the girl a further six, at which I was almost on the verge of coming, but fortunately I managed to just keep in control. A bead of pre-come had formed on my tingling glans. Bending over, Lauren prised the girl's fiery red bottom-cheeks well apart, revealing her dimpled little anus.

"Now there's a little treasure for you, Mr Broderick. I can assure you, she loves that best of all."

I was more than ready. I positioned myself against the backs of Alice's beautiful soft thighs and rubbed her enticing little arsehole a few times with the tip of my cock before finally pushing it into the tiny aperture. It was difficult, naturally, but it was soon obvious that the experience wasn't new to the girl, for the rectal muscles soon slackened and I was able to enter with ease. It was even better than yesterday, if that were possible. It was heaven. As I fucked away, the girl actually started moaning with obvious pleasure. Meanwhile Lauren had come behind me, loosened my belt and dropped my pants to the ground. I then felt her fingers inserted into my own rear hole and the intense pleasure was even doubled.

It's no use, I can't describe the joy of that afternoon, that whole weekend. These two had led me to pleasures I could only previously dream of. They were quite weird, both of them, totally far out, but I loved it. I wouldn't have wanted them any different.

Lauren allowed me to sleep with Alice that night, though she never came to join in. Naturally, I wondered what Lauren would be like, but I never got to find out. Alice though was sensational. This incredibly innocent-looking creature was in fact a sensual volcano. Her appearance and demeanour belied her intense sexuality. I couldn't begin to list the things she did to me, things I never even knew existed. She hardly spoke a word. Alice believed one act was worth a thousand words.

And that was the first weekend just over a year ago. I visited them every weekend after that for about six months. I could never get enough, I was like an addict, a man possessed. During the week I couldn't get Alice's pert little bottom, her plump little quim and beautiful small breasts out of my mind. I was sick with sex and Saturday could never come fast enough. I never once had sex with Lauren though, yet I would dearly have loved to. I tried to approach her once, but she drew away, making it clear that she wasn't available.

Then six months ago I visited the flat one Saturday only to find it vacant. On enquiry with the landlord, who lived on the premises, I discovered that they had left early that week. He had no idea where. I was devastated.

The following weeks I was like a drug addict in cold turkey. I couldn't eat, I lost weight and was off ill from work on several occasions.

As I said before, I'm finished. I'm a man possessed. The constant vision of Alice, her spectre, haunts me, and I'm going under. I know now that suicide is only a breath away, there's no way I can last out...

I wrote the above a few days ago. Then this morning my doorbell rang and when I opened it, Lauren stood there, looking as radiant and composed as ever. I was almost delirious and simply fell into her arms. I immediately asked her where Alice was, of course. She asked me to let her in and when settled she would tell me.

Once inside, she told me that she was on her way to see some friends in Leeds and thought she would drop in to see me en route. I told her she had done the right thing, but that she was very remiss in leaving and not giving me her address.

"Yes, I was very naughty, and I hope you can forgive me. I really should be chastised for that."

When we were sitting having a drink later she said, "Alice left and went abroad to live in Spain. She met this bikey, a real slob I can tell you. I wouldn't have touched him with the proverbial bargepole - he never washed, he stank even. But that's Alice for you. Unpredictable. It won't last. I give her a few months and she'll be back. But you never know. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe we'll never see her again."

Lauren smiled, and continued. "That's life. He can't give her what we gave her, he hasn't the imagination. She doesn't know what she's missing, does she Mr Broderick? Silly girl."

I asked her if she wanted to stay overnight before proceeding on her journey and she happily agreed.

Which just about brings my story up to date. It's evening now and Lauren is lying face down naked on my bed. Her wrists are tied to the bedpost, her legs spread wide. Her bright blue eyes are sparkling behind those huge glasses. I have in my hand a riding-crop that I got out of the wardrobe.

"You're now going to know how Alice felt," I say, smoothing my palm across her delightful firm bottom, which I'd previously oiled at her request. It's the first time I've ever seen it and it's lovely and I kiss it. My cock has already risen, hard and quivering, with the excitement of what I'm about to do.

"Oh, rest assured I know all about that, Mr Broderick. Alice and I often reversed our roles, but you never saw that. Alice only showed you the side she wanted. As did I."

She smiles. "Go on, Mr Broderick. Give me the whip, and then fuck me silly." Oh, yes, Lauren. That's what I've wanted to do since I first laid eyes on you. I'm happy again at last. My saviour has arrived. I've finally come home.

"Certainly, Miss Masters." As I draw back the crop to deliver, I say, "This is for Alice, God bless her."

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