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Dented Rear

Story from Janus 68.

Dented Rear
by Andrew Grantham

IT WAS unusually early in the evening for Louise to be taking a bath, but Robert had ordered his bride of just four weeks to do so.

She emptied out the water and towelled herself vigorously until her skin glowed to nearly the colour of her hair. Then she padded to the bedroom, sat down on the dressing-table stool and reached for her lipstick and most expensive duty free perfume. Well, if Robert wanted to play games! Preparation indeed!

A couple of minutes later, with her hair brushed and her skin shining she stood, totally nude, in front of Robert, her 25-year-old accountant husband.

He leaned back into the depths of the settee, his heart beating faster than usual as he stared at the gorgeous, newly-bathed Louise.

The dark-haired, lean-framed Robert liked possessions, as witnessed by the elegant suburban home, the fittings and the gadgets about the place. The young whizz-kid accountant regarded Louise as a possession, too.

He was obsessively proud of the slim, 5' 4" tall girl with shoulder-length curly red hair who had been legally his for the past four weeks. Males always looked twice at her and it pleased him to fix admirers with a stare that silently said, 'Put your thoughts back in your trousers, she's all mine!'

Of course, no outside admirer ever saw Louise as he was seeing her now — submissively naked and displaying physical charms which would arouse passions in the most celibate of priests.

Her high, firm breasts jutted out provocatively. The nipples stood out too, red and erect from delicate pink areolae. Her tummy was flat and firm. Long, exquisitely shaped legs naturally led eyes to her bush of red-gold fur at the top of exciting, muscular thighs.

Her upturned nose and slight pout gave Louise a sophisticated, yet arrogant, appearance. Looking straight into his rather cold blue eyes with her own sparkling green eyes, she snorted, 'This is a silly game for grown-ups to play!'

'We're not playing games, Louise!' retorted Robert firmly. 'As I told you when I came in, I'm going to give you a bloody good spanking for denting the back of my car!'

'It was an accident, Robert!' she protested, noting that he had said 'my car' and not 'our car'. The red BMW was Robert's property, not hers!

'It was sheer carelessness!' rapped her husband unsympathetically.

Louise was resigned to her fate at the hands of the athletically-built young man who had courted her for the past eighteen months. There was no way her friends, or sister even, would have consented to what she had consented to as reparation for her 'sheer carelessness'. Louise, however, was anxious to please her new husband — and fully aware of the benefits of his high salary. Furthermore, she had promised to 'love, honour and obey'.

Seductively, she placed one nicely-rounded knee on his knee. Her left hand cupped her left breast and the fingers of her right hand covered his crotch. 'Wouldn't you rather do something else to me?' she asked softly, running the blade of her tongue between her glossy lips.

Robert's answer was to lean forward and reach out a hand, dragging his young wife over his lap. Louise squealed as she fell, but allowed herself to be positioned so that her hips were resting against his left thigh. Robert made her place her hands on the carpet on one side of his legs whilst her toes dug into the thick pile on the other.

He glided a palm over her firm yet softly yielding bottom. The pale-fleshed cheeks were round and full. His nostrils twitched as the fragrance with which she had coated her succulent body drifted up to them.

Louise was quiet now and Robert was aware that she was trembling slightly as she waited for her physical punishment to commence.

'Poke it up for me!' he ordered, prodding the target flesh with a forefinger.

Louise shifted the position of her hands and feet to thrust her shivery behind up as instructed.

'You must keep still the whole time!' was the final commandment from Robert as he raised his open hand up to the level of his head.

Down it came, the sharp percussive ring of the slap filling the quiet room for just a fraction of a second before it was absorbed by a loud 'Owwwwww!' from Louise.

She kicked her long, smooth legs most attractively and Robert smiled as he watched her lewd disclosures. He put his left arm around her waist and raised his stinging palm once more.

Louise, however, did not cry out as the second slap landed. Her right cheek took the brunt of the blow this time. It had been her right cheek which had suffered after the first smack.

Hidden by her waterfall of red hair, Louise screwed up her pretty features. Robert certainly wasn't being playful. All this for a little dent in the back of his precious BMW!

She drew her buttocks together, waiting for the next slap.

It duly landed on the pinkly-flushed bare cheeks and Louise inhaled sharply. She remembered the instruction to keep still and she did her best to comply.

Robert looked at the quivering buttocks. They were colouring nicely but Louise should have been shouting and squirming by now. He would have to use more force, he decided.

Louise would have been surprised had she been able to see the severity of the expression on her husband's face as he began to deliver a crisp tanning rather than occasional, haphazard slaps. He objected strongly to driving round in a dented car — even if it was an E reg!

Slap after slap rained down on his wife's much squirming bottom and she felt herself clenching and unclenching the hurt nates.

The kicking of her legs, the high-pitched squeals and the movement of her body, constrained by his left arm, brought him some satisfaction. He'd teach her to drive more carefully in the future!

The redhead's fingers scrabbled at the carpet and her legs scissored open and shut with the urgent heat building up in her beleaguered bottom — and now on the backs of her thighs as Robert decided to give the livid buttocks some respite.

Gradually, the agitated movements of his wife's body turned into rhythmic gyrations and he was surprised to hear husky grunts of sexual stimulation coming from her throat.

Louise herself experienced a delicious tickle of excitement in her love pit...

* * *

Next morning, after Robert had left for his commuter train, Louise looked at the calendar on the kitchen door. She tapped a pencil against her shiny, white teeth. Yes, three weeks on Wednesday. That would be a decent interval of time, she thought. She circled the figures 27 with her pencil.

Smiling to herself, she wondered what she would answer if Robert noticed and asked her what was the significance of the date in the circle.

Louise rubbed her denim-covered rump. Her bottom was still a little bit tender. Robert had certainly given it to her good and hard — and not just the spanking! Yes, it had turned out to be a very delightful evening after all. The bout of love-making following the hiding had been more intense than any on their actual honeymoon.

When Robert came home from the office on the twenty-seventh, she would nervously tell him that she had scraped the wing of the BMW (his BMW!) getting it out of the garage. It would only be a little scrape of course but he would be bound to tell her to take an early bath!

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