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Delight in store

Story from The Roue 02.

Delight in store

Claire Hepworth walked slowly down the aisle between the hair-care and make-up counters, closely scrutinizing each of the dozen or so female shoppers in turn who were examining the displayed items. None of the women, intent on their selections, paid Claire any undue attention, though they might have experienced some trepidation, had they known their innocent perusals were being analysed by a store detective.

Suddenly, Claire came to an abrupt halt, her pale-blue eyes fixed on a very attractive redhead standing close to the make-up counter. Claire appraised her from some twelve feet away. She placed the redhead somewhere in her early to mid-thirties and, judging by her simple, yet smart attire, probably a middle-class housewife. The weather outside was very warm and the redhead wore only a thin, white cotton dress, cinched at the waist by a tie belt. The thinness of the cotton dress clung in a very revealing fashion to the woman's buxom figure, and Claire noted the fullness of the large, heavy breasts, tapering to a passably trim waist, then flaring out into wide, very womanly hips. And her bottom, it was breathtakingly curvaceous, firm, yet with that bounciness that makes a large bottom appear so deliciously enticing when it wobbles. Claire could well imagine what it would look like when totally bared, like a huge split peach with a ripe, moist, sweet-tasting centre.

However, Claire was not only watching the ravishing redhead because she found her to be most attractive. No. Claire's instincts were roused, and she felt sure that before much longer the woman would take something from the display and secrete it inside her shoulder-bag, the flap of which just happened to be open. And, sure enough, after watching for a few more seconds, Claire's vigilance proved successful, for the redhead surreptitiously palmed two items from the display and dropped them inside her shoulder-bag.

Got you! Claire thought triumphantly, a wicked smile creeping onto her sensuous lips. Then, wasting no more time, she quickly approached the redhead and placed a restraining hand on her arm. The redhead turned, startled, fixing Claire with a surprised, perplexed look.

"It's not your lucky day, dear," Claire said, not even attempting to hide the pleasure this apprehension brought her. The redhead opened her mouth to protest, but Claire silenced her by continuing, "I'm a store detective and I saw you take two items from this display and place them inside your bag, obviously having had no intentions of paying for them."

For a moment the redhead looked as though she might panic and try to run off, but then she shrugged and sighed. "All right, I admit it. So what happens now?"

Claire pondered momentarily. "Well, I should take you upstairs to the manager's office and let him call the police, which is the usual procedure. However..."

The redhead glimpsed a thread of shiny hope and said quickly, "Yes? Look, I've never ever done anything like this before. I just don't know what came over me. If it's a question of... well... money..." She left the offer of an obvious bribe unspoken.

Claire made a show of considering the prospect of accepting a bribe, but then shook her head slowly. "No, I'm afraid not. You see, I'm a firm believer that crimes like this shouldn't go unpunished. Now, do you agree you do need to be punished? I mean, if not, you might just do the same thing again..."

The redhead was becoming obviously a little impatient, and she couldn't see where all this was leading. She gave a slight, yet distinctly exasperated sigh. "All right," she admitted, "so I deserve to be punished. So what do you suggest?"

Claire smiled. "Well, I was brought up to believe that naughty girls should be spanked..."

The redhead had to exercise great control over the pitch of her reply, not wanting to attract the attention of the other shoppers. "Spanked?" she said incredulously. "You must be joking, I've never heard anything so ridiculous..."

Claire raised her eyebrows.

"Isn't that better than going to court on a shop-lifting charge? You are married, I take it... what would your husband say? Have you thought of that?"

The redhead obviously hadn't from the expression she displayed.

"But... well... it's... so..."

Claire shrugged. "Well, of course, it is entirely up to you..."

The redhead thought quickly, her lovely features wrinkled by indecision. "Oh, all right... but when, where?"

Claire took a note-pad and a ballpen out from the breast pocket of her smartly-tailored jacket, scribbling her address quickly, then tearing the page off and presenting it to the redhead. "My address... let's say you're to be there no later than eight o'clock tonight, shall we?"

The redhead sighed resignedly. "Oh, very well... it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Luckily my husband is away on business, otherwise I don't know what excuse I could make to get away..."

Claire smiled. "Eight o'clock, then... oh, and what's your name, by the way?"

The redhead was now blushing slightly, the somewhat embarrassing facts of this bizarre situation suddenly dawning on her. "Wendy Palmer," she said rather too quickly, a further display of her sudden nervousness.

Claire enjoyed the other woman's obvious embarrassment. "Very well, then, Wendy... until later, then..."

Five minutes past eight found Wendy Palmer nervously seated on the settee in the living room of Claire's flat. Claire was fixing them both a drink at the drinks' cabinet, and she crossed to Wendy, handing her a gin-and-tonic, then sitting down beside her.

"Do you do this... often?" Wendy asked, taking a sip from her glass. She was very grateful for the drink, hoping it would steady her nerves.

Claire smiled. "Oh, yes, whenever I catch an... attractive woman shop-lifting, I always offer her the same alternative I offered you..."

"And do most accept?" Wendy inquired.

Claire nodded. "So far every single one of them has... accepted."

Wendy gave a puzzled frown. "But why do you do it?"

Claire laughed. "The answer to that is very simple, Wendy... I enjoy spanking beautiful women's bottoms."

Wendy blushed at this most forthright reply. "Oh... I see."

"Their bare bottoms..." Claire added.

"Oh!" Wendy's blush intensified by fiery degrees and she squirmed in her seat, suddenly very conscious of that part of her anatomy which now seemed very exposed, even though she was sitting on it. She took another quick sip of her drink to fortify herself. "Does your remedy for shop-lifters work?" she inquired tentatively.

"Work?" Claire said, raising her eyebrows curiously as she sipped her own drink.

"Yes, you know..." Wendy hesitated a moment. " these spankings prove effective in deterring women from attempting to steal things from the store again?"

Claire chuckled. "Oh, yes, I'll say. People think of a spanking as being a punishment solely for children, but it isn't. Oh, no, it's a very fitting punishment for a great many wrongs committed by women. For example, imagine the vast number of hypochondriac women who visit their doctors several times a week, wasting valuable time those doctors could be donating to patients who really are sick – not to mention the staggering cost of drugs prescribed, which these stupid women take needlessly! Now, if those same doctors were to put those women across their knees and give them a jolly good smacked bottom... don't you think that would really cure them?"

Wendy considered this hypothesis carefully. "Well... yes... I suppose you've got something there..." She giggled suddenly, the drink relaxing her to such an extent that she almost forgot her own particular predicament. "Sorry, but I couldn't help visualising all those weeping females coming out of doctors' surgeries throughout the country, ruefully rubbing their smarting situpons... with cheeks glowing remarkably healthily – all four of them!" She giggled again, finishing her gin-and-tonic.

Claire giggled with her. "Yes, it certainly would be a sight worth seeing!" She then noticed that Wendy had finished her drink. "Would you like another?"

Wendy pursed her sensuous lips. "Well, I shouldn't, but yes, please, I wouldn't mind."

Claire smiled at her, relieving her of the empty glass, standing up and crossing once more to the drinks' cabinet. Wendy watched her, for the first time, realised just how attractive the other woman was. She possessed a superb figure, not as ample as her own, but, then, Wendy had always considered herself to be too overly well-endowed in the breasts-and-bottom department.

Claire returned, handing Wendy her replenished glass and once more seating herself beside the shapely redhead. She suddenly placed a hand on the fullness of Wendy's thigh, feeling the button of a suspender-strap beneath her palm.

"I'm so glad you're beginning to relax, Wendy," Claire said.

Wendy didn't attempt to move her thigh, in fact she was enjoying this unexpected contact with the lovely store detective. She even shuffled a little closer in her seat. For the first time, when their eyes met, Wendy didn't shyly avoid the other's gaze, but held it, looking deeply into Claire's, suddenly glad she was sitting here, in the company of a beautiful woman who soon – oh, yes, please, soon – was going to spank her like she was a naughty child.

It was almost as if Claire read her mind because she then said, "You better finish that drink soon, young lady... because I hope you haven't forgotten the reason why you are here..."

Wendy gave a wanton pout. "Oh, how could I? Are you going to smack me... hard, Claire?"

Claire arched one carefully-plucked eyebrow, benefitting Wendy with one of her wickedest smiles. "Oh, yes, you naughty girl..." And, suddenly relieving Wendy of her drink, she added, "...I'm going to spank you very, very hard... so hard that you are going to blubber like a baby and plead with me to stop spanking you!"

With that, she stood up, took Wendy's hand, hoisted to her feet and, before the startled redhead knew what was happening, she was tipped over Claire's shoulder with surprising ease, the sexy store detective displaying astonishing strength for a woman! Wendy, her shapely legs wildly kicking, suddenly found herself almost upside-down, but it wasn't an untoward position in which to find one's self because it gave her a chance to smack Claire's bouncy buttocks – which she did with both hands!

"Hey!" Claire cried, the smacks raising the temperature in her shapely nether regions. "I'm supposed to be spanking began!" And, flicking up the hem of Wendy's tight dress, she began to belabour the giggling redhead's pantie-clad bottom with extremely hard smacks, causing the huge twin-mounds of wobbly flesh to jiggle deliciously in such close proximity with Claire's face. It didn't take long for the most experienced spanker to win out, and soon Wendy forgot all about smacking Claire's bottom – she was far too busy waving her hands frantically as her fat bottom began to feel as if someone had sat her down on a cooker's hot-plate! But this was only the beginning, because Claire then carried her from the room into another room – the like of which Wendy had never, ever seen before!

It was bare except for a solitary upright chair, a contraption that resembled a vaulting-horse and, suspended from hooks on one wall, a variety of swishy, crook-handled canes; large, leather paddles; and two Scottish tawses, each possessing three, wicked-looking tails! To poor Wendy these all appeared like the accoutrements to a veritable torture chamber and, with mounting panic, she suddenly wondered just what she had got herself into! But she was not left in suspense for long, because Claire carried her across to the collection of smacky weapons, selected a large black paddle, and carried her across to the upright chair. She was then set down on her feet, but for only a moment, and the very next thing she knew she was being drawn effortlessly down and across Claire's accommodating lap! Wendy now began to struggle, reaching back to protect her very vulnerable bottom which, because her dress was now well up around her waist, was scantily protected by her thin nylon panties. But Claire was quick to grab her wrist, forcing her arm up her back so that further struggles would only prove extremely painful, and then, in one swift blur of motion, Wendy felt her panties being yanked down clear to the dark tops of her sheer seamed stockings!

"Oh, please, Claire!" she almost sobbed, now that her large wobbly bottom was completely bare. "Oh, please, just use your palm, I won't be able to sit down for a week if you use that thing on me! What will my husband say? How will I be able to hide the damage from him? Oh, please, Claire – pleeeeease doooooon't!"

Claire laughed, these pleas like music to her ears, her eyes widely fixed on the vast, creamy expanse of the delectably fat bottom wriggling over her knees. It was very fetchingly dimpled, and the delightful crevice, which separated those bouncy cheeks, was devinely deep, dark, and extremely inviting. She hoisted the now almost hysterical redhead even further across her knee, nearly swooning as she watched that delicious split widen, the cheeks spreading, so that Wendy's pink little anus and the juicy lips of her sex were plainly evident! This all served to whet Claire's appetite and she couldn't wait any longer, raising the wide-bladed paddle high above her, casting a shadow across Wendy's sumptuous backside, then bringing it down with all the force she could muster!


Even though Wendy's bum was extremely expansive, the paddle covered both huge mounds as it swiped down with almost unbelievable impact, splaying those great fleshy buttocks even more widely, causing them to bounce and wobble like two enormous jellies! And how the unfortunate Wendy shrieked! But all to no avail for, no matter how loudly she screamed, Claire continued to tan her relentlessly, and all Wendy's lewd bum gyrations were useless in the attempt to evade the flailing paddle as it spanked her fat, opulent backside mercilessly!

After five minutes over Claire's lap, nobody would have recognised Wendy as being formally a haughty, middle-class housewife in her mid-thirties... for she was now just a blubbering baby with a very sore bottom, her beautiful face all blotchy and tear-streaked, with her mass of red curls dangling before her.

Claire was highly delighted with her handiwork, but not so delighted to stop her from hoisting Wendy up once more, displaying that same, astonishing strength so unusual in a beautiful woman, carrying her over to the piece of equipment that so resembled a vaulting horse, and placing her face down across it. In a trice Wendy's wrists and ankles were tightly secured with leather straps, and her widely-spread, bright-scarlet backside was thrust up at the ceiling in the most provocative angle imaginable!

"There, my girl!" Claire laughed. "Now it's the cane for you, my fine lady!"

"Oh, please, Claire, no more! Please, I'll do anything – but don't give me any more! Oh, God, no – my poor arse won't stand it!"

Claire returned, brandishing the whippy length of rattan, taking a stance alongside Wendy and measuring the cane across that inviting spectacle of ripe, wobbly rump. She loved the way those fat cheeks twitched to the touch of the cane's tip, and the way they tightened as she brought the cane back, anticipating the fiery agony that would all too soon be streaked across them!

Swisssh – THWACK!


Wendy screamed and pleaded, wriggled and writhed, but her broad hindquarters could not elude the chastising rod as it smote her rump with amazing accuracy! But then it was all over and Wendy sagged almost lifelessly over the horse. Her welted bottom was now even more widely spread and, unable to hold herself back any longer, Claire buried her face deep into that moist, fleshy core her lips and tongue busily active.

Wendy was now moaning as spasms of ecstacy suddenly oozed through her and, beginning to grind her sex against the horse's cushion, she just managed to say, "Oh, Claire that was dreamy... like all your fantasies are... tomorrow let's do the one where I play the bossy traffic warden... pleeeeease, Claire... H'mmmmmm..."

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