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In the stable

Story from Swish Vol.4 No.4.

In the stable

One minute Samantha was riding around the meadow – and the next she was being taken into the stable for something she had never had before. It was as quick as that – but that's life!

"Never keeps her back straight," Roger growled "and I've told her to time and time again. Spent a fortune so far on her riding lessons. I don't know what to do with her – totally undisciplined!"

His companion, Charles, said nothing for a moment. The girls, Samantha and Veronica, were riding side by side around the meadow – the horses going in slow easy strides. Watching their bottoms bouncing up and down on the saddles always made him appreciate the tightness of riding britches. Whenever they came to the small jump fences that were set up, and the girls separated to leap them, their bottoms would rise higher, giving an even more delectable view. A tingling in his loins made him clear his throat.

"You really want to know what to do, Roger?" he asked, "Come – I'll show you. Never fails to work." Turning on his heel and knocking his pipe out against the flat of his hand, he led his wondering and new business associate across the grass to the stable. It had been cleaned up recently and the walls whitewashed. At the further end, from the double doors – as Roger saw – was a single bale of straw positioned in a wide space between the stalls where the two horses were usually kept. Over the straw was a broad length of fine leather.

"Works? what works?" Roger asked rather stupidly. For a moment Charles did not reply but stepped ahead of him and to the side of the bale. Inclining his head speculatively for a moment he selected one of three implements that hung on the wooden wall of the nearest stall. There was a schooling whip, a crop, and a broad, thick leather strap without a buckle. He watched as Charles snicked this off its hook.

"This is the one I recommend, Roger," Charles said. "The crop and the schooling whip are primarily for display – as gentle warnings, shall we say. You could use them fairly lightly, of course, if she's allowed to keep her britches on – but never across the bare bottom. This," he went on proffering the strap, "is the real chap for it. It's supple and well-used. Veronica has taken it quite a few times now since she left university. I call it the Monitor – it monitors obedience, you see."

Smiling amiably he let the heavy strap fall on to Roger's palm. "I keep a couple in the house, too," he said, "often come in handy. The best method of quelling rebellions, doncherknow." Roger, he saw, was gaping. "B...but I say, look here, I couldn't possibly" he stuttered, but Charles seemed already to have turned to another thought. "And the leather apron over the bale – that stops the straw tickling 'em. One definitely doesn't want that sort of distraction. And of course it's the right material to use. Has the right scent. Knew a chap once who used sacking – really quite awful and common. Sacking also tickles their tummies – and other places, too, if you know what I mean. Not too hard first go. A good sixer square across her bottom. Britches and knicks down, of course. No nonsense, eh?"

"Ch...Charles, you're joking, surely?" Roger asked, though he couldn't help passing the thick strap curiously through his hands. It was supple all right, and very obviously used. "Joking? Not at all, dear chappie," Charles replied blandly. "Totally undisciplined and you don't know what to do with her? Well – here's your answer. Stables a good distance from the house. Sound doesn't carry that far. Discretion's the word, eh? She'll blubber and kick – kick out like a high strung filly, I'm sure but the first good sixer should quell her. After that, you keep it up – or rather she does," Charles added with a chuckle.

"Well – I say!" Roger gasped. He had heard of it – or rather distant rumours of it in the county – but the thought of personally applying what he had once heard called "Hot medicine" had never occurred to him before. The leather was warm to his touch already, and curled and coiled with oily ease in his hands. "Not too much of it – in terms of length, I mean," Charles was saying. "About twenty inches is enough. It keeps the slaps of the leather crisp and firm – and you can get it where you want. Too much of it and you lose control. Cook's had a taster of it – and the maids. Brenda, too even when she's got uppish. Gives her a bit of a thrill on the quiet, up in the bedroom same as it does 'em all when they get used to it. Like to be treated like reluctant mares, eh?"

"Wh....wh.....what?" Roger choked. At the beginning he hadn't believed this conversation. Now it was getting through to him even as the slightly sensuous feel of the strap was. He was used to straps and harness with horses, but never before with one for this purpose. "No hesitations, Roger, or you'll be saying the same thing next month. I'll get Veronica to lead her in, what?" he heard Charles say and then the big wooden doors opened and half closed again.

Brenda of all people, Roger thought! Lovely, voluptuous and mature, and with a bottom he had several times cast eyes on. Brenda with her sweet but sometimes slightly uppish ways. He tried to imagine her baring and yielding her plump, fleshy bottom to Charles in their bedroom – for the strap, that is. The vision was quite dizzying. And then Veronica....... But even as he held the strap and stared at the doors through which Charles had passed, it was Veronica who entered, bringing with her a very surprised looking Samantha whose wrist she held tightly.

"Veronica, don't! What on earth are you doing?" Samantha screeched and then stopped and gaped, her feet dragging on the straw-floor as she saw they weren't alone. Simultaneously, with a thud that made her jump, the double doors to the stable shut tight and the securing plank very audibly fell across them, throwing the interior of the stable into gloom.

"NO-OOOOH!" Samantha shrieked immediately. At first her eyes hadn't focussed on the strap that was being held so menacingly, but now that they did she made to run blindly and found herself being chased. The stable was over twenty-five feet by eighteen and Samantha's slim body squirmed and twisted, as she sought to evade the outstretched hands that reached for her with ever-growing excitement now. Dammit, it wasn't going to be as bad as she was trying to make out, Roger thought, and she was kicking up a hell of a din.

When at last he succeeded in grabbing her he managed to get an arm around the top of her body, under her armpits. Howling, Samantha felt herself being dragged to the waiting bale, her heels scraping. "V....V....Veronica... stop him!" she howled, but it was Veronica who stepped quickly around to the other side of the bale. Seizing Samantha's flailing arms and running her hands swiftly down them, she gripped the girl's wrists and drew her over the leather apron. Her arms thus stretched out before her, Samantha could only kick wildly.

"Her britches – quickly!" Veronica hissed, "and then her panties. Get them right down!" Some what in a daze, but flushed already, Roger avoided the wild jerkings of Samantha's legs and, pressing his knee against the back of one of her thighs to still it, began some quick unbuttoning to even more outraged shrieks from Samantha. "NO! You can't LET him!" she yelled, her head twisting wildly, while Veronica leaned back slightly, so that her friend was stretched between them. It had to happen to Samantha sometime, she thought – nearly twenty now and never been stropped.

Not quite believing that he was doing it, Roger had the britches down Samantha's slender legs by now, draped over her riding boots. Beneath, barely covering her luscious tight bottom, were a pair of lavender panties of the finest nylon through which her pert cheeks gleamed. Even through the gauzy material the deep divide looked delicious, and even more so when with a sharp intake of breath and the most horrified screech from Samantha, he unveiled her nether cheeks completely.

"D....d.......DARE! You DARE!" Samantha sobbed. Her face was twisted sideways on the leather and she could barely raise it to see Veronica who was pulling on her arms. "You'll get a dozen, Samantha, you WILL – if you don't stay still!" Veronica threatened. Wow, she really looked delicious – such lovely gleaming globes. Riding did the best things for one's bottom, Veronica often thought, and now Samantha at last was going to get the bonus benfit of it, if only she knew.

But right then Samantha didn't. She only knew that what was happening was utterly impossible. She had never even been spanked before! "Quick! don't WAIT!" Veronica gasped as Roger seemed to overdo the dazed contemplation for a moment. Then, as in a dream himself, he raised the strap and brought it with a loud SLAP-CRAAAAAAACK full across that wondrous, glossy globe.

"OH-OOOOOH!" Samantha yelped. "NO! Oh NO!" but that first searing sound did wonders for Roger, if only she had known. He had used just twenty inches of the leather, as Charles had told him to, and both the noise and the effect was electric. Only the fact that Veronica was holding her so tightly prevented Samantha from wriggling back on to the floor as the caressing flames coursed through her, making the breath jolt from her body.

"ST.....ST......ST.....STOP!" she yammered, "oh Veronica, stop him – he can't. He mustn't!"

"YEE-AAAARGH!" Her throaty cry wavered and rose as another splatting stroke whistled across her delicious derriere, making its cheeks tighten in a way that brought an equally deep tingling to Roger's prick. It was incredible that he could be doing this, but Veronica was holding her and he had begun now, so what the hell. All the times she had disobeyed him or refused to listen to him and now..........CRA......AAAACK!

"WHA-HAAAAR!" came another shriek while Veronica licked lips at the spectacle. Samantha's pale fawn blouse had ridden up in her squirmings and twistings and the lower halves of her tits were showing, the creamy gourds rubbing on the leather. Veronica knew exactly the sensations that this would give Samantha, much as she might at first resist them. In another few seconds the rucked-up material would expose her nipples to Roger's gaze, and the urging contact of the smooth leather would excite them, bringing them to sharp points that would make the heat in her botty feel even more swirly.

"GA-AAAH!" Samantha choked and sobbed now, her bared knees bent into the front of the bale, imprisoned as her calves and ankles were in the looped-down britches and her dropped panties. Conscious of the smooth rubbing of the leather beneath her, which had grown warmer both to her bared tummy and the cluster of blonde curls around her mound, the searing fire of the strap seemed to take on a new dimension. It stung, smarted and made her bottom leap and her hips jive. And Veronica was watching both the pale flashing of Samantha's nubile nudity and the now threatening erection that was making such a huge bulge in Roger's slacks.

Every squirming jerk that Samantha made under his strokes revealed more of her intimate sweetness to him, the lips of her slit moistly pursed together when her bottom lifted in reflex to a stinging stroke. What he was doing to her under the strap was to make her offer and submit, he realised. And he had lost count in the excitement – in the revelations of her naked wrigglings – but it didn't matter. No way had he really hurt her and yet he had stung her into submission at least, for her outraged shrieks had given way now to mewing and whimpering sobs and her bottom was rotating rather than throwing itself about madly as the thick leather coursed and slapped now beneath her adorable, fiery-red bottom.

Then, as it seemed, Roger's eyes met Veronica's for the first time, and she nodded. Loosing Samantha's wrists which flopped loosely on the leather apron, Veronica stepped swiftly around the bale. Samantha would not get up for a long moment now. Veronica knew the signs, and, just as she had predicted to herself, those sweet pinky-brown nipples were both visible and erect, their pointed cones tingling in the aftermath of deep-surging heat that would gradually replaced the fiery stings.

"She's O.K." Veronica whispered huskily so that Samantha could not hear – though racked as she was by bubbling sobs no outside sounds really reached her. "You ought to kiss her now – kiss and forgive we call it – like this." Aware of his erection, Roger groaned as Veronica's arm looped around his neck, drawing his mouth down to hers. Moving her body sensuously so that her tits bulbed into his shirtfront and her tummy could feel the throbbing of his rod, Veronica parted her lips slightly and brought them under his. It was the first strapping she had really seen – apart from a few furtive peeps through the door in the house and glimpses of herself in a mirror – and her body was as alive with excitement as was Roger's cock. It jerked even more now as her moist tongue insinuated itself like a warm snake into his mouth and for one of the most thrilling moment in his life, her hand slipped as if by accident between their bodies. Feeling quickly but lightly down the outline of the stem of his cock, Veronica twirled her tongue luringly and then – as if shyly – hid her face in his shoulder.

Roger gulped. Over her shoulder he could see the urgent little movements of Samantha's naked bottom. Her legs had slipped wider apart and the peeping of her lovenest made his heart thump all the more madly. Aroused beyond thought, he drew Veronica in more tightly to him and palmed her bottom with his hand through the ribbed cord of her britches. A small humming sound came from Veronica's throat. She felt the tip of his forefinger run up the line of her britches where they covered her groove too tightly for any real exploration. To take the strap now would be fantastic, she thought blearily, and tightened her arm invitingly around his neck just as a clatter came at the doors and the holding plank was removed.

Leaping back from Roger's embrace, Veronica just managed to get a squirming Samantha's panties up before the doors opened. And scarcely more than thirty seconds later, scooped up in Charles arms, a dazed Samantha was being carried back across the grass to the house, her britches drawn up only to her thighs. Too dazed and astonished to resist, and burningly under the spell of what she was feeling in and around her bottom and pussy, Samantha hung limp, her eyes closed.

She could hear no other voices at least – not around the meadow or in the house, but she was showing almost everything in the front through the moist vee of her knickers and, taken swiftly up the broad stairs of the mansion, she began to sob. Charles lifted her higher, cradling her slender nubile form to him. Brenda was out and Veronica had been told to stable the horses. Nudging open the door of the main bedroom he deposited a dazed Samantha on the big double bed face down, his big palm across her thinly-veiled bottom.

"I.....didn't" Samantha sobbed into a large white pillow once again. She gave a short, sharp cry as his strong hands swiftly bared her bottom once more, wreathing the thin band of her panties around the tops of her thighs. "Still now," Charles said quietly and bent and kissed the nape of her neck, sweeping her long hair aside. "Lie quiet for a moment." Samantha smothered a rising "OOOOOOOH!" as his fingers quested intimately down between her thighs and then gave her hot bottom a quick, warning smack.

"There now – there," Charles murmured gently. "It was only your first. There'll be more to come. Kiss and forgive now." Despite her slenderness, her limp body rolled heavilly as she endeavoured to resist his turning her over on to her back. Gurgling with disbelief at everything that was happening, Samantha made a desperate little movement to reach down for her panties, but felt her hand smacked away. "No Samantha," Charles said firmly, "do you want another smack?" Samantha's lips quivered, her eyes misted with tears. She felt his hand caress her thigh and soothe the warm, silky inner surface, making her quiver. "N.....n.....no" she quavered.

"Always kiss and forgive," Charles husked throatily. Her mouth was a perfect peach, the upper lip rolling wetly back under the pressure of his mouth. "B..........b..........b", Samantha bubbled as a fingertip explored the pursed lips of her slit and circled upwards to find the rosebud of her clit. She bucked, jerking her bottom, clinging of a sudden to his neck as tiny rockets seemed to rise and explode in her tummy. "WHOOOOOOOOO!" Samantha quivered. Her legs spread, straightened and then went limp, her arms sliding down from the tight clutch with which she had seized him.

"We'll see if you can stay the week," Charles breathed. Samantha's eyelashes fluttered, but her eyes remained closed. She wanted to hide in the darkness forever with this beautiful, mad, stinging hot feeling. Her lips remained unmoving, her hands fluttering feebly on the bedspread as Charles unfastened the buttons of her blouse and unveiled the creamy orbs of her tits whose nipples pointedly up so wickedly. Ready for a ride, he thought – but not yet. Better let her swim in her feelings for the moment. Another strapping and she could be mounted. Delicately he touched the puffy lips of her slit and felt her quiver. Tomorrow a new world would open up for Samantha. If Roger had got the message that is – and he felt sure he had.....

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