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Sam Ramsey serial, Ep.4. "A Strange Dynamics"

Story from Februs 33.

A Strange Dynamics
Episode four of the serial by Sam Ramsey

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When Adam left his conference over a day early, and returned home unannounced, a stunning sight greeted his eyes as he quietly let himself into the house, sounds of arrival masked by the loud beat of old seventies numbers.

A pretty young girl, straw-coloured hair down her back, stood in the living room in very high heels, her breasts barely held by a tiny bra, her buttocks parted by the thong of her knickers. Across her behind, faint but unmistakable, were the residual marks of a recent caning. She was agitated, breathing hard, aroused. In one hand, she held a whip, which was curling across the slim behind of the woman leaning over the back of a sofa. That woman was Sarah, Adam's wife. A fine tracery of marks covered her back, extending even to her breasts. Sarah was grimacing, in pain, in pleasure, for the girl's other hand played between her thighs, frigging her fast. He recognized the signs; the older woman was near to coming. The whip swung again. Lighter, stimulating her breasts.

'Oh yes... just there.' And again.

Adam coughed. 'I see that when the cat is away...'

* * *

No, dear reader, there was not an instant orgy! Rather, there were cries of surprise, alarm, tears, and it was some time before order and quiet returned to the room.

For Adam, when the initial shock and excitement of witnessing that erotic tableau was past, the main feeling was one of tremendous relief. He knew very well that Sarah had been hiding something from him for at least the last couple of months; he had sensed her sexual withdrawal, and had feared that she had become involved with another man. But if this was the cause of her distance, a lesbian entanglement with a young girl, then it that was something he could cope with, and even take pleasure in.

Sarah was initially upset by the girl's evident distress at being caught in their perverse play. But then, when Anna calmed, Sarah too felt as if a weight had been lifted from her life. As she had fallen deeper and deeper in love with Anna, she had felt many pangs of guilt about the damage to her relationship with Adam. She knew that she had been distant and cool, which must have hurt and upset him; yet she couldn't quite bring herself to confess all, although part of her badly wanted to. The strength of her feelings had shaken and disturbed her. And in particular, Sarah had not come to terms with her discovery that she had deeply enjoyed inflicting on the young girl the kind of sensuous pain that she so often herself received from Adam's hands. But for this now to come out into the open, for her to be able to be straight again with Adam, would be a great relief.

It was Anna who was most distressed. She was half frightened, half angry, imagining that Adam's early return had been set up by the older couple. Had Sarah betrayed what Anna had taken to be a passionately sincere relationship; had she – horrible thought! – been treating the girl as a mere diversion to spice up a marriage? It was soon clear, though, that Sarah and Adam were each as much taken by surprise as she was. And Anna saw Sarah's genuine concern for her and felt her protectiveness. But still, for a while she was quite shocked, and felt a confused mixture of shame and boldness in front of Adam.

* * *

Later, near midnight, the three were sitting in the kitchen, the remains of a small supper on the table. Anna had to admire the way Adam had coped with the situation. He had been tactful and charming, and made her feel at ease remarkably quickly. Now she found herself curled up on a bench in the kitchen with her feet tucked under her, covered in a rather elegant silky wrap of Sarah's, laughing as he explained how his conference had turned out to be such a disaster, and why he'd returned home early.

They all sat round the table for another hour, as Adam chatted on, finding out how the two women had met, where Anna was at university, what course she was doing, and so on. She warmed to him, and could see why he and Sarah were so suited. And in turn Adam, looking past the girl's evident physical appeal, quickly recognized what Sarah had found so attractive, Anna's strangely alluring mixture of worldly wisdom and vulnerability, innocence and experience.

'Right,' said Adam a bit later, 'I'm to bed; it's been a very long day, so I'll sleep in the study. You look after Anna,' he added to Sarah, hugging her goodnight, and smiling at the young girl as he left the room.

The two women sat up a little longer, talking: then Sarah took Anna's hand, and they went up to the bed they had shared for the last two nights, and innocently cuddled each other to sleep. Sarah woke in the middle of the night, and gazed at the girl sleeping peacefully, her face lit by the silver light from the window.

'I do so love her,' she whispered to the watching moon.

* * *

'Will you stay another day?' asked Adam.

The three were back in the kitchen again, having a long late breakfast.

'We could go into the city when you are ready, then there's a late afternoon movie at the independent cinema that I'd really like to catch, and afterwards we could eat out...'

Anna looked at Sarah hesitantly.

'Yes, do stay,' Sarah encouraged.

Anna hesitated again. A vision flashed through her mind, of the three of them entwined naked: she knew what staying might lead to. But the other two were both smiling at her with open, friendly faces. Suddenly, she grinned back.

'I'd love too.'

So they went into the city centre. Anna hadn't yet seen the cathedral, so the older couple showed her round; and for a while they all sat listening to a fine choir rehearsing for a concert later that day. Then they split up, with Sarah and Anna going off shopping together: as they parted on the cathedral steps, Sarah whispered to Adam a suggestion of something to buy for Anna. Adam smiled broadly.

'A wicked idea,' he murmured back, 'I'm truly shocked if that's what you've been thinking while we've been admiring the music!'

Sarah punched him playfully, and taking Anna by the hand the two women walked off towards a row of rather classy small shops nearby.

An hour or so later, having bought Anna a pair of distinctly sexy high-heeled evening sandals, and both tried on some dresses, the women were in a up-market lingerie shop.

'Let me help choose some really pretty things, Anna; I'll like to buy you some.'

'You mustn't; you've bought me too much already,' said the girl, as she touched a French lace bra longingly, but you could tell her heart wasn't in the refusal.

So they selected together some of the filmy garments for Anna, and Sarah picked out a few things for herself and they went into adjoining changing cubicles to try on the bras. Sarah pulled back the curtain separating the little cubicles.

'Did you see how the shop girl was looking at you?' Sarah asked in a teasing whisper.

'What do you mean?' Anna replied, though she'd noticed the girl – very pretty, small features, with cropped dark hair, elegantly but simply dressed all in black in a tight T-shirt and tight trousers. She'd felt the girl's gaze as she had walked round the shop.

'I think she fancies the pants off you!'

'Hush! She'll hear! Don't be ridiculous.'

'You are blushing!'

'Oh, shut up!' Anna couldn't help laughing. At that moment, she was topless, standing in her jeans, her hair a bit dishevelled from having pulled a jumper over her head. She looked utterly beautiful. Sarah suddenly drew Anna towards her and kissed her hard. For a moment, the younger woman tried – not very seriously – to pull away, but then melted into the kiss, and put her arms around Sarah. There was a slight gap in the curtains at the front of the cubicle, and the pretty shop assistant was just outside, quietly tidying one of the racks: she noticed the embracing women through the gap, and caught Sarah's eye over Anna's shoulder. Slowly, deliberately, as Sarah held the shop girl's gaze, she bent to kiss one of Anna's erect nipples...

Meanwhile. Adam had collected the car and driven out to a trading estate on the edge of the city, his destination a new large sex shop that had recently opened there. He'd not been to the shop before, but he located it easily enough, though it was discreetly hidden behind one of the big stores. And he quickly found what Sarah had so wickedly suggested he should buy for Anna – a light two-tailed tawse (the tawse was, Sarah had often said, her favourite instrument to submit to, offering so many gradations of sensation from teasing tingling strokes, through exciting stings, to penetrating tongues of fire). His main errand accomplished, Adam looked round the rest of the large shop. There was the usual display of tawdry lingerie, vibrators of every size and colour, row upon row of videos... Nothing really appealed.

But then, slightly hidden by a rack of magazines, he suddenly saw something on a stand by itself. Adam swallowed hard as he inspected what he'd found more closely – it was intricate, rather well made, strikingly obscene. He tried to imagine Sarah with it. What would she think if he bought it? What would Anna think? Would they be excited or think it too perverse? Adam hesitated a long time. It cost the better part of a hundred pounds. But part of him knew full well that he would regret it for ever if he didn't take the plunge and risk the purchase. Finally, Adam took out his credit card and approached the counter.

* * *

The three met up later as arranged, went to an early show at the cinema, and then to Adam and Sarah's favourite cafe bar. They ate an enjoyable meal and Sarah teasingly flirted with both Adam and Anna. They pretended not to notice and tried to carry on an animated conversation about their favourite film-makers.

'I'll get another bottle of wine,' said Sarah. 'It's not fair; I'm driving,' complained Adam.

Sarah giggled. 'Hmmm. Maybe I'll make it up to you later.'

Adam caught Anna's quizzical eye, raised his eyebrows, and went back to their discussion, as his wife weaved her way to the bar.

It was mid-evening before the three finally collected the car, the women now mildly and very happily drunk.

'We'll sit in the back,' Sarah said to Adam, pulling Anna in after her. And in the rear-view mirror as he drove home, Adam caught glimpses of his passenger snatching a kiss.

'Keep your hands off each other, you wanton women!' he teased.

Anna stuck her tongue out at him in the mirror, and continued kissing Adam wife.

* * *

'Are we going to show each other our purchases, then?'

The three were now in the living room again, the room lit by candles scattered around, the remains of another bottle of wine on the table (though this time, Adam had drunk the main share).

'What's in your mysterious bag, Adam?'

'That's for later, perhaps: you two show me what you bought first.'

'Shall we show him, Anna?'

The girl paused: this was the moment of decision, she knew. Then she got up, pulling up Sarah by the hand.

'Come on then!'

The two women left the room, Sarah putting a CD on the player as she left; they returned a few minutes later. Anna was wearing her new evening sandals, black hold-up stockings, and a very pretty lacy black bra, with matching panties cut high on her thighs. Sarah, balancing on even higher heels, was similarly dressed – the two women had bought the identical, very expensive, lingerie. They sashayed down the room hand in hand to the music, and Adam burst into applause. They gave another couple of turns around the room, struck model-girl poses, and then went out again. A moment later, Sarah returned in another outfit, this time in white – cool and elegant. Adam tried to catch her as she swayed past, but she escaped him with laugh and posed some more, and then called out to Anna, who came back in her other purchases, long bare legs topped by small thong-backed knickers, then an almost transparent lacy white bra. The effect was somehow both girlish and sexy, both innocent and intensely provocative. She too paraded up and down as if on a cat walk, until Sarah took her hand and the women stood side by side, an arm round each other's waist.

'You both look quite beautiful,' said Adam, for once lost for more eloquent words. 'I've bought you something, Anna. I hope you'll like it. It was Sarah's idea... Shut your eyes!'

He reached into his bag, and brought out the tawse, and placed it in Anna's outstretched hands.

'I can feel what that is!' she cried after a moment, and opened her eyes. She grasped it, as if weighing it, and then flicked it through the air a few times.

Adam caught Sarah's eye, and motioned her towards the sofa. The woman lent over the arm. Adam tugged at her knickers, baring her buttocks.

'You must try it out,' he said to Anna.

'Can I?' she asked the older woman.

Sarah was silent, simply pushing out her beautiful behind. Anna raised the tawse and flicked Sarah's buttocks. And then again, and harder again. The buttocks flattened slightly and the woman gasped.

Then more strokes. Anna walked from side to side to change the angle of her strokes.

'You can be a bit fiercer than that,' said Adam.

And the girl plied the tawse again, planting a fiery kiss on the older woman's bottom. It was a light tawse, an instrument that would sting and bite but not deeply hurt.

'Yes, like that: give her six more like that.'

And Adam counted aloud as Anna cracked down the tawse on the reddening behind. The girl paused long between strokes as if savouring every moment. But eventually,


Sarah gasped as her buttocks flattened again and sprang back. Anna was breathing more heavily, her breasts rising and falling as she raised her arm for the last stroke.


Sarah cried out and involuntarily reached behind her to rub her arse.

'Hmmm. I think maybe you should kiss that better, Anna.'

And Adam lay some cushions on the floor, and taking Sarah's hand, laid her face down on them. Anna knelt behind the woman and leant over, touching the reddened flesh with delicate licks and kisses. Sarah soon began sighing with pleasure as the knowing tongue caressed her. Adam watched the women for a while, then quietly he asked Sarah to turn over. She did so, lay back languorously and spread her legs. And Anna, knowing what was expected of her, resumed the ministrations with her tongue but now at Sarah's moist core. Anna's beautiful thonged buttocks, raised as she bent between the woman's thighs, were quite irresistible. Adam picked up the tawse and laid it gently on the girl's behind. There was no murmur of dissent as she continued her licking. So still very gently, Adam caressed and touched Anna for the first time, not with his hand but with tingling, teasing strokes of the leather.

The woman lying back on the cushions began to moan as the girl's tongue probed and thrilled; and as Sarah's excitement mounted Adam began to make the strokes of the tawse less teasing, harder. Muffled sighs started from the girl between Sarah's thighs. Anna continued her licking, and Adam his fiery caresses. The girl softly moaned and hearing the sighs suddenly triggered Sarah's orgasm; she cried out and Adam simultaneously cracked the tawse in fierce final heat on the young girl's proffered behind.

* * *

A pause for recovery, for more drinks. Then Adam said, hesitantly, still not able to predict the women's reactions, 'I've something for you too, Sarah.'

'Hmmm, your mysterious package, eh? Well, are you going to show us now?'

Adam drew a box out of the bag, and laid it on the coffee table. There was an illustration on the lid. Sarah's eyes widened as she saw it.

'Oh my god, that's... that's obscene,' she gasped as she took the box and looked more closely. She swallowed hard, fascinated.

'What is it?' asked Anna, 'Let me look! Oh fuck... that is obscene. You're a pervert, Adam!' She laughed. Then, to Sarah, 'Go on, open it then, you must, you must...'

Sarah opened the box, and drew out its contents and held them up.

'Shall I...?'

'Of course,' the others chorused.

'Turn round then, both of you, don't watch.'

So Adam and Anna turned away; the man drew the young girl to him and started caressing her back, and his hand wandered down, down to slim buttocks, hot under his hand from the tawsing.

'God, you feel gorgeous!'

'Thank you, kind sir,' Anna simpered teasingly. She added, more quietly, 'Don't stop; that's really nice...'

Moments passed. Then, 'You can turn round now.'

So they did. Sarah was facing away from them, her back now crisscrossed by narrow black leather straps, with more straps buckled around her waist and diagonally across her buttocks. Then, slowly, she turned round. Straps framed her breasts and crossed her flat stomach and gathered at her crotch, and there, springing from the leather harness at her groin, proudly erect, rose a realistically sized phallus.

There was a stunned silence in the room as the two others drank in the sight.

'That's incredible,' said Adam.

'Wow...' said the girl.

'I'm glad you are impressed!' smiled Sarah, striking a pose, and then teetered around the room on her stilettos. She reached Anna, who held out her hand and touched the phallus.

'Oh. That's... nice. I thought it would be all hard and cold, but it's soft on the outside and warm.

The two women embraced. Anna feeling the phallus pressed against her.

'God, that feels sexy.'

The two women, arms tight around each other, started kissing. After a while, they parted.

'So, Sarah, are you going to use your new cock?' Adam reached into the bag again, and brought out the last item in it, a small bottle; he opened it and spread a little of the lube on the phallus.

Anna removed her lingerie and lay down again on the cushions and spread her beautiful slim legs akimbo; Sarah kneeled before her and gently placed the tip of her phallus at the entrance to Anna's core. She moved forward a little, Anna lifted her hips, and then the girl was penetrated. She sighed, and the two women rocked together, and with each stroke more of the phallus disappeared inside Anna. The women gazed into each others eyes and their bodies got into a slow sensuous rhythm of love-making. No words were necessary. Adam could see that Sarah was transported by the experience of pleasuring the young girl in this way that was simultaneously so natural and yet unnatural. And Anna was plainly being turned on again, making little sounds of enjoyment; her hands explored the contrast between the black straps and hard little metal rings framing Sarah's body and the soft skin between.

Adam, watching intently, was suddenly struck by a new thought, and got up, and carefully reached down the large heavy mirror over the fire place and leant it against a cupboard door.

'Anna,' he said quietly but in a firm voice that would brook no denial, 'get on your knees in front of the mirror; and Sarah, you now take her from behind.'

The two women disentangled and rearranged themselves. The phallus, now glistening, began to penetrate Anna from the new angle, and the girl sighed quietly once more. Sarah began to rock her hips again.

Then Anna understood why Adam had rearranged them. For in the mirror, she saw him reach for the cane from where she now knew it was kept; and she realized that while there had earlier been a tangle of legs, now Sarah's behind was a perfect target. She saw him rest his hand on Sarah's shoulder, raise the cane, pause, and then swish it down towards her lover's buttocks. At the moment of impact, Anna felt the phallus jolt inside her, and saw Sarah's face screw up with the pain as a moan escaped her lips.

'Frig yourself as you watch Sarah take it,' Adam instructed the girl. And propping herself up on one hand, she reached down with the other and began fingering herself. The two women locked gazes in the mirror, and Adam began to ply the cane again, slowly and quite hard.

With each stroke, Sarah cried out and the strange dynamics made her hips thrust forward with extra urgency, driving the phallus into Anna. With each stroke, the young girl cried out in a different way, with overwhelming pleasure as the dual sensation of the penetration and the masturbation combined with the exquisite turn-on of seeing Sarah suffer in giving her so much delight.

Adam, standing behind Sarah, could see both their faces in the mirror, and marvelled, as he had in the past, how close could be the expressions of sexual pleasure and of submissive pain.

The cane cracked down again; another stripe quickly appeared across Sarah's beautiful arse. The girl's fingers were now beginning to strum fast.

'Make yourself come soon,' Adam said, his voice a hoarse whisper from the sexual tension. And the fingers moved faster yet.

Sarah yelped as the cane bit harder, tears were beginning to form in her eyes, but her hips retained their sensuous rhythm. Again the cane fell, the sound loud in the silent room; this time it was Anna who moaned loudest as she felt the phallus jolt again and saw the older woman's face react to the renewed line of fire across her buttocks. Her orgasm was close. She mouthed to the woman in the mirror, 'I love you', and the woman worked the phallus inside her faster, with little bucking movements. Then Sarah cried out again as the cane striped her; two tears rolled down her cheeks, but she was smiling at the girl.

'Oh god, I'm coming, I'm coming...' cried the girl.

'Yes, yes, come for me, come for me,' panted the older woman. Anna's body began to shake as her orgasm mounted. And then Adam timed the final swish of the cane to perfection, bringing down the cane again, not too hard, but enough to make Sarah cry out one last time, and push her hips forward as if to escape the pain, and so she brought Anna over the brink and the girl's climax washed over her.

* * *

Later, when the two women had recovered a little from their shattering experiences, they playfully leapt on their tormentor and audience, and stripped off his clothes, and frolicked some more; and now they have created a tableau suitable to delight a bottom-worshipper such as he. Adam is kneeling behind Anna, his prick held deep by her delightfully tight little anus, while he is licking Sarah's striped behind as she stands astride the kneeling girl, his tongue slowly approaching her perfect rosebud. And with our three joined in this heavenly position, as sounds of pleasure begin to fill the room again, there, dear reader, we must leave them.

Episode 5

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  1. Again, Dmitry, my sincere thanks for bringing us this final(?) part of this wonderfully erotic story. In a way, I'm glad I made that rather silly error the other week as it has led to your putting chapter headings and hyperlinks for the separate parts - you are so good to us!

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