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Breaking point

Story from Uniform Girls 38.

Breaking point

Of all the penal establishments she could have been sent to, Tracy felt that the bleak brick building was without question the worst. She accepted that she deserved the angry reprisal of the juditiory but she could not reconcile within her own mind that she warranted the awful place to which she was now being delivered. Tracy was gifted by a very curvy anatomy with a facial attractiveness that induced the male members of her immediate circle itch to be with her and she was like a magnet wherever she went. These attributes did nothing for her when she came before the harsh dispensers of justice although the one serious faced judge did think that it was a pity that such an attractive young person should have got herself into such a mess. But it was not the first time, simply because she was a natural rebel and her conduct of behaviour was of such a nature that it would not be tolerated. She mistakenly thought that she would go to one of the open penal establishments and on occasions the laxity of discipline in those places had sometimes made the stay quite enjoyable!!

A lot of freedom was allowed in the open houses despite the detailed "lights out" regime, and this she had found quite easy to take. But she had listened with shock when the older of the judges had somberly told her that lenient measures had failed so the other alternative would be the very extreme alternative and when she had been led from the court room, she had been like a numbed helpless individual. The place to which she had been sent was hardly known except to those who had been detained in the other establishments and when she had been in the open prisons other girls had spoken of "Bleak House" in awed whispers and with an emphasis of dread. Tracy used to think that it was all rumours and that the girls had made the place worse than it was; sometimes the stories that were related were too extraordinary to even be believed; and all the narratives that had been related by the girls whom she had met were stories that had been handed down from person to person until the very mention of "Bleak House" was considered to be a fairy tale and certainly to be taken with a pinch of salt. It seemed nobody was ever sent there, but it was used as a threat to warn off erring young ladies from committing the cardinal sin of earning themselves a place in such a terrible building.

Tracy sat in the small cell room beneath the court house, her face ash white as she recalled the numerous stories that she had heard of the establishment which she was now to be sent. Nobody seemed to know where it was and it did not matter if they did because there were no relations or friends who would be interested. It would be as though she would be swallowed up with no outside communication at all; and her friends being the type that they were would soon forget that she existed so that whatever happened to her would be like an unwritten book... nobody would know, nobody would care and she would be a pawn in the hands of the dreaded principles of the harsh prison.

A stone faced police woman gave her a hot cup of gruesome cocoa which she sipped gratefully.

"Your life is about to undergo a traumatic transission," the uniformed woman told her.

Tracy could not bring herself to respond but just simply sat there staring at the white painted brickwork opposite.

Would they really cane her? Would she really be made to expose herself without being able to defend herself? Would she really have to suffer the dreadful privations and humiliations? Would they really be able to make her scream and still continue to heap numerous stripes of leather beating down onto her soft buttocks? All this was purely hearsay from the mouths of the girls whom she had met at the pleasanter surroundings of the open houses, but although she had been vociferous in her arguments and had sneered in misbelief, she was now very uncertain of herself. She was still in a land far from this place when she heard the bolts of the detention cell being withdrawn. She looked up and saw the guard enter.

"Alright. On your feet. Let's go," the woman snapped.

Now that she had been subjected to the harshness of this place, Tracy was in no mind to start an argument by being sullen. That sort of attitude went out a long time ago. Even in the open houses, cooperation was recognised and therefore severe penal retributions were avoided. She stood up and walked behind the uniformed woman. The vehicle was waiting with a side door open and she stepped into the interior but the fact that she felt the attendant's hand on her bottom as though to help her into the vehicle went without complaining... Tracy was no fool and she decided that there was no premium in making it difficult for herself on the long journey. So when the young blonde attendant deliberately stroked her hand over Tracy's bottom as she stepped up into the van, Tracy remained for the fleeting second letting the woman "enjoy" the feet of her rounded nate through her jeans.

"This can be pleasant or hard," the blonde told her. "You can travel in a secured cubicle or out here in the back with me."

"I'd prefer the back please, Miss," Tracy told her falteringly.

"Right. Be sure to behave yourself. You must not speak unless you are spoken to and you will make no movement until you have permission," the terse instruction was intentionally clear and precise.

The van started to move off and she was pleased that there were no windows which could be used by prying outsiders. Although she could see out, nobody could see into the van because of the manner of the very glazed windows with slitted lines of clear glass.

"You've made a right mess of your life you have," the police woman told her. "Fancy letting yourself get sent to Bleak House," the woman did not mind speaking like this. She had a very attractive young woman with her and she had not been unaware that Tracy had stayed still as she carressed the tight material of her jeans.

"Take a tip from me. When you are in Bleak House, do as you are told. Do not start having thoughts of your own regarding modesty or demure attitudes. Whatever they tell you to do you do it... if you don't they will make you very sorry for any rebellious reaction... and anyway, whatever you might refuse to do in the first place, they will soon have you changing your mind and you will scream to be allowed to do that very act which you might have thought humiliating. Am I getting through to you."

"Yes, Miss," she replied softly.

"They have a fond habit of using a leather strap on a girl and they strap you across your naked rear, and you are not just bending over either... when they decide a girl is to be punished they see that she remains perfectly still over the bench whilst the full measure of the punishment is applied. And they don't go in for small numbers there. There is no such figure below eighteen and you will learn that eighteen strokes of the crop is a small number indeed. I have seen girls come out from that place as broken women... you behave yourself, do as you are told... exactly as you are told and you will avoid the crop... the Warder there is a young man but he will not have you punished physically if you prove your willingness to repay the debt to society... understand?"

"Yes, miss. I think so," Tracy felt the shiver of horror simmer through her.

"Now, we have a long trip ahead so you may as well make yourself as comfortable as possible," the guard told her.

It was the first act or word of kindness that Tracy had received since she had been in custody and she felt that there was a rapport with this blonde young police woman.

"Loosen your clothing," the guard told her, "no point in being closely buttoned."

The interior of the van was certainly warm and Tracy blinked back her initial shock reaction. She was not fooled one little bit by the pleasant nature of her guard and hoping that whatever she did now would hold her in good stead at Bleak House, she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse under the intently interesting gaze of the watching blond.

"That's the way my beauty, take it off," she said with a quiet firmness.

Sitting in just a half cup bra, Tracy blushed furiously as she got the picture of the intentions of her keeper. The smooth white shoulders and her arms were exposed just as the top halves of her bosom. The creamy skin balls of her breasts were attractively and provocatively revealed.

"Why not take your brassier off as well," the guard suggested firmly.

Trying hard not to make any protesting response, Tracy gave the woman a cursury glance and then removed the brassiere. The full uptilted aureoles showed perfectly formed and smooth with the pink nipples protruding full and cherry tipped.

"Now your jeans and panties; let me have a good look at you," the guard was delighted that she was going to enjoy the naked portrayal of this delicious lovely.

Helplessly, Tracy smoothered the sob of humiliation as she slowly discarded the remainder of her clothing and felt foolish as she sat there completely undressed under the bright stare of the police guard. She was soon laying the length of the long bench seat, but beneath her tummy the police woman's knees and this caused her smoothly rounded and shapely bottom to thrust upwards. She bit into her fist as she felt the hands stroking over the round orbs and even up the insides of her thighs as she was forcefully keeping them apart to allow the guard to have the freedom of her body.

"Yes, a very delightful bottom... and legs... and I like this part too," the blond told her as she played gently with the soft crevice of Tracy's quim.

The luckless girl, bit harder onto her balled fist and felt the tremors of shame give way to tingling sensations of pleasure as her pussy flesh was carressed and played with... This was not very fair, she argued with herself; how could she expect to stay over the other woman's lap and have her naked body played with like this. The whole of her bottom had been teased mercilessly and those fingers had stroked and prodded her shamefully, and now she was laying with her legs slack so that her very sexual core could be fondled by the Sapphic woman guard. It did not help when she was told to turn over and now her torso was bowed backwards and the soft furry thatch of her pubes were being digitally titivated into an even higher state of excitement by the blond who held sway over Tracy's comfort for the next three hours.

When they pulled up to the castle type establishment, Tracy was dressed again, but her face still bore the blushes of her experience in the back of the van. For the first time she had been made to kneel before the parted thighs of another woman and her mouth had been directed how to bring full pleasure to a woman who she did not exactly hate, but she most certainly despised her. It had been a nasty thing to make her do and she had not been allowed to reach anything like a pinnacle of sex herself.

She waited whilst the guard disappeared into the inner area of the grim looking building and the blond had told her that she would try to put in a good word on her behalf. She desperately hoped so. When the guard appeared again at long last, she spoke in a low voice to the reception clerk who was the most granite faced thing Tracy had ever seen. They were selected by their austere looks rather than their ability to do the job, and of that Tracy was very sure. She saw the receptionist nod, and hoped that the guard was not telling her what had taken place in the van, and then the white coated woman stood up and came to the counter at which Tracy waited.

"Alright. Bath first. Administration afterwards," she said in a flat toned voice.

"Remember what I said," the blonde gave her a half smile of encouragement and then walked out to the mess where she was to eat before making the rotten journey back. Tracy had been a lovely companion and she was going to miss her dreadfully. They did not come like that every day and usually the type of girl she had to transport was hard faced and a dyed-in-the-wool tearaway.

When she finished bathing, Tracy discovered that she was to wear a regulation uniform. A crisp white blouse that was one size too small so that her full breasted bosom was thrust fully and exagerately against the cloth, a pair of very tight fitting briefs that exposed more of her than they covered by the cut of the panty legs, but they clung tightly to her body and the legs themselves swept up from the gusset so that a good three quarters of her bottom thrust out below the garment itself, and then the black skirt which came well up her legs so that the crutch of her body was almost uncovered. Her feet were placed in impossibly high heeled sandals with a strap across the foot to keep them on and then she was brushing out her shoulder length fair hair to study herself in the polished mirror to see the reaction of this new mode of life on her person. Her face was slightly pale, but when she heard the receptionist returning she did not understand why but she blushed and this gave her face a better hue.

"Come along, Newman; you have to see the warder and he does not like being kept waiting."

There still had been no administration work, but they had all the time in the world to register. The whole place reaked of cleanliness and everything was either white or polished. The smell of the antiseptic soap invaded the nostrils but it was the deathly hush that she found most depressing. Her heels clicked as she tried to keep up with the receptionist and then they were through two doors and into a carpeted passage. The atmosphere changed immediately. It was as she had stepped into another world. The walls were panelled and had paintings and there was a highly polished door immediately in front of them.

"Wait here," she was told tersely, and then the woman knocked on the door, waited for a few moments before going into the room the other side.

Tracy could feel her heart beating hard and furiously and she was still feeling the shame at being attired like this. She looked down at the full length of her legs as they thrust down from beneath her skirt... skirt? It was more like a wide belt. She could feel the air round her legs and then she saw how her soft breasts thrust forward as though fighting to be free of the confining blouse. Three buttons prevented the material from gaping open but those three buttons held her breasts as prisoners inside the white blouse. The door opened again and she was taken by the arm into the carpeted area of the Warder.

She had been warned that he was a young man but his very young appearance certainly surprised her. He certainly was nowhere near twenty five yet but he was a tall, well built man who carried an austere yet good looking face. "Newman," he said as he looked down at the papers that had accompanied her. She inwardly squirmed when she heard his voice. He gently smoked a cigarette and read her Crime Dossier and all the biographic details. No relations. Nobody who would be interested in her. Interesting, he thought because like any other body who had been in contact with Tracy, he decided there and then that she was a natural beauty and he liked the shape of her legs and the full thrusting bosom on her chest.

"In this establishment, we have only one code of practise and that is obedience," he started to tell her as though warning her from the outset that she was in no position to argue, protest or appeal. "You will question nothing that you are told to do. Nothing. Obedience is the only reaction I and the others require of you; the reason that you are told to do something does not and probably will not be explained to you; only the fact that it pleases whoever is in charge of you wishes you to do something is sufficient excuse for you to be responsive in such a manner that you will obediently react. We have a system of corporal punishment here and that punishment is always, always without exception applied to your bottom," he emphasised. "When punishment is meted out here, you will be completely undressed and you be laid on a bench and secured so that the area to be caned is uppermost and properly situated for the reception of that cane. Once the number of strokes has been decided then the full number will be given... there will be no deviation whatsoever, and the reason I am telling you this from the outset is because I want you to know that you will have no excuse in the future to say that you were not warned."

He watched the discomfort of her mind registering on her body and liked the way her face blushed furiously at the helplessness of her present surroundings.

"You are here for three years and doubtless you will earn yourself many thrashings... but I promise you faithfully that when you leave my establishment you will be the best trained young lady the society wish to have among it," he stubbed the cigarette out.

Tracy felt the shock waves of hopelessness throb through her and an inward shudder filled her with dread. The very idea of being stripped and stretched on a board was the least appealing thing she could envisage, and she was terrified of the power of this young man.

"Now let me have a look at you," he said and looked at her expectantly.

"Sir?" she said non-plussed and saw the irritation cross his face. Oh Lord, let me understand his ambiguous instructions she prayed.

"Let me have a look at you," he repeated testily.

She choked back her natural reluctance when the penny dropped and then with trembling fingers she undid her blouse. She hoped that she was doing the right thing and because he did not stop her, she continued. She still felt the defencelessness as she peeled the blouse from her shoulders and stood there with her naked breasts attractively thrusting forward... the nipples immediately became full when they felt the warm air of his office fanning round them. He nodded appreciatively and then watched as she undid her skirt with a coquettish glance towards him. She was pleased that she had listened to the guard now when she was being transported here. She was soon in her panties such as they were and then stifling her natural reluctance to do this, she pushed them down her lovely legs. Tracy stood naked and fully shamed before the interested Warder. He told her to stand with her hands behind her back and to pull back stiffly on her shoulders. When she had enhanced the forward thrust of her titties by the attentive posture, she was still busy trying to prevent the tears of angry frustration that threatened to spill down her face. This was truly terrible having to stand like this with the whole of her body nakedly portrayed before this young man. Her nerves stiffened slightly when he stood up after keeping her like that for several minutes and then he was standing immediately before her inwardly quaking body.

"I rather think that you might lighten your sentence time here," he told her quietly and there was a wealth of meaning in his statement. "My next instruction to you is to stand still... absolutely still," he told her.

She blinked back her reluctance when she felt his smooth palms stroking up her waist... her teeth nibbled the inside of her lower lip because even before his hands got to her breasts the nipples had responded in an anticipation of being played with. He cupped her soft bosom in his hands and squeezed them to enhance their firmness... his thumbs stroked over her sex gorged nipples and she had to prevent herself from mewing in shocked response.

"Stand still," he warned her and then she felt his finger tips stroking her fair pubic hair...

"Very good... very good," he quietly complimented her when he thrust his hand between her legs to feel her soft labia mouth. "Are you prepared to be obedient woman... very, very obedient?" he asked her firmly but gently.

"Aaaah... yesss... yes, sir," she moaned helplessly as she felt his fingers firmly stroking easily over her sex.

It was impossible for her to remain so passively acceptable; he was expert at feeling pussies and soon he had her in a highly sexual state... she could not prevent herself from pushing pelvis forward and he smiled when he felt her body responding to his carressing hand... she was disappointed when he stopped!!

"Now turn round," he instructed and on weak legs, Tracy presented her firm round buttocks to him. She felt him fondling the cheeks of her bottom and tried to remain slack so that she caused him no offence.

"Bend over and reach for your toes," he said smoothly.

Tracy felt another worrying niggle ripple along her nerves as she obeyed the very demanding command and then only her shame was uppermost as she remained bending over letting him fondle the bareness of her backside... even when he stopped his very searching carresses, she had to remain bending over. She heard him changing the furniture and this puzzled her. "Now I want you on your knees on that chair," he directed her.

She saw how he had placed a wide armed chair in front of his desk... her legs could hardly carry her as she stepped towards it. When he gave her the explicit order to kneel on the arms themselves, she had to stretch her legs wide apart so that they could rest on the arms of the chair itself. Then another crushing blow came when he directed her to bend over and get her breasts down onto the desk with her arms stretching towards the opposite edge... the effect on her shapely bottom was one of pure thrilling reaction. Her bottom became most pronouncedly thrusting and the contours perfectly rounded... her shame was at its lowest point and she knew that only the fear of the threatened whipping on the punishment bench which he had described to her made her so perfectly submissive... but pure humiliation was now filling her body and mind as she visualised the picture of subjection she was being forced to present to him... the slight upthrust of her nates with her thighs so widely parted could only reveal to him the full exposure of her soft lipped sex... and he was most certainly studying this now as he stood behind her enjoying the view that her open body was showing off to him... he decided there and then that this girl would have to stay in close proximity to his office... he did not want to butchy warderesses getting their hands on her... nor the inmates... they eat her up in a very short space of time... she was by far the best thing he had ever encountered since coming to this rotten hell-hole.

"Newman," he broke the silence, "I am going to cane you simply because it will give me pleasure to do so... I intend twelve strokes for now... you can either take it from me or have twenty four strokes of the leather strap from the guards... they will of course assemble the block which you will be housed and then give you the twenty four whilst you are strapped down... I am prepared to give you the choice... twelve of the cane from me and whilst you are here, or twenty four of the strap whilst you are secured to the bench in front of the inmates of that block."

Choice? She nearly burst out crying. She had been obedient. She had suffered every form of indignity to please him and now, just because it gave him pleasure she was to be caned across her bare bottom for no reason whatsoever... it was the cruel injustice of it all that she could not take...

"Well?" he demanded her answer...

"I... oh please, sir... please..." she cried out... then she realised that she was falling into a trap... she wanted to plead with him not to make her do this terrible thing, but realised that there would be no choice if she faltered in her reply...

"I... I would rather you caned me now," she said brokenly in full surrender.

"Excellent... then let us begin," he told her happily.

Tracy felt the thin wood scraping across her backside and she pulled the two cheeks together in a natural response... then the cane lifted away so that the next time she felt it was after it had swished through the air and landed with a fierce stroking line of pain on both cheeks of her bottom... she bucked but did not cry out... the sense of angry pain throbbed mercilessly across her buttocks and then the second stroke came down with equal vigour and intent... it hurt, Lord but it hurt and she was forced to clench and unclench her nates as they responded to the intruding pain waves that fiercely burned them... she was stoically receptive and did not actually cry out until the seventh hard stroke but that stroke striped her very low along the crease of her thighs where they joined the two wriggling moons of her bottom... it was a very tender spot and her voice shrieked out as the cane whipped down harshly across the lower cheeks...

"AAAGH... OW... OW... OW... PLEASE... AAAGHEEE" her shrill toned voice screamed. But the eight and ninth stroke came down and by now her bottom was thrusting about in a furious tempo of the macabre dance of the pain now building up on the cheeks of her arse. He kept her bending though and watched with a certain pleasure how the stripes across her bottom moved like waves as she swayed her hips through the air... her centre crease responded in movement too as she humped first one nate and then the other... all modesty was by now gone and only the awful searing lines of heated pain occupied her thoughts... her hands were white from where they gripped the far edge as though they had become glued to the desk itself... her breasts were flattened hard on the smooth desk top and she was whimpering as she felt the hot anger of the excruciating agony building up in both orbs... and then she was wincing yet again as she felt his fingers tracing over the very lines that had been made by the cruel cane... he even insisted that she thrust her bum all the way back so that there was nothing but the nadia of her shame to cope with... and all that he saw he made her aware that she was showing with his impersonal carresses... it was when he dipped his fingers to her exposed dampness that Tracy received a very distinct shock because she was so heated there and the thrill that shot through her body was like nothing she had ever experienced before... it was a strangely delicious quality thrill and despite her reluctance, she found herself fully thrusting her bottom right back to receive his finger tips stroking the full thrusting lips of her sex... she knew then that the sex act was the only thing that she would encounter and when he pushed into her body she only gasped and then choked out her strangely elated ecstasy... confusion and bewilderment gave way to the full thrills of sex and she did not care what he did after that... it was sweet and fully erotic... her mind capitulated fully and she accepted the fullest sensation of sex that she had ever known....

"Newman will be employed in my office for her term of imprisonment," he told the receptionist and she will be quartered in this block away from the guttersnipe rubbish of the other prisoners," and Tracy, now seated awkwardly in the armchair which she had been kneeling smiled at the look of surprise that crossed the receptionist's face... "Up your's" she thought and sighed contentedly.

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