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Under The Cane

Story from Swish Vol.7 No.1

Under The Cane

LAST MONTH in Stern Stepsister, Fiona made her first acquaintance with the secretarial college that her stepsister, Marjory, has recently opened on the South coast. Having secretly watched one of the girls being caned on her bare bottom by Marjory, life is taking quite a new turn for Fiona...

* * *

"Here we are, then", Marjory announced as she led Fiona into the lounge of the new house that she and her husband, Terry, had bought recently. It was lavishly furnished, as Fiona expected it might be. "Terry won't be home for an hour yet. I'll make a cup of tea and then we can talk", Marjory went on. In the way of young women, Fiona followed her out into the kitchen. She had so many questions to ask about what she had just witnessed in Marjory's study at the college, but didn't know where to begin. It was her twenty-six-year-old stepsister who answered one of them for her – though in an indirect way.

"Did you like seeing Semantha get caned? You see, I do treat my girls strictly", Marjory said, plugging the kettle in. – "So I saw. I wonder how they stand for it", Fiona answered curiously, Marjory smiled and turned about to face her. "It's in the rules, darling; they know what they're going to get if they misbehave, and so do their parents. I'm quite explicit, you know, about what I intend to do, and it's accepted. Those who don't accept it don't get a place at the college".

"But the cane, of all things. It must hurt so!", protested Fiona wonderingly. – "You only say that because the nearest you ever came to getting a hot bottom, darling, was when I used to spank you, or hold you over to be spanked. Semantha, now – the girl I caned today – has had a score of bottom-treatments from me, AND she gets her knicks peeled down during vacation time, I know. I insist on no backsliding just because they are temporarily out of my control. I tell you, Fiona, sales of canes and tawses in this area have leapt up since I opened the college. Some very respectable, bowler-hatted gentlemen have been buying them, as I happen to know."

Fiona flushed as Marjory turned back to switch off the kettle and fill the teapot. – "You mean, Semantha gets caned at home now as well?", she asked, bringing a silvery laugh from her sister-in-law. Stepping across to Fiona, who was two inches shorter than herself, she embraced her lovingly and so pressed Fiona against the door. – "Honestly, Fiona, you're so sweetly naive, but I think you'll make a good assistant for me at the college, if you care for the idea. I teach my girls the sweetest kind of discipline – severe but nice. Sure, they fret and whimper a lot at first, but they learn to take it.... across their bottom cheeks and, er, right up under. You saw that Semantha came into my study without her panties on – the good girl. You watched her bend over my desk, you watched me sting her bottom with the cane, but you never heard her scream – right?"

", but it was AWFUL! I mean, that cane really bit into her bottom! I mean, I saw the awful pink streaks and how she weaved her hips around trying to escape it and how she clenched her fingers every time you...." – "Shush, darling, and listen", Marjory interrupted her, "You're thinking of it as a sort of school punishment, which it is not. Semantha is of age, as all my girls are. They are all upper middle class, as we used to say. They are a select band. I refuse more girls than I accept, I can tell you. Semantha was a little rebel when she first arrived. Every time she had been spanked, apparently, she kicked and howled and tried to pull her knicks back up. We can't have that, can we? The cleft orb of a girl's naked bottom, well-striped and heated and wriggling divinely, is a treat for a male or a female. I bring them to a state of obedience".

"What?" gulped Fiona, feeling her sister-in-law's tits against her own. Marjory had always got the better of her – it wasn't fair. She could feel Marjory's fingertips groping down to the front of her skirt and drawing it up. "Hey what are you doing?", she gasped and tried in vain to wriggle away. – "Just seeing what colour knicks you have on pet. Black, I hope", rejoined Marjory whose hands proved so persistent that despite Fiona's wriggles she succeeded in baring first her stocking tops and then the crotch of her pale blue panties, puffed out by the bunching of hairs beneath.

"St...stop it, Marjory, I don't want to know!", Fiona blurted when, to her horror, the door was pushed strongly into her back by someone from the dining room. At the same moment, Marjory clasped her young sister-in-law's waist and held her around her waist with both arms, holding the back of the girl's skirt up at the same time to reveal to the 'visitor' the half bare cheeks of her bottom bulging palely from out of the backstrap.

"What's going on?", a voice asked, and to Fiona's frozen horror she recognised it as Terry's. – "Darling, I'm just trying to indoctrinate her", Marjory replied, whereat – ashamed of her exposure before her brother-in-law, Fiona began beating with her fists against Marjory's shoulders. "Hey, that's naughty, Fiona; we can't have this", Terry exclaimed as – most adroitly – he and his wife exchanged arms, as it were, as his own ringed Fiona's slender waist from behind and he lifted her off her feet, retreating backwards out of the kitchen and carrying her – despite her kicks and howls – across the hall and into the living room, with Marjory following swiftly in his rear.

"Stop it! What are you doing! NO!", screeched Fiona as she found herself swung around and then unceremoniously hoisted face down over the back of an armchair with her elbows resting on the cushioned seat and the tips of her toes just making contact with the floor.

"Darling, she was always difficult; she was the same at home", Marjory sighed as a horror-stricken Fiona saw her taking a whippy cane out of the sideboard. – "Terry, you hold her over and I'll get her knicks down", Marjory added, advancing back to the chair while Fiona made frantic attempts to lever herself up, but all in vain, for Terry moved swiftly round the chair – still pressing her down – and then perched sideways on the front of the seat and took a firm hold on Fiona's shoulders.

"NO, Marjory NO!", screeched Fiona then as Marjory came behind the chair and thumbed Fiona's panties swiftly down to her ankles, tucking her skirt right up as an afterthought so that the girl's hips and peachlike bottom were totally exposed.

"I was about to tell her how the girls are trained, but she wouldn't listen, would you, Fiona?", Marjory asked with assumed sadness as her sister-in-law's stockinged legs twisted wildly, her toes scraping the floor. "I was telling her how Semantha – and others, of course – get caned during the vacations.... like this", Marjory went on. Even as she spoke the cane arced silently up and then.... HOOOT-ITTT!", cut a clean path exactly across the twin hemispheres, bringing a long-howling "NEEE-AAAARGH!" from Fiona who had never felt such awful fire before.

"Of course, Semantha, Karen, Nikki, Susan and the others simply don't make this silly noise", Marjory said as she watched the divine quivering and contracting of Fiona's cheeks while she allowed her to absorb the deep sting. Marjory expected no reply from her husband who was as much under her thumb as her pupils. In line with his wife's expert 'teachings now', he laid one hand on the nape of Fiona's neck and with the other cupped her chin, so holding her head from twisting about as the girl blubbered and sobbed. It was a good hold, as Terry recognised. It was impossible for the girl to slither back and gain purchase with her feet fully on the floor.

"A silly noise", repeated Marjory more sternly. Raising the cane again, she brought it searingly across Fiona's cleft derriere, exactly an inch below the first strike. – "GOOO-OW!", came a heartfelt cry from the girl as now, long tongues of flame licked everywhere over, beneath and between the cheeks of her bottom. But this time, Marjory gave her no time to recover. – WEEE-HIPPPP! sounded the cane once more and this time Fiona's shrill cry bounced as surely off of the ceiling as did the supple cane from her springy cheeks.

"NO-NO-NO-NO-NO!", came Fiona's sobbing plea as her hips rolled and jerked on the very top of the chair-back. – "YES, darling – preliminary training is VERY strict, and there are all sorts of good reasons why it has to be. Keep her head still; a good posture is the first thing she has to learn", Marjory breathed heavily as she surveyed the three pink streaks that seemed to almost encompass the delicious tight moon that Fiona was being made to offer up.

"DON'T, Please! DON'T, PLEASE! I can't t...t...take.... NEEE-HAAAR-OOOH!", screamed Fiona, her words cut off in mid-flight by a fourth scorching stroke that skinned the straining, hot flesh of her bum.

"You will be surprised what you will learn to take UNTIL you are OBEDIENT, darling", Marjory told her. "This, my pet, is called the five-bar gate – four parallel and once across. Funny thing, though, it doesn't close the entrance". Marjory said in a crisp, authoritative – though with hidden laughter in her voice – tone, and then altered the angle of her wrist to lay that fifth and even more biting and searing one at a forty-five degree angle, as she had said.

"THEEE-EEEH-EEEEH!", gritted Fiona through her teeth. Her shapely legs opened, closed, and then dangled limp some four inches apart. Not quite wide enough for after-treatment – Marjory thought – but not bad. There was unconscious receptance here by Fiona of what she was being caned for. – "OH-WOH-WOH-WOH!", Fiona sobbed brokenly and in great gulps.

"All right, Terry – let her go", Marjory murmured and stepped back, still holding the cane. As Terry released his dual hold on her, Fiona's fingers scrabbled desperately into the twisted cushion which sprang into her hands as he got up. Marjory was waiting to see how and if Fiona would move. At first she made as if to slide down right over the back of the seat, but seemed to realise what intimate exposure she would be offering to Terry if she did so and so started to slide backwards and to collapse, as she hoped, on the carpet behind the chair. Even as the soles of her high heels lowered themselves tentatively, and with her hips writhing wildly, she received a SMACK! from Marjory's palm, bringing a blubbering howl as Fiona felt the impact full against her tender bottom.

"NO! STAY, girl, STAY!", barked Marjory who remembered well enough what a handful Fiona had been a few years before at home when it was spanking time for her. Another heartfelt screech from Fiona, and she hung limp again, her bottom cheeks squeezing frantically.

"All right, Terry, you can start getting the dinner ready. I'll see to her", Marjory uttered, bringing a look of resentment to his face, though he dared not disobey for his wife was quite capable of bringing the cane across his own bottom, and often did. Scouting past the chair where Fiona hung sobbing, he glanced back over his shoulder – Marjory moving aside deliberately to let him view the "miscreant", as she was fond of calling her learner-pupils. Heavens, what a bottom Fiona had! Apple-round, tight and redhot, globing above two pearly, lovely thighs, and all the bewitching slimness of her legs beneath. Then the view was gone from him as he reluctantly closed the door.

"Get up now!" Marjory was saying quite roughly to Fiona whose tear-streaked face had moistened the cushion. With the departure of Terry, she seemed to want to hang helpless – seeking attention. It was the way that Marjory eventually wanted her to be, though she could not herself provide the sort of 'attention' a hot-bottomed female ought to receive after a caning. That would come later when Fiona had learned deportment, stripping, displaying, and so on.

"UP!", Marjory repeated and hauled Fiona back so that she slumped against her with Marjory's would-be calming and cupping palms feeling the delicious weight of Fiona's bottom which squirmed madly at the contact. – "I'll tell Mummy, I'll tell Daddy!", Fiona blubbered babyishly, referring to her own mother and to her stepfather who was sire to Marjory. – "So? You'll tell them", Marjory replied curtly and stayed Fiona's hands from pulling down the back of her skirt. She knew very well that Fiona wouldn't, and that it would do her no good, anyway. It might encourage Marjory's Dad to get his own cane out, the one that had made both his second wife's AND Marjory's bottom writhe often enough when Fiona had been out.

"Now – stand in the corner, skirt up!", she commanded Fiona now and gave her a push. "Won't! I won't I... YEEEECH!", squealed Fiona as again a hefty, full-palmed smack met her blazing nether cheeks and sent her stumbling forward. In but a moment she stood head bowed miserably her shoulders shaking, and her back to the room, her cherry-red botty properly displayed where Marjory deftly wreathed her skirt up tightly again at her hips.

"I'm g...g...going home and I'll tell....", sobbed Fiona, bringing a laugh from Marjory who laid the slender cane warningly against her seared bum. – "Darling, I promise you that if you do you'll end up with quite a sparky bottom by bedtime from father's cane, which you haven't even tasted yet! Ankles neatly together and hands behind your back now – come on!"

"I hay-hay-hate you!", Fiona sobbed but nevertheless, with the cane laid warningly against her heat-blaring cheeks, she obeyed, bringing a gentle, pleased sigh from her sister-in-law.

Fiona half closed her eyes, surreptitiously squeezing her nether cheeks still. She knew about her stepfather's cane all right. He had recently begun making jokes about 'giving her bottom a treat', but Fiona knew it wasn't only joking. Once, years ago in her bedroom, after Marjory had held her for a spanking and then put her into bed, Marjory had whipped up her own skirt and turned about and Fiona – to her amazement – had seen that she had no panties on and that there were six precise-placed red stripes across her plump bottom.

"My medals!", Marjory had laughed, and Fiona had known then that it was true and that Marjory must have been caned just before she herself got in that night. Quivering and with her shoulders hunched, Fiona felt the cane caressing up and down the backs of her thighs where her stocking tops bit into her flesh.

"A good girl is still after her bottom has been seen to, Fiona. Remember that. Oh, I know it takes a lot of effort – especially when you are bent over or kneeling up on a bed – but eventually you will take pride in being able to do it. You will rarely be able to quell the wriggling of your hips, of course, but that is not important. To the contrary, it looks very feminine, very pretty – AND most enticing. Now – I was telling you about Semantha and the others, wasn't I. WASN'T I!" Marjory repeated sharply, giving Fiona a little tap across the backs of her thighs.

"YEH-ES-ESSS!", whimpered Fiona who sensed that this was a private talk and that Terry would not reappear for quite a while.

"Good. Now listen carefully. I'm putting you on a crash course, darling, because I know you have it in you," – or are going to have, soon enough, Marjory thought mischievously. "Semantha, Karen, Nikki – and several others – have had three terms with me, but they still came back for a fourth. Ask me why? Go on!"

"Wh...wh....why?", gritted Fiona as the cane pressed into her hot bulb again, at a full right angle across it.

"Because they admire me, and they admire themselves. They take pride in having overcome a silly and unnecessary pride that once caused them to wriggle and squeal if their bottoms were so much as gently fondled. They have learned to offer up and to hold themselves in a disciplined way when their bottoms are stripped naked. They walk properly after they have been seen to, for they know also that they are admired for it, even cosseted and spoiled occasionally. They may grit their teeth occasionally when and if the cane bites deep, but they ride through it, proud. Their punishment – though it is not the most appropriate word – is for the naughtiness they seek. Is that a conundrum to you. Well? Is it?"

"D...d..dunno", mumbled Fiona. She hated herself for standing bare bottomed in a corner in front of Marjory, and yet deep within her something was stirring. Did she feel 'proud', in some strange way, to have been so horridly caned? Did she feel 'proud' – both conquered and yet not – in standing displayed like this?

"You DO know, darling, but you won't let yourself understand that you do. We all like to succumb sometimes – all of us. It gives a rare salt to life. To be made to bare your bottom in otherwise unthinkable circumstances is delicious. It helps to unfold your most secret dreams. After you had been spanked, I used to slip in bed with you and make you come so easily – didn't I? EH?"

"WEEE-OW!" squealed Fiona as, failing to answer, she received a stinging stroke across her bulbing orb that made her reach up on her toes. It was true, and Marjory knew it was true, but she wasn't going to say.

"You don't have to answer, darling. Silent consent is sufficient. Take Semantha now. After a term and a half with me, Semantha entered a new phase. Under crisp, stern commands she would strip daintily to her stockings and high heels. She has a lovely pubic bush, and I had taught her not to hide it by fluttering her hands about. Then she would walk slowly and proudly to the back of a chair – just like this one – and glide gracefully over it until her head and shoulders were concealed and just her lovely tight bottom and long, stockinged legs showed. Shall I go on? Yes, your silence bids me to – an obedient silence – so I shall.

"A little twitch of the cane would ensure that Semantha's legs were planted apart, her toes straining a little on the floor. Nothing would be said. She knew all that she was showing at last, and what she was going to receive for it – a sixer, or a full dozen. All in silence, Fiona. The silence of acceptance".

"WHAH!", blurted Fiona then, for as Marjory spoke so her hand came up cupping right up Fiona's bottom, and so far beneath that her forefinger twiddled the girl's puffy lovelips.

"Be quiet and keep UP on your toes. Miss!", Marjory barked while Fiona blushed, sniffled and felt her fleshy-firm bottom held the tighter from beneath and urged up another inch. "Let me warn you, Fiona, that you are going to be caned again after dinner. Whether it will be a sixer or a dozen will depend on your responses to me NOW, and your total obedience. Listen carefully. It will bode well for your future. Being so positioned, and entirely of her own volition, Semantha gripped the forward edge of the seat beneath her and waited for the first bite of the cane. I know that she did, for I was secretly present, and watching".

"At the first hissing sweep of the cane, she uttered a little bleat, but no more than that. Her hips rolled once and then were still. Her adorable nether cheeks twitched and tightened, as one expects them to. High-slung as she was – and as you have just been – one could see the very pretty peeping of her lovelips, all hazed with curls. Ten seconds passed and then the cane hissed up right under her cleft globe. That time, a long sob escaped her and she rolled her hips more violently on top of the chairback, but then at last mastered herself. She was almost in profile to me, in my hiding place. I watched her lips part almost in wonderment and a slightly strained look come over her pretty face as she commanded herself to remain over.

"Oh, I admired her for that! My training held, you see. Deep within herself she desired the discipline to which she was being put in every way. The silence was quite awesome. I adored her for her submissive attitude – she who but eight months before that had fought like a little she-cat when she was to be spanked. She was displaying herself in all her naughtiness. It did not need to be spoken of. I saw how hard her nipples became when the cane swished in again. She screwed up her eyes and uttered a little animal-like cry. I could almost feel the stinging, demanding heat in her tight cheeks. She knew what she was going to have at last, after the last searing stroke took her bulb. As you will – tonight – with Terry. I'm not jealous, Fiona, you see''.

"WHOOO!", quivered Fiona, for at that Marjory moved to the side of her and cupped her pubic bush fully. Her eyes rolled, her head flopped sideways onto Marjory's shoulder.

"I am going to smack your bottom now, darling. As I do, rub your lovelips on my palm", Fiona heard and then uttered a sound midway between a moan and a squeal as SMACK! came sharply to her bulbing, hot cheeks causing her quim to squirm and rub its pouting lips over Marjory's palm. Half swooning, caught between the wicked stinging and a delirium of desire, she caught only a few of her stepsister's words as their mouths hovered close together.

"Afterwards.... carried her upstairs, legs limp, her bottom rolling on his palm.... Her creamy tits bobbed, her nipples like thorns. I heard her moaning no, but it was a no that meant yes. I heard a bedroom door kicked open and the bedsprings sing. For a moment she grappled beneath him, rolling her bottom tempestuously, but then the big knob of his cock slipped up into her, and I could hear only her moans of pleasure and..."

"Mmmmmm....!, whimpered Fiona. She was falling, falling, and Marjory was falling with her until the carpet received them and she was blindly groping up under Marjory's skirt. "I want to!", Fiona heard herself whimpering helplessly. Marjory soothed her hot forehead, mashing her lips into hers. – "I know you do, darling, and tonight is just a start. After you've taken Terry's cock, there's another cane waiting for you and it'll be a real biter".

"I know, I know", Fiona moaned, her fingers under the crotch of Marjory's knickers. It was going to sting and burn her like mad, but it would serve her right for being so naughty afterwards...


  1. As ever fantastic, I look forward to this Friday - Strict Schooling ?

  2. Exactly. On Friday - "Strict Schooling" from Swish Vol.7 No.4, as planned.