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School Report

Story from Justice Vol.2 No.39

School Report

Jenny settled herself comfortably in the corner of the first class compartment and pressed her bottom deeply into the cushioned seat. Only she and one other person knew why she was on this train. She was going back to school!!!

At the age of twenty years, Jenny was returning to her headmaster whom she knew would please her. It had been four years previous that he had guessed the Freudian problem from which she suffered and he had helped her over the difficult phase by having her in his study whenever she was naughty and he had used his cane on her bottom to bring about a high state of very real pleasure in her body.

It was the time now when the school was breaking up for the Summer Holidays and she knew that the old building would be empty. The remoteness of the school and the fact that she and he would be the only two there helped her ease of mind. As the train gathered momentum, she felt a deep sense of peace pervade her whole body and her mind settled into a happy state of contentment at the idea of how she would be made to behave whilst she stayed this one week with the knowledgeable headmaster. As her mind conjoured up mental visions of him she wriggled her shapely young bottom deeper into the seat..... it would be marvellous again once he started to dominate and order her about.

Thank heaven he was not the old and staid type of man, she thought wistfully as the unseeing countryside sped past the windows. He would know exactly how to behave and he would know exactly too how to make her behave. For three hours the train sped through the various counties and she grew nearer and nearer to the station which she would alight. No other passenger interrupted her journey and at long last she was standing up to collect the case from the rack. As she alighted she saw the tall figure of the headmaster waiting for her.

"Hello there Jenny," he greeted her.

She did not answer but demurely followed him to the waiting car. She opened the door for him first and then went round to her own side to sit beside him. They drove for some while until they could see the dark brick building of her old school. Not a word had been spoken and as he pulled into the driveway she found that same strange excitement building up inside her body. Once he had parked the car he told her that he would see her in half an hour and reminded her that she knew the way to her old room.

Once inside the room where she had spent the latter years of her school life, Jenny really began to take on the old frame of mind.... she shook her shapely young body from her travelling clothes and then studied the clothes spread out on the bed.... it was a very small girls school uniform. She managed to squeeze her rounded bottom into the tight fitting knickers of navy blue and then she pulled on the white socks. As she dressed into the blouse she felt the tightness pulling her thirty eights into a tight cleavage..... her face happily blushed when she eased her feet into high heeled patent shoes and soon she was brushing out her shoulder length hair.... the true blonde strands reached down in a perfectly cut line of hair and it was when she had scrutinised her reflection that she started to apply her cosmetics..... just twenty minutes and her face was made up like a china doll..... Jenny thrilled at her own narcistic senses and was ready to start her vacation of masochistic thrills with the headmaster.

She stepped down the wide wooden staircase, her eyes studying the swelling thighs that thrust before her beneath the short mini skirt.... the pleats of the navy blue skirt spread as she stepped down the stairs.... she realised happily that the skirt came to a point just beneath her tight fitting knickers and this pleased her. Jenny was a very shapely young woman and the long tapering legs would have pleased the most discerning of men.... but there were few men who could please her..... right now all she wanted to feel was the shame and the pain that the headmaster could bring her..... in that pain and shame Jenny would revel contentedly.

"Come in... come in," he called out as she knocked softly on the door.

She stepped into his study and stood just inside the door..... his eyes did not even look up as he continued to mark off some papers before him.... Old Man Stanton, as the pupils called him knew the name of this game and he knew all the rules.... he knew that he had a very shapely and lovely young lady before him and he knew what pleased her...... her masochistic craving suited his own mind right down to the ground....... to be able to command and order this girl to behave in any way he chose with the promise of the cane across her bare hindquarters was something any real man would give his eye-teeth for...... he looked up at the apparition before him and he did not bat an eyelid.

"Been naughty again, Jenny?" he spoke softly, firmly and yet with the right amount of angry authority.

"Yes, sir..... sorry sir," she managed to persuade her own voice into a shameful tone.

"I don't think you are sorry.... I don't think you could be sorry if you tried....... been using bad language have you?" he asked severely.

"Yes sir...... I really am very sorry" she brought the affected sobbing choke.....

"You must not use offensive language, Jenny" he reprimanded her.

"No sir," she fidgeted on the spot as she shuffled her feet.

"What was it you said?" he raised his eyebrows.

"I said...... 'bloody' sir," she told him as she blushed.

"Did you," he half thundered. "I hear differently..... you were positively obscene."

Jenny was now happily settling down to this new inovation.... this was a good game!!

"Yes sir...... I did say I was sorry," she reminded him.

"For what..... what did you say that makes you feel so sorry?" he demanded.

This is marvellous, she thought.... he was going to exact the most demeaning phrases from her..... what should she say? the excitement thrilled through her veins....

"I did say some words worse than bloody," she told him.

"Tell me, pray," his face was serious and firmly set.

"Do.... do I have to?.... Please sir, I do feel so ashamed," she looked down at the floor.

"So you should..... Now Jenny look up...... what words did you use that shocked your teacher so?" he asked her in that serious tone.

"I did not intend teacher to hear..... but...... but I called her an old...... an old cunt," she spoke the word at last and the shock of silence fell on the study.... she knew from past experience that she had not gone too far..... but he pretended that she had and sat there glaring at her furiously.

"An old what?" he exploded.

"An old cunt, sir," she said with less conviction.

"Do you know what a cunt is?" he roared.

"Yes, sir," she shuffled her feet even more but she was already enjoying the sense of shame that he was arousing inside her.

"What is it?" he was still glaring angrily and his fingers played with the thin bamboo cane on the desk top.

"It's.... it's the part of a woman that she pees through," Jenny told him.

"Jenny, come here," he angrily commanded her.

He watched her very lovely legs as she walked to the desk. She was even more desirable than when he first reasoned out the deep masochistic emotions that she suffered.

"Take your knickers down," he snapped as he picked up the thin stick.

"All the way down sir?" she asked like a shy young school girl.

"Down.... and off," he told her in the same furious tone as he had used since the interrogation started.

He watched her as she thumbed the almost too tight knickers down her lovely legs.

"Please don't cane me sir..... not on my bare bottom," she implored him quietly.

"Jenny. What other bad words have you used..... be honest with me," he questioned.

"Please sir.... I would rather not say," she managed a blush.

"Why did you feel that you can use this obscene muck when you are with your friends and not honestly come out into the open now?" he wanted to know.

Jenny looked at the desk top.... she saw the cane and a shiver of sheer pleasure tingled through her..... she wanted to feel that cane... she wanted to suffer the abject defencelessness that it could bring... by these methods she was baring her very soul and she was not having to suffer the hells of the damned....

"I...... I do use other naughty words," she murmured softly.

"So......why keep it to yourself and also your guttersnipe friends?" he demanded.

"I..... I feel so ashamed when you insist that I tell you what I say," she said.

"Then let us excise some of your shame young lady....... lift your skirt."

As though unhappily, Jenny lifted the short skirt until the moss of her pubic bush was fully exposed to him........ she stood quite still as though if she moved it would break a magic spell that they had weaved between them....

"Now my fine and disgusting young lady.... I want to know the other words that you freely use when you are with your friends," he snapped.

"Well," she swallowed hard, "I have already admitted to saying cunt," she tried to appease him..... but his silence was enough to let her know that she had not in any way nearly satisfied his demanding nature...... "and I do say bum," she tried.

"Bum!!!!" the word exploded from his mouth. "Bum is hardly the word you use is it....... Jenny be honest....... completely honest for a change."

"I..... well...... I do say arse," she reddened furiously.......

"So....... that is two disgusting words...... any more..... we might as well have the whole vocabulary whilst we are about it," he snapped angrily.

"Oh please sir....... I feel so ashamed," she choked.

"And so you should....... but you will feel a lot more shame before the night is out," he assured her in his best professional manner.

He was now holding the cane between both hands and he was bending it almost in two..... the stick bent easily and now Jenny could not take her eyes from the whippy stick..... she wanted that stick across her bottom and she was now in the proper mental state to go for broke!!!

"I say fuck too," she told him....... he remained silent and sat there expectantly........

"And sometimes I say prick.......... I know what a prick is," she blushed.....

"Do you sometimes feel that a cane should be brought down on your arse, Jenny?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, sir. I know now that I am very naughty......... I know that I ought to bare my arse and have it caned hard......." she was feeling the sensation of her passion pleasure as the heat poured like sexual liquid through her body.

"But how about those......" he pointed with the cane towards her breasts where the twin globes pushed attractively against the tight material of her blouse.

"You mean my titties, sir?" she looked down to study the pointed thrust where her hard nipples were already throbbing against her inner blouse cloth.

"I don't think they ought to be caned," she sais quietly.

"I am not suggesting that they should.... I wanted to know how you referred to them."

"Oh," her face reddened deeper.... "Yes, sir..... they are my titties," she told him.

"Then it is high time we saw them..... take your blouse off," he commanded crisply. Slowly, but inwardly very happily, Jenny removed her blouse and exposed the throbbing breasts....... he then told her to take her skirt off so that she was now fully naked. He saw how she had developed since the last time they had met..... she had become a very perfect specimen of a young and certainly attractive young woman...... and she had a deep hunger inside her body....... he was able to assuage that hunger, yet at the same time was able to ease the deep sense of domination inside his own body.... here was a perfectly shaped and very young woman whose only demand on life was to be completely beaten... she lived only to live out her sexual fantasies and he was the only man who could fulfill her wild dreams. He picked up the cane and walked round his desk...... as she stood helpless, he stroked the whippy stick over the pronounced roundness of her bottom...... Jenny stood still and let the happy state ripple easily through her body........ sensuous responses were building up inside her as she felt the cane stroking from the top to the base of her curvy nates.....

"Pleeeeeeese," she moaned.

"Bend over, Jenny," he ordered unfeelingly.

Jenny reached down over the top of the high backed chair........ she felt the top press into her tummy and this helped the full thrusting of her backside.... the round orbs pushed out without becoming angular..... and because her bottom retained its roundness she presented him with the perfect target for his cane. He knew just how long he could keep her waiting, and so he enjoyed the freedom of the smooth skinned bottom by letting his hand travel over the area she was now having to reveal to him..... she was smooth as silk, and her whole backside was obviously thrusting backwards for him to do with whatever he liked to do...... as his hand felt the silky quality of her backside, Jenny hissed the breath into her body..... even the feeling of having him caress her arse was something that she loved to experience.... it was a shameful thing to have to do but the very shameful nature of having to stay there whilst he fondled the cheeks was in itself a thrilling pleasure that she enjoyed. He looked down at the pertinent nates as they rounded for him and took his time leisurely testing the spongy quality of each nate.

"And this is the arse isn't it?" he questioned her.

"Ooooooh...... yes...... yes....... yes, sir," she moaned.

"And don't you think I ought to cane this arse?"

"Please....... I know I have been very naughty, sir..... and now I know I ought to be punished with the cane across the cheeks of my bare arse........ please do not spare me, sir..........make me realise what a naughty girl I have been............. please cane my bum............ cane my bare arse........ and make me show you how sorry I am," she crooned.

He rested the cane against the perfectly poised buttocks and then raised it high...... at least he was a past master of the cane....... he brought it down and watched the spot at which it striped hard across the cheeks....... it struck her at exactly the spot for which he aimed...... she did not even wince nor did she made any sound........ he gave her the second stroke but increased the strength....... Jenny stayed down and felt the heated thrills now start to build up inside her....... she closed her eyes to help the enhancement of the thrilling pleasure that she was getting each time the cane struck her naked bottom....... it swiped down and the line of pure sweet ecstasy brought her higher and higher to a thrilling state of erotic thrills..... only she could feel every part of her arse cheeks now where the cane left its stinging stripe...... she wanted the whistling sound to finish so that she knew that the end of the stroke was over and a resulting sweetness of sheer passion pain followed...... she made her bottom push even harder into a rounded posture. Then the fourth and fifth stroke swept across her nates to build up the fire of pure passion inside her body..... she wanted to feel the pain and she ached to suffer the absolute epitome of shame at his hands..... she wondered how she would respond if he insisted in caning her throbbing breasts but right now she was revelling in the purity of receiving the cane hard on her bottom....

"Aaaaaaaagher," she suddenly cried out when the cane unexpectedly caught the lowest curve of her bottom....... it seemed to whip down hard onto the very core of her sex but the blazing fire of her randiness was just beginning to build up inside her body..... the second stroke after that landed on the same lower orbs..... it brought the same response........ she jerked her bottom and cried out, but the cry was one of sheer delight.

"Again...... please....... cane me there again....... keep caning me there..... pleeeeeeeease."

Three and four strokes landed across the cheeks of her bottom where they joined her thighs and Jenny pushed her arse back hard to open the section to his harsh punishment......... he whipped the cane down and now he was concentrating in the sensitive area that she loved to feel the fire of his punishing stick....... and then she dropped to her knees....... as she always did....... she pushed her bum high........ her head dipped low....... he happily gave her backside the hot lines of the cane that she desperately craved until she orgasmed fully....... her mouth uttered a low sound of pleasure that only she could know...... and it was over.........

"Same time next year, headmaster?"

"Just as you wish," he smiled as he waved her goodbye when the train pulled out.

He wondered what she did for a whole year!!!!

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