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A tutor recalls: Anne

Story from The Roue 02.

A tutor recalls: Anne

The articles and letters you have published regarding tutors and tutoring have, I am sure, been most enlightening to those with an interest in this subject. However it seems to me that one major aspect in this area has been rather neglected, and this is the present-day teenager's all-too-frequent indulgence in sex. Nowadays it is by no means uncommon to read in the newspapers of even 14-year-olds having intercourse and this sort of thing can be of direct significance to a tutor, both as the cause of a girl being sent to him (the school with its present day lack of discipline quite unable to cope) and then, once she has been referred to him, something he has to take very much into account in his subsequent handling of her.

One case of my own will give an example of this. It occurred a few years ago when, although this type of problem was not as prevalent as nowadays, it nonetheless was all too frequent. The girl in question, Anne, was just turned 17 when I was contacted by her mother who was in quite a state about her daughter's progress (or rather lack of it) at school.

It appeared that Mr. and Mrs B. had always entertained high hopes for their daughter.

Anne having done generally very poorly in her 'O' Levels and in fact had failed completely in English and Maths, two subjects without which she could not hope to get the sort of job her parents had in mind. And the basic cause of all this, it seemed, was her having got very involved with a lad at the local boys school: not that Mrs B. thought they were doing anything they really shouldn't but Anne was mooning around in a dream all the time and consequently neglecting her schoolwork. Anne's parents had no strong objection to the boy himself (also 17) but just the effect he was having on their daughter. They had tried suggesting that she stop seeing him, at least for a while, but had not pressed the idea when Anne had reacted by going off her food and virtually not eating for two days.

Well, when I went round to meet her there were certainly no signs of malnutrition; but equally no evidence of any schoolwork being done. Mrs B. was busy in the kitchen and told me Anne was in the lounge and to go on through; and walking I suppose rather quietly to the half-open door I rather caught her by surprise. She was sprawled on the sofa watching some brainless TV programme, a full-grown shapely girl in school blouse and skirt, the short skirt rucked up and showing all of a pair of very pretty legs and good part of an equally pretty bottom which was most inadequately covered by a pair of brief, tight, pale blue knickers – knickers which I could not imagine being part of any regulation school uniform.

She was obviously as yet unaware of my presence and indeed as I stood silently in the doorway for a minute she shifted in her semi-recumbent position, as she did so opening her legs and inadvertently giving me a clear view of smooth inner thighs and the tight brief crotch of her pants clearly outlining the rounded bulge and the central indentation of her sex. I coughed then to make my presence known and she immediately jumped up and pulled down her short skirt, redfaced with embarrassment at what she guessed I must have seen. She was a very attractive girl with blonde curling hair cut short to frame her face and standing up, rather ill-at-ease in front of me, I saw the indications of physical maturity which had been displayed below her waist were reinforced by what were obviously well-developed breasts under her school blouse.

Contrary to what I suppose I had envisaged from my earlier discussion with her mother I found Anne to be a quiet well-mannered girl: it was just that unfortunately she had lost all interest in her schoolwork, her association with this boy giving her the impression that she was grown-up, that school was no longer important and that when she left, well, something would turn up and anyway she and Robert would get married – not that he had any possible means of supporting her. Apart from him her interests seemed to be limited to the more mindless TV programmes, teenage magazines and trying out various make-up concoctions; although basically she was not an unintelligent girl. I could certainly appreciate her mother's frustration in all this.

Having seen this sort of situation with teenage girls before I questioned Mrs B. further on the relationship between Anne and Robert: in particular I inquired, delicately of course, if she was sure that they were not indulging in sex, but she was horrified at the very thought: 'Anne would never do anything like that!' Well, I was not so sure thinking back to Anne's maturely attractive body. Anyway it was agreed that I would take her in hand to do what I could to get her through the resit of her exams.

I duly set her a piece of work for an appointment at my place two days later, but I was not surprised when she brought it back most inadequately done. I told her it quite simply would not do and, blushing a bit, she mumbled something about doing her best. She was in her school uniform but had some lipstick and eyeshadow on, presumably having arranged to see Robert afterwards, and I suppose she thought she might simply dream away the hour with me before meeting him. Well, as I say, I had expected something of this sort and had already decided how I would respond. This attractive but lazy young lady was due for a nasty shock. Calmly but firmly I told her that I was not going to put up with shoddy work, nor was I going to accept quite inadequate excuses. Then:

'This is something I want you to remember, Anne, and to ensure that you do I am now going to cane you. On your bottom. So will you please bend over my desk.'

I went to my cupboard to get my cane; with Anne of course virtually speechless: 'Pardon? What? The... the cane... But... I'm 17... You can't...'

I assured her that I was quite aware that she was 17, and that further I could and would. 'I happen to believe strongly in the effectiveness of the cane for teenage girls who have become excessively indolent. Now will you get over the desk....'

'But... but... please! You can't.... I... I'll tell my Mum.'

There was no point in delaying matters with lengthy arguments. Briefly I told her I had been instructed to do as I thought fit to get her through the exams and then I grabbed her and, lifting her short skirt, whipped the cane round the backs of her thighs a couple of times; not desperately hard but with a nice sting. She started dancing about and yelping: 'Oh! Ooooh... Ooooh, that hurt!'

'Of course it hurt: that was the intention. Now will you kindly bend over or your punishment will be that much worse. One thing I will not tolerate is disobedience.'

She was obviously taken completely aback by the turn of events, but she could see now that quite clearly I meant business. Tears started in her eyes as reluctantly she allowed herself to be led to the desk. I pushed her down over it and flipped up her skirt: the knickers again were far from what any self-respecting school would allow, this time pink semi-transparent nylon and cut very brief over that full shapely bottom. I suppose she thought they were grown-up and sexy. Well, they were certainly ideal for caning for the thin taut material would obviously be no barrier whatever to the sting of the cane.

I told her to hold still and try to behave like a big girl. Then I laid the cane testingly across the full undercurve of her cheeks, raised it, and whipped it down with a nice solid Thwack.

'Oooh! Oooooh...!'

'Keep still now. It's meant to hurt.'

Thwack! 'Ooooohh!' Thwack!.......

I gave her six in all, taking my time and each one laid bitingly into that full inviting rear. As I learnt afterwards it was the first time she had had the cane and there is no doubt that its effect on a virtually unprotected bum came as a very nasty shock. And well before it was over I had reduced this pretty but indolent teenager to a weeping squirming child.

When I'd finished I put the cane down with some satisfaction. Anne remained bent over the desk as I told her to until she was given permission to get up, sobbing and rubbing her bottom with both hands. Where she was rubbing were six parallel red stripes, across the meat of her backside, showing through the brief knickers and extending beyond on either side onto the bare. She could show that to her boyfriend, I thought.

Which reminded me.... We still had to sort out the facts of that relationship. Looking at her, still bent over the desk, the full firm bottom and rounded thighs, I could well believe.... I questioned her again, as I did so musingly slipping a hand up the inside of one of those undoubtedly enticing thighs. There was a flinch at my touch and then, still sobbing, she managed a garbled 'Yes' to my query whether she was sure she'd told her mother everything.

'You're quite sure you're not.... doing anything more?'

', we're not.'

'I'm talking about having sex.... intercourse, you understand? Well I hope you're telling the truth my girl. I could easily have you examined you know. To check if you are still a virgin.'

I had my hand high up the inside of her leg. I was sure if I moved my grip a little further and took hold of that taut nyloned crotch... well, I would get a pretty good idea from her response whether she was sexually experienced or not. But I decided I would not pursue this any further for the present, and I told her she could get up.

She straightened her skirt, her face red and tear-stained. She was still shaking: what had happened had been a very nasty shock alright and that of course had been exactly my intention. I told her she could go home and I wanted to see a 200% improvement in her work next time. Cowed, she went tearfully out, still rubbing her bottom.

In fact I had already decided that I must have a word with the boyfriend, Robert. I got him to come round to my place saying that I had something I wished to discuss: he duly arrived, a not unpleasant youth who apparently, unlike Anne, was maintaining an interest in his school work and indeed had obtained quite good GCE results. However that did not particularly concern me: I came straight to the point saying that it was Anne whom I wanted to talk about, and went on to use a little bluff. I said that she had indicated that their relationship was not as innocent as it should be and that in fact intercourse had taken place. I said that this was a most serious matter and he could be sent to prison or borstal if it became known: however I was prepared to treat the matter confidentially if he told me truthfully what had taken place. He was, I am sure, basically quite an innocent lad and not surprisingly turned pale and was obviously frightened at what I had said, and I could see that my suspicions had been well-founded.

As I kept up the pressure he admitted it. He and Anne had indeed been having intercourse, the first taking place about 4 months before. It was the usual sort of story, the culmination of heavy necking sessions which had built up over several weeks to the point where she was taking her knickers off and allowing his erect penis to go between her bare thighs. And inevitably one evening they progressed that little bit further and it went inside her. Anne had naturally been highly alarmed (neither of them having any protection) and told him to take it out immediately, but.... again the old story, he said he would but just a couple of minutes more.... and of course he had not been able to control himself and had discharged inside her.

As it happened they were lucky and she did not become pregnant. Anyway, a few days later (when of course they did not yet know she wasn't pregnant) Anne was nonetheless persuaded to do it again, this time using a contraceptive sheath which Robert had obtained. And this had continued about twice a week ever since at one or other of their homes when their parents were out, or sometimes when they went out for a walk in the country.

As I have indicated I was not too surprised to hear this sort of story. I was not concerned about Robert, it was Anne who was my responsibility and I merely gave him a good ticking off, pointing out the selfishness, irresponsibility, dangers, etc., of what he'd done with a girl who was still at school. I sent him away saying that I expected he (and his parents) would be hearing from Anne's mother, and that also I might want to see him again. (As we will see I did.)

Inevitably I had no real option but to tell Mrs B. that what I had suspected was indeed happening.

She was dumbfounded of course – at first simply refusing to believe it but eventually, well, it gradually sunk in. 'That a daughter of mine... Whatever am I going to do.....' etc., etc. First of all I suggested that I apply a little correction to Anne to show her the error of her ways. 'Oh, if you only could. I can do nothing with her; and her father, well, he's completely ineffectual at times.' I was more than willing to oblige as Anne had lied to me as well as deceiving her parents.

At her next lesson, when to be fair she turned up with some much improved work, I immediately confronted her with what Robert had revealed. She was too taken-aback to deny it and after handing out a severe lecturing on her disgraceful behaviour I told her she was going to be given another caning, and one that she wouldn't forget in a hurry. Her face went white – as I imagine she remembered all too vividly what it had felt like the first time, and now with her much more serious offence it was likely to be that much worse.

That was indeed my intention as now instead of using my desk I positioned her over the seat of an upright chair, making her grip the legs on the far side. I found she was wearing much more conventional school knickers than before, opaque white nylon which covered her bottom rather more adequately than those I had previously seen (and intended perhaps as a measure of protection against possible punishment). But it was not going to help her as this time her knickers were coming down, and I slid them down to just above her knees to reveal her bare bottom, the splendidly full cheeks upthrust and nicely in position.

I proceeded to give her ten real stingers with a medium weight cane, allowing a short delay between each stroke so that she got the full effect of each one. I concentrated primarily on the full undercurve of her bum, then finishing off with a couple across her upper thighs to complete the job. It was a most salutary caning which had her crying and writhing uncontrollably about almost from the beginning: so much so that twice she actually finished up on the floor and I had to haul her back into position before I could continue. By the time I had finished with her rear end I would have guaranteed that she would not want to sit on it for some considerable time to come.

I told the weeping girl to get up and pull up her knickers. But her punishment was not quite over yet for I had told young Robert to report round to my place at about this time and shortly afterwards there was a ring at my door. I ushered him in to where Anne was still sniffing: they both looked surprised and embarrassed, obviously wondering what was coming now – a further lecturing? Well, there was that but also something else. I told Robert it was only right that he should see what Anne's punishment had been and then I lifted her skirt once more, and in front of him pulled her knickers down. And making her bend over I showed him the ten red stripes across her bare bottom and thighs. 'Have a good look Robert. This has been Anne's punishment for what both of you have done.' In her bent over position we could both see not just her caned bottom but also a tuft of brown curling hair....


The caning which Anne had been given, salutary though it had been, was naturally not going to be the whole answer to the problem, for a teenage girl cannot be kept locked up. Mrs. B. in desperation suggested sending her to an aunt's for awhile but that would have meant dropping the tuition for her exams. Fortunately I was able to come up with an alternative, making the suggestion that I take Anne with me down to my country cottage for a couple of weeks. I had been meaning to get away in any case and would be able to continue her tuition and also ensure that she got some well-needed discipline. Of course the prospect of having this very attractive teenager staying with me was not unwelcome.

Mrs B. was most grateful at this suggestion and her husband also agreed, although I could see from the way he looked at me once or twice what was going through his head. Well, Anne was, as I say, a most attractive girl and now all of us knew that young Robert had been fucking her.... and undoubtedly the thought had crossed Mr. B's mind that in the privacy of my cottage I was planning to do the same thing. But I just looked coolly back – thinking that if that's what you're imagining my dear chap, well, it would serve you right if I did.

Anne, for her part, was also not happy at the prospect, both at being taken away from Robert and, I am sure, fearing what the disciplinary measures from me might be. She pleaded, especially with her father, but in spite of his doubts he was leaving the decision up to Mrs B. And so Anne was to go.

I collected her on the Saturday morning in my car, first checking with her in her room what she had packed. I wanted her school uniform for lesson sessions but she would also need some summer dresses for general wear and I picked some out. I noticed she hadn't packed any of those brief revealing knickers which she'd previously been so fond of wearing (at least when going to see Robert) and I told her to put them in her case. For while I might not think they were suitable for school wear I had no objection – indeed quite the reverse – to her wearing them when alone with me at the cottage.

In addition, this being thankfully before the days of tights, I made sure she put in a couple of suspender belts and some nylons, and I slipped in her pair of high heels which I noticed in her cupboard. These would certainly be required if, as was likely, we were invited over by the Major, my landlord down there; for he was a stickler for nylons and high heels in young ladies.

As I did all this Anne was watching unhappily and indeed started sniffing as I put the things in her case. Presumably the thought of just the two of us, and my being able to cane her whenever I felt like it.... Anyway, as we were alone I thought it opportune to have a quick word, and said that if she was sensible and worked properly there would be no need for a lot of punishment. 'You could even have quite a nice time,' I said, 'It's very pleasant down there.'

Then as she looked rather dubiously at me I reached out and briefly fondled her tits. She gave a sharp intake of breath and flushed. It was the first time I had felt them although I know some men – some tutors, certainly some schoolmasters – will feel a girl's tits, surreptitiously or otherwise, as soon as they're anywhere near her. But now for the first time I gently squeezed first one then the other – they were agreeably soft but firm under her blouse – and then took my hand away.

It was something for her to think about – something other than the prospect of being caned. Because I was then just turned thirty, an age when to a teenage girl a man can be very attractive – even glamorous – with a maturity and worldliness which her contemporaries inevitably do not possess. And if he indicates that he might see her as an attractive young adult rather than as a schoolgirl.... Yes it was something for her to think about and certainly she stopped looking so tearful. And then in a subdued voice asked if it was alright if she put on some lipstick. 'Of course.'


That, I think, is a convenient point at which to conclude this first part of my narrative, as we set off for rural Devon; with Anne, looking somewhat brighter now and indeed she had put on some pink lipstick and also some eyeshadow, saying goodbye to her parents – but not to Robert whom, for the present at least, she is forbidden to see. In a further episode I can recount something of our stay at the cottage, including naturally our encounters with my landlord, the Mayor. (Perhaps I should say Anne's encounters for, as he does with every pretty girl he meets, he took quite a fancy to her. It was a feeling which, as usual, was not reciprocated!)


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