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Story from Roue 01.


It took me a while to find her, of course. Girls like that don't simply fall out of heaven and into your clutches just because you've prayed for them. The failures came and went, gold diggers, tramps, nice girls going wrong. Bad girls pretending they were good, and ones pretending they were bad who never managed to stay the course. And none of them ever quite what I was looking for. Until LuLu.

I tried her out, more times than one, and she came up trumps every time. She was a natural. Naturally submissive, naturally charming, and naturally LuLu. At last all was ready. I could embark upon the task of educating her, my way.

She'd already begun to understand the rudiments of course. She'd learned, for instance, that 'slip your knickers down, there's a good girl,' didn't necessarily mean lying on her back with her legs spreadeagled. She'd got used to the idea that it might mean face down, on her tummy, with her bottom up in the air and waiting for a slapping.

She also knew about learning to shed her crocodile tears more or less on demand, having discovered very quickly that my idea of fun was spanking her so that she made a bit of a fuss. She'd learned that I didn't really want to hurt her, but that I liked to make her wriggle her bottom and squeal a little bit. In fact she'd got so good at it that she'd been rather overplaying it lately. Still, she was fun, and she amused my tiny mind well enough.

However, there was one little problem which I'd decided would have to be overcome, and the sooner the better. This concerned her rather spoil-sport point of view, which she had so far adhered to with dogged determination, that, while it was alright for me to play my little games with her, it wasn't alright for anyone else even to catch the merest glimpse of her knickers. This was, in a way, rather flattering I suppose. Nevertheless, it did tend to muck up my ideas about entertaining the odd friend now and then, by having LuLu across my knee with her pants down by way of an after-dinner diversion. Rupert had found it most embarrassing, in fact, especially when she'd called him a 'letcherous old sod'. I mean, the chap was a friend of mine, and he'd only pinched her bum, for Christ's sake. Well, needless to say, she got a good hard slippering for that, after he'd left, and for once her tears were real ones. All the same, Rupert had been disappointed, especially as I'd promised, and I couldn't afford to have it go on any longer. So I'd conceived this little plan, which I hoped might teach her a lesson once and for all. She didn't know exactly what I had in mind, but I'd warned her that this time she'd better be good, or she might get more than just a slippering when I got her home. She'd looked suitably impressed by that, though she still wasn't entirely convinced. Anyway, I'd just have to wait and see.

I knew the man in the shop would remember me. I'd bought LuLu a pair of navy school knickers a few days before, and given him a twenty pound note, knowing that at half-past nine on a Monday morning he probably couldn't change it. He'd offered to go up to his flat over the shop and see if he had enough up there, but I'd said not to worry, I'd pick it up next time I passed. So he'd remember me. As a middle-aged man who went around buying schoolgirl's knickers and saying they were for his niece. And as a man who wasn't too worried about the odd twenty quid, who'd trusted him to keep the change safely, and therefore a man, perhaps, of some substance.

As I say, LuLu hadn't been too enthusiastic about the plan, but she was always more susceptible to a reasoned argument when she was feeling a little tearful. A few dozen smacks up the backs of her legs that morning had helped in this respect. LuLu now thought the plan a reasonably agreeable one, though she didn't know all the details of course. She knew only that we were going to find a quiet little school-outfitters and buy her a uniform, and that from time to time she might have to wear it to amuse me, even though she was getting on for nineteen now. Not that she actually looked her age, mind you. Indeed, with her hair in bunches as it was now, and without make-up, she looked closer to sixteen. In fact she acted more like a sixteen-year-old too, which was one of the reasons why I was always having to put her across my knee, I suppose.

Anyway, I pointed out the outfitters to Lulu as we passed, and then we parked the car and walked round through the back streets to the shop. Its windows were small-paned and dusty, the woodwork needing a coat of paint. We went in and the bell tinkled, and the man who still had my twenty quid looked up and recognised me at once. He also caught sight of LuLu, and seemed a little surprised, as if he hadn't really believed I had a niece. He was right of course. I hadn't. Though this didn't stop me feeling a little hurt that he'd disbelieved me.

I let him see me pat LuLu's bottom, just the once, as I sent her off to look around the shop and keep herself out of the way. She looked delicious in her snug jeans and skimpy vest thing, and I have to admit to a small glow of pride as his eyes followed her for a moment. Round one to me. He fancied her.

He left the woman he was serving and came along his side of the old-fashioned glass-topped counter, saying he had my change 'all ready and waiting for you Sir'. I leaned conspiratorially towards him, and beckoned him closer. I told him my problem. Or at least, lied about my supposed problem in such a convincing way that he actually seemed to believe me. He made clucking noises here and there, and treated me to the odd understanding nod of the head in all the right places. Now and then his eyes wandered off and found LuLu, who was ambling sulkily around the shop looking every inch the petulant schoolgirl that I'd described her to be.

When I'd finished my tale, he blinked several times, and drew breath before he said anything.

'Well sir, if she's dead against the idea, as you say she is, I can see that there might well be a bit of a scene. Not quite what you'd want, sir, I do understand that.' He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. 'For that matter neither would I, not in public if you see what I mean,' he added in a reasonable tone of voice. 'Anyway sir, perhaps we might come to some arrangement.' He momentarily acquired a far-away look, as if totting up the cost of a full school uniform, and remembering my twenty quid, and then, as if finding it worthwhile after all, the spark of inventiveness brightened his naturally doleful features. He glanced at his watch. 'Well, look sir, I'll be closing in an hour or so. Why don't you and the young lady come back then?' He seemed quite pleased with his solution. So was I. It saved me having to suggest it myself.

I looked pointedly at the woman who was serving the shop's only other customer.

'Er – we'll be quite on our own then sir,' he said. 'Miss Robbins will be leaving sharp at half-past five.'

'Well, if you're sure it'll be no trouble –?' I said.

'Not at all sir. No trouble whatsoever.'

His eye wandered again to Lulu's prettiness. 'Um – there is one thing though sir,' he added quietly.

I raised a politely enquiring eyebrow. LuLu came towards me along my side of the counter.

'Well sir – um, what if she decides she doesn't want to even try the stuff on – if you see what I mean? I mean, well, what then?'

LuLu was almost at my elbow, about to set off on another tour of the premises. As she passed I slapped her playfully on her pert bottom, and raised my eyebrow again at the shopkeeper. He stared for a moment at Lulu's plump behind, then began to nod sagely to himself, a knowing and even approving nod.

LuLu gasped at me, too startled to speak. I took her arm and steered her towards the door.

'I see sir,' murmured the shopkeeper.

I said: 'Shall we say about twenty to six then?'

'Yes sir,' he said, 'that'll be about right.'

I winked broadly at him as we left. He didn't smile, as I'd thought he might, but his little eyes were bright with interest, his head still nodding in agreement.

* * * *

We had a beefburger in an Italian place, then went back to where we'd left the Rolls.

The car park was slowly emptying as shoppers and office people made their way home. We sat in the car for a while, LuLu fiddling with her nails and an emery board. I contemplating the space between my belly and the steering wheel, and wondering idly whether Lulu's shapely hips would fit comfortably between the two. I could tell by her determined silence that she still didn't entirely approve of the arrangement I'd come to in the shop.

'Well then?' I said.

She looked up, startled. 'Well what?'

'Well, let's get on with it.'

She pretended ignorance, though she knew the plan well enough. 'Get on with what?' she persisted. She was just being difficult of course.

I swivelled in my seat and leaned my arm along the back rest. Her eyelashes fluttered. They always did that when she was nervous. 'You do remember why we're doing all this don't you?' I said.

'Oh, that!' she started to look sulky again. 'Look, do we have to. I mean, I've admitted I was wrong. I know I shouldn't have – well, made such a fuss, but couldn't we –'

'Fuss!' I raised my eyebrows theatrically. 'Fuss was hardly the word!'

Her pretty eyes glared defiantly at me for a moment, and she blurted it out before she could think about what she was saying. 'Well, bloody Hell!' she complained. 'I don't see why I should have to let bloody Rupert see me getting smacked! He's a perfect stranger to me! I don't want strangers seeing me with my knickers down like a little kid! It's bloody well bad enough having to get sodding smacked at all, without making an exhibition of myself too!'

She stopped. I could see at once that already she'd begun to regret it. Her eyelids fluttered again, desperately.

'LuLu,' I said in my most patient voice. It was a warning, a statement of my position. Her position as just LuLu, mine as the boss. I saw her pink lips begin to part. I sensed the excitement welling up inside her. She'd make a fuss, of course, she wouldn't give in too easily. But for her that was part of the thrill, the struggling against the inevitable, the humiliation of knowing that she was going to lose.

'What?' she said, petulently.

'LuLu. Be a good girl, and undo your jeans, eh?'

Her eyes clicked wide open. 'Why?' she demanded. She already knew why. I didn't trouble to answer. She made no move to do as I'd asked.

'Just do as I say, alright, LuLu?' I kept my eyes cool, on hers. She liked it like that; with a bit of authority.

She licked her lips, not altogether happy about it despite the excitement I knew she was feeling. She opened her mouth to speak but then thought better of it. At last she fumbled with the waist-band and unpopped the fastener. The zip rasped open. At the base of her exposed belly the rouched waist-band of her brief yellow pants peeped out cheerfully. She lifted her bottom away from the seat and pushed the thick denim down off her hips. Her firm little pubic mound thrust invitingly upward inside the knickers as she levered herself higher and struggled to get the jeans part way down her thighs.

'That'll do,' I said. 'Now get across here.' I patted my lap impatiently.

She looked at me again, but I ignored the pleading in her eyes.

'What've I done?' she asked protestingly. She turned in her seat and leaned reluctantly towards me, and I hoisted her unceremoniously across my lap.

'Nothing. You know that. But this isn't a punishment, it's just a necessary part of the plot.'

I resisted the impulse to pull her knickers down off her bottom, partly from deference to the rather delicate circumstances and partly because it wasn't really important. They were very thin, and the sting would go right through them anyway. Not that the sting much mattered, for once. It was more a question of colouring.

I had to spank her with my left hand, which didn't make it any easier, and all the while to make sure the coast was still clear. But I managed nevertheless. About twenty or so good sharp spanks brought the rapidly welling crimson flushing hotly into her cheeks. I tugged one side of her knickers into the crease, baring one quivering buttock to make sure the bright colour was fairly well spread, then with a last vigorous slap, I let her up. She wriggled off my lap, sniffling childishly. She plopped back into her seat and dashed the few tears from her eyes, then had to roll over onto one hip as she pulled her knickers back out of the crease and rearranged them properly under her bottom. The roseate hue of her freshly spanked skin was bright against the contrast of the yellow nylon, and satisfactorily so. I knew from experience that LuLu's tender bottom would keep its rosy blush for up to an hour, which would be just about long enough.

'C'mon,' I urged, 'let's get going.' I was out of the car before she'd zipped her jeans, and I went round and opened her door.

We walked out of the car park, LuLu brushing nervously at her hair with her hand. We turned into the narrow street, and I put my hand around her hip and made sure for the last time that she knew what was expected of her.

'And above all, I want none of your virginal modesty. You're to do exactly as you're told. OK? This is one lesson you're going to learn properly, young lady.'

'OK.' She sounded anxious. So much the better.

* * * *

The shopkeeper was waiting for us, the shop empty. He saw us coming and unlocked the door.

I picked out a couple of skirts from those he showed me, one grey, pleated and probably too small, the other plain grey.

'These might be a little on the short side sir,' the shopkeeper said.

'Well, let's see, shall we? Do you have a changing cubicle?'

'Yes sir. Just down here.' He led the way to a curtained recess at the back of the shop. I handed the grey skirt to LuLu and the shopkeeper ushered her diffidently through the curtain and drew it across behind her.

In the ensuing quiet we could hear her jeans being unzipped and the coarse rustle as they slipped down her legs. I suggested softly that perhaps he wouldn't mind closing the old-fashioned window blinds which I'd noticed on the way in.

'Of course, sir. Privacy. Of course.'

By the time he got back LuLu had changed and had reappeared from behind the curtain. I took a chair and sat on it in the middle of the shop.

'Walk around a bit, eh?'

LuLu paced back and forth once or twice, casting worried glances in my direction each time she turned. She looked absolutely charming, and not a day over fifteen.

'How's that then sir?' prompted the shopkeeper.

I didn't answer straight away. Now I could begin to amuse myself.

'Give us a twirl, Lucille,' I said.

I kept my attention on our man. Lulu twirled, and his none-too-professional eye didn't blink as he watched the skirt billow out from her trim young legs. She stopped twirling. He looked at me at last.

'Don't you think it's a trifle long?' I remarked casually.

'Er, well –' he hesitated. 'Possibly sir,' he agreed eventually. 'Perhaps just a little.' Lucy glanced dubiously in my direction.

I got up from my chair. 'Have you got any pins?' I asked him.

'Pins, sir?' he dithered for a moment. 'Oh, you mean you'd like to see how it would look – um – a little shorter?'

'Yes. If you wouldn't mind.'

'No, that's alright.' He came back with the pins and half offered them to me.

'No, no. You're the expert. Perhaps you'd be so kind –?'

He looked quite pleased about that.

I beckoned LuLu over and indicated the chair. 'Hop up there will you?'

Up on the chair, her hips were on a level with the shopkeeper's eyes, more or less.

With his first pins, and keeping his hands conspicuously clear of Lulu's thighs, he took a tuck of an inch or so along the front.

I shook my head doubtfully.

'Too short sir?' he asked.

'Too long,' I said.

He took another inch, and the skirt started to look very tempting on my little LuLu. He stood back to get a better view, and discovered an inaccuracy in the pinning. He rectified it carefully, his hand brushing her thigh. He looked at me enquiringly.

I ran my eyes up the length of Lulu's legs, and tried to judge how high the skirt could actually go before the gusset of her knickers would be revealed. I reckoned it to be another six inches.

The shopkeeper's eyes darted between me and the delightful picture which LuLu was making up on her chair. The way the skirt was pinned, it was just conceivable that it might still be wearable. But only just. Beyond this point we wouldn't be able to keep up the pretence that she was actually going to wear it to school. The man's eyes, engrossed in Lulu's legs, were confirmation enough though. He'd play along with us.

I walked over to LuLu, took one of the man's pins from his box, and pushed it through the material a little more than six inches above the existing row of pins. On the counter I saw a pair of scissors. I handed them nonchalently to the owner of the shop.

'Snip it off about there,' I said. 'Please.'

Lulu's eyes caught mine. She bit her bottom lip nervously. The shopkeeper looked from me, to Lulu, and back to me. He found his voice eventually.

'It – it'd have to be paid for, sir.'

'Of course.' He still had my twenty quid.

'Well, if you're sure?'

'Quite sure.'

He had some trouble deciding where to start. He finally decided that a straight cut up the front, to the correct level, would be the best way. The scissors sheared keenly through the grey cloth, and I saw LuLu flinch as the cold steel touched the inside of her bare thigh. Her eyes widened as the scissors snipped fearfully close to her, then stopped. The lateral cut took some time. Even then it wasn't particularly straight when he'd finished.

He stepped back, but only a pace, and he never once took his eyes from LuLu. Her legs were bared for virtually their entire length. The pale yellow plumpness of the gusset was just visible between the very tops of her thighs, and there was a suggestion of delicate lace which edged the leg of her knickers.

'What d'you think?' I asked.

He did rather well, in the circumstances. 'Er – very – um – appealing, sir.'

I caught LuLu's eyes again. 'Turn round please,' I requested, politely.

We both watched her as she turned. She peered anxiously back at me over her shoulder. The brief yellow pants left the lower part of each cheek uncovered, the fullness pushing insolently out under the lace and creasing prettily in a line where her buttocks met her thighs. The little fold of nylon, tucked intimately into the division of her cheeky young bottom, added the finishing touch to a charming pose. The warm looking scarlet which blotched the naked parts of her bum was unmistakable. There would be no doubt that our shopkeeper friend had seen it.

It occurred to me however that perhaps LuLu, being unable to see the length of her skirt at the back, might still be under the impression that her bottom, reddened as it was from her spanking, might still be concealed from view. This wasn't the idea at all.

'Bend over, LuLu,' I said breezily.

The poor girl looked pleadingly back at me. Her panicky eyes spoke volumes, but nevertheless –

'Come on now. Touch your toes.'

Hesitantly, but obediently, she bent herself forward, and our friend watched enraptured as the truncated skirt slid teasingly up over the sheer knickers, LuLu's sweet little bum pulling the nylon tightly across each curve of her buttocks, the same plump bulge peeping out again from between the tops of her thighs. The marks of her spanking were plain to see.

'Er – will that be alright then sir?' he asked after a long and fascinated look.

'The skirt? Yes, fine thank you.'

LuLu peeped at me from between her legs, her eyes asking, very sweetly.

'OK,' I said to LuLu. 'Hop down.'

She hopped, and stood self-consciously beside her chair, her face flushed with embarrassment.

'Slip it off then.'

LuLu thanked me with her eyes. She made off towards the cubicle.

The shopkeeper had trouble looking at me. 'Er – anything else sir?' he asked, to cover the awkwardness.

'Knickers,' I said.

'Um – navy sir? Or white, airtex, cotton poplin –?'

'Navy please,' I said.

My ears caught the sound of denim again.

'Don't bother with your jeans,' I called. 'Just come out and try these on. Oh, and bring the skirt with you.'

She took her time about it. The shopkeeper's eyes hovered near the curtain constantly. At last she appeared, cautiously, the skirt held modestly in front of her.

'Wrap it up, would you,' I asked the shopman.

LuLu surrendered it dubiously, the man bumped into the counter as he took it from her, his attention rivetted by the fat bulge in the front of LuLu's knickers. She looked pleadingly at me, while trying to hide her pretty yellow pants behind protectively folded hands, and sliding a little behind me to avoid the man's eyes.

The shopkeeper picked up the navy knickers, still in their cellophane bag, and stood behind his counter as if wondering what to do with them.

'Go and get them, then,' I said quietly.

She hesitated. I had no doubt that she'd put two and two together and had formed a good idea of what was likely to happen next.

'Go on, LuLu!' I still kept my voice quiet.

She went doubtfully. Her sweet behind wobbled as she walked over to the counter, the bright splotches on each of her cheeks showed up beautifully next to the yellow. She reached out and took the knickers at armslength, then, more or less backing away from him, she headed towards the cubicle again.

'Er – don't bother to go in there, LuLu,' I said. 'I'm sure we won't mind, will we?' I raised an eyebrow at the shopkeeper.

He quite literally stuttered: 'Um – n-no. No, not at all.' His eyes widened perceptibly.

LuLu looked at me, desperation in her face. She started to shake her head slowly, as if she couldn't believe what was happening.

I waited. Gave her time to think about it. She seemed unable to bring herself to do it. I treated her to my stern, velvet voice. 'LuLu, I'm going to count up to three, and if those knickers aren't down to your ankles by the time I've finished –'

She seemed to tremble. Her lower lip quivered, but on her face there was the beginning of the pink flush, flooding up to just under her eyes, which I recognised as the surest sign there could be that she was starting to get excited.

I teased her by my silence, for a moment. Then: 'One!'

Her eyelashes fluttered nervously and she started backing slowly away.


The man behind the counter was enthralled. His feet shuffled in the quiet. LuLu stared at me, looking as if her knees were going to give way.


I crooked my finger. She knew just what it meant. Slowly, with leaden steps, she came to me.

Her belly felt warm against my legs. The little nylon knickers slid easily down her thighs and came to rest at her ankles, a bright, pathetic flag of surrender. I spanked her steadily, methodically, ignoring her protests and helpless struggles, feeling her come alive under my hand, shuddering with excitement despite herself.

When I'd finished with her, she was very subdued. The navy knickers looked very nice on her. Her little bum looked particularly sweet. We bought a few more things, the shopkeeper serving us in a daze.

I made her wear her new clothes home, although I bought another skirt because I could hardly have her walking around in the first one, with her new knickers on display. Although, thinking about it –.

Anyway, I took her home. When we got there I phoned Rupert. He said he'd be only too pleased to come to dinner. LuLu didn't say anything when I suggested she keep her uniform on to show Rupert, she only flushed obligingly. She seemed to have learned her first lesson.

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