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St. Eva's Naughty Girls

Story from London Life Vol.1 No.4

St. Eva's Naughty Girls

St. Eva's Boarding School for Girls is a posh and very expensive establishment. My name's Helen Rodwell and I'm the new games mistress at St. Eva's. My predecessor as games mistress at the school had been a Miss Lesley Brandon who had, I gathered, resigned her appointment somewhat abruptly at the end of the previous term for what were described to me as "personal reasons". My own previous job had been with a girl's day school in the midlands, and I moved to St. Eva's because the pay was much better. I knew that St. Eva's, under its headmistress Miss Pincombe, was reputed to be progressive in its educational methods. Despite this reputation I was surprised to find, when I arrived at St. Eva's, that not only was good old-fashioned whipping still retained at the school, but also that the duty of carrying out most of the corporal punishment of the girls fell upon the games mistress! The use of the cane at the school was well known to all the pupil's parents, and in many cases parents had intentionally sent their spoilt and unruly daughters to St. Eva's for the sake of the extra discipline that they might not feel able to administer in the home. I was told that the games mistress, rather than other members of the staff, was required to carry out most of the canings because it was to be expected that she would be stronger and in better training than the others for the wielding of the rod to best effect.

I myself had had no previous experience of caning pupils as corporal punishment had been abolished some years ago at the midlands day school. During my own school days, however, I had tasted the cane and the strap on my own bare upturned bottom on a number of occasions so I knew what it was like at the receiving end. I felt confident that I would soon pick up the technique of administering punishment to others and be able to satisfy the head mistress and other members of the staff about my abilities in that direction. I must admit that I rather looked forward to this aspect of my duties. I'm a strong believer in the desirability of retaining corporal punishment in schools — not only for boys but also for girls who these days are just as badly behaved as boys and in some cases much worse. I'm just twenty three years of age now so I still have a fresh recollection of what it was like to be caned, and I know that it had a good moral effect on me. At first I hated it because of the humiliation of exposing my bare buttocks to mistresses or prefects and the pain of the caning; but after a few experiences I began to feel a sense of excitement when waiting to be caned, and I recall how the initial pain began to be mixed with a stimulating glow of warmth which was in no way disagreeable. I'm not a sadist by nature, but I now looked forward to applying the cane upon others not only for its disciplinary effect but also to see whether the sensuous stimulation I had experienced was also felt by those whom it might fall to my lot to whip.

On my arrival I quickly made friends with Susie Bastin who was one of the house mistresses and was about the same age as me. Over an evening cup of coffee in her school flat I asked her if she could give me a few tips about caning methods at St Eva's. "Gladly," she said. "By good luck there will be an opportunity to do so almost at once. I've just been told by Diana, the head prefect, that she's discovered Lisa, who is in my house, in a compromising position in the games pavilion with Lisa's boy friend. He had climbed over the wall at the far end of the assignation which he and Lisa must have made by telephone. They were drinking gin, Diana tells me, and they were apparently doing quite a lot more than that, judging by the disarray of their clothes when they were discovered. In the ordinary way Diana would herself have dealt with minor breaches of discipline and administered a whipping or other suitable punishment there and then. But in this case she felt that Lisa's offence was so serious that it ought to be reported to the head mistress, and I agree with Diana. So the first thing tomorrow morning I and Diana will be taking Lisa before Miss Pincombe for her to decide what should be done. She might of course expel Lisa, but her parents are influential people, so my guess is that Miss Pincombe will instead sentence Lisa to a good whipping by you and let her stay on at the school." "If that happens, when would Lisa be punished?" I asked. "Probably tomorrow after school lunch. I expect Miss Pincombe will make an announcement when the meal is over."

Sure enough, when Susie Bastin and Diana led Lisa to the head mistress's study next morning, Miss Pincombe was very angry at what she called Lisa's depravity, and, after threatening to expel her, said that this time she would let her off with eight strokes of the cane to be administered later in the day by me. Lisa, a fine big busty blonde of sixteen years, was no stranger to the feel of the cane on her handsome posteriors, and smiled and chattered cheerfully during lunch to shew her admiring friends that she did not fear what was coming to her. Indeed, many of her friends envied Lisa her experience with her boy friend in the pavilion, and would willingly have taken a caning as a small price for such fun. Miss Pincombe rang her table bell at the end of lunch rising to her feet, said in a clear voice "Lisa, stand up in front of the school. You have been guilty of a serious offence against school discipline. I need not recount the unsavoury details of her misbehaviour for I gather that it is now common gossip throughout the school. You have earned sharp punishment, Lisa, and you will now accompany Miss Bastin and our new games mistress Miss Rodwell to the gymnasium. Diana, as you reported the matter to me in your capacity of head prefect, you will also accompany them and give any assistance which may be necessary." So we trooped off down the centre aisle of the hall, Lisa smiling and waving pertly to her friends, and across the courtyard to the gym.

Lisa, knowing the routine, first went to the loo in the shower room attached to the gym, and was told by Diana to leave the cubicle door open in case she attempted to escape through the window or to pad herself with any protection. Lisa knew better than to try any of these tricks and after she had finished and replaced her clothes she returned to the gym where the rest of us stood round the vaulting horse. "Take off your knickers," said Susie Bastin, "and put them on that chair." As Lisa lifted her skirts and pulled down her knickers it became apparent that she was also wearing tights, a garment not allowed to be worn by the pupils of St Eva's. "Off with them too," cried Susie, "you've got a nerve to be wearing them when you know they are not allowed. Miss Rodwell will no doubt make the caning extra hard because of that." Lisa reluctantly rolled off her tights, revealing glimpses of charms that were remarkably mature for her age. She slipped on her shoes again over her now bare feet, put her tights with her knickers on the chair and, without having to be told, strutted defiantly to the vaulting horse and bent over it. Diana had lowered the legs of the horse to a suitable height for Lisa's buttocks to be presented at a convenient level and angle for the punishment. Diana pulled up Lisa's skirts to her shoulders and pinned them there with a safety pin, thus exposing the full and very attractive curves of Lisa's ample buttocks to our interested gaze. Diana, taking a key from her pocket, unlocked a narrow cupboard on a nearby wall and took out two long slender bamboo canes with curved walking-stick-type handles and handed them to Susie and me to select the weapon for the punishment. "You'll see, Helen," said Susie, "that they are both about thirty inches in length but that this one is heavier than the other and therefore more effective, as I am sure Diana will confirm. She has had a taste of both of them from Miss Brandon in the days before Diana mended her ways and became a prefect." Diana nodded agreement, and ruefully rubbed her bottom as if in recollection of things past. "It's up to you to decide, of course," said Susie to me, "but if I were you I'd start by giving Lisa four strokes with the lighter cane to warm her up, and then finish her off with four strokes with the heavier cane." This seemed sensible so I took the lighter cane in hand. Lisa had raised her head during this consultation and eyed with interest and apprehension the instrument that was about to make her tingle.

Being right handed, I took up my position on the left hand side of Lisa's gracefully curved body. I raised the cane and brought it down on her buttocks as hard as my inexperience would allow. I must admit that it was not a very good effort, as the cane slanted across Lisa's left buttock and the tip caught the upper part of her right thigh, producing a bright pink mark at once on the tender white skin. Lisa uttered a yelp of pain but gripped the other side of the horse tightly to check the temptation to move. With practically no pause after the first stroke, I began to raise my arm at once to deliver the second stroke, but Diana checked me in mid-air and suggested that it might be better to allow a longish pause between each stroke to make the punishment more effective and to give time for careful aiming. I counted to fifteen and then made the cane whistle through the air for the second stroke – a much better effort, I'm glad to say, and dead straight across the tops of both buttocks, landing with a crisply satisfying crack. Lisa's body lifted involuntarily and she gave a small cry but held firm. "Oh, good shot," said Susie, just as if she had been applauding a boundary stroke at cricket, but it was evident from the expression on Lisa's face that she did not share Susie's admiration of my effort.

Again I slowly counted aloud to fifteen and unleashed the third stroke which made a neat pink murk parallel to the second stroke, leaving a white strip in between them. Lisa gritted her teeth but uttered no cry. I had noticed that Lisa, thanks no doubt to frequent canings in the past, had developed a clever technique whereby she tightened the muscles of her behind just before the stroke landed, thus presenting a firm surface to the cane and no doubt reducing the pain. I resolved to outwit her by catching her unawares when the flesh was relaxed and the effect of the stroke would be greater. So when I resumed counting for the fourth stroke I delivered it unexpectedly on the count of twelve when Lisa was unprepared and had not tightened up her glutea maxima. The effect was remarkable. Lisa gave a snort of pain and stood up, clutching her hands to her striped behind. "That wasn't fair," she started to say, but Susie Bastin and Diana were by her side in a twinkling. "Bend over again, and keep your position without moving," said Susie, "or we'll have to increase the number of strokes. You've still got four to come and with the heavy cane too, so any extra strokes will also be with the heavy cane, and you wouldn't like that at all, would you, Lisa? Just keep still from now until the end of the shipping!"

Lisa saw there was no alternative, shrugged her shoulders and draped herself over the horse again, presenting to our view the shapely bottom with its four pink stripes. Diana took the light cane from me and handed me the heavy cane in its place. I swished it through the air over Lisa's head to get the feel of it. It was straight and true in its action and nicely balanced like a good fishing rod and I felt that I could perform creditably with it. Lisa didn't like the swishing of the rod over her head. Her muscles involuntarily contracted and her buttock cleft opened and closed at each air stroke and I could sense the growing tension. I then began my counting, but this time continued to twenty before bringing the heavy rod down on her posteriors with a noise like a rifle shot. The effect on Lisa was electric. She uttered a yelp of pain and indignation, and her buttocks and legs shook, but by a supreme effort she held her position and resisted the temptation to stand up again. The heavy cane produced a mark of deeper red which contrasted piquantly with the four pink lines etched on Lisa's bare behind by the lighter cane.

I felt that I had now mastered the basic principles, but I wasn't sure whether I had acquired a good style. "Susie," I said, "I'd like to see you give Lisa the next stroke, and then I think Diana should give the next after that, before I finish with the eighth and final visitation on this naughty lady's bum." "Gladys," said Susie, "Lisa's been making trouble for some time and, as her house mistress, I'd like her to feel a taste of the rod from me." Susie knew how to make a full use of the length of the cane to achieve maximum acceleration at the moment of impact. As a trained games player I could appreciate the graceful rhythm of Susie's swing, her skilful wrist action, and the way in which the cane kept on smoothly gathering momentum right through to its contact with Lisa's agreeably protruberant mounds of flesh that had no doubt given great pleasure only recently to her male companion in the games pavilion. Susie's stroke was distinctly better than mine and Lisa didn't like it at all. She squealed again and a tear formed in each eye, but she hung on grimly to the horse, knowing that the punishment would be extended if she moved.

Diana's stroke, the seventh in the tally for Lisa, was not quite in the same class as Susie's, either for style or effectiveness but it shewed much natural aptitude which I felt should be encouraged. "That's a good effort, Diana," I said when she handed me the cane. I took up my position again, this time adopting refinements of stance and angle that I had noted from seeing Susie in action. Counting slowly and steadily to twenty and drawing the cane right behind me as I did so, I unleashed it with all the strenght of my arm on Lisa's lovely posterior globes. She did not move nor cry out as I had expected she would. Perhaps she feared that any hasty abandonment of her bending position would incur fresh strokes of the cane. As she hung over the horse in her exposed and submissive attitude I thought I could see a softer and less defiant look steal across her pretty face. Perhaps she had learnt a lesson and would in the future be more amenable to school discipline than she had been in the past? Who knows – she might even be come a prefect herself and be authorised to inflict on others the sort of chastisement that she herself had received this afternoon.

I bade her stand up. As she did so she ruefully fingered the weals on her buttocks, but managed to give a wry smile which shewed she bore no ill will. Susie, as her house mistress, said "Well, Lisa, that's over and done with. At least you can think yourself lucky that Miss Pincombe did not order you to be punished in front of the whole school or else expelled. I'm sure one or other of those will happen if you are in serious trouble again. So watch your step and mend your ways. You could do well in school if you would only apply yourself more keenly to work and games and restrain your tendency to be insubordinate and rebellious. As for boys, you'd better have fun with them during the holidays but not during term time." "Miss Bastin," said Lisa contritely, 'I'm really sorry I've been naughty and I'll try my best to give you no cause for complaint again."

Diana unpinned the back of Lisa's skirt and picked up the two canes and put them away in the cupboard. Lisa made to put on her tights and knickers, but Susie restrained her. "You can wash your tights and hand them to me to keep for you until the end of term, and you needn't put on your knickers yet as Diana will go up to the dormitory with you and put some witch hazel on your weals." As Diana and Lisa were departing I called out to Lisa "I'll see you on the hockey pitch at three o'clock. Don't be late – it's the first round of the inter-house shield!"

Lisa duly turned up with the rest of her team. She walked a little stiffly but gave me a cheerful smile, and I was glad to see that she really put her heart into the game and scored one of the goals for her side. Near the end of the second half she tripped in a melee and fell heavily and appeared to be in pain. At first I thought it was because of her cane-striped bottom, but when I went over I found she had twisted her back. Two of her team helped her to the touch line where I told her to stay until the end of the game a few minutes later. Both teams then trooped over to the showers attached to the gym, Lisa hobbling along with her arms round the shoulders of two friends to support her. "Off with your clothes, girls," I called out. Twenty two naked chattering teen-age girls amid the steam of the showers made a pretty sight. Lisa was naturally the focus of much interest: girls gathered round her to look at her weals and finger them: and Lisa was equally keen to shew herself off to her admirers despite the pain her twisted back was clearly giving her. I walked up and down the line of girls to make sure that they all soaped themselves thoroughly, especially in the places that mattered, and rinsed the soap off afterwards. If there is one thing I dislike, it's the odour of stale sweat on bodies after games.

"Now, girls," I called out, "I've got to give Lisa some massage for her twisted back. Are there any other girls with injuries that need attention? If so, stand beside Lisa at the massage table and I'll deal with you." Charlotte, a pretty auburn-haired girl of sixteen joined her, complaining of a twisted knee. Then Angela, a dazzling blonde, came forward, saying that she had had cramp in her thigh during the game: I was a bit suspicious of this as I had seen no sign of Angela having cramp, but I took her at her word and motioned her into the massage queue.

I started with Lisa on the table while the other two girls looked on. Lisa, with her well-developed bosom and pelvis and slim waist, made a fine sight stretched out on her back on the table: it would not be long before she was a mature woman. Charlotte and Angela, being younger than Lisa, gazed at her with rapt attention. "Turn over face down, Lisa," I said "and let's see if we can cure your back." She did so, and once again I was able to study closely the eight weals on her upstanding buttocks. Thanks to the passage of time and to the witch hazel applied by Diana, the fiery red of the cane marks was beginning to disappear, the prominent ridged weals were already subsiding, and a hand placed on Lisa's bottom caused little discomfort. I began to work en her back, rubbing and manipulating the strained muscles until she said the pain was much less. To give massage is tiring work, but I have always found it pleasant and rewarding especially when working on a beautiful body such as Lisa had. "You can get down now, Lisa, and make way for Charlotte. I expect you've got prep to do before supper, so you can get your clothes on and dismiss."

Charlotte took her place. Charlotte is smaller altogether than the robust Lisa, but nevertheless very attractive physically, with fine slim bones covered with soft pink velvety flesh. She had given her knee a nasty twist and it took me some time until I was able to give her relief. When Angela followed her on the table, Charlotte asked if she might stay until I had finished with Angela as she said she wanted to see how I would deal with a case of cramp as she, Charlotte, had once suffered from it. Although I had doubts about the genuineness of Angela's cramp, I said Charlotte could stay. Looking back on the occasion I was glad that Charlotte did stay for reasons which will emerge later in this story.

I looked carefully at Angela lying stretched out on her back on the table as I felt I might be dealing with a "difficult" case and did not wish to miss any clues which might help me to understand what lay behind Angela's request. When I had seen Angela on the hockey field I had assumed that she was a typical blonde with long fair hair streaming behind her as she ran. But now I saw from the evidence displayed in front of me that she was in fact a natural brunette! "Why have you bleached your hair, Angela?" I asked, "it's not a very sensible thing to do at your age, and it will make your hair brittle." "Oh, Miss Brandon made me do it. She said it would make me more feminine and attractive. She did it for me in her room, using peroxide. She was always very nice to me and I liked her very much. I cried when she went away. I miss her."

I began to wonder whether there had been some special relationship between Miss Brandon and Angela, and whether perhaps this had some connection with Miss Brandon's rather sudden departure, but I was not yet in a position to question Angela further, particularly in the presence of Charlotte. "Really, Angela, how interesting to know the way in which you became a blonde! Well, turn over now and we'll see if we can deal with the cramp you say you had in the game, and Charlotte can see how cramp should be dealt with." Angela rolled over on her stomach and displayed her attractive back. Her slim waist and well formed hips were such as would give pleasure to anyone, and I idly speculated whether Lesley Brandon had also appreciated the aesthetic delights of Angela's young body. I worked over the back of Angela's left thigh where she said the cramp had attacked her but could find no trace of any hard knot of muscle. "There doesn't seem to be any trouble with cramp now, Angela. I think you must have invented it as an excuse to get on the massage table! If the cramp returns come and see me. Now run along you two and get on with your prep." I put my massage things away while Charlotte and Angela dressed and departed.

Before supper that evening I strolled along to see Susie Bastin in her flat. "Susie, tell me just why Lesley Brandon left so abruptly at the end of last term. Had it something to do with Angela?" Susie laughed and said "My word, you've been quick to discover the skeleton in St Eva's cupboard! Yes, Angela was indeed involved in Lesley's departure. Lesley was good-looking in a rather masculine way – butch, I think you might call it – and this undoubtedly appealed to some of the girls with inclinations subconsciously turned in that direction. Angela in particular fell for Lesley hook, line and sinker and had a real crush on her. It was distinctly unpleasant to see the way Angela fawned on Lesley and was always looking for opportunities to be in her company and to do things for her. It was still more unpleasant to see the self-satisfied way in which Lesley received these attentions from Angela. But there was nothing sufficiently positive about the matter for it to be possible to challenge it openly. And so the days passed until near the end of last term when the whole thing blew up unexpectedly. One evening after supper Miss Pincombe, wanting to see Lesley Brandon urgently about the cost of some extra gymnasium equipment that was to be discussed the following morning with the school governors, had gone round to Lesley's room and had tapped on the door. There was silence from within for a moment and then a sort of scuffling noise, followed by Lesley's voice asking who was there. When the head mistress identified herself, Lesley said "Just a moment, please, Miss Pincombe, and I'll open the door". This was followed by more scuffling noises, and then the door was unlocked and opened by Lesley to reveal Angela standing rather sheepishly on the other side of the room. Both Lesley and Angela were rather dishevelled, Lesley's lipstick was smeared, and the bed appeared to have been hastily re-made."

''And what happened, then?" I asked. Susie told me that Miss Pincombe had then asked in her iciest voice: "Exactly what is going on here?" Lesley had given a stammered and distinctly unconvincing explanation of how Angela had come round to see her in her rooms to consult her about the new off-side rule or some such games technicality – whatever it was, it can't have been a very convincing explanation. Miss Pincombe then packed off Angela to her dorm. The subsequent long conversation between Miss Pincombe and Lesley of course took place behind the closed door, but I know that it was a bitter and angry business and that Lesley had been forced to admit that the relationship between her and Angela was of a more personal nature than should exist between a member of the school staff and one of the pupils. Anyway, the upshot of it was that Lesley abruptly resigned her appointment. I gather that she had in fact been compelled to do so by Miss Pincombe as an alternative to being summarily sacked, which would have ruined Lesley's career, caused a scandal in St Eva's injured Angela, and horrified all the parents who had always regarded St Eva's as being an institution above moral reproach.

"How do you know all this, Susie?" I asked. "Oh, I managed to have a few hurried words with Lesley the next day before she loaded her car and departed. She did not deny that Angela had had a crush on her, and she more or less admitted that she had not rebuffed her. Later on I talked with Angela but couldn't get much out of her, except that she was very fond of Lesley – in love with her, she actually said – and that she was very upset when Lesley left the school."

All this surprising information left me speechless for a moment and then I began to understand why Angela had behaved as she had in the massage room after the game. Perhaps Angela now had a crush on me? Perhaps I had been chosen to replace Lesley as the object of Angela's worship and affections? How lucky that Charlotte had stayed on and acted unwittingly as chaperone for me! Susie agreed that it sounded very likely that I was now the object of Angela's affections. She warned me to be very wary in my dealings with Angela and to avoid getting trapped in the same situation which had led to Lesley's downfall. Any advances by Angela should, Susie suggested, be very firmly rejected. I thanked her for her advice and returned to the privacy of my room.

A little later that evening there was a tap on my door. "Come in," I called. The door opened and in walked Angela! "Well, Angela, and what are you doing here at this time of the evening when you ought to be in the dorm? What can I do for you?" Angela said that she had been given leave to stay up a bit late to finish off some prep, and that she had wanted to see me before she went to bed. She then approached me, grasped my hand and kissed it, and blurted out how much she loved me, even though she had known me for only a short time. She wanted me to be her special friend in the school now that she had lost Miss Bastin.

I withdrew my hand from Angela's and moved a pace or two away. "This won't do at all, Angela," I said gently. "I've heard all about you and Miss Bastin. You were very lucky not to have been expelled for your part in that affair. I'm not the same sort of person as Miss Bastin and I don't share her tastes. I have no intention of running the risk of losing my job through being compromised by you, is that clear, Angela?" Angela looked surprised and hurt. She must, in her inexperience of such things, have assumed that I would be automatically be ready to accept her in the way that the unfortunate Lesley had done. Angela, clearly not believing that I meant what I said, moved forward to try and embrace and kiss me. "Angela, how dare you? Keep your distance. Understand that the only relationship between you and me is that of pupil and school mistress. Your attitude is grossly insubordinate. You must be made to understand how disgracefully you have overstepped proper bounds."

"But Miss Rodwell, I love you and I can't live without you. If you won't have me I'll do something awful, I really will," she cried. "Angela, come to your senses and stop talking nonsense. It's high time you came down to earth, and I'm going to help you to do so by giving you a sound whipping this very evening to nip your ideas in the bud. Of course I can't compel you to take corporal punishment against your will. The alternative is for me to take you before Miss Pincombe to tell her of your attitude and of the highly improper advances you have made to me. In view of past history, there could be only one possible outcome – your immediate expulsion, with all the shame that would entail! Which is it to be, Angela – a whipping from me now or expulsion by Miss Pincombe?" Angela reddened to the roots of her peroxided hair and then grew pale as she pondered the distasteful choice. A long pause ensued. "Well, Angela, your answer please," I said. Falteringly Angela chose the whipping. "I'm going to ask Miss Bastin to be present," I said, "not only for my own protection but also to act as umpire so that you can't have an opportunity to accuse me of cruelty. While I am away calling her, you can go to the lavatory, and when you have finished there you can come back here and wait for us."

When I returned with Susie, to whom I had rapidly outlined developments since I had seen her earlier in the evening, Angela was standing in the middle of the room with an apprehensive look on her pretty face. I knew from the school whipping ledger that she had been corporally punished on previous occasions, but for fairly trivial offences. This evening was rather a special occasion and I hoped that it would imprint itself indelibly on her memory and discourage Angela's deviant propensities.

As the regular canes were locked in the gym, I had borrowed from Susie the two-tailed leather punishment strap that she kept handy for boarding house discipline. I swished it through the air to get the feel of it and found that it had a nice action. "Now, Angela," I said, "the object of this exercise is to punish you for your improper advances to me and to remind you that you must never again behave in that way. I propose to deliver six strokes of this tawse as hard as I can on your backside to cause you the maximum amount of pain. I shall expect you to take the whipping without moving or trying to avoid the lash, and I promise you that there will be extra strokes if you move. Is that clearly understood?" "Yes, Miss Rodwell" stammered Angela in a very subdued voice.

"Stand in the middle of the room with your feet well apart," I said, "and then bend right over and rest your hands on the seat of this foot stool." She obeyed, and I walked over and lifted her skirt and let it hang down from the waistband: as a result her head and arms were completely enveloped as in a bell tent because of the voluminous cut of the skirt. I made her stand up again and remove the skirt completely. As she stood there in front of us with her skirt removed I was able to examine her close-fitting nylon panties: they were pale lemon in colour, very sheer and expensive looking and cut high on the sides, revealing almost more than they concealed. Her peroxided head hair really was absurdly out of keeping with her natural hair colour as now revealed again! "We'll have the panties off too, Angela, if you please, and then you can bend down again, feet well apart, hands on stool." When she had complied, Susie and I were able to survey the attractive field of bare flesh on which I was about to operate. In that position, her rounded pink buttocks were beautifully presented for the strap, being taut and firm and at just the right level for the delivery of each stroke to best advantage. With her feet apart, the lower part of the cleft between the globes of her bottom was charmingly opened, revealing glimpses of those curl-fringed anatomical details that are normally invisible, and which suggested that Angela was already a woman in everything save years. Between her legs we could see her face upside down, framed in her long bleached hair.

"There will be a pause between each stroke to give you time for reflection, Angela. Make sure that you don't move!" I raised my arm and brought the strap down as hard as I could across the top end of the buttock cleft. The strap, being about an inch and a half wide, made a broad mark across her flesh: immediately after the moment of impact the mark was white, but in a few seconds it began to turn a fine shade of rose pink. Angela gasped but held her position and said nothing. I counted to twenty and brought the strap down again, this time lower down the cleft, and half overlapping the first stroke. Where the two strokes overlapped a darker red suffused the tender skin. Angela's body jerked a little and she gasped, but she held her position. "That was a good stroke," said Susie admiringly. I again counted to twenty and brought my arm down for the third stroke – one shift along the cleft and half overlapping the second stroke. The rainbow effect on Angela's posterior was now becoming most decorative, though she herself would not have appreciated it. During this stroke the tips of the strap had curled downwards on Angela's right side, making two neat red patches on the slope from buttock to hip. Angela groaned, but she still remained unmoving.

Again I counted to twenty, and the fourth stroke, delivered with as much strength as the previous three, completed the traverse of her bum-cleft, making the whole of her twin globes a continuous field of stripes in various shades of pink, red and deep red. I had to admire Angela for her fortitude and resolution – she had remained unmoved despite the pain she must be experiencing. At the same time I began to have a suspicion that she was also obtaining a certain amount of unintended sensual pleasure – a suspicion that was confirmed by the appearance of a moist gleam in the recesses of her partly opened buttock cleft. I had no wish to prolong her punishment if it was not having the intended effect. At the same time I felt that I must ensure that Angela realised that the whipping was intended for the purpose of discipline and moral guidance and not to give her a gratuitous sensual thrill.

I rapidly formed a plan in my mind. As I was counting for the next stroke I moved to my left so that I stood facing Angela's back with my feet on either side of the footstool on which her hands rested, and the back of her head against my knees. A surprised look came into Susie's face, and I could hear a grunt of astonishment and alarm from Angela below me, but I continued the measured pace of my count. At sixteen I raised my arm and took careful aim, and held myself poised until the count of twenty when I unleashed the strap along the full length of Angela's buttock cleft. The twin tongues of the strap flicked cunningly into the recesses of the cleft and reached those very parts, I may say, that were the real seat of Angela's affections and which had led her into so much trouble. Any pleasure that Angela may have been obtaining from the whipping now came abruptly to an end. The back of her head jerked involuntarily against my legs, but to her credit she did not move her legs nor try to stand up.

I stepped back and put the strap down. "Stand up, Angela," I said, I admire you for your courage and fortitude, and I will let you off the sixth stroke as a reward for taking you punishment so well. But I hope that this whipping, and particularly the fifth and last stroke and the way in which it was applied to your naked bottom, will remind you for a long time that good behaviour is the prince of virtues, and that in the rather unnatural and confined society of a boarding school improper intimacy between staff and pupils cannot be tolerated. You can put on your skirt again, and if you like you can carry your panties in your pocket as I expect you would appreciate a little cool night air under your skirt to allay the tingling of your bottom." "Thank you, Miss Rodwell," said Angela, "I'm really sorry I misbehaved so badly and I will honestly be better in the future. I realise now how wrong it was of me to try and make advances to you. Please forgive me. I'm so sore between my legs now that I won't forget the lesson in a hurry!" and she gave me a brave little smile. Susie gave Angela a friendly pat on the shoulder, said goodnight to me, and led Angela off to her dorm.

I am glad to say that ever since that evening when Angela felt the kiss of the lash on her bare bottom she had been a model pupil, treating me with polite and amiable respect, and shewing no resentment at the firm way I had dealt with her, nor has she again made improper advances to me. I for my part have learnt much from my initial essays in the art of administering corporal punishment, and looked forward to exercising my new skills whenever my services are called for in the future.

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  1. Thank you, Dmitry, for yet another delightful story of youthful waywardess and its correction - a most fascinating and detailed account of one young lady's growing up.

    Thank you, sir.