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The Library

Story from Roue 08.

The Library

Jill was an obstinate little spitfire, and she was determined not to give Miss Crawford the satisfaction of a victory that afternoon, even though her bottom was still warm with the spanking her superior had just given her. Jill's buttocks ached and throbbed as she bent over to adjust the untidy bottom shelf of the Geography section.

The books and atlases on her allotted shelves were probably the largest and heaviest in the library. She knew Miss Crawford had picked on her that morning just to weaken her into sneaking off early and risk another spanking the next day. But this time Jill was going to stick it out, till the bitter end – just to show that old fuss pot. But, ooow! Jill was suffering! Her cheeks were sore and those tight little knickers didn't help. It wasn't too bad when she was upright and could stand still for a while, but bending over was agony and crouching was out of the question.

Luckily Diane wasn't using the trolley, so Jill loaded it with the returned books from the desk and saved herself several journeys with the heavy volumes to be replaced in their appropriate places.

Miss Crawford was taking careful note of Jill's intelligent way of working that afternoon, unaware of the girl's real intentions.

It was one of Miss Crawford's few faults, that she would always take the credit for other peoples good points but was never responsible for their bad ones. She was convinced that Jill had learned an important lesson that lunch time and that the girl would certainly strive to improve her untidiness in the future. It had not occurred to Miss Crawford that Jill was scheming up ways to ease her pain that afternoon by using the trolley while Miss Crawford had put it down to intelligent thinking and a more methodical way of working.

Diane the younger of the two girls, was quietly smug about the whole affair. She was busy in the children's section and pretending not to notice the atmosphere between Miss Crawford and Jill. She had been aware of Jill's awkward and slow movements since lunch, but couldn't be absolutely sure that she had had a spanking till Jill got to the atlases on the bottom shelves. As she bent over, Diane caught a quick glimpse of Jill's rosy red thighs and knew for certain Miss Crawford had been up to her old tricks!

Diane had never been sure up till then that Miss Crawford had ever punished the other girls. She only knew the sting her own bottom had suffered at the hands of the Librarian in the past. As this had been Diane's first job, and even then only getting the position as a Junior Library Assistant because her uncle was something on the council, she had suffered greatly for her inexperience and lack of alphabetical knowledge during her first few months.

Jill walked cautiously behind the checking-in desk to relieve Miss Crawford for the teabreak. Her cheeks shuddered fearfully when Miss Crawford passed behind her, then relaxed again when the terrible presence disappeared towards the staff room.

It was uncomfortable to stand still for too long, so Jill busied herself with slow, easy movements, stacking and tidying the books ready for their places back on the shelves. The afternoon seemed extra long that day especially as she was making sure she kept well away from the terrifying Miss Crawford.

Suddenly Miss Crawford was shaken from the peaceful undisturbed atmosphere of the staff room by the most shattering crash from the Library next door. She shot out in her usual abrupt sedate manner, to be faced with the sight of a dozen or so schoolgirls arguing noisily with Diane, who was very red faced and angry.

As Miss Crawford approached the Children's Section she saw a mound of fallen books strewn untidily across the floor.

"You did it – so you pick them up". Diane had her hands on her hips and while not actually shouting, was creating quite a stir in the usually hushed room. Miss Crawford stood back to assess the situation before taking over in her haughty superior way.

As luck would have it, the girls' teacher was there, and appeared from behind one of the shelves, so Miss Crawford made herself scarce and observed the teacher taking charge of the argument. Soon all was quiet again and Miss Crawford retreated back to the Staff Room without having to intervene in the unfortunate situation.

It didn't take her long, however, to realise that this was a good time to give Diane another lesson in discipline and self control. Miss Crawford had suddenly got the urge to punish Diane severely for her unnecessary outburst instead of being mature enough to get her superior to deal with the problem.

Jill had been sensible enough to stay out of the way while Diane was making a fool of herself, but had not missed the appearance of Miss Crawford observing the height of the argument.

"She's not going to let Diane get away with that." She whispered to herself with a smile. "The crafty cow wasn't going to back the poor kid up when she was having a bad time of it, but she'll certainly let her have it on the bum for making such a mess of it" she thought with a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness I wasn't involved."

The teacher marched the girls out with an embarrassed smile towards Jill as she left. Jill smiled back innocently, and beckoned Diane over as soon as the room was empty again.

"Better go and explain to Madam" Jill said smugly.

"Why should I? She doesn't have to know." Diane was still shaking with anger.

"Hmm, that's all you know. I'd go now if I were you." Jill smiled knowingly.

"Well you would know, wouldn't you" the sweat on Diane's forehead was making her fringe quite wet, and a tear trickled out of her eye and rested under her lower eyelid. Jill realised how frightened and upset she was.

"Look, Di, she saw it all, honestly. I wouldn't lie to you. Do yourself a favour and go now."

Diane was trembling. She covered her mouth with her hand and looked very sad.

"Don't cry, not now. You were really very good, but I couldn't get involved. I'm sorry but you really have got to see her, before she gets a chance to cook something up. You know what she's like?"

"Right." She took a deep breath, gave Jill a brave smile and turned towards the Staff Room. "Here goes!"

* * *

Miss Crawford was not at all understanding. Jill's spanking earlier that afternoon had given her a taste for Diane's inevitable punishment. Her fat little bottom was asking to be spanked and Diane could offer no resistance after the upsetting experience she had just had.

Jill soon realised that Diane's prolonged absence meant Miss Crawford was handing out another punishment that day. At least she would be left alone a little longer! When no one was looking, she slipped out to the staff room and peeped through the frosted glass panel to confirm her suspicions that the room was empty. Yes, there was not a sign of any movement inside. That meant they were in the locked store room out the back – and Diane was getting walloped!

And Diane was certainly getting walloped! Her rounded young hips were bent over the chair while Miss Crawford stood over her, blistering the trembling cheeks with powerful, stinging strokes. The cane in the woman's hand shrieked as it swung through the air to land accurately across Diane's frightened naked cheeks. Stripes, red and painful, appeared in regular succession as Miss Crawford's fluent arm action continued the punishing blows. Diane yelped and blubbered endlessly. The whining and moaning irritated Miss Crawford, but she said nothing, hoping the girl would keep quiet and still.

"Oooo – no – no."


The cane struck sharply on the bared flesh and Diane jumped up violently. The cracking cane on her soft chubby buttocks was unbearably stinging and painful. But the fearful anticipation of the whistling as it shot out of the woman's hand before it actually reached her bum was frightening to poor Diane and she reached a point of uncontrollable terror.

Miss Crawford, as yet not wholly satisfied with the incomplete punishment, released her grasp on the girl and laid the cane back on a shelf quietly.

Diane sobbed. She didn't actually get up, but eased herself from the chair, and knelt helplessly on the floor. Her trembling naked cheeks were streaked with the criss-cross of the fiery red cane marks. She regained her senses and wiped the tears from her eyes, still shaking and frightened.

Miss Crawford sat on the chair still warm with the heat from Diane's hot little body which was now trembling quietly next to Miss Crawford's legs. She beckoned coldly towards the girl who obeyed meekly, and laid her soft young body over the woman's lap. Her silky plump cheeks glowed with the marks of the cracking cane and Diane relaxed as Miss Crawford stroked her bottom soothingly.

Her hand caressed the soft fullness of those naked buttocks, glowing and warm, and inviting. She traced out the grooves on the shiny flesh as Diane winced with the shooting pain across her bottom.

The girl's thighs were quite cool in comparison with the heat radiating from the fiery red buttocks, and her skin was very smooth and tempting.


Miss Crawford slapped her thighs with a sharp cracking blow. Diane jumped, but did not make a sound.

Another Crack! and another. Miss Crawford slapped the firm thighs with supreme satisfaction. A soft rosy glow began showing through the silky pink flesh and they bounced and bobbed on her hand with the regular strokes. The gentle young flesh cracked crisply under the woman's firm palm. Miss Crawford sat upright with the girl's warm body jumping to and fro across her steady legs.

Diane's sweet little bottom throbbed, with the naked cheeks glowing brilliantly. Tears filled her eyes as the pain grew throughout the lower part of her body. Miss Crawford's hand struck harder and harder on the girl's fiery thighs then a hard, loud wallop landed squarely on her right buttock, stinging the sore cane marks. Two or three thundering whacks startled the sobbing girl.

"OOW! Oh!"


"No! No! P-p-please."

"Yes, Miss. You've had your punishment. Get up!"

Diane attempted to move away quickly, but was prevented from jumping away from that punishing hand by the soreness in her throbbing, frightened bottom. Still she managed to slip away quite swiftly and into the Staff Room, while Miss Crawford remained in the Store Room until Diane had returned to the Library after allowing her enough time to have a wash and brush up.

The other girls tried not to notice Diane's return, but couldn't resist smiling at each other when she walked back to the Children's Section with such obvious agony.

Miss Crawford came back with a pile of books in her arms.

"Jill." She called. "Get Renee to take over the desk for a while – I've got a job for you."

Jill smiled at the woman as if nothing had happened, and took the books from her, ready for further instructions.

"I want some of these mysteries back on the shelves – there's been a rush on them lately. I expect that new series on the television has got something to do with it."

Jill's spine went cold with the mention of sharing the Stock Room with Miss Crawford again. Her knees felt like jelly and her hot little bottom began throbbing quicker and quite painfully.

"Y-yes M-Miss Crawford."

She put the pile of books on the trolley and followed Miss Crawford towards the dreaded room. She stood at the door waiting, remembering her hasty exit some two hours earlier. She felt quite shaky at the memory and her tight knickers sunk into her quivering fat cheeks.

A big lump grew in her throat! She tried to be brave and stood upright in the doorway, while inside there were butterflies fluttering in her tummy.

Miss Crawford's footsteps echoed eerily on the bare wooden floorboards and Jill shuddered at the thought of her yelps and screams echoing through the half empty room that lunchtime.

"Come on girl" Miss Crawford snapped "Get the trolley – there's a good couple of hours work here."

"Right Oh!" She breathed a sigh of relief.

As Jill walked back into the Library for the trolley, the other girls looked up in surprise. They had congregated round the desk, with Diane in the centre describing her recent painful ordeal.

They dispersed quickly back to their places, just in case Miss Crawford appeared unexpectedly.

Jill smirked at them, 'Hmm' she thought 'they thought I was lured into the store room under false pretences!' That indignant feeling returned as she wheeled the trolley briskly towards the room.

Her quick movements didn't do her smarting bottom a lot of good and she was forced to slow her pace down considerably by the time she reached the Staff Room.

Miss Crawford was standing threateningly in the doorway, but Jill tried to stay brave. A sharp slap cracked across her swollen buttocks as she neared the woman.

"There's a good girl" Miss Crawford pointed towards the two back shelves "Just sort them and get them out the front. Before five please."

Miss Crawford hesitated for a second, giving the girl an uncomfortable feeling in her soft frightened bottom, and then left her with the bitter sweet memories of that fateful room.

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