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Taken In Hand

Story from Swish Vol.7 No.1.

Taken In Hand

When the Colonel comes to stay!

* * *

"He's been a friend of your father's for years", Wendy's mother told her as they waited the arrival of a visitor whom Wendy told herself she couldn't care less about. She knew only that he was Colonel Carrington and had just arrived back from India. He would be as dull as ditchwater, she told herself, but even so she had made herself up nicely, just as her mother had. A trim, grey skirt sheathed Wendy's round bottom, matched by a pearl-grey jumper that left her unbrassiered breasts bobbing beneath the wool. Charcoal-shade nylons and grey high-heeled shoes gave her a very fetching air, as her father had remarked before he went off to meet his friend at the station.

It must be said that Wendy's mother, Adrienne, matched her daughter's attractiveness. At forty-one, her bust was as firm as a much younger woman's and showed prominently beneath a pale pink blouse which barely concealed the jutting pallor of her tits. Her skirt, secured around a commendably narrow waist by a broad belt, was of matching shade, and – like her daughter – she affected dark stockings. Her husband liked them. Adrienne had no illusions about the sexiness of bared thighs above darkly-banding stocking tops. Neither she nor Wendy every wore skirts below the knees, and Adrienne's legs – though plumper – were as finely-turned as the slimmer delights of Wendy's.

"Is he married?", Wendy asked, rather for the sake of saying something than out of curiosity. – "Yes – he married for the second time a couple of years ago, dear. He has two stepdaughters of about your age. No – I tell a lie – one is twenty-two, three years older than yourself. I hear he is very strict with them".

Wendy said "Oh?" in a disinterested sort of way, though the phrase stuck in her mind. – "More than Daddy?", she wanted to ask, but didn't. Wendy's secret – if it could be called that – was that she knew her mother submitted sometimes to the cane. Once, just once, she had seen it lying on the bed over a pair of her mother's black panties, and wondered if she had been meant to see it – if it were a symbol, a message. Many times, through her bedroom door at night, she had heard the steady swishing of the cane and a whimpering, moaning sound, but her mother always seemed bright and alive in the mornings and never complained.

Several times her father had said to her, "You need the cane, my girl", though never confessing that he actually had one. Even though he said it sternly, Wendy would simply sit back, cross her legs and poke her tongue out at him cheekily. Three times only, had she been spanked, gritted her teeth and trying not to howl as her bottom grew hotter under the descending palm. Just as her mother didn't complain, though, neither did Wendy. She had carried her stinging proudly until it had died away into a refulgent glow all over her nether cheeks, making her panties seem tighter around the firm halfmoons so that her bottom felt more prominent.

The visit was all rather strange, anyway, Wendy thought, for the Colonel's arrival had been announced at short notice and her father was due to go away on a business trip the next day and would be away for a week. – "Oh well, he'll be all right in the guest room", Adrienne had said comfortably, and when her husband had said, "You will see to everything he needs, my love", she had replied – all too comfortably, Wendy thought – "You know I will, dear – everything".

As so often with visitors, one moment one is waiting for them, and in the next several hours seem to pass quickly. The Colonel was straight out of the book, Wendy thought – tall, a trim moustache, sunburned, and with a clipped voice. About the same age as her father. He showed them photos of his wife and her daughters. Lillian, he said, was eighteen and Felicity twenty-two. They were all shapely and attractive.

"They are coming on well, James?", Wendy's father asked, making her wonder slightly at what he meant. – "Very well, dear boy; discipline where it counts, y'know. Tawse-training, I call it. Had to have one made out there", the Colonel had replied. It was a word Wendy had never heard before and when she went out in the garden with her mother to gather some flowers, she asked her, "Whatever is a tawse?"

"Shush, darling", Adrienne replied, throwing a glance over her shoulder towards the house. – "I only asked!", Wendy said crossly. – "Well, it's a sort of strap, a broad one and...." But she was interrupted by the appearance of the Colonel, and her voice trailed off. Wendy, however, had her back to him and did not realise his presence, coming as quietly as he did across the lawn. – "Eh? You don't mean that he....", she began when her mother gave her a warning look and Wendy turned to see him. Bending over as she was at that moment, her pale thighs showed distinctly above her dark stocking tops, and – to his distinct pleasure – the Colonel even caught a flash of her black nylon panties where her halfmoons bulged cheekily.

"I brought one with me. Forgive me for overhearing. I will show it to you later", he remarked and politely took the flowers that Adrienne had cut, his glance wandering to the bulbous splendour of her tits and the womanly curving of her hips. It had been fifteen years since he had had the pleasure of sweeping a fine cane across her naked bottom while Adrienne's husband attended in turn to James' own first wife. Quite a night that had been. He wondered if Adrienne remembered.

Adrienne did, and blushed. It was the one and only time she had ever been caned in the presence of another woman. She hoped that James wasn't going to be too indiscreet about it.

Wendy didn't answer, but felt a strange quiver run through her. The Colonel had a dominating personality – that was for sure. She felt even smaller than her five feet six in his presence and wondered for the first time what it was going to be like with her father away. Even her mother seemed a little overawed by him and – in an irritating way – almost skittish in his presence. It wasn't until her father had departed that Wendy knew why.

The three of them had dinner quietly and then settled in the lounge for coffee. As soon as they had finished, the Colonel excused himself, went upstairs and returned gravely to lay on an occasional table a thick and supple tawse. Then, much to Wendy's wonderment and faint annoyance, he turned down the volume on the TV. "This, my dear Wendy, is a tawse", he said quietly, "Some refer to it as a tamer, some as a trainer, and others as an admonitory instrument for wayward females".

Wendy gulped and stared at him. Her mother seemed about to start up from her armchair and then sank back, saying rather weakly, "James – I don't think...." – "Why? Is there a misunderstanding here? Are you not both disciplined?", he asked. – "Well, no, James – look, I think we had better....", Adrienne began nervously.

"Discuss it privately? Of course – if you prefer. Wendy, you will excuse us? I shall not be long", he answered gravely and bent and took Adrienne's arm so that to Wendy's total astonishment her mother allowed herself to be drawn up. – "J...J...James...", uttered Adrienne feebly. – "Upstairs", he said firmly, and Wendy gazed at both of them open-mouthed as her mother – not even casting a glance over her shoulder – allowed herself to be almost sheepishly led out of the room.

"Mummy?", Wendy wanted to utter. Her mouth opened but no sound came. The door to the hallway closed. It was crazy – ridiculous! She got up and stared down at the heavily coiled tawse, reached to touch it, and retracted her hand. What on earth was going on?

"James, please – not now", Adrienne was saying in an urgent whisper as they turned to mount the stairs. His arm looped her waist as she spoke, and then his left hand descended very slowly to pass around the plump globe of her bottom, feeling the ridging of her panties through her skirt. – "You were always a little hesitant at first, Adrienne – that was one of your many charms", he murmured. Feeling blatantly right under the weighty orb of her bottom, he urged her leg up to take the first step.

"James, she will hear!", pleaded Adrienne weakly, but the firm cupping of a male hand there always weakened her. The rich plumpness of her half-moons pressed down on to his palm as they ascended slowly. – "Has she not been caned, then?'', the Colonel asked in mild surprise. – "No, James, of course not – well, not yet and.... oh, please, no!" Adrienne murmured piteously as she found herself being propelled into the main bedroom. Powerless to resist, she felt the hem of her black skirt being drawn up slowly as she was pressed towards the bed, his fingertips tasting the tight spanning of her suspender straps and the plump glory of her thighs.

"NO!", came Adrienne's little whimper, but her obedience through all the years held, as James knew it would. Limp as a doll she allowed herself to be bent over the side of the bed as he scooped her skirt up to her hips, "OH!", uttered Adrienne weakly. Her head and shoulders sank as his hands toyed masterfully with her nylon-sheathed bottom and then, with no further hesitation, peeled her panties down to her knees. Adrienne, if anything, looked more beautiful than ever to his view, the bared hemispheres that inrolled so deeply were much plumper now. Adrienne quivered and bit her lip as he sensuously massaged her globe and delicately parted the big, springy cheeks for a moment before taking the cane down from the top of the wardrobe where Adrienne realised her husband had left it in wicked readiness.

"She... she... she'll hear!", Adrienne whimpered softly into her cupping hands. – "Be QUIET, woman!", barked James who took a long moment of contemplative admiration for her offered orb before raising the cane....

Dry-mouthed downstairs and with her ear pressed to the door into the hallway, Wendy heard her mother's first gritting squeal just seconds later. – "Mummy?", she wanted to call out, but again no sound came. – "THOOO-AH!", she heard next as a second strike of the cane seared across Adrienne's naked, bulbous glory, making her fingers claw into the bed cover.

"No! Oh, NO!", Wendy whispered to herself frantically and stepped back from the door. What was he doing? Why was her mother not screaming or rushing downstairs? How could this possibly happen in their own house? It couldn't! – "NEE-AAARGH!", she heard next, though the swishing of the cane itself did not come to her ears. Adrienne's now already-scorched bottom rotated madly. James was giving it to her much harder than her husband often did. Perhaps Adrienne knew why – perhaps for that very reason a glinting of tears rolled down her cheeks.

"NOO-HOOO! Oh, James, please!", she sobbed as he allowed the last searing bite of the cane to sink in, feeling his penis throbbing stiff at the sensuous display of her rolling, reddened bottom cheeks.

"Very well, Adrienne, but your bottom needs further treatment. I shall attend on you later. Get on to the bed, lie on your tummy and lie still. It is patently obvious to me that discipline has not been as fully extended in this house as one would have wished. I shall return later. Get your knickers right off and wait for me!"

"J...J...James – please!", whined Adrienne as she slithered forward on to the bed, spreading her ample legs as she did so and displaying the rolled lips of her quim blatantly to his view. James, however, had a more immediately appointment. Striding to the door and nimbly taking the key from inside the door, he closed and locked it to a despairing whimper from Adrienne who hid her face in one of the two pillows and had a bleary, tummy-squirming memory of what had happened on that night long ago when James and her husband had caned two of them until – as James had triumphantly announced – their madly-rotating bottoms were 'cock-ready'.

Wendy heard her mother's faint, beseeching cry and retreated further back into the lounge as James descended. As the door opened and she saw the cane, he was still holding, her jaw fell. – "Look.... Mummy.... she....", Wendy began and then swallowed as he closed the door and loomed over her. – "I have seen to your mother, Wendy, and I gather from her – much to my surprise – that discipline has been lacking in your respect", he uttered.

"WHA-AAAART?", Wendy choked. A panicky feeling seized her and she made to run past him, to evade him and reach the door, but even as she did his arm swung out and took her own in her passing so that with a shriek – and quite caught off balance – Wendy found herself slung almost willy-nilly over the soft-rolled arm of the chair that her mother had vacated.

"NO-WOH!", Wendy shrieked. She made to lever herself up, but all in a flash the Colonel's strong hand that held the cane bunched down into the nape of her neck and held her over, kicking, as with the other he swept up the back of her miniskirt and bared as delicious a bottom as he had ever seen. – "Don't you DARE! Mummy! Mummy!", shrieked Wendy as the same hand ripped at the fragile waistband of her panties and ripped them down to below her stocking tops.

"Young LADY!", barked the Colonel, "You will be quiet! If this is truly going to be your first taste of the cane, then I can only declare my utter astonishment that such a delectable orb as yours has not been bared for it before this. If I am to put you into training, then so be it. First, though, let us have you still!", he growled and with that brought a "YAH!" of outrage from Wendy as his free hand cupped her bared cheeks as boldly and as inquisitively as he had her mother's.

"You.... you.... you... you! Mummy! MUMMY!", howled Wendy who was so neatly and strongly held over at both ends, with the upper half of her body slumped over on to the seat of the armchair. The Colonel ignored her struggles. He had experienced it all before at home, though things were much-changed now, and would be soon enough with Wendy, when she learned. Pressing the ball of this thumb gently between her springy, tight nether cheeks, he held his fingers under her where he could feel the gentle rasping of her pubic curls and the succulent moisture of her cunnylips.

"Mum...Mum...MUMMY!", Wendy squealed desperately again. – "No, my dear your mother will NOT come down until I have dealt with you. That is for certain – just as certain as your adorable bottom is going to burn its way into such future delights as you will experience. It is for me, seemingly, to initiate you into the world of obedience, submission and pleasure", uttered James who so quickly brought his hand out from under her bottom to glide the cane from his neck-gripping one, that Wendy had but a second to buck her naked hips rebelliously before he brought it cuttingly into her tight, creamy halfmoons, bringing a shrill howl from her....

And Wendy's 'training' continues in our next...

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  1. Wendy's father clearly knew precisely what would happen while he was away.....why hasn't he been stronger with his manly duty before now? Hoepefully we will find out.