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The Tables Turned

Story from Justice Vol.2 No.39

The Tables Turned

Charity could never understand how the younger girls surrendered themselves to her whenever she caught them out and insisted that they report to her room after lessons for what they knew would be six of the best across their young posteriors which she, as senior prefect was permitted to mete out.

She accepted that it was all part of the instilled discipline of the school and even when she was a fourth former she had been put to the same tests, but certainly not with much frequency. Even now as she studied the rounded nates of a luckless fifteen year old girl, she saw how the naked orbs seemed to twitch slightly and the two cheeks pulled tightly together as though to diminish their size hoping the cane would not have so much to whip down upon.

Charity raised the cane and then whipped it down, not too hard but with sufficient strength to make the girl hiss tightly; she gave the customary half a dozen and then told the girl to get her knickers up and not to be caught again. The red faced girl was more angry at the buzzing sensation of pain on her bottom than actually hurting, and her pride had taken a bit of a knocking too.

Although Charity had been punished by the head prefect in her own younger days at the school, it was not until she was fifteen years of age and her own body had started to develop very quickly, that she had sensed a strangely sweet response to the sizzling heat on her bottom, and this had surprised her.

With the initial inception of her puberty, there had come a deep awareness of the odd unexplainable thrill that her body responded to when the strokes had been laid across the cheeks of her backside.

She did not try to allude herself when she realised that this sensation was purely sexual and she exploited it to the full. She made herself remain absolutely still whilst the cane was being applied to the bared area of her buttocks and although the experience was painful, she had to be candid about her own reaction of strangely thrilling heat that pulsated through to her very core.

With her introduction to being head prefect, the days of the cane on her own bottom were over and she was now enpowered to deliver the crisp stripes to other girls; but the early experiences and her own response to them had never left her mind.

Sometimes she would visualise herself baring her bottom and that it was she who was touching her toes, but the thrills never returned, and how could she ask her best friend to cane her, it would be too weird and Fiona would never understand the deep pangs that were gnawing her insides.

It was the weekend in which Charity had reported a whole class for being unruly and she reported the fourth form horrors to the headmistress herself. Reaction was swift and certain because the headmistress had "housed the whole lot" and that meant loss of freedom to visit town or to go to the sports fields. Instead they were to stay in their houses at the school and write numerous texts and lines.

Charity was not the most popular girl among the fourth form.

In all civilised society, Sunday afternoons are considered times for rest and relaxation, and this was no exception as far as Charity was concerned. She lay on her bed, and she lay there with her eyes closed.

As she was entering the twilight world of half sleep so she heard her door open and before she could focus her eyes, she felt a cloth placed over her face to cut out her vision and then it seemed many hands grabbed her feet and wrists.

She started to struggle when it was too late, her face went from side to side in an effort to get the masking cloth from her face, but a hand had come down quite forcefully to keep the cloth not only on her face but also to gag her mouth. But her wrists and feet were well and truly held fast by too many fingers and she was powerless to move them because of the fanatical strength with which her cardinal joints were held.

She felt her wrists and ankles being bound with bandages or were they ties, school ties? At last, despite the shock and sudden awakening, Charity became very alive to the fact that she was secured to her own bed and she was secured most tightly so that she was powerless to move her limbs. She was still face up and the sense of helplessness took over her body completely. She responded to a shock wave of shame when she felt her skirt being eased slowly up her legs and this very act caused her to attempt to free herself from the bonding material of her ankles and wrists.

She tried to twist but the bonds held good. Soon the whole of her legs were bared and so were her school knickers. The insistent tugging of her skirt caused it to ride high until the smooth skin of her tummy was exposed and they were letting her know it by stroking hands, lots of hands over the indented area of her navel.

All the time, her gagged mouth made sounds of outraged protests and then she choked in her attempts as her knickers were slowly eased down her parted thighs. The shock was now of horror at what they were doing and soon, she was fighting back tears of dignity being molested as the knickers formed a tight line at her knees and the full exposure of her soft furry triangle of hair was being studied by the invaders of her room.

Now tormenting hands stroked up her thighs and one daring hand actually dipped into the soft intimate crutch to feel her pliable labia mouth. She swallowed the choking surprised reaction that the girls who had entered her room would dare do such a thing but the first hand was followed by others and some very gross liberties were being enacted with her crutch.

When they undid her blouse buttons she tried yet again to struggle and to her embarrassment her blouse was opened right up so that her smooth globular breasts were now shamefully exposed. These did not escape the fondling fingers and neither did her nipples as they joined in the stroking game of the hands that seemed hell-bent on enhancing her deep shame.

She felt the hands once again at her ankles and then with willing hands holding her, she felt her right ankle pulled right up to the top of the bed and this was secured next to her right wrist, but it was not until the left ankle suffered the same fate and was bonded next to the left wrist that Charity realised just how vulnerable her bottom was.

The knickers had been yanked right off and posed as she now was with her wrists and ankles being secure at the top of the bed, she was more exposed than ever and her bottom was very accessible for the intent of the vengeful youngsters in her room. She felt the first stripe swish across her bottom and then the other eleven strokes came in quick but not harsh succession.

She had made her own feelings known by trying to scream into the gag but it was a useless exercise and she had to stay there whilst the twelve strokes had been striped down onto her bottom.

Then she heard the door opening and just before the last girl left, she pulled the cloth from Charity's very red face, but the exciting girl could have been any one of a number because she too was covered from head to foot with a blanket so that her identity was a mystery.

That is how they left her as though they did not care who came along and saw the ripe roundness of Charity's buttocks with the thin lines across them and also the soft lipped sex as it helplessly stayed exhibited with the opening of her thighs and ankles.

Her fury grew by the minute as she struggled to get herself free, and she felt that they had loosened the bonds of her right hand just sufficiently to let her wrestle it free and then loosen the rest of her body.

It was not until she got to her small bathroom that the shock of what had happened to her flooded through her and she broke down and cried like a baby.

She bathed in very cold water and then went back to her bed to try and get the shock from her system; and the one thing that worried her most was the fact that her sex had responded in an excited manner, otherwise she would have needed to go to the matron for a sedative.

But there was no doubt that there had been something rather exciting when the little wretches had actually had the cheek to touch her between the legs, and she was still responding to that gross liberty as she felt the anger gradually leaving her body.

For the next few days she tried to see by any of the girls reaction which of them had carried out the daring assault on her body, but they were like clams and she could not honestly point the finger at any of them.

It was when she was in the showers during the times that was allocated for the senior girls to use the ablutions that her life was about to undergo a complete change, but also one in which she was to realise a full underlying ambition together with an emotional experience that was to set up the pattern of her future life.

Charity was alone and letting the warm water refresh her when she heard the door opening behind her and into the same shower came the tall, very attractive Liona, a girl whose skin was slightly brown, but perfectly shaped and who moved with the grace of a gazelle. It was difficult to place the finger on Liona's country of origin, but the lithesome beauty was now as naked as the senior prefect and Charity could not understand the strange shock that rippled through her.

The girl smiled and showed a perfect set of white teeth and Charity felt herself forcing her eyes away from the full naked perfection that was now in the cascading water area with her. Although Liona was only sixteen and a half years of age, eighteen months junior to Charity herself, there was a wealth of adult knowledge in her mind.

Her reading habits had included the set words of Freud and such masters of the sexual habits of the human body, and it was Liona who saw the pleasure in Charity's blush and the purposeful avoidance of the senior prefect's eyes from what any other person would have been pleased to look at openly and without embarrassment.

Liona automatically knew that the fair haired prefect was half attuned to her nearness and that there was a sexual response somewhere in Charity's make-up.

All the better, because Charity was a tall, shapely young lady with the fullness of a shapely body that most women would have given their right arm for.

Liona took the long handled brush from Charity and before the senior prefect could protest or ask for an explanation, she saw Liona rubbing the scented soap onto the bristles and then smilingly offered to scrub the white girl's back. Charity could only accept this welcome help and stood facing the tiled wall and felt the bristles scrubbing delicious thrill into her back from the shoulders all the way down to the rounded smooth cheeks of her bottom.

"You have a little mark; like a bruise here," Liona said and Charity felt the finger tips stroking over the shining wet skin of her right buttock. "It is as though something like a stick has struck you, but it is only just visible," she said.

Charity shivered with the hot little tingling thrills that swept over her bottom when Liona's finger tips traced the line of the light bruise.

"Is it... is it very noticeable," Charity could not understand the tightness of her own throat and the strangled sound of her own voice.

"No. I think it is because it is wet. It will probably not notice at all when it is dry." Charity let herself sink into the pleasure of having her back scrubbed and then the brush was discarded.

Hands were now soaping her body and when they covered the cheeks of her bottom, she hissed the breath into her lungs.

Liona knew she had been right so she soaped white smooth skin and watched as Charity, lost in the helpless response of her body involuntarily pushed those nates out to receive the carresses of the clever fingers. And the fingers soaped everywhere and very fully.

"Just spread your legs, Charity," Liona spoke in a soft but controlled toned voice. Charity felt that she was lost in a pool of sweet passive erotica and she opened her thighs and then a gasket seemed to blow somewhere deep in her sexual make-up. Soapy hands stroked between her legs and made no pretence at touching the budding sexuality with a carressing fondness.

"Now, isn't that nice, Charity," Liona's soft purring voice asked.

"Oooooh yessss... yes... yes," she moaned and then thrust her bottom right back to show her acquiescent acceptance of Liona's commanding hand.

Liona continued feeling and stroking the young pussy flesh and watched how Charity reacted and the senior prefect was lost now in the whirlpool of the fullness of her rising randiness.

"Who put that nasty mark on your bottom, darling?" Liona asked the question in a demanding tone and Charity felt that she had become a victim of the shapely girl's whiles.

"It... oooh... please... do that some more Liona," Charity moaned as the middle finger flicked the hard clitoris deftly... "please.... oh yes, that really is so beautiful," she choked and then her bottom really did thrust back in acceptance and salutation to the fingers of the mistress.

Liona had both hands thrust between the older girl's crutch now, one feeling and playing with the excited hardened clitoris, and the other stroking round and round the tight seal of the full flesh ring of Charity's cunt.

"I still want to know who put that mark on your bottom," Liona told her.

As she was masturbated, so Charity gasped out the full story but as she made her moaning narration, she felt that the stroking of her pussy was adding a delicious attitude of all that had happened. She did not get to the fullness of her orgasm but she let Liona help soak the suds from her body and she also enjoyed having Liona help her dry her body.

Charity was certain that she had fallen in love! It was something that her inner soul had desperately needed to have another girl, an attractive girl to share her innermost secrets and it had to be a girl whom she could respect... and honour... and it had to be a girl who could turn her on by making her the victim of obedience and submissive behaviour.

She was not certain that Liona was aware of the full power of her own dominance, and Charity knew that once the girl realised the hold that she had managed to put on her then Liona was the type of individual and personality who would use her power to the very full and that Charity would be lost in every sense to the happy cause of enjoying a thrilling association with the younger girl.

With the inception of this strange affair, Charity found herself thinking all the time of the lovely Liona, and her body ached to have the coffee coloured beauty in her own room. Only Sundays could be termed as absolutely safe because there were no snooping teachers prowling round the dormitories and the girls were left to their own devices.

Charity had her own private room and this was as far remote from the regular four bedroomed dorms as it could be.

The girl who occupied the room next door to her was home at the week-ends so she was free to enjoy the privacy completely and as fully as she liked. On the Saturday she had sorted out Liona and asked her over for some tea which was quite in order for her to have in her own room.

Liona had said that she might try to get over and as the afternoon wore on, Charity was praying quietly for the girl to come. At long last, she heard the door opening and in walked the shapely Liona. Charity blushed her pleasure and sat up on the bed on which she had been laying. She wore white short-shorts and the whole length of her legs were bare and she only had a T-shirt on through which the semi hard nipples pressed to show their hardness.

Charity was surprised but happily so when Liona kissed her mouth and as they kissed so she felt hands slipping beneath her T-shirt to encompass the soft globes of her breasts. Thrills filled them and the nipples gorged hard very quickly.

"Nice?" Liona smiled as she broke her mouth from the fair haired girl's lips.

"Mmmmm... oh yes, Liona... very nice. I love the feeling you put through my breasts," she moaned in a state of surrendering herself to the teasing fingers stroking and squeezing her bosom.

"Take it off," Liona loved dominating this beauty and she did not remove her hands as the breasts tautened and then softened again as Charity raised her arms to discard the T-shirt.

"Push them towards me, Charity," the words were slightly more commanding now and Charity pulled her shoulders back and leaned towards the mauling hands of the strange girl.

"Now, stand up and take your shorts off," Liona removed her hands and the breasts showed the excitement flooding through them. Charity still blushed as she stripped off the shorts and then stood naked before the new mistress of her body and soul.

Charity laid on the bed when Liona told her to do so, and with the coloured skin beauty sitting on the bed and leaning over her, Charity let her mouth be tease-kissed again.

"I think you have a very attractive bum, Charity... very smooth and round... I would really love to spank it... but I would first have to hear you ask me very nicely to do so".

Charity was in a sweet world of thrilling sensations. Her eyes looked deep into the olive pupils of her sexual-mentor and she sighed in a contented state of acceptance.

"Yes... yes, of course... please Liona... please spank my bottom... spank it as hard as you like... tell me how you want me to be and I'll do it... then you must really let me know who is the real boss," she choked in her confusion and yet she tried hard to get into the full passive role that she knew this situation demanded. She did not have to read books to know how to make this more and more thrilling; she automatically guessed that she would have to adopt the pleading and begging part and nature did the rest. She felt the very real sensation of thrilling pleasure at being made to crave for a spanking.

"Turn over, my pretty Charity." Liona smiled and watched as the girl did so with indecent haste. She looked down at the soft orbs of Charity's backside and when she placed her hands on the soft smooth buttocks, she heard the happy response moan from Charity's mouth. Liona was very happy to feel the ripe moans and she warned Charity to retain a relaxed attitude.

"Please... please Liona... please spank my bottom... spank it hard," she gasped.

"Stay still naughty Charity... stay very still and accept your punishment which you know you have earned and deserve," she said.

Charity felt the sweet thrills now being rekindled as the hand started to spank down onto her bottom, she pushed her bottom up higher and higher as Liona told her to do so until she was raised high of the bed and the sharp sound of her bottom being spanked filled the room.

Heat poured like lava over her bum skin and she showed by her facial expression that although she was feeling the stinging sensation after each spank, she could not help but beg for the furtherance of the thrilling fire to get hotter and hotter.

"Is that nice, hey, hey spank... spank... spank... spank... tell me that although you have been naughty you really love having your bottom spanked hard."

"Aaaagh... yes... w... ow... sh yes I do Liona, lovely Liona... I love you spanking my naughty bottom, punish me for being so naughty... I know I have been very, very naughty... but I only misbehaved so that you would punish my bottom," she moaned out loud.

"And where is the cane that you use on others," Liona asked as she continued spanking.

"In... the... oh... oh... in the cupboard," Charity felt that the thrills were getting better and better. She had never realised that she would be made to enact such a strange role.

She lay there letting the heat of the searing spanking spread over her bottom... then she heard the cabinet cupboard closing and knew that Liona had discovered the cane and that it would soon be stripping the cheeks of her naked bottom.

"Stand up," and by this time Liona had become the harsh mistress of the rod, her voice was snapping, commanding and demanding.

Charity stood before the serious faced Liona who had stood there with the cane half bent between her two hands.

"Bend right over and touch your toes, young lady," Liona commanded tersely.

Charity did not hesitate but bent her superb torso and showed the other girl how she could offer her bottom in full display for the caning that she knew she would soon be getting.

Liona studied the reddened nates and let her hand feel the warmth of the beaten skin... then she smiled like a vixen and whipped the cane down hard to strip a liverish type of fire across the meatiest part of the tautened arse cheeks.

Two, three, four and five swishing sounds filled the room and each time the thwacking sound announced another fierce stripe across Charity's throbbing buttocks, so the bending girl yelped out and let the furnace of Liona's creating fire build up inside her body.

She took the six very well and then she was laying once more on the bed, her bottom writhing as it came into contact with Liona's hand which squeezed the blistering moons to help the fullness of the chastised skin to a new height.

Charity did not think that she would be able to respond to the fingers that now dipped between her legs but her sexuality spiralled like a rocket as soon as the sensitive spot was touched. It was like a fusing ignition caress that thrilled through to her very core.

"Ooooooh... Lionaaaaa... yes darling... yes, yes... yes... I love it, I love it... do it more and more and I will do anything to please you," she shrieked happily.

"Will you kiss my water-works."

"Yes... if you tell me to, I'll kiss you between your legs... happily... happily," she moaned.

"Then I think you and I are going to enjoy our week-ends together," Liona smiled as she took her own panties off.

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  1. Hello Dmitry! It's marvellous to have you back and posting these wonderful stories for us. I have just caught up with your new offerings and they were both well worth waiting for.

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