Monday 15 March 2010

The wedding - photo story

Photo story from Janus 16.

The wedding

Marriages are of course made in heaven and marriage is what Louise Hemingway had dreamed of ever since she could remember. Beautiful, sweet and innocent, she yearned with an under-the-surface sexual fire for the liberating clang of wedding bells. For Louise had preserved her virginity for Mr Right – the explosion would be all the greater later.

At 19 she was an absolute peach.

Mr John Anderson, a young lecher of distinction, became deeply enamoured of her delicious nature and perhaps even more delectable figure. He found her so sexy he couldn't handle her steadfast refusal to grant him his normal masculine rights. Not to mention his ardent interest in corporal punishment – he didn't tell her of it. It was more than a month before Louise let him kiss her, and all the time he could sense her incredible feminine libido.

He fancied her so much in fact that when he learned what the score was – no sex without a ring on her finger – he promptly proposed. He couldn't wait to marry her.

She made him wait another five months, from engagement to final loss of bachelorhood. While Louise gradually made up her mind that John really was the right man for her and looked forward with trepidation and delight to their wedding night, the prospect of this belated naked conflagration drove him to sheer extremes of fantasy and frustration. He was shocked at how easily his lifelong resolve never to get hitched had crumbled away in the face of Louise's melting loveliness. He was hooked, inescapably, as never before, by this bewitching girl.

'I'm sure it will be much better for waiting for it – and far purer,' Louise had frequently prattled, bless her, referring to what she saw as his obsession with getting into her knickers. But now, at last, he was about to collect. The ring was on her finger and Mr and Mrs Anderson had just booked into a famous five-star hotel. Louise was ecstatic as he swept her over the threshold of their honeymoon suite... no matter that she felt nervous about her first experience of full sex.

John clinched a long lingering kiss-and-cuddle with a playful slap on Louise's bottom that made her squeal. The beautiful girl looked up wide-eyed as he drew her over his lap, ruffled up her wedding dress and administered a series of medium-intensity smacks to her pretty white-knickered behind. 'Oh John! Why are you doing this to me!' she groaned amidst gentle writhing motions over his knee.

'Move further forward. Stretch your legs out,' the bridegroom said. Spanking her, even so mildly, had already given him the horn. It was beautiful to feel it pressing up against the fleece of her wedding dress.

He lifted the material clear of her bottom, up above her waist. 'Now, did you promise to love, honour and obey me,' he said.

'Yes, John, of course I did,' she answered in a minute voice.

'And were you telling the truth?'

'Of course I was, darling. You simply don't know how much I love you.'

He might have said, 'I'm about to find out,' but he confined himself to: 'Good. Now I'm going to test your obedience. And prove to you that in our marriage I am the boss.'

He reinforced this theme with a much harder slap covering both her slender posteriors. Louise jerked, but not as much as she did the next five or six times his hard palm fell. Another thing John didn't tell her was that he intended to punish her for frustrating him through the long months of their courtship and engagement.

'Now bend over the back of this chair,' he ordered her emphatically. Louise, having promised to obey him, could hardly decline the invitation. Nor could she rightfully protest when, standing beside her, John now raised the dress high and tugged her sweet knickers down to just above her stocking garter. After all, he was now legally and morally entitled to survey Louise's dainty nether charms, disregarding the blushes this brought to her face.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Over and over again her young husband brought his palm to bear on her pretty bottom, now nude and bent over at an exciting angle. Louise cried out and kicked her heels up, and suddenly realised that John was in earnest. She wasn't sure if this was an accepted preliminary to love-making so she received this discipline just as meekly as he vigorously applied it. She also became excited, it seemed so very naughty to her, being spanked on her bare bottom like a young child.

But when John reached over to his attaché case and extracted a black two-tailed strap, Louise stood upright. 'John! What's that?' she gasped.

'My strap, darling. Every young wife needs a firm hand, including you, my sweetheart. And the best time to start is at the beginning. Tonight is your initiation.'

Louise, standing erect in her full wedding dress and veil, looked more and more apprehensive – and more and more beautiful – to him every moment that he flashed the strap through the air in practise strokes.

'I suppose you're right, John,' she said faintly.

'I'm always right," he raised his voice. 'Now get back over that chair!'

Louise bent, as before, but this time the young man felt quite intolerably aroused. He had tasted the succulent magic of hand-spanking his bride: but the strap was a far more potent symbol of his dominance.

Wielding it upon Louise's nude nates was a terribly exciting experience for him. The flash and snap of the patent leather against her female flesh stimulated him and drew gasp after gasp from the girl. Afterwards he sat in a chair and holding the strap between both hands, offered the gorgeous creature to undress down to her skimpy white underwear and bridal veil. She looked ever so beautiful and alluring – oh how he loved her now!

John Anderson took off his suit jacket and towered above her in his waistcoat and shirtsleeves. Her nervy, erotic expression turned him on even more than her breathtaking body. He ordered her to remove her shoes and bridal veil beside the opulent double bed, and while her back was turned he took out a thin, crook-handled notched bamboo cane from a suitcase. Louise's pleading when she saw it was pointless. John commanded her to lie prone on the bed. As she obeyed him the fear in her face was unmistakable. And totally arousing to see.

'Now darling, brace yourself,' her master said. 'The cane isn't like that little toy strap. It really hurts.'

'Oh please no... no John, please.... Oh why are you doing this to me?'

'To teach you a lesson you'll never forget, honey: that I am in charge in our relationship, and you must always obey me and do your utmost to please me. And -' (all right, he would say it) '- frankly Louise, the suffering I've been through, the frustration I've had waiting for what I'm going to do to you tonight, has been sheer pain. I'm going to even the score a little.'

'Please don't hit me hard John. I'll scream, and people will hear us.'

'If you scream, consider our marriage annulled.' And with that, he whipped the cane down viciously across her utterly charming derriere. As the rod bit into her flesh a flame of agony lit up her senses and she moaned. A second stroke slashed across her bottom, applied with a cruelty that promised an interesting little punishment to come.

'Kneel up on the bed. Stick your bottom out. DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD – AT ONCE!' John shouted.

Louise obeyed him, as she knew she had to. John admired her sweet curvatures, the shape of her twice-marked bottom and the marvellous trimness of her waist.

Thrash! The cane whipped her bottom very hard, and the pretty victim howled.

'No more John, no more.... Ow!!' At this fourth stroke her lithe body shook in spasms of agony.

John’s manhood was now very hard. A sadistic relish had overcome him, along with the desire to punish Louise for withholding her beauty from him and to mark her gorgeous posterior with the signs of his proprietorship. He slipped a pillow under her bucking hips and told her to lie flat on the bed and grip the bedhead with both hands. Then, once again, he slashed the cane down. The expression on her face at that instant could have made many men come.

She was sobbing, crying and pleading by the time the next stroke fell, and her buttocks were churning and her body writhing like a girl having sex. In protest she raised one hand to stop him and half slithered off one side of the bed.

'Oh, I feel so immodest!" she said. 'And it stings so much!'

So John allowed her to put on her bridal veil, but that was all. He allowed her to kneel on the bed, enshrouded by it. She beseeched him with her joined palms, as if in prayer. And then he made her kneel again, gripping the bars at the head of the bed. And raised her veil.

After a few more strokes he allowed her to stretch right out, her torso naked but for the gossamer fabric covering her head and spilling both sides like butterfly wings. Then he gave her the caning of a lifetime. And promised, as he afterwards enjoyed the fruits of his marriage contract, slaking six months of lust at once, that he would never make love to her without first chastising her in style. He would be doing it to her every night, he said.

Louise believes that marriage is for ever, and that every woman must do what her husband tells her.

Sweet girl.


  1. I have always believed that the start of a happy marriage, is after the bride says "I do", the bridegroom spanks his bride, as a reminder, that this will be her future, every time she is naughty. And if she is very naughty, her tender bare bottom should receive six or more strokes of a painfull swishy cane on her bare bottom.

  2. I love those enlarged photo's of the blushing bride being spanked. Most erotic indeed. You have a good spanking blog. Please keep up the good work. We spanking enthusiasts need blogs like yours.

  3. Wow, love this story! Reading this and seeing these pictures I would love to get married instantly and be that bride!

    Mmmm this really is my kind of "after wedding fun"!

    Love from a little slut longing for a bit of discipline. I obey!