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Sam Ramsey serial, Ep.2. "Sarah by the Sea"

Story from Februs 27.

Sarah by the Sea
by Ramsey Stratton

Episode 1

Sarah was a few minutes late arriving in the dining room, and Mary was already seated at a small table in the window looking out onto the sea, an open bottle of white wine in the ice-bucket beside her.

'I'm sorry – I always seem to be late!'

Mary smiled and jumped up. 'No you don't: anyway, I was early.'

They hugged. 'It's great to see you.'

And it was. One of the few pleasures on these business trips was the chance occasionally to meet up with old friends, and Sarah had known Mary for a long time, since they had worked in the same branch for a year. They weren't particularly close, but Mary was very good company, and after a few drinks she could be wonderfully indiscreet about mutual acquaintances in the large enterprise for which they both worked.

'Well, Sarah, tell me everything!'

They smiled at each other again, and fell almost immediately into their usual bantering style of conversation. Within a few minutes, Mary's obvious pleasure in seeing her, the wine, the glorious light glinting on the sea outside, all began to lighten Sarah's mood. It had been a grimly stressful day; but the evening promised to be fun.

Sarah looked around the dining room. The summer was coming to an end, and the small hotel wasn't very busy. There was an elderly couple at one table; a small family group at another; the only other diner was a rather good-looking young man dining alone, on business too, perhaps. She saw with amusement his eyes rivetted to the back of the young waitress as she walked towards the kitchen slim, a blonde pony-tail, white blouse, a short, very tight, black skirt, beautiful legs, and rather sexy, strappy black sandals. From behind, she looked as if she should capture any man's eyes.

And then the waitress paused by the dessert trolley, and half turned. With a sudden start of recognition, Sarah realised that it was The Girl.

It had been about five months before, just after Easter, when she was last in this seaside town. There were a few hours free the afternoon she arrived, and Sarah had gone to the little lane of boutiques in the old town looking for a summer dress. There was a favourite shop where she had bought clothes before, and she had picked a handful of dresses to try on. At first, she was the only occupant of the communal changing room. Then an extremely pretty young girl had walked in. They exchanged smiles, and somehow (or so it seemed in retrospect) a sexual charge built up as they undressed and redressed in front of each other. At one point, the girl – rather unnecessarily – removed her bra to try a dress on, as if flaunting her pert breasts to the older woman, and Sarah found herself smiling appreciatively at the girl. And then – afterwards, she couldn't at all understand why – it happened. Sarah turned her back to the girl, and bent right over to pick up her own clothes, knowing that her small lace knickers would ride up. And as they did so, they would expose the unmistakable marks across her slim bottom still clear from the night before, when Adam had caned her so painfully, so excitingly...

The girl had obviously seen, for she had gasped slightly. When Sarah had straightened and turned, they looked straight into each others eyes. Nothing was said while Sarah quickly slipped on her own dress; but as she left, she had spoken quietly to the still half-naked girl, 'One day, you must try it'.

Sarah had often thought of that encounter since, and wished... Well, what did she wish? She didn't quite know. Though more than once, she had masturbated deliciously fantasizing about The Girl.

* * *

And now, here was the same girl again, unavoidable. A jumble of thoughts rushed through Sarah's mind. Would the girl recognise her? Was this going to be horribly embarrassing? Had Mary noticed her shock? Was she...

The waitress was coming over to the table now. She saw Sarah, and her eyes widened in surprised acknowledgement: and then the two women, older and younger, hesitantly smiled at each other.

'Are you ready to order?'

The meal passed in a daze. Sarah managed to join in with Mary's cheerful gossip; but all the time her mind was on the girl, intensely aware of her physical presence as she served the food, from the fair down on her arms to her pretty feet, from her straw blonde hair streaked by the sun to the shape of her breasts beneath her blouse. 'This is absurd,' Sarah thought, as she poured more wine, 'it's positively adolescent...'

After dessert, Mary excused herself. The girl approached the table with the coffee cups.

'Hello again,' said Sarah, and looked at the girl who held her gaze. 'Can you help?' she added quietly, 'I'm thinking of going to a beach tomorrow afternoon if the weather holds. Is there an especially nice one near here?'

The waitress looked at Sarah, smiled and paused. Then, 'I'm free after lunch tomorrow: I could show you if you like...'

'That would be lovely, really lovely; I'd like that a lot.'

'We could meet up opposite the bandstand; you know it?'

'Yes, I know where you mean.'

'It will be a quarter to three by the time I can get off.'

'That's just fine. I'll pick you up in the car then.'

Mary was a long time returning; when she did, she glanced at the girl now busying herself at the table with the family party, and said, 'Well, I hope I gave you two a chance to make a date. Yes? Oh, don't look all innocent, Sarah. You've been going gooey-eyed over her all evening; and when you've not been looking at her, she's been eyeing you up.'

'Oh no. I mean, yes. Oh God, I didn't realise I'd been that obvious. Mary, if you ever say a whisper about this.'

Mary grinned at her. 'Don't worry; there are some things I don't gossip about. I'm only jealous: she's gorgeous.'


'Oh yes, she's just my type.' Sarah must have looked startled.

'Don't act so surprised! You mean you've never guessed after all this time?'


'Hey ho! Well, if it's going to be true confession time, let's at least get another bottle of wine and sit in a corner of the lounge with it.'

So they did.

* * *

As Sarah drove up, the girl was waiting. She looked even prettier, simply dressed in shorts and T-shirt, her straw-coloured hair loose.

'Wow! Cool wheels!' There was a touch of mockery in her voice.

Sarah had a small white French convertible; the top was down in the hot late summer sun.

'I know, I know: it's a silly indulgence. But the company pays for most of it.'

'I'm teasing. It's great.'

'Where are we going?'

'Drive out of town on the coast road going south; then I'll show you.'

'I wasn't sure you'd turn up.' Sarah was flustered. 'You know I don't even know your name. I hope you don't think I do this sort of thing all the time. I...'

The girl smiled. 'It's OK. Don't worry. And I'm Anna.'

As Sarah drove, they began to talk. Anna was a student, back home for the holidays, working in the hotel as she had done the last two summers to earn money before going back to university. Sarah knew the university town well, and they talked about the place, about Anna's course, and the sorts of music and films she liked, about her friends and her particular boyfriend there. Meanwhile, they left the main road, and drove down a twisting lane, then along a rough track, and parked on a piece of scrub land near the top of the cliffs, next to the only other car.

'It's a bit of a scramble. Do you mind? It's worth it,' said Anna.

The path down the cliff was indeed very steep in places; but the cove at bottom was beautiful, and almost deserted. A young couple, presumably from the other car, were at one end of the small beach; Anna and Sarah waved to them, then wandered to the other end, and settled down, hidden away behind low rocks.

They sat without talking for a while. Apart from the splash of wavelets at the edge of the sea and the squawks of the gulls, it was completely silent. The sun was very hot.

Anna slipped off her things, revealing a small white bikini, spread out her towel and lay on her front. Sarah gazed at the girl for a while; her back was very slender, like a dancer's, tapering to a very narrow waist, accentuating the curve of her hips, which tapered again to perfect legs. Sarah felt a stab of mixed envy and desire, sighed, unbuttoned and shrugged off her dress, and spread out her own towel.

They lay next to each other talking quietly. Sarah reached out and touched the girl's arm.

'You are so pretty.'

The girl gazed steadily into Sarah's grey eyes, then lowered her head and gently touched the hand on her arm with her cheek.

* * *

Anna sat up. 'The sun's still really hot.' She put her hand on Sarah's back. 'You'll burn.' She felt in her bag, and got out a small bottle. 'Let me.'

Sarah felt a squirt or two of cold liquid on her shoulders, and then the girl's hands, massaging the lotion in gently but firmly. The hands were expert, soothing and relaxing her muscles. Minutes passed.

'Hmmm. Where do you learn to do that?'

'Shhh. Just enjoy.'

The hands worked their way very slowly downwards. As they worked, the shoulder-straps of Sarah's swimsuit were slipped down, until her back was exposed to the waist. The hands continued stroking and kneading. Sarah had always liked having her back caressed, but this was heavenly. After more long minutes, she suddenly found herself getting aroused and very wet.

'Turn over.'

Sarah hesitated.

'Come on. No-one will see us.' Anna grinned, 'When I last looked, those two down the beach were getting well into each other!'

The older woman lay on her back, and the girl bent over and kissed her lingeringly on the mouth, and their tongues explored each other. Then the gentle hands pulled down the front of Sarah's swimsuit, exposing her breasts, and the girl moved down to suckle the already hard dark nipples, and shocks of pure pleasure stabbed though Sarah's insides. While lips worked on breasts, a caressing hand wandered slowly, so slowly, down towards her stomach, insinuating itself under the swimsuit bunched around her waist. And then... and then the fingers were running through the hair at her groin, until they found her centre, now aflood with her own wetness, and began to circle her throbbing clit.

More kisses, more intense, passionate. Sarah groaned; the girl began to lick again at her nipples and the fingers began to strum more insistently, faster, until (the end came very quickly) she gasped and an intense orgasm washed over her. She wrapped her arms tightly around the girl and held the blonde head against her breasts as she came down. After a while, she felt the girl move away from her, but Sarah continued to lie with her eyes shut feeling little aftershocks of pleasure.

'That was... wonderful.'

Sarah opened her eyes to find Anna kneeling by her head, quite naked, the bikini now by her side. The girl's eyes seemed wide and a darker blue; her small pink nipples hard; she was breathing fast. 'Lick me,' she said, and she shifted one knee across Sarah so that she was kneeling above the woman's face, and then she lowered herself slowly. Sarah lifted her head a little and, tasting another woman for the first time since she too had been a student, she licked the girl's nether lips, and teased out her clit with her tongue. Sarah's hands reached up to caress the girl's firm breasts. And in a few minutes, Anna mewed and moaned and came hard on Sarah's lapping tongue.

* * *

The girl lay on her side, still naked, one knee drawn up slightly. Sarah sat up, hugging her knees, looking down at her. It wasn't at all how she had fantasised it would be, when she had frigged herself thinking of that encounter in the changing room. She had imagined taking charge, being in control, even dominating The Girl. But that girl had been an empty cipher. The real Anna was funny and clever and charming and delightful – and had been the bold and demanding one, taking the sexual lead. Which was surprising and thrilling. But now, as she drifted towards sleep, the girl looked so vulnerable. Sarah was awash with mixed feelings; she wanted to cuddle the girl gently – and to fuck her senseless. She smiled at her own turmoil: she hadn't felt like this for a very long time.

* * *

'Shall we go?'

The sun had lost its heat. They slipped on their clothes, and made their way back to the car, helping each other up the steep path and then holding hands the rest of the way.

'We can get something to eat on the way back, and go to my place. The family are away on holiday, lucky sods, while I'm slaving at the hotel.'

So they stopped at a supermarket and bought pizza, lots of salad, ice-cream, and a couple of bottles of white wine already chilled. Well supplied, they drove on to a neat modern detached house at the far edge of the town.

In the hallway, Sarah pulled Anna into her arms and kissed her hungrily, her hands running down her back and clasping her bottom. The girl responded passionately, and then broke away, laughing.

'OK, look, we can either eat first or fuck first; but quite honestly I'm starving.'

Sarah, amused, went to have a shower, while Anna put the pizza in the oven. The women lingered over the meal in the kitchen, sitting close on the corner bench, with Sarah occasionally stealing caresses; they got quietly drunk, and giggled as they fed each other ice-cream, and kissed sharing mouthfuls of wine.

'Come and see my room.'

They went upstairs to the girl's room, which Sarah was surprised to find very ordered and rather plain, decorated with a few art prints rather than the usual youthful array of pop posters. Anna chatted on for a moment, explaining the photographs of friends and family on the pin-board. Then she threw herself down on the bed and pulled Sarah beside her. Suddenly she asked,

'Do you remember what you said when we were in the changing room?'

It was the first time either woman had actually mentioned the moment again; but it was imprinted on the girl's consciousness too.

'I mean, you said that one day I should try... I should try...'

'Yes, of course I remember that.'

'Will you show me?'

Sarah looked at the girl quizzically.

'Please. You can't imagine how often I've thought about that day, and wondered what it would be like.'

'Oh, I think 1 can imagine; I think I can.'

* * *

Anna came out of the shower wrapped in a towel. Sarah was already lying naked on the bed, slim, dark, long-legged. If the girl was extremely pretty, it was a prettiness that might soon fade; Sarah's fine features had a more lasting beauty.

'Come and lie down.'

Anna lay on her front and Sarah straddled her bottom, so that she could massage the girl's back. She shared with the girl a talent for it, and Anna was soon squirming sensuously. Then Sarah moved down and massaged the girl's legs and thighs, and occasionally as she moved from the top of one leg to the other, she teasingly drifted her hands across the girl's increasingly wet core. Then she teased more with little kisses down the girl's back, finishing by parting her buttocks and tonguing her tight rosebud. Anna moaned with pleasure.

'Let's put this under you.'

Sarah put a pillow under the girl's hips to raise her bottom. Then she bent to kiss the girl gently on the lips, and to pick up the belt she had found in Anna's wardrobe – an old, worn leather belt that would sting a lot, but not mark or really hurt the girl. They had agreed that twelve strokes, serious but not heavy, testing but not unbearable, would make a proper initiation.

The girl turned her face into the covers and screwed up her hands. Sarah admired again the shapely back, the soft unblemished curves below; then the belt whistled down and struck hard in the middle of the girl's beautiful buttocks. A moment passed, and again the leather stung her rear.

'Ooh... aaahhhh.'

Sarah raised her arm again, and then the impromptu tawse bit down. She watched the girl's buttocks momentarily flatten, and then blush. A fourth stroke made Anna's legs kick up as if to shake away the sting.

The girl cried out again. There was a long pause as Sarah let the girl absorb the sensations. The next stroke was softer, but struck the back of Anna's thighs, and she yelped with surprise.

'Don't tense up; try to relax into it.'

The leather rushed down, full on the girl's reddened buttocks again. Another pause. Sarah reached out and stroked the hot patches, and her hand strayed between the girl's thighs, stroking the lips near her clit. Anna tried to move so that the teasing fingers would touch her centre, but after a moment, Sarah withdrew her hand and picked up the belt again.

The seventh stroke forced out a deeper moan, and Anna's eyes began to moisten. She raised her head, and for a moment the two women gazed into each other's eyes then the girl submissively bent her head again. An eighth, slightly gentler, stripe followed quickly. Sarah reached down again, and this time didn't tease, but rubbed the gill's wetness. Then she walked round the bed and made a new angle; a ninth time, the belt thwacked down, now at a diagonal across the other strokes causing the girl to yelp with pain.

A tear ran down the girl's cheek, her fists were clasping bunches of the bed covers, her teeth biting down on a corner of a pillow. But she raised her bottom again. Sarah stood by the side of the bed, now intensely aroused; her nipples tingled, her groin throbbing. She struck again, the fiercest blow yet – in her agitation, harder than she intended.

'Aaaaarghhhh... oh, Sarah, no...'

The woman dropped the belt and caressed the girl again, soothing the hot flesh. And between her thighs the girl was wetter yet.

'Turn over.'

Anna looked surprised.

'No,' said Sarah, 'we've not quite finished. But turn over.'

The girl did so, and Sarah climbed onto the bed, and turning toward the girl's feet, lowered herself kneeling over Anna's face. She could feel the girl's wet cheeks pressed against her thighs as Anna began to tongue her clit, mirroring Sarah's love-making on the beach.

'Lift your legs.'

The girl obeyed, raising her legs from her hips and Sarah caught them and held them vertically with one arm. With the other, she took up the belt again and struck out at the exposed buttocks. A muffled groan and sigh; and then the girl continued to lick and suck.

'The last one.'

A long final pause as the girl's tongue shot waves of pleasure through the kneeling woman. Then the belt descended once more. Not hard, but stinging the burning flesh with a band of renewed fire.

Sarah lowered the girl's legs as she continued to be sucked. She then slowly leaned forwarded and caressed the girl's body down towards her groin, and dipped her fingers in the wetness below. Moans in a different tone escaped from the girl, who raised her hands to play with the woman's breasts. Sarah's fingers, soaking from the girl's own moisture, moved on downwards, seeking the rosebud, and rimming round and round it. And then, as she felt her own orgasm mount, she pressed down, her finger penetrated the tight circle, and Sarah came spectacularly.

Later, not yet able to sleep, still aroused, her buttocks hot and throbbing and all the sensations nearby still amplified a hundred times, Anna begged Sarah to make love to her again. And the older woman fulfilled another fantasy about The Girl, gently drawing on Anna to masturbate before her gaze in the candle light until, at the end, she helped the girl come to a release.

* * *

The morning sun streaked across the bed. Sarah had woken first, not used to sharing such a narrow bed, and watched the girl sleep peacefully on, hair a golden halo on the pillow. Then she slipped out, found a wrap hanging on the back of the door, and went to make tea. A newspaper had already been delivered, and she sat in the kitchen reading. She would have to get ready for a business meeting later (Mary would be there, Sarah remembered with mixed feelings, and would be bound to pump her for details of how things went with Anna...). But for now, she had an hour or so to relax.

Sarah poured more tea and took it upstairs. Anna stirred, and looked around sleepily. Slowly she held out her arms to the other woman, and Sarah's heart turned right over and she bent towards the young girl and they hugged each other tight.

'You're a sweetheart.'

'You too.'

Silence. Hands strayed. Sarah's wrap fell open. Breasts touched.

'But what next?'

To be continued…

Episode 3


  1. A very stimulating story, Dmitry - thank you as always for the care and attention you exercise in bringing us these marvellous stories. May I ask if there is an Ep.1. of this extremely invigorating tale?

    With all good wishes,


  2. Yes, of course. I laid out Ep.1 of the "Sam Ramsey serial" exactly a week ago last Tuesday.

    If you expand the menu on the right side of the page, then you will immediately see the title of

    "Sam Ramsey serial, Ep.1. "When Adam met Sarah".

  3. Thank you, Dmitry - memory dims as age takes its toll, I'm afraid - but I'm still managing to hanf onto the naughty ones!