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Sam Ramsey serial, Ep.5. "Submission in the Sun"

Story from Februs 36.

Submission in the Sun
Episode five of the serial by Sam Ramsey

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'Would you like to swim?'

The two women are standing by the side of a small pool whose clear water sparkles invitingly.

'I'd love to. But I forgot to bring anything to swim in.'

'We'll skinny dip! It's completely private, I promise.'


In the heat, both are wearing light summer dresses over minimal underwear, and a few moments later they are naked, their clothes on a stone bench beside the pool. They turn towards each other and the younger woman suddenly gasps as she catches sight of a glint of gold on the other's breasts.

'Sarah! How long have you had that done? You didn't tell me!'

She reaches out to touch the fine rings through the older woman's nipples.

'That feels strange... but they look lovely. You are so brave having them done! Didn't it hurt horribly?'

'Only for a bit: I think I was lucky and they've healed very easily. It was a sort of present for Adam – but it seems to have made me more sensitive, so I'm not complaining! I didn't tell you, as I wanted it to be a surprise.'

The younger woman continues to touch the other's breasts and after a while she leans down and takes one of the rings into her mouth, feeling it with her tongue. A hand toys with the other ring, tugging very gently, pulling the nipple erect.

Sarah sighs. She strokes the straw-coloured head at her breast.

'Oh, Anna... don't stop.'

The garden is quiet until a moan escapes from Sarah's lips. She pulls the girl upright and the two women kiss lingeringly, breasts crushed together, arms wound tightly around each other.

Sarah breaks away, smiling at Anna.

'Shall we swim first or make love?'

Anna grins back, and she pulls Sarah towards her, and the two women collapse on the grass near the pool. They explore each other slowly and gently, until eventually one is lying on the other, head to tail. Hands continue to caress, knowing tongues explore, little sounds of pleasure escape into the summer air.

* * *

'Oh, it is so, so good to see you!'

'You too.'

The women were now sitting on the edge of the pool, bodies glistening with drops of water – Sarah, olive skinned, long legged, bobbed dark hair, startling grey eyes, Anna much younger, slim, pale skinned, her blonde pony-tail now wet and dark.

'So, tell me more about Ben... and about that time you described in your e-mail.'

Sarah and Adam had the use of a large country cottage which belonged to friends who were abroad, and they had invited Anna and her new man Ben to stay for a few days. Anna had been able to come down a couple of days early, but Ben would arrive with Adam at the weekend. The two couples had already met in London for dinner at a restaurant some weeks before, and Sarah had warmed to Ben (some of Anna's previous men had been distinctly unsatisfactory, she thought); so now she was looking forward to the weekend, especially after getting Anna's intriguing message.

'Oh, that e-mail!' Anna said, looking slightly embarrassed. 'I don't know – I must have been feeling really frustrated and randy when I sent that. Ben was away for a while...'

'Don't worry, I liked reading your confession! Anyway, it's lovely how we've always told each other everything. So tell me again, tell me more.'

Anna laughed. 'You are a dreadful woman! So what do I get if I do tell you?'

Sarah's answer was to slip gracefully back into the pool, and surface again in front of Anna. She eased apart the pale legs dangling over the side and began nuzzling inside the girl's slim thighs. Anna sighed contentedly. Since they had first made love a couple of years before, the two women had quickly discovered that Anna, once aroused, could come repeatedly; and Sarah (who herself took a long time to be ready for a second orgasm) delighted in the girl's ready responsiveness to her love-making.

'OK. OK, I give in,' said Anna, after a minute or two had passed, the older woman's teasing tongue shooting more little stabs of pleasure through her. 'I'll tell you again...'

'It was about three weeks ago – just after the four of us met in that restaurant. Well, you know that the sex between Ben and me has been going really well – he's something both macho and sexy and really tender at the same time. But until then, it was all quite straight, all rather innocent really. Except that a couple of nights previously, his hand had strayed to my bumhole and stroked it a bit and I'd pressed back on his finger so he must have known that I was enjoying it and willing to go further. But Ben didn't do or say anything more then.'

'Anyway, the night I'm telling you about, we'd been out to dinner again and I was dressed up in very high heels and my little black dress – you know the one – and I was looking really good, though I say so myself! Well we went back afterwards to my place, and straight away began to make love. Ben laid me down face down on the bed and started massaging and stroking my back – which you know I really tike. And after a while, I was getting turned on and Ben was kissing down my back, further and further, then he was licking down my bum cheeks and licking between them. Which was really lovely, and I told him so...'

Anna broke off for a moment, distracted by the woman's tongue searching out the same place. She shifted her position on the side of pool, spreading her legs wider. Sarah returned to her sweet caresses.

'After a while Ben tells me to stay where I am, still on my front, and to shut my eyes. He gets up from the bed and I can hear him looking for something in the pocket of the trousers he's thrown over the chair; then he comes back and kneels across my legs. Suddenly I feel this big squirt of lube, then lots more, and he starts working it around with his fingers, and soon, a finger is straying inside my bum. I really relax into it, and it feels so good. Then after quite a while, I'm getting so wet and he moves above me, and at last I feel his hard cock. He presses down, and I press back and open up to him, and then he's into me – for the first time with Ben like that. Oh Sarah, it felt really great, in fact the nicest that way ever.'

'Ummm...' Anna added, distracted again, as Sarah's probing finger now penetrated her. 'That's not so bad either!'

Then was silence by the pool for a moment, then Anna continued, her voice darker, quieter with the mounting sexual excitement.

'Well, Ben was really into it too, for he came quite quickly. And it was lovely afterwards as well. When you've just done something like that with a new man, you can fell embarrassed. But not with Ben. It felt just right. And so we showered together, and then he went down on me and made me come beautifully. We cuddled up after for a long time, and that's when I thought, 'Now's the moment.' So, I said, in a little-girl voice, 'I'm been very naughty, letting you take me like that.' And Ben grinned at me, and said I certainly had been naughty, especially as I obviously wasn't a virgin that way. So I asked him if he'd like to punish me. Ben looked at me for a while, and then he said, very quietly and a bit hesitantly, 'I think I'd like that.'

'So, I opened the drawer in the chest next to the bed, got out the tawse that you and Adam bought me and I gave it to Ben. He was obviously a bit surprised that I had such a thing but I just smiled sweetly. I put my shoes back on and went to stand up in front of my dressing table, to he could see my face in the mirror. So there I was, teetering on my highest heels, leaning forward with my hands on the edge. Then Ben took up the tawse and starting teasing me with it, little stings on my bum.'

'At least, I thought that was what he was doing. And after some minutes of this, I was almost crying with frustration and desire – I positively wanted to be struck hard to put an end to all the teasing. I was wriggling and sighing but he didn't get the message. And then suddenly I felt shy. I don't know why, but I just couldn't ask Ben to tawse me harder. But he was obviously enjoying it! He was rampant again, and it was wonderful watching him in the mirror. Finally, I just turned around and dropped to my knees and started sucking his gorgeous cock. And then, at the end...'

Anna paused. Sarah who had been nuzzling her thighs and tummy, returned to lick the open flower of the girl's half-shaven pussy, her finger exploring below.

'I didn't tell you this in my e-mail but I so much wanted to do something especially submissive for Ben, something I'd never done for anyone else. And at the end, just as he was coming, I pulled back so he'd come over me, over my face. So there I was, my bum tingling, kneeling at his feet like a porno queen, streaked with his come, a surprising amount for his second time that night. You might have thought I'd feel silly or worse: but it was simply... simply...'

Her voice drifted away as Anna began to concentrate on the sensations radiating through her body. Sarah's tongue and finger moved faster. A couple of minutes later, an orgasm shook the girl's body – the older woman felt the ripples of it as the muscles gripped her finger, deep in Anna's dark star, and she heard the girl cry out.

* * *

Later, the two women were sitting next to each other by the pool again, their arms round each other's waists.

'And have you tried playing more punishment games with Ben since the first time, or talked about it?' asked Sarah.

'No – and I so want to...'

'Well, we'll have to see about that!' laughed Sarah.

So, that evening, white Anna was showering, Sarah quietly phoned Adam and suggested one or two things that he might pack when he came down for the weekend.

* * *

Ben was standing in the kitchen, mixing more drinks, already feeling slightly drunk.

He had arrived with Adam late the previous afternoon (they had arranged to meet in London and travel down on the same train) and the four of them had gone out for a meal in a local country pub, which had been extremely relaxed and enjoyable. Then in the morning, which had been dull and overcast, Anna had driven him into the nearby country town and they had explored the narrow back streets and the ancient church. But when the sun broke through and the temperature began to soar again they had headed back to the cottage.

Adam and Sarah were just going out to the pool when they arrived so Ben had gone inside the cottage to get changed. The other three were already splashing around as he ran out to the garden again and jumped into the pool. He saw that the two women were both topless but it was a few moments more before he discovered that in fact neither was wearing even a tiny thong; and then moments later, stealing another appreciative glance at Sarah's brown body, Ben caught the glint of gold at her nipples and realized that she was prettily pierced.

After a while the four had got out of the pool and Ben had watched the two naked women oil each other's bodies. He had felt the strong sexual charge between the women as their hands gently massaged each other; yet it would have been difficult to say how their actions went beyond the sweetly sisterly. Perhaps a little sensuous movement here, an almost inaudible catch of the breath there. Ben found this suppressed eroticism incredibly arousing.

Then the women sun-bathed. Ben found himself stealing glances at Sarah's body as she lay on her back beside him. She smiled at him as she put more oil on her breasts, and teased him by running her hands particularly slowly, languorously, across the gold rings, making her nipples stiffen visibly.

It was at this point that Adam had suggested that the two men went inside to make more drinks. They stood by the window chatting easily, occasionally glancing outside at the women. Anna had moved nearer to Sarah and they were laughing together. And then suddenly, the two women started kissing passionately and they rolled over together, embracing, limbs in a tangle.

The men watched for a while, enthralled.

'How very naughty they are!' Adam grinned at Ben. 'I do think they may be asking for a little punishment...'

Ben looked a bit startled.

'Here, you take these drinks out,' continued Adam, 'I'll bring what we need!'

Adam left the room for a moment and returned carrying a light two-pronged tawse, a thin cane and two pairs of very high-heeled, strappy sandals in one hand and a small bag in the other. Ben looked at what Adam was carrying and paused with drinks tray. Adam caught the other's look and asked, 'Ben, are you on for this? We can forget about it if you like.'

But after a moment, Ben smiled back and nodded. The two men walked out into the garden together.

Sarah was lying on her back, with Anna on her hands and knees, a breast in Sarah's mouth as she kissed the other's erect nipple. The women looked up as the men approached; Anna shuddered with pleasurable anticipation as she saw what was in Adam's hand.

* * *

Sarah was now balanced on her highest heels, her bum thrust out provocatively, leaning forward with her hands resting on the warm metal of the sundial on top of a column by the pool. She was looking into Anna's eyes as the girl stood on the other side of the column, her hands grasping Sarah's.

The men walked round, admiring this tableau of submission. Then Adam picked up the tawse and stood behind Sarah. The women grasped each other's hands more tightly as Adam raised his arm...

The tawse swished down onto Sarah's proffered behind; she felt the impact, then the so-familiar blaze of hot sensation; but there followed, too, the quick realization that Adam had in fact not struck her very hard. After a pause, a second stroke bit into her pretty arse; but the fire was bearable, welcome even as the beginning of a release from the sexual tension that had been building up over the last hour. Adam was obviously thinking of the whole scene as a tactful demonstration to Ben of how hard to tawse his compliant but still rather inexperienced lover, and was holding back from his usual stern testing of Sarah's limits. Sarah was amused to think how much more fiercely she and Anna had explored each other in their private love-making, and she smiled reassuringly at the girl, squeezing her hands.

Adam passed the tawse to Ben, who gave it a few tentative swishes through the air, then positioned himself behind Anna who slowly bent her head and thrust out her behind into an even more enticing curve. Her young lover tried a couple of experimental taps of the leather against her bum. Then, as Ben copied the older man, the instrument descended in earnest for the first time. Anna moaned and cried out, partly because of the little blaze of pain and partly to excite Ben, who quickly flicked the tawse down hard a second time.

Ben handed back the tawse to Adam, who rearranged the women a little so they each stood nearer the column of the sundial, their arms overlapping, their leaning heads near enough for their lips to touch. They began to kiss passionately; and Sarah readied herself, pushing out her beautiful behind again; twice more, the tawse descended, its fierce caress igniting the fires in her, her moans stifled by Anna's kisses. She was now intensely aware of every sensitized nerve-end in her bottom. Anna's open-mouthed passionate kisses were making her melt.

It was Anna's turn to give herself again, to submit to Ben – two more blows, a little harder. She moaned now, as Sarah kissed her hungrily.

Ben went to pass the tawse back to Adam, but Adam shook his head.

'No, you do Sarah as well this time.'

Sarah glanced at the two men, then bowed her head meekly.

'May I?' she heard Ben say a moment later.

'Of course.'

Sarah held herself in readiness; but the leather didn't descend immediately; instead, she felt a hand – Ben's hand – gently caress one of her breasts and then touch the ring through her nipple.

'You can pull the rings gently,' Adam said.

Ben must have put down the tawse for a while, for two hands were on her breasts, fingers playing with the rings. The feeling was wonderful and Sarah flooded with wetness; she and Anna held each other's gaze as the ripples of pleasure went through the older woman.

Ben's hand gently ran over the raised marks on Sarah's behind, and she again shuddered at the sensation. Then – too soon, too soon! – Ben picked up the fiery-tongued strap.

'Two more, a little harder,' said Adam.

Sarah bit her lip to stop herself yelping as two fiercer strokes descended on her behind. She leaned on the sundial panting, the lashes of her closed eyes moist; she felt Anna tenderly kiss her eyelids.

'And one last one for Sarah... harder still this time.'

Anna leaned forward to kiss Sarah again, and the older woman slowly offered herself again – and cried out as the pain coursed through her, burning, thrilling, melting, hurting.

A moment out of time as the sensations overwhelmed her. Then Sarah was aware that Anna was being beaten by Ben again, and she returned kisses as the girl gripped her arms, her face registering each stripe, her expression so ambiguous between pain and pleasure. Sarah watched Ben's fierce concentration as he plied the tawse at Adam's encouragement, three, four times until finally, Anna cried out and burst into tears.

* * *

The two clung to each other for a long moment, recovering as the men gazed at the erotic sight of two beautiful women, their behinds aflame. Then Sarah slowly stood op. She looked at Ben, and smiled at him. An image suddenly entered her mind, of leaning on the sun-dial, kissing Anna again, this time as each of them was vigorously fucked from behind by the other's man. A time would come, she was sure, when the four of them would swap partners like that; but not today, not this first time.

Ben was moving to hold and caress Anna, but Adam stopped him. 'No, not yet... her ordeal isn't quite over!'

Adam reached down to the bag lying next to the unused cane. 'We'll play with the cane tomorrow; but for now...' He took some soft rope from the bag and taking Anna's hands he gently tied them together and then looped the rope over a branch of the tree near the pool, so that the girl was standing, her arms above her head, unable to rob the throbbing pain in her sweet bum. She looked quite wonderful, her breasts raised, her legs taut from her high heels.

Adam took two items from the bag and handed then to Ben, gesturing towards the bound girl. Ben nodded, and walked over to the girl. He bent to kiss her and she raised her face to him. Then he turned her around. She wriggled as the cold lube was spread between her cheeks; then she moaned with a mixture of discomfort and delight as the shiny black rubber butt-plug slowly violated her. Ben hugged and kissed the girl again, and stroked her burning behind, pressing the plug into her. Anna's every nerve end there was alive, the sensation unbelievably intense.

After a minute, Sarah walked over to the couple and took Ben's hand.

'Leave her for a moment.'

Sarah led the younger man back to the loungers by the pool where the drinks were set down, and poured him and Adam another glass. Adam lay back, drinking in the vision of Anna in her bondage. Sarah encouraged Ben to lay back too, then she knelt beside the young man. She whispered to him, 'You must go and make love to Anna in a minute... but slowly, very slowly, and giving her the most pleasure you can, to make up for what she's been through.'

Sarah's hand ran down Ben's chest, over his flat stomach to the bulge in his swimming shorts.

'Hmmm... you are far too excited to pay proper attention to her. Let me slow you down!' Sarah felt his hardness – and then, before he could respond, she pulled down the band of his shorts to release Ben's cock, and bent her head down.

Ben shot a startled look at Adam, who grinned encouragingly back; then a look of guilty pleasure at Anna, who gave him a wry, complicit smile. Sarah's mouth was hot round his cock as she sucked, gazing into his eyes as she did so. He reached down so that he could feel Sarah's breasts and play with her rings. He gave himself up to pleasure.

* * *

A little later Adam and Sarah were in their room.

'It was wonderful out there...' she said.

'I know.'

'I felt so... so wicked! I so much wanted to make love to all three of you at once.'

'Shhhh. One day...'

They kissed passionately.

Sarah was the first to break away. She walked across the room to the chest of drawers and reached into the bottom drawer, burrowing under the clothes there, until she found what she'd hidden. She then ceremoniously laid on the bed the three items she'd retrieved.

No words were said. No words needed to be said. The slow ritual that followed was one that had been played out often before. Sarah kneeled on the bed and Adam placed the ball-gag in her mouth and adjusted the strap behind the woman's head. Then Sarah, still kneeling, knees wide apart, turned around to face her man. She picked up the vibrator from the bed, turned it on, and began to circle it around her very core. Adam watched intently until a sigh escaped from Sarah's lips. And then, as if on a signal, he picked up the third item from the bed, a whip with a carved wooden handle and thin soft leather strands. A moment's pause, and then Adam brought the whip down on the masturbating woman's breasts.

Faint sounds carried through the open window into the still summer afternoon as the tails of the whip played over soft skin. The older couple could catch the sighs and movements of Anna and Ben's love-making by the pool. Anna was beginning to moan aloud, as Ben's head was between her thighs. So they didn't hear Sarah's muffled cries as she writhed, in pain, in pleasure, stimulated beyond endurance, and then melted in a final orgasm.

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  1. Wow, Dmitry - Mr Ramsey - and you - have quite spoiled us with this wonderfully-detailed and highly erotic story, one of the very best I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

    It has often been said that the only good books are the ones you read over and over again; this is most definitely among their number!

    Thank you, sir, you are a treasure.