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The Punishment Officer - photo story

Photo story from Janus 20.

The Punishment Officer
By Our Further Education Correspondent

RESIDENTIAL finishing academies offering wealthy parents a strict regime for their problematical post-school age daughters have become something of an anomaly in this lukewarm brave new world – but are not yet altogether extinct.

Dedicated students of the arts of disciplining and correcting wayward young ladies would surely have lived in vain without coming to a thorough understanding of the methods and principles embodied in the organisational structure of one of the last remaining establishments of this kind still functioning today.

Its educational facilities may not be of Oxbridge calibre but there can be no doubt whatever that this institution – which is featured in the video The Disciplinarian on our centre pages – does indeed provide a unique form of training for life.

A complete and detailed analysis of the Academy would require several volumes of close type – and might well result in its being closed down by that ever-zealous brigade of spoilsport bureaucrats. On this occasion we must therefore content ourselves with a careful inspection of the unusual system of corporal punishment orders in force at the Academy.

Officially, all such punishments should be given by the Academy's uniformed Punishment Officer to whom any member of staff may send a girl for correction. The tutor has only to fill out a standard Punishment Order form naming the girl to be punished, her offence and penalty: the punishment instrument and number of strokes she is to be given.

The girl must take this form to the Punishment Officer's room in the basement of the main college building, often having to wait her turn in a queue of up to a dozen girls all waiting to be flogged. The Punishment Officer, following a precise ritual, will then administer the chastisement and return the bottom half of the form, the completed Confirmation of Punishment slip, to the punished girl to take back to the staff member who ordained her correction as proof of its infliction.

During our brief but most enjoyable stay as honoured guests of the Academy's hierarchy, the Janus photographer and I were permitted to witness and record a number of typical punishment sessions. In this issue we present for your edification and delectation two consecutive sessions in the Punishment Room which took place on the morning of the second day of our visit. We felt extremely privileged to be present.

The Academy's taciturn Scottish uniformed Punishment Officer, Mr McTaggart, told us that Diana Parsons was no stranger to the strap and cane. A minor but persistent offender, she would be sent to him at fairly regular intervals by different masters – usually for silly school-girlish misdemeanors. Diana was only the third girl that the very busy Punishment Officer had seen that day; she had been sentenced the previous evening by Mr Bathurst to eight strokes of the tawse for talking after Lights Out.

It was explained to us that punishments are in general more severe at the Academy than in other educational institutions, in keeping with the Director's philosophies, but that Diana had been unfortunate to get caught by this particular master who awarded girls twice the number of strokes that most members of staff would for any listed offence.

After handing her Punishment Order to Mr McTaggart, Diana Parsons was ordered to remove her dress and then stand in front of the long wooden punishment bench and table, facing the centre of the room. Whilst she stood there, bare-legged and looking extremely nervous, the tense silence was repeatedly violated by announcements booming over the loud-speakers of the college public address and paging system on a shelf behind the punishment table.

When the standard four-minute pre-punishment Expectation Period had elapsed Mr McTaggart shouted a command for Diana to make a smart about-turn to face the punishment table. A second bark, and Diana pushed her knickers down to her ankles. A third – and the now-trembling girl bent forward, legs together and stretched taut, over the hard wooden punishment table. We were keenly aware of her fear as we appreciated the glory of those finely sculptured legs and buttocks. Diana did not want us to see her face and in the initial stages of the ritual tried to keep it averted from us.

We felt sorry for her, with her bottom so exposed to receive a punishment that could only prove very painful indeed – for an offence which hardly seemed to warrant it. When we studied the Punishment Officer's long triple-tailed tawse we knew that poor Diana was in for a treatment that would probably keep her awake all night long.

The Punishment Officer's stance was dramatic, and his use of the cracking leather tawse most energetic. The first two strokes were a warm-up, relatively speaking, for the ferocious above-the-shoulder strokes Mr McTaggart employed to make Diana's bottom sting the six final times. The pain of that strap landing at a fantastic velocity across the twin upthrust mounds of Diana's buttocks was very obviously quite unbearable for the lithe recipient, and we saw her writhing and heard her groaning long before the poker-faced P.O. had given her the full quota. We were fully conscious however that Mr McTaggart was only performing his duty to the best of his abilities and derived no personal reward from following the Academy Director's punishment directives to the letter, by laying on all punishment instruments with maximum force.

As connoisseurs we on the other hand, ironically enough, found ourselves embarrassingly appreciative of the potent effect of the uniformed officer's very hard strapping of Diana's bare backside. It was like watching sheer poetry in motion, hearing those explosive percussions and the girl's bleated mewings, her inflamed buttocks churning under discipline. They probably felt like wheels of fire by the time that Diana was ordered to stand with her hands on top of her head while the Punishment Officer completed and signed the tear-off strip on the punishment order form. We did not blame Diana for being unable to fight back her tears and admired her for pluckily trying.

The overall impression we had formed of Diana Parsons before, during and after her actual punishment was that of an extremely polite and deferential well-mannered meek and humble girl. This in fact was the general impression we had of all the girls at the finishing academy. We were therefore intensely curious about the next girl on the punishment list, who had earned a reputation for being the cheekiest, most impertinent and insubordinate girl at the Academy. Building images on what we had been told, we were expecting to meet some kind of wilful demon. Imagine our surprise when Antonia du Bois walked through the door of the Punishment Room, striking us as not only a very attractive blonde pupil but also impeccably polite! But at that time we had not yet understood just how very high are the standards of decorum demanded at the Academy – where behaviour would be classed as abominable that would pass for near-perfection in the outside world. It was certainly pleasant to spend a few days amongst such respectful and well-disciplined girls who seemed much more feminine on account of this quality that they shared in common. This, we felt clearly, was far closer to a female's ideal state than the superficial, irresponsible, egotistical little bitches it is our misfortune to meet only too frequently.

Antonia du Bois had been sent to the Punishment Officer by Mr Hetherington to be given twelve strokes of the cane for 'Gross Insubordination'. We did not learn what form this insubordination had taken, for it was not Mr McTaggart's duty to concern himself with the reason for punishment, but simply to apply it. His uniform definitely impressed the girls and made being sent to him that much more of a dread ordeal.

Antonia was apparently not one of these girls, however. One felt she had too much self-possession, far too much for her own good. It was perfectly evident to us that Antonia was very nervous at the prospect of her imminent 12-stroke caning but she had received too many punishments for them still to have the proper reformative shock effect. Even we were surprised to see her cheek the Punishment Officer by acting in his presence more as a sex object than a contrite punishee – although in the sweetest way of course.

The Punishment Officer ordered Antonia to strip entirely save for her shoes – the customary procedure, we learned, when a girl has exceeded a certain number of punishments in a given period. Antonia did not appear in the least embarrassed to have to appear naked before the uniformed Punishment Officer and our searching lens and ever-ready notebook. She even seemed to enjoy being the centre of attention, and appeared to perversely relish our attendance at her punishment as witnesses. We could not help but feast and feast our eyes... but the Punishment Officer, not a man of many words, began to get angry with her over her attempt to turn what was supposed to be her nude humiliation prior to being caned into an act of erotic exhibitionism.

The Punishment Officer, bless his heart, also could not prevent himself staring fixedly at Antonia's beautiful body, but unlike us he felt guilty about it. The Punishment Officer lost his temper when Antonia started smiling at him and licking her lips suggestively.

Then she shattered all our previous misconceptions about her. Even we were outraged.

'You think you're God with that uniform and that cane of yours, sir. Why don't you be honest and admit that you find me sexy. I know you're dying to touch me. Why don't you, sir? I don't mind!'

Mr McTaggart's response was almost incoherent in its fury. Unfortunately he did not possess Antonia's gift of telling the truth so pertly. He abruptly terminated Antonia's period of what was supposed to be 'nude humiliation', shouted at her to turn around and with a further yell brought his cane slashing down on the top of the punishment table. 'Kneel on the bench – get over it girl!' he bellowed. 'The Director will hear of this himself!'

At this, Antonia du Bois scrambled to comply with the Punishment Officer's orders. She positioned herself most fetchingly over the dreaded table and instantly assumed the requisite posture – bottom arched and upthrust, the highest point of her body – a posture in which frankly she excited us enormously, as our photographic evidence may perhaps explain.

Having witnessed and applied so many punishments ourselves we felt ready for anything the Punishment Officer could do to Antonia – but the actual reality almost shocked us. At intervals of one minute per stroke Mr McTaggart gave Antonia her twelve strokes for insubordination, but he applied them all so extremely hard – from the top of her bottom to the crease where her buttocks joined her thighs – that our spontaneous reaction was to want to intervene. Antonia's totally naked bottom received the indiluted vicious slashes of Mr McTaggart's senior cane, applied in sheer anger, and the girl clearly found the pain intolerable. Those ear-splitting sounds of swishing and impacting, the violent welts of the cane across Antonia's bare bottom and the humiliating ritual of her punishment seemed to us barbaric. Yet the very cruelty of her punishment, causing her to squirm and shriek and then yell as if undergoing an operation without anaesthetic, was what made it so mesmerising, stimulating and unforgettable. Antonia's facial responses under severe castigation were quite frankly erotic... her manifest suffering, the distortion of her exquisite feminine countenance, delighted and aroused us as addicts of corporal punishment drama.

Undoubtedly Antonia underwent excruciating pain over Mr McTaggart's punishment table. We saw tears coursing down her fullsome cheeks, and the unmistakeable evidence of her agony in the form of those fantastic cane marks covering her very attractive backside. She was sniffing and rubbing her bottom with one hand when Mr McTaggart ordered her to stand upright again and face into the room with her hands on her head... for more of the Academy's famed 'nude humiliation'.

Antonia should have loathed this controversial aftermath to her whipping as the dreadfully embarrassing conclusion to the ceremony for which it was intended. Being marshalled and drilled by the uniformed officer, nude except for her high-heeled shoes and with her bottom blazing from the cane, would have reduced most girls to floods of tears in the smarting abjection of pain, shame and contrition. Many girls, we are certain, would have died rather than be forced to submit to the indignity of being paraded by the Punishment Officer in this condition. So salutary would have been its effect that at the least they would have scrupulously avoided committing any transgressions serious enough to warrant this 'nude humiliation' treatment devised by the Director of the Academy, Dr N.Z.Weltscheim. But once again we were granted a sharp insight into the unusual mentality of this beautiful, wayward girl being disciplined in front of us.

As soon as she had recovered from the initial unbearable agony of her twelve-stroke caning, Antonia du Bois gave every appearance of enjoying her 'humiliation'! Before our bewildered, disbelieving eyes she stood to attention and, on the Punishment Officer's shouted command, placed her hands on top of her head in a submissive posture. And then she smiled!

Antonia's smile was no ordinary expression of pleasure or friendship. It was an extremely sassy face, radiant with erotic lust, a clear expression of the sexual stimulation she had so disgracefully derived from the caning, and at the same time somehow unspeakably cheeky and defiant. The Punishment Officer, who had dealt with hundreds of girls, had never in the course of his duties encountered such an indecent and brazen female who so blatantly revelled in the drama of being disciplined.

'Oh sir! You've made me feel so randy!' Antonia du Bois whispered and the smile she gave the no doubt sexually frustrated P.O. at that moment would have blown the lid off your mind.

Not a single word of Mr McTaggart's outraged reply was comprehensible to us – or, we suspect, Antonia. After uttering a staggering collection of Scottish oaths the Academy Punishment Officer seized hold of the heavy grade three-tailed leather tawse which he had used on Diana Parsons a little earlier, and ordering Antonia to stand facing the punishment table and bend across it he immediately administered an impromptu strapping of unmentionable severity.

Having transcended the lower threshholds of pain, Antonia du Bois was now very obviously starting to enjoy being physically thrashed – as well as psychologically humiliated in the nude – and she received the Punishment Officer's final strapping in a state which outwardly resembled ecstasy.

Mr McTaggart told us afterwards, when we were still reeling from Antonia's antics, that he would send her to the Director. 'Only Dr Weltscheim knows how to deal with a girl like that, gentlemen,' he said, mopping the heavy perspiration off his brow.

'He's a real expert disciplinarian, the Director is. Hell know just what to do with her, I'm sure he will...'

Next week we will be able to find out what happened to Antonia du Bois!


  1. Thank you for these memories. Diana Parsons has one of the best bottoms ever to feature in Janus...and what a leathering she got.

  2. Great photographies, a fine way of catching the real instant.