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Story from London Life Vol.1 No.2.


Duncan watched the girl sway from his office and sighed heavily. Elaine was becoming somewhat of a problem, and he was beginning to wish he had never said he would employ her. Of course the girl had to work somewhere, and in some ways she was an efficient secretary, but he didn't care for the way she tried to dominate his entire life, public as well as private. His wife was getting suspicious, even though there were no grounds for her to do so. But it was odd, every time his wife rang the office, or came to see him, Elaine was always present, standing closer than she needed to, flirting with him in a way. Duncan smiled ruefully, it wouldn't be so bad if she flirted with him when they were alone, she was an attractive girl, but when his wife was around, well, that was courting disaster. He wondered if London girls were all alike!

When the Woking office had closed down, Elaine had been only too pleased to travel to Scotland, she had an aunt in Prestwick, so she stayed with her, and the money had pleased her. Oh yes, the girl was efficient, but it was her manner that disturbed him. The other day, he made an error on a customer's account, Eileen had spotted it, but instead of returning the document to his office for him to correct, she had done it herself, making sure that the Head Office at Bristol had known who had done the correction. It had been a very nasty ten minutes on the telephone with the M.D. All Elaine had done was smile her apologies.

'I am sorry Mr. McGregor,' she murmured, 'I had no idea you would get into trouble, the M.D. is such a nice man.'

'I wonder how Bill Jason got on with her,' he muttered to himself.

Jason had been her former employer in Woking, he was now at Leeds. He dialled the outside line himself, not wanting Elaine to know what he was doing.

'Bill,' he said, almost in a whisper in case the girl was listening outside the door. 'I want to ask you about Elaine. She's a good secretary, but she has one or two traits that I don't like. For example, she flirts with me in front of the wife, making out that we are a lot closer than we are, and there was that business the other day when she landed me in it with the M.D. I have no real reason to fire her, yet, if this goes on I will be out of a job... and a wife as well. Mary is sure that there is something going on between my secretary and myself. What was she like with you?'

There was a slight pause. 'Take her in hand old man, and I mean in hand. She used to try it on with me, I reckon she is over-sexed! One of the guys in the Export Office was screwing her brains out, and the things he used to tell me! I didn't rise to her bait, and as she couldn't seduce me, she did the next best thing, spread a few lies around the office that I was a dirty old man who kept stroking her thighs when she stood near me. The guy in the Export Office threatened me with grievous bodily harm! Know what I did old man? I called her into my office, put her across my knee and spanked her bottom! That cured her as far as I was concerned.'

'That was a bit drastic!' exclaimed Duncan. 'She could have had you for assault or something.'

'Not her,' laughed Jason, 'I reckon she enjoyed it. Then I had her moved to the Export Office where she could torment her lover. Take her in hand Duncan, it's the only thing she understands.'

McGregor replaced the receiver thoughtfully. He knew all about corporal punishment, he had two sons! But thrashing a person who was not a member of the family was quite different. Something had to be done though, and done swiftly before things got out of hand. He had the feeling that Elaine was either after a higher position in the office... such as his job, or moving to Bristol to work for the M.D., or she was deliberately seducing him. He thought about her trim body and wondered what she would be like in bed. He shook his head, dismissing the lustful thought and picked up the papers Elaine had left for him to sign.

Hidden among the papers he found a letter, on pink scented notepaper. It was typed, but he recognised the typewriter, it was a special one, very expensive, and it belonged to Elaine.

'Dear Mrs. McGregor,' he read, 'I feel that I ought to warn you about your husband. Most of the girls who work with him are afraid of him. It isn't that he is a stern or strict man, but he cannot keep his hands to himself. One of the juniors caught him the other day misbehaving himself and looking at a disgusting magazine.

Yours truly,
A well-wisher.'

'Good God,' muttered Duncan. 'The little bitch!' He got up from his desk and strode around the office, muttering to himself. If his wife had received that letter there would have been eruptions. Of course there wasn't a grain of truth in the letter, never once had he allowed his band to stray anywhere near the staff. He wondered how to deal with the situation. Then he remembered, in the bottom drawer of his desk was a strap, it had been there some time. His wife had brought it, along with his eldest son, he had punished the boy in the office for some misdeed, he forgot what it was. Yes, the strap was still there. It was what Elaine needed, a good sound strapping. He leaned against the desk thoughtfully. He could ask Mrs. Dunn from Filing to administer the punishment, years ago she had been a school-mistress, the task would be commonplace for her. He rang Filing, but Mrs. Dunn had gone home pleading a headache. He made up his mind, he would do it himself, if Bill Jason could spank the girl, so could he! He switched on the intercom.

'Elaine, will you come in here please.'

When she came in, smiling as usual, he asked her to close the door, lock it and pass him the key. Her eyes opened in wonderment at his request, then her smile became more seductive as she perched on the edge of a chair, her skirt pulled well back revealing plenty of shapely thigh. Duncan picked up the scented letter from his desk and tossed it onto her lap.

'Did you write that?' he asked.

He didn't need a reply, he could tell by her face that she was as guilty as hell! She blushed and stammered out some reply.

'I hope you realise that I could have you dismissed for this? I have a mind to pin this on the office notice board with my comments.'

'Oh, don't do that Mr. McGregor,' stammered the girl, 'My aunt... she would be heartbroken.'

He turned his back to her and gazed out of the window, his heart thudding in his chest. 'Stand up Elaine, put your hands on the back of the chair.'

'What... what are you going to do... sir?'

That was the first time she had called him sir! He turned to face her.

'I am going to spank you Elaine... not the first time you have been spanked I understand. You will lift up your skirt... now.'

She stared at him for a few moments, a pretty blush coming over her face, then she slowly and seductively lifted her skirt until her knickers were visible. Once he saw her bottom he wouldn't be interested in beating her, he would be more interested in what lay between her slender legs! She knew men, she knew what the sight of her underwear did to them.

He walked round and looked at her, noting her plump derriere, her white knickers stretched tautly across, the crease between the cheeks outlined sharply. She had her legs slightly apart, making her look more inviting than ever. For a moment he hesitated, then he thought of the havoc the letter could have caused if the stupid girl hadn't left it among the papers. He raised his hand, and Elaine, caught her breath. He spanked her sharply across the cheeks, hard enough for him to feel the sting in his hand. She cried out, her bottom muscles tensing, the nylon knickers crinkling slightly. He spanked her again, and she straightened her back as the pain shot through her.

He put one hand on her back so that she couldn't escape, and began to spank her soundly, ignoring her cries of anguish and embarrassment. Her knickers slowly worked down until he could see the base of her spine. Suddenly, on impulse he pulled her knickers over her hips, baring her smarting pink bottom.

'No Mr. McGregor,' she cried.

'Yes Elaine,' he murmured, and struck her hard across the quivering cheeks. The sound of his slap echoed around the office, and he spanked her steadily until the pink went crimson, and his arm ached, and only then did he stop. She eased her knickers back up painfully.

'You hurt me sir,' she muttered, tears in her eyes.

'I meant to Elaine. Now go back to your desk, and nothing more will be said about this.'

A few minutes later he had a thought, he didn't know why, but he opened his office door and looked across at his secretary. She had the phone in her hand.

'Mrs. McGregor, I think you ought to know...'

He bounded across the office and put his fingers on the phone, cutting the connection.

He grabbed her and almost dragged the girl back into his office. She stood by the desk, trembling from head to foot, staring wildly as Duncan opened the desk drawer and took out a vicious looking leather strap.

'I usually use this strap on my sons,' he said, grimly, 'when they have misbehaved, but never, in their lives, have they done or tried to do anything as nasty as you!' He sat down on his office chair. 'Come here young woman, and drape yourself across my lap, I am going to teach you a lesson. It seems Bill Jason didn't punish you severely enough at Woking, you have not learned your lesson.'

She moved around the desk very slowly, her eyes wide with fear. 'I... I will tell my aunt,' she croaked.

'No doubt your aunt will agree with me. She is a Scotswoman and believes in corporal punishment, and she will agree with my choice of punishment.'

The girl stood near to him and lifted her skirt up, still hoping that a sight of her shapely thighs and tight white knickers would be enough to make him think of other things. At that moment she would gladly have pulled her knickers down and offered her body to him, anything to avoid the beating. But from the look in Duncan's eyes she knew she was wasting her time. She hitched her skirt up around her waist and lay across Duncan's lap so that her knicker-covered bottom faced up at him. For some moments he stared at it, the roundness, the deep cleft between the cheeks, the way her thighs flattened against his. Could he bring himself to thrash such a lovely backside? He hooked his fingers into the waist elastic, paused a moment longer, then brought the strap down with a resounding thwack on her bottom.

'Oo... ooow! ' cried Elaine, wriggling in pain on his lap. 'You're hurting me sir.'

'Good,' he gritted. Now that he had struck the first blow he relaxed. He thrashed her ceaselessly six times, and it seemed to the sobbing girl on his lap that each stroke was harder, and cut into her plump flesh.

'Oooh!' she whimpered, 'you are cruel Mr. McGregor, you have scarred me.'

He pulled her knickers down over her sore backside, making her wince as the nylon rasped on her. Her bottom was a dull red, marks an inch or so wide across the cheeks.

'Mmm!' she murmured, and it seemed to Duncan that her exclamation wasn't one of pain. He touched the rosy skin, it felt very hot, and as his hand trailed lower she opened her thighs so that he could see wisps of pubic hair. 'Touch me,' she whimpered, 'please Duncan, touch me.'

He held his fingers an inch away from the vee of her thighs, the muscles in his arms taut, then he slowly lowered his hand until he was brushing against the inside of her thigh. The girl moaned again and pressed herself closer to him.

'I've got him!' she thought to herself. 'I can feel him getting stiff, he wants me, and I will let him make love to me, here, in his office, and then, oh, and then, he will do anything I say. I will know everything about him, the way he is, things that only a lover would know. Mmm, come on Duncan, touch me more intimately!'

Her legs widened and his fingers trembled as they went nearer to her most secret part. He could feel the warm moisture.

'No!' he shouted, suddenly, and he brought the strap down hard against her sensuous, squirming backside.

Elaine shrieked out, her body stiffened as the strap cut into her flesh. Her hands curled into fists as he rained blow after blow on her exposed flesh. The severity of the thrashing drove all sexual thoughts from her mind, no longer did she feel desire, only a cutting thud as the strap wrought justice. Tears streamed from her eyes as the throbbing in her bottom spread through her, and, when at last he called it a day, she rose to her feet, staggered, then leaned against the desk, resting her hands on the top. Her skirt was still bunched around her waist, and she looked a delightful and erotic sight. Her knickers trapped by her knees, her buttocks glowing red, the skin tight. Elaine tried once more to appease the man. She turned to face him and showed her hairy vee.

'You won't beat me again Mr. McGregor, will you?' she whispered. He turned his head away, his mind was spinning. Thrashing the wilful girl had had a strange effect on him. His anger during the beating had turned to something else, something very much akin to passion!

'Please go Elaine, and remember, if you ever misbehave again, you will be strapped. There is a lot of work for you to do, now get out.'

That evening, when he went home from work he took the strap with him.

'Oh Duncan, I wondered where it had got to,' said his wife, greeting her husband with a kiss. 'I had completely forgotten!'

He slumped in a chair. 'I used it today Mary, on Elaine.'

He told her what had happened at the office, and his reason for spanking and strapping the girl. It was the only thing for him to do, Elaine could decide to tell everyone what her boss had done! When he had finished Mary sat on his knee and put her arms around his neck.

'I am not surprised the child felt the way she did after you had strapped her, do you remember, years ago, when you actually strapped me for flirting with Bruce Kennedy... and what happened afterwards?'

He stared up at the ceiling, remembering. 'That was years ago Mary.'

She nuzzled into his ear and reached out for the strap.

'I saw Bruce this afternoon Duncan, he has asked me to meet him one evening, and we could have dinner... and something, together! Now doesn't that deserve a beating? I mean, Bruce, and I...'

They went upstairs arm in arm, the strap swinging freely between them. Oh yes, Duncan remembered alright, and there was a tingle in his loins as he opened the bedroom door and Mary lifted her dress up before laying face down on the bed. She smiled up at him.

'I do need a strapping Duncan,' she whispered. 'I am tempted to go out with Bruce.'

The strap whistled through the air, and... but perhaps we had better draw a curtain over the next half hour, what a couple do in the privacy of their bedroom has nothing to do with us!

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