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Schoolgirl Remedy

Story from Justice 42.

Schoolgirl Remedy

A person did not have to study Trixie all that hard to realise that she was by far the most attractive and prettiest girl in the whole school. There were sufficient candidates for the title of the most attractive school-girl in France, but Trixie would have taken such a title with no problems whatsoever.

Tall, blonde and with the bluest eyes that set in a face that was artistic formed, but added to this her soft curvy torso with curvy limbs and decidedly rounded figure and the picture of Trixie is presented as one of those who are going to have no trouble in getting what she wants from the male population.

She was next in line to be the school captain and head prefect, and was only waiting for her predecessor to leave the school and she would then jump into the exalted position of Head Girl of the whole Boarding School.

At seventeen and a half she was well loved and equally hated because of the sheer personality of her natural attributes that marked her as a desirable young woman.

Her pet hate was the latest teacher who had been imported from England and this young man was a tutor of music. He had only just passed out from his university and when she saw him studying the girls in the gymnasium she saw that there was undoubtedly the leering look of interest in the nubile bodies disporting themselves in the Physical Education studies! She made no pretence that she was displeased with his gazing admiration of the females in a state of skimpy dress and she told him outright that she would have no hesitation in reporting him to the headmistress if he insisted in hanging around the area of the gymnasium whilst she and the older girls were practising gymnastics.

Her outburst had done the trick and he ensured that his presence was certainly nowhere near the gymnasium nor near the playing fields on the sports afternoons. He was a new boy to the profession and the last thing he wanted was to arrest his career before it had even got off the ground. But she had made an arch enemy and she could never envisage that he was to get his retribution in the most exacting of manners with her, and she would be helpless to prevent him taking over her body completely in every manner and any way he chose.

Trixie, like any healthy young lady had her secret desires and because she had always attended exclusive schools, her sexual drives were orientated towards her own sex. She knew no other manner in which to express her emotions as her knowledge of the male body was only gleaned from fantasy and mystery. She knew that she would one day meet a man and deep down, like any other healthy girl, she longed for the day when she would be able to express her sexual drive with a man, but in her present environment her interests centred around her own sex.

It is the same in all school of the type she attended and there had been examples to prove it. A girl caught in any lesbian attitude with another girl was dismissed without argument. There was no defence, no pleas no ifs and no buts; the remedy was swift and any girl caught in such a situation was expelled on the spot. There had been cases in the past but the occurrences had been hushed up and hopefully forgotten. But even the dismissal had had its pre-consequences because the headmistress would assemble the whole school and explain that the certain girl had been caught with another girl; both girls would be on the stage at the front of the Assembly hall, and in front of the whole school the two would be physically punished. This was an awesome and frightening scene to witness because two bare bottoms would be thrust towards the girls in the auditorium and the kneeling position would afford a full view not only of two bottoms but also the soft secret places between the thighs.

The French system of using a martinet was well employed and soon the whole place would be echoing to screeching girls as their bottoms changed from soft smooth white-cream to a whip-wealed pair of ballons. And in that terrible state, the girls would be despatched to their parents. But no word was ever spoken regarding the flogging and dismissal after that. It was true that a terrible silence would settle on the school for several days after such an exhibition of flogging bottoms, but it took only a little longer for the school to settle down to a routine curriculum.

The flogging was a distinct enactment to discourage the girls from getting emotionally involved with each other. Masturbation was one thing; lesbianism something of a completely different nature and headmistresses and teachers knew that they could not let the reputation of the school founder on the Islands of Sapphos.

Trixie thought that she and Sandie were well excluded from prying eyes when she and the auburn haired beauty settled in the corner of the disused pavilion. Sandie loved Trixie's body and soul and as her gentle teasing lips and tongue traced the love-caresses round the sharply benippled breasts, Trixie lay back, eyes closed letting the sweetness of Sandie's oral attentions sweep over and through her. Her shapely thighs were spread and although her knickers were still pulled up, Sandie had managed to push her hand into the waistband to titivate the soft lips of Trixie's sex vale... Trixie was stroking her friend's hair and she was grateful for the thrills that poured like hot oils through her veins.

She was urging in whispering sounds of endearment for Sandie to put her lips to the orifice area of the worshipped portal... Trixie thumbed her knickers down and lay back as she raised her knees and spread them wide. With something like wonderment on her face, Sandie studied the orifice and enjoyed the thrills of being able to see the soft furry hair with the excited puffy lips of Trixie's pussy flesh. Reverently almost, she dipped her head and her lips met those of Trixie's labia... delicious thrills filled both girls and when Sandie at last lapped the crevice with the tip of her tongue the clitoris throbbed in happy response.

Trixie knew that she would most certainly orgasm within a few moments and pressed her legs as wide as she could as her moaning instructions urged Sandie to deeper depths... when the room was suddenly flooded in light, it came too suddenly for either girl to comprehend or even stop their dallying with each other... as Trixie pulled her skirt down, Sandie realised that something was amiss, her head was ensnared beneath the tight skirt and she had to struggle to bring her head from beneath the cloth shield.

"And what lessons are we preparing for now?" he asked as he stood looking down at the confused and frightened faces of the two girls.

Trixie's mouth opened and closed several times without a word coming from it. She was suddenly filled with fear, shame and confusion. The only thought that came to her mind was the view of her own bared bottom together with that of Sandie's in front of the whole school and the ignominious dismissal afterwards. Gone would be the chance of head prefect, gone would be all sense of honour and she would be forever clouded in the shame of being expelled from the school. Her father was a dignitary in the Francaise Cabinet, and of all the people that the media would want to snipe at it would be him. They would have a field day if they ever discovered that the shapely daughter had been dismissed from the school for practising the lesbian art.

"Please... please," she managed to gasp out imploringly.

"Yes?" his tone was not one that expressed a readiness to forgive and forget.

It had to be him of all people. It had only been two weeks previous when she had humiliated him in front of the other girls by telling him that he should not be showing such interest in skimpily clad girls... here he was in a completely commanding attitude over her future.

"Please... please let us discuss this thing," she was lost for a common sense thing to say and she was shrinking rapidly inside herself. As she had spoken so she had managed to pull her knickers up beneath her skirt as she modestly tried to cover herself without having to display her lovely legs and she had managed quite well.

"You will both report to the Detention Room this evening," he said abruptly.

They were almost relieved when he turned on his heel and walked out.

"Detention," Sandie said in a surprised tone.

"I dare not believe it. I just do not believe that he will let us off with a few hours detention," Trixie whispered although her heart raced as the seed of an idea began to grow inside her mind.

The hours that remained before reporting to the Detention Room were fraught with despair for both girls and they were desperately worried and afraid. Neither of them dared look at the stage in the large Assembly Hall because they both had a vision of their bodies up there. It was awful to even think about and by the time that Trixie and Sandie reported to the Detention Room they were both ready to swear their souls away to prevent the horror of a public thrashing and shameful dismissal from the school.

He was waiting when they both sheepishly walked in and slowly approached the austere lectern on which he was leaning. He studied the two girls and felt that Trixie looked even more attractive in her distress. She had been nearer the truth than she had imagined when she had accused him of leering at them, and he was young enough to appreciate the rounded quality of the girls' bodies. But there was no doubt about it, Trixie was an aristocratic figure and she had the swelling shape of an aristocratic arse!! He may have been young in his age but he had very set ideas on how to treat erring young females and Simon was very aware of what the girls must be thinking.

In Trixie he had the perfect foil for his plans... she was due to be placed on the pinnacle of the Head Prefect... the Head Girl and the School Captain. It would bring her prestige and privileges and now in one unguarded act with Sandie she had placed herself very firmly under his control...

He had already formulated a plan whereby Trixie would soon be begging to show off her shapely torso in any posture that he might desire to see it, and furthermore, he knew that he was going to hear her begging to be allowed to do whatever he chose and that meant just anything.

His psychological studies had taught him that when a woman is in the trouble as deep as Trixie was right then, she was ready to take on the role of the lowest kind of tart.

Pride and dignity would be severely punctured but to save her face and precious character, Trixie would be prepared to suffer any indignity despite the natural abhorrence she might feel in executing the terrible penance.

"Lock the door, Sandie," he said quietly and authoritively.

Thankfully this room was a prime piece of architecture. It had no windows except for the high vents, and the door was a stout piece of oak. It clicked ominously when Sandie turned the key in the lock and shame-faced returned to the lectern. He kept a very stern face as he looked down on the frightened young girls.

"What am I going to do to you two?" he asked with an exaggerated sigh. "Do I report you to the headmistress and get you expelled or do I take the law into my own hands and make you prime examples of very naughty girls under corrective discipline?"

"We don't want to go to the headmistress," they answered as once.

"Are you under the impression then, that I shall merely punish you with the cane?"

"I... we thought you might punish us yourself," Trixie blushed furiously.

"And you think that punishment is simply having the cane on your bottom," he said.

They blinked up at him and both girls felt the foundation of their intended surrender to a caning by him getting decidedly uncertain.

"What.... what is corrective discipline?" Sandie asked awkwardly.

"Good question, Sandie... it involves absolute obedience. No protest. No argument. It is an enactment of the miscreant to obey submissively to any act that the teacher commands. The one thought in your minds must be that this is happening as punishment and for your own good and also it will be paramount in your minds. I have no doubt that whilst you are responding so obediently you will be aware that you are avoiding the ultimate disgrace of being discharged."

His last words glued themselves to their minds. No public flogging. No expulsion.... they needed no further explanation... both girls knew secretly that they would rather suffer a thousand times over than to have the rest of the school using their names as gossip... and Trixie had a lot more to lose than Sandie.

"I would rather accept your corrective discipline," Trixie said without even having to think about it.

"Me too, please," Sandie blushed deeper as she squirmed on the spot.

"Then I shall administer to you, your punishment one at a time... you may go Trixie and leave Sandie with me... I shall see you tomorrow night. It will give you time to contemplate your immediate future... your naughtiness and the retribution I intend to introduce... now leave me with Sandie," he directed.

Trixie was surprised and mystified. She had no doubt that he intended to enjoy himself with Sandie and he did not want any witnesses. She was fully contrite as she left the room to walk back to her own small room.

Trixie had not realised that Simon was able to impose such stringent conditions on Sandie so that neither of them met the following day and she was itching to find out exactly what had occured. She did see her friend once but the auburn coloured hair seemed to vanished in a sea of heads before Trixie could reach her.

The whole of that day was a time of misery for Trixie and when at last the evening came round she was not sure whether she was glad or sorry. The long hall that led to the Detention room seemed longer and more deserted than ever.

She felt as though she had committed the most hideous crime in the annals of the school as she stood projected in her solitude when she had locked the door and waited, inwardly trembling under scrutiny of his stern eyes. After a short while, sufficiently long enough to enhance her feeling of helplessness, he extricated himself from the tall legged seat and slowly, with deliberation walked to where the helpless girl waited.

"What did you mean when you suggested that I might be taking a perverse interest in the girls when they were at gymnastics?" he reminded her of her threat.

"It was a mistake, Sir," she managed to respond immediately.

"Wasn't it just," he smiled malevolently.

She blushed profusely when she felt his hand holding her blouse where her ripe breast thrust against the material. She nearly made the cardinal error of withdrawing but choked down her natural shame and stood there feeling his fingers stroking the throbbing globe as the nipple thrust against the white cotton. Thankfully, he discovered she wore no brassiere... it surprised him that perfection could be portrayed like this without the bra, but he marvelled at the firm soft quality of her breasts as he squeezed leisurely.

"You do not mind me doing this do you?" he asked craftily.

"No sir... not one little bit," she lied.

"In fact, young Trixie I think you enjoy having your tits played with," he told her.

"I... I do sir," she managed to choke as she felt the firmness in her breasts making the globes seem to expand.

"Then it is my wish that you exhibit them," he smiled.

Her fingers were like unfeeling digits as she fidgeted with her buttons but soon her upper smooth creamy skinned torso with the pinky aureolled breasts were nakedly on view. He gently lifted them in the palms of his hands and felt the full sexy weight of her bosom. They were perfect in every detail. Even Trixie was feeling little thrilling shock waves that had never been known to her before. As his thumbs lightly stroked over the nipple, so Trixie felt the knobs becoming harder and harder... he played with the nipples to help her attitude of mind towards the sexual aspect.

She was looking down at the hardening breasts as confused thrills and shame throbbed through her. It was all so strange and when he told her to pull her shoulders back she did so without even thinking why he wanted her like that. The response on her breasts was truly remarkable. They thrusted out in symmetric orbs, and even Trixie felt the additional thrills start to rise inside her body.

"Oooooh," the sound came from her lips like a soft gasp of discovery.

"You will remove all you clothes except your knickers," he told her.

As she shakily obeyed him, he walked to a nearby seat and watched the disrobing of the statuesque beauty. She stood erect even though she did not feel proud, but in her present state of near nudity, Trixie was one of nature's most delightful nymphs. Her limbs were a sight to behold and the dipped gusset of her knickers clung lovingly to the fleshy sex groove that the knickers covered. He told her to turn round and inwardly shamefilled, Trixie gave him a view of her deliciously rounded orbs with the knickers clinging to the nates lovingly. They accentuated the perfect roundness of her pert buttocks and he could see the lower curves of the swelling moons as they peeped from beneath the legs of her knickers.

"Take them off," he told her.

She certainly hesitated, but it was only for a moment. Simon's eyes feasted on the full rounded vision of her denuding bottom as Trixie reluctantly thumbed her knickers down her legs. When she stood upright again she was better than he imagined her. She had alabastrine quality skin and the flawless body stood like a dejected, shame-filled young lady. Trixie's face flushed scarlet as she felt his eyes studying the superb orbs of her bottom and she knew that he would soon be making her bum very sore.

"Now you will exercise some gymnastic movements for me," he smiled.

She went through the whole of her repertoire and displayed to him every movement that he had observed her doing in the gym... and there were one or two others in addition. Facing him and also facing the opposite direction... legs apart... reaching right down and pressing her palms to the floor so that the fully curvacious buttocks showed off at the very best... reaching up high towards the ceiling too when she was facing him so that her taut breasts were the centre of attraction. But when he sat her on the bench table to make her do backward presses with ankles firmly set apart, she knew that she had revealed to him the very inner depths of her secret sex orifice. It came to the time when he could hold back the moment of punishment no longer and under his eyes she placed two stools in front of the lectern.

When she stood on the stools she was made to bend over the front of the lectern itself with her upper torso stretching down the front of the furniture which ensured her bottom stayed the highest postured part of her body... it was almost up to the height of his shoulders so he was able at long last to place his hands on the gorgeous moons of her bottom as he stood behind her studying openly the view of her soft pinky sex lips and the complete area of her behind.

He moulded the cheeks of her backside in various shapes so that nothing was lost to his gaze... he saw more of Trixie than any other person alive... she could only remain stupefied at the differing digress of her emotions... she did not want to get any pleasure from all this but her breasts could still sense the fondling of his hands... her bottom now was adding fuel to her confusion as his hands eased the cheeks in various shapes... her shapely legs felt weak as her temperature see-sawed in different patterns of pleasure and shame... it was not until he actually ran a finger tip between her legs that she realised that the whole of her crotch was fully exposed to him and the soft lips of her pussy spread apart as he eased his ploughing finger through the furrow formed by her attractive cunt.

A further stab of shame went through her as she felt herself thrust her bottom backwards as though welcoming the soft caress of her sex, and further more she knew that she was truly thrusting back to expose herself as much as she could. Her knuckles showed white. She gripped the lower bar of the lectern and stifled sobs of helpless confusion mumbled from deep down inside her body.

Simon saw how the buttocks thrust back and the soft meat of the flesh lips themselves appeared to project purposefully towards his fondling hands... this was something he had not envisaged and her pronounced posture became more and more thrusting as he played softly with the cleft between the lips. Despite her shame and immodest pose, Trixie could only acknowledge the full thrilling eruption of her erotic senses... pure heat of delightful thrills throbbed like wavelets of deep heat through her... she was aware of the humiliating shape of her body and she accepted that he was trying only to bring her to her most immodest sense of shame, yet there was no denying the thrilling sweetness now flowing through her.

Her legs became stiffer as she pushed herself into an accessable bending roundness... she seemed to want to make her whole bottom and crotch very open and fully prepared for him to play with. He teased the tight skin seal of her orifice and as the dampened heat oiled the passage, so he pushed the tip of his finger into the hole itself... Trixie felt dizzy with hot sexuality... the whole of her randy state was alive now to being caressed and touched by his knowledgeable fingers... as he slipped the finger slowly into the tight tube of her sex sheath so he discovered that by some accident she had lost the prized virginity... there was no arresting his inward thrusting finger and soon he was fully embedded into her. He could never have imagined seeing this superb young woman like this... his own muscle was reacting to the acquiescent attitude of her... he knew he would have to start the "punishment" of her behind. It was a superb piece of sculptor and it begged for a spanking hand and a thrashing cane.

Trixie was deeply disappointed when he removed the caressing finger from her vagina... but when he changed his own position to stand next to her, his resting hand on the right cheeks of her bottom forewarned her that she was about to be spanked.

His hand came down hard and there was to be no preliminary warming up session. The imprint of his hand showed very red and forceful marks on the right cheek of her bum and then to match that imprint her left cheek received the same tenor of strength and resulting stinging pain.

She gritted her teeth hard and was determind not to cry out, but as the hard spanking palm struck each cheek alternatively so she knew that she would not be able to keep her stoic resolve. Gradually the once white, smooth creamy skin changed to a highly charged redness until the whole area of her buttocks was in deep contrast to the rest of her body. At last she broke down and yelped out as the blistering heat became too intense...

"Agggher... oooooow... no... ooouwerch... aaaaagher... noooo... my bottom... no... it hurts... it hurts... no more please... pleeeease... oooooooh noooo... aaagher... yaaaagher... no... o... no... no... please..." her vocal protests were accompanied by jiggling responses of her hips as she jerked them from side to side... the jiggling changed to writhing.

Trixie felt that the stinging, flashing pain on her bottom was something that she could not possibly bear... and then her bottom was jerking in sharp responsive movements... to Simon she presented a marvellous picture as her whole body seemed to respond to the fire building up on her buttocks. He left her for a short while and let her silently sob as the movements of her behind settled down... he was pleased that she had not attempted to stand up... it was as though her body ached to move away from the punishing position but because of her shame at the 'sin' she had committed, she knew that she could not move until he told her she could do so. Her eyes widened noticeable when she felt a cold thin sensation resting on her burning nates... she knew without being told that she was about to be caned!

"Get down from the stools," he told her.

Slowly and very miserably, the attractive young woman stepped down onto the floor.

"Now bend right over and touch your toes," he ordered her crisply.

"Please sir," she choked out in her sobbing imploring voice.

But even as she pleaded, Trixie slowly reached forward for her toes... her body bowed over fully and she blinked her tears of fear and horror so that they spilled freely down her cheeks.

She could never have imagined the fierceness of the cane until it struck the roundest part of her taut skinned bum... it whipped down viciously and the line of angry buzzing pain seemed to burn a brand of its own across her skin. The touch toes posture changed rapidly as she shot upright and clutched her burning cheeks whilst her feet danced up and down making her body dance wildly... he watched the gyrations in fascinated observations... her breasts jiggled as her hips and waist twisted about the room.

He pointed to a raised stool and directed her to get on it with her bottom raised high... reluctantly she placed her smooth tummy on the seat of the stool and slowly bent her body again... she kept her thighs tightly closed together and her head was almost down to the floor... standing next to her Simon took deliberate aim and thrashed the cane down to the target of her crimson-skinned buttocks... she squealed and yelled at the same time... she could not jump about now and her bottom did another writhing dance of agonised pain.

Six very hard strokes he gave her all across the meatiest part of her backside... "Please... pleeease... sir... I'll do anything... anything... please... no more... I beg you... pleeeeease... make me do anything else and I'll do it willingly... anything at all," she begged and pleaded.

After she had dried her tears and her painful bottom had settled down, she was kneeling before him... her soft warm mouth courting his aching erect muscle... she would rather have done this all night than take any more strokes from the cane... she did not mind standing there with her hands towards the ceiling as he had stroked her soft pussy flesh and she did not mind this attitude of sexual servitude... before he came he sat her on his lap and she bounced up and down with his hardness inside her...

It all came out and he was dismissed on the spot. He had to leave the school but he never once disclosed the reason why he had beaten the girl... that was something he spared her.

He could never have taken up teaching again and he took a small apartment in Paris and gave private lessons in English. It was some nine or ten months later that he answered the door and saw Trixie standing there.

"I have wanted to see you ever since you left the school," she blushed.

"I have to thank you for not telling on me when you were caught out," she blushed deeper.

"What can I do for you," he asked softly.

"I wondered whether you would not like to give me private lessons in English," she told him as she took off her coat, "and of course I think that you ought to be allowed to discipline me if ever I am not trying hard enough."

He was surprised at her attitude. So out of all the trauma there had been something that she found appealing.

"You know my methods of discipline."

"I can hardly remember... I do think you ought to refresh my memory" she smiled blushingly as she started to remove her clothes.

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