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American Dream Girl

Story from Uniform Girls 40.

American Dream Girl

Lorene Greene said, 'Well I hope you enjoy it, MarySue. I'm sure you will. But you know what those teachers are like in England. Well everyone knows of course. They're always caning girls. They just love to put the cane to a girl's bare rear. You'll really enjoy that no doubt. But the other thing is – they're really horny as well.' And then Lorene said something else in a hot half whisper.

The bit about caning of course had MarySue flushing hotly – because for one thing there were a couple of other girls with them in the gym changing room to hear it. But the other thing Lorene said really made her gasp. For a moment words failed MarySue. Then she managed to get something out:

'You... You're really sick, Lorene. And really jealous of course. Really really jealous.'

What Lorene had said in that hot whisper, but quite loud enough for Donna and Chrissy to hear as well, was, 'They make girls go down on them. Suck them in other words. They really go for that.'

* * *

MarySue had never dreamt she would win but she had. The State-wide essay competition: What Makes America Great. Mr Wexford, Head at Northside High, had announced it yesterday in morning assembly. MarySue Phillips had won the competition and had brought great honour to the school. The prize of course, together with a cheque for $100 to buy books, was a month's exchange visit to a school in England. Wasn't that fantastic!

Of course it was and for the rest of the day everyone had been congratulating MarySue. But naturally not everyone was in reality quite so pleased. Not for instance those girls who were already jealous of MarySue. Because she was smart, a straight-A student, and also of course so attractive. A pretty, honey-blonde with a lovely figure as well so that some stupid guys were always drolling about her. The coarser-minded ones – and there were some of those in every school – drolling about Mary-Sue's full pert tits and that shapely rounded ass. Drolling about her sweetly soft thighs that were revealed in full cock-hardening display when MarySue, who was on the cheerleader squad, did those athletic high kicks at school football and basketball games. And drolling in particular, especially the coarser ones, at the tight brief crotch showed to the keen eye – which was the central longitudinal indentation marking the entrance to MarySue's tight pussy. That was of course the very ultimate, the droolingest thing of all to the school's coarser characters. It was still tight because MarySue at l8 had not started doing it yet. Not yet started screwing. She had a steady boyfriend, Greg Banfors, also in the 13th grade at Northside, but they didn't go further than reasonably heavy petting. MarySue would not allow anything further than that and Greg did not try to persuade her – not like some of those other characters definitely would have had MarySue let them get within arm's reach.

Yes it was still tight alright, Greg knew that because he knew of course that she wouldn't have let any other character get into it and also he was occasionally allowed to get his hand to it. Just occasionally when MarySue was in the mood; when she was feeling a little bit horny perhaps – because even straight-A girls who were really keen on doing well at school and getting into a good college could sometimes at 18 feel a bit horny. Wondering what it would feel like to have a guy's stiff thing probing into her... and then going right up. Yes and when MarySue sometimes had those kind of thoughts lucky Greg might be permitted to slip her panties down and get his hand between those sweet thighs and get his hand at MarySue's on such occasions hot and quite wet pussy. Fantastic! It was tight alright... but he could get one finger – or even two – right in.

No other guy had done that of course. No other fellow student at Northside High or any other school around for that matter. But someone else had done it – and that was Dr Kranmer who was school medical officer. He had done it in the course of his duties naturally, not for his own sensual pleasures. Well that was what Dr Kranmer would say and certainty it was necessary when girls were 16, 17 say, to check that everything was alright in that department. To check indeed on whether a girl had started doing it yet, the school medical officer needed to know that. Especially regarding the nice looking girls.

So yes, certainly delicious Mary Sue had been in Dr Kranmer's examination room for this purpose. On the examination table with her feet in those stirrups spreading her thighs nice and wide apart. To give a girl a very funny feeling certainly. Especially when Dr Kranmer who was fiftyish and balding and fat got to work with his experienced fingers. MarySue had had that experience more than once, the last time just a month before this momentous announcement regarding the prize. Dr Kranmer had to keep up to date on the choicer girls.

Yes Dr Kranmer knew the situation on MarySue and therefore Mr Wexford did as well. Because Harold Kranmer and Jerry Wexford were kind of buddies and so the Head could get the lowdown on girls. Keep himself abreast as it were of what they were up to. Or in MarySue Phillips' case not up to yet. Jerry Wexford was a little bit envious of Kranmer's intimate access to girls in this way. It seemed to him that in the proper order of things the school principal should be accorded similar access to girls in his charge. And in fact a couple of times when Dr Kranmer had reported that a girl had started but was keen to keep that fact a secret (from her parents in particular) Mr Wexford had decided that he needed to inform himself from first hand experience. And he had donned one of Harold Kranmer's white coats and in that cozy examination room done so. Each time it proved to be a most rewarding experience.

Naturally he would certainly have liked to have the same experience with delightful MarySue, but this had not been possible. There had been no report from the medical officer that MarySue was doing it but was desperate to keep this information from her parents. No, not at all. Ah well.

But now... here was the lovely girl coming to him in some distress. After her marvellous achievement in winning the essay prize. When clearly she should be over the moon.

* * *

MarySue was over the moon, she said. Yes. Of course. It was just that someone had been saying some awful things. Someone? A little hesitation and then the name. Lorene Greene. Awful things that it seemed had now been spread about quite widely. Nasty tales as to what a girl was likely to encounter in an English school.

MarySue had reluctantly gone to see Mr Wexford in his office. She had decided she had to say something, although MarySue certainly didn't like making complaints about another girl. Mr Wexford naturally wanted to know bare rear. Mr Wexford's eyes widened. Eyeing the lovely girl as she stood unhappily before him and picturing the scene. Some awful Brit teacher with one of those awful limey accents – with lovely MarySue held bottom-up over his lap. Her skirt up and her no doubt really cute and brief panties dragged down. To bare that delectable, mouth-watering ass. Which this awful guy was belabouring with heavy whacks of his open palm. With no doubt as the same time a realty big erection on which under the distressed girl he was rubbing in against her sweet pussy.

Absolutely disgusting! But absolutely fantastic as well of course.

Jerry Wexford had long wondered if such tales were true. Did those limey teachers really do it? You did hear these tales of course, Lorene hadn't just conjured it up out of her own pretty but generally empty head. Jerry rather thought they did. Certainly if a guy had any sort of thing on a girl, so that she didn't want to publicly complain.

Jerry Wexford had the sudden exhilarating thought of writing to this English character – the Head of the school where MarySue would be going. Telling him to feel free to put the cane to her. 'Miss Phillips is in need of a little corporal punishment, something which here in the States we unfortunately do not practise. She is a really excellent student and of course a lovely girl. But she could do with having her lovely ass warmed up. Like most pretty 18-year-olds, don't you think? Yes, please give her it nice and hard on her bare bottom.'

Could he write that? Mr Wexford had suddenly developed a considerable hard-on, at the thought of it. Then another thought, perhaps equally wild, zoomed into his head. He got to his feet, conscious of his jutting prick but probably MarySue was too occupied with her own thoughts to notice. He moved in close to her. Sliding a comforting hand round her shoulders.

'I should take no notice of Lorene, Man-Sue. She is just a very jealous girl. However perhaps we should have a little chat about the visit. To get you prepared. Because you will certainly find thoughts are different over there. To a certain degree.'

Mr Wexford arranged to see MarySue later that evening at his home. His wife was going to be out and also the kids so it would be quite convenient, an ideal opportunity. Not that he told MarySue this. He repeated that she had nothing to worry about. As he slid his hand down to MarySue's deliciously slim waist, to give it a firm hug. Jerry Wexford resisted the temptation to give her lovely ass a squeeze too. No need to rush things.

* * *

MarySue was due to see the Head at eight and before that she saw Greg, after school. They usually went to one or the other's home to do an hour's study together. MarySue would always insist it was study because Greg, though a keen student himself, could easily be tempted to fool around. MarySue's sweet tits, her thighs, the thought especially of her pussy, could all easily distract him. But on this occasion though he certainly did have those considerations in his head, there was also something else. Yes Greg had also heard Lorene's thoughts on the subject of English school. On what his MarySue could expect.

It had made him see red alright. He could have gone up to that Lorene and punched her right in the face – except you couldn't do that to a girl. Some guys were repeating it naturally – but if challenged saying they were only repeating Lorene... It was really sickening. Sick. The thought of it. MarySue getting her bare ass whacked by some awful Brit teacher's horny hand. And even much worse of course that other. Having to suck this guy. Suck... his big stiff cock... Poor Greg felt sick and ill at the utterly horrendous thought of it.

Now sitting with his lovely girl on the settee in her parlour he just had to mention it. He couldn't help it – though at the same time it was really difficult to get the words out. But he had to.

'I don't want to talk about it!' MarySue yelped. 'It's bad enough with everyone at school it seems saying and thinking it. And now you start, Greg!'

Poor MarySue burst into tears. But after a bit she calmed down and let Greg comfort her. It clearly wasn't any of Greg's doing.

'It's just a lot of really sick talk,' he declared. He had his arm round MarySue nice and tight with his other hand stroking one of her quite big boobs. But of course Greg didn't know it was just sick talk. It could be that it would really happen. MarySue getting her lovely ass spanked by this awful English guy. Or even caned. You did hear they did that as well in English schools. And also the other. MarySue having to suck this guy's cock. Yeeks! That was the worst alright.

And if it happened – MarySue probably wouldn't want to tell. When she came back. 'No,' she would say brightly. 'It was OK, I had a really great time.' When in fact she had been getting her bare bottom spanked. Maybe not just the Head but various other male teachers too. All keen to have a go at Mary Sue's sweet ass. And the other too. Sucking their cocks. A couple of times a day maybe?

'Just make sure you tell me,' Greg hissed desperately. Unthinkingly. 'If it does happen. Because I would really want to know, that's all.'

MarySue burst into floods of tears again. Through the tears she blurted, 'Oh God! You said it wouldn't happen. That it c...c...couldn't...'

* * *

MarySue was still feeling distressed when she got to Mr Wexford's. Greg had tried to backtrack on his blunder but to an extent the damage was done. But now Mr Wexford was going to reassure her. Wasn't he?

Well yes and no. Because there was Jerry Wexford's great idea which had been filling his mind like some marvellous exotic flower ever since he thought of it that afternoon. So marvellous and heady was his idea that an hour ago the Head had finally had to have a wank. Toss himself off to release the excitement and tension. But now with MarySue's arrival Jerry Wexford's excitement was at fever pitch again. His cock really stiff and quivering. He felt like a slavering randy dog – though he did his best to conceal this state of affairs from MarySue.

Because the Head's great idea was nothing less than having a go at MarySue's rear. Her bare ass! Because it could happen. Although naturally he hoped it wouldn't, but how could you tell with these limey schools? So to prepared the lovely girl, for the possible eventuality, he was going to propose that he give her lovely rear a spanking. Nothing really painful of course. But... it would need to be on the bare. Because if this Brit teacher did it it would certainly be on the bare. Yes, you could guarantee that. So... that was the scheme.

And sitting with her on the settee Mr Wexford, controlling himself as best he could, laid out his intent. Yes. MarySue could not believe her pretty ears. Was she understanding Mr Wexford correctly? Yes. Oh yes.

It was all too much. Poor MarySue. Another flood of tears. Because, well, for one thing it must mean Mr Wexford also thought it would happen. He said no. Not at all. But just in case.

And in her distress and confusion MarySue was persuaded that it was a good idea. She was anyway in too much of a state to argue. Mr Wexford to add verisimilitude to the scene had got his academic gown and put it on. Because didn't those Brit teachers always go around in their gowns? Yes. Add now he was pulling MarySue over his lap.

Over his lap with that hard stiff thing underneath her. With MarySue's short skirt now right up round her waist so that the thing was pushing in against just the thin brief pink panties and her bare flesh. And very shortly it was just the bare flesh as Mr Wexford got his fingers in the panties' waistband and tugged them firmly down.

Oh God! Could this really be happening! With the state of confusion and shock in MarySue's mind she wasn't really sure if she was here in Mr Wexford's parlour or somehow already in England – and over the English schoolmaster's lap. What was certain was that she was over a man's lap with her panties now down round her knees. With the hard male thing up in the region of MarySue's pussy... And then ...


Yes the first stunning smack. The hard male hand landing explosively on a ripe bottom-cheek. And moments later similarly and equally shockingly on the other bottom-cheek. Then another... and another.

* * *

Mr Wexford kept going. It seemed like he would go on forever. Really heavy, stinging whacks to MarySue's desperate rear. By the time he did eventually stop her writhing ass felt like two slaps of raw meat. And he had said he wouldn't do it very hard.

'OK. How was that? Now you have something of an idea, eh MarySue?'

Yes indeed! No doubt about it whatsoever. But Jerry Wexford wasn't inclined to finish the business. Not just yet. He had almost come in his shorts but not quite, so the his desire was still there, unquenched. And besides those limeys weren't going to stop at spanking, were they?

'Now just a spot of something else, MarySue. A little touch of the cane. Yes I'm afraid so. And for that... should like everything off. I rather think that is how those British teachers deliver a caning.'

No! But MarySue's desperate protestations were to no avail. Not with Mr Wexford in this high charged state. The bit properly between his teeth. If necessary... he would remove Mary Sue's items of apparel himself. And in the face of this declaration the despairing teenager had no choice but to start disrobing. Her blouse and skirt. Her underslip. Her bra. Finally the pink panties which she had just yanked back up over her throbbing rear, they now had to come completely off.

Mr Wexford meanwhile had produced a really wicked looking cane. Shortish but really sickening looking. MarySue did feel sick. Her wide eyes on this awful object – and also on Mr Wexford who now had a really scary look, his own eyes devouring her stunning nude form.

'Get your hands away, young lady. Stand up straight. That is what those English teachers will require, I have no doubt.'

Whimpering, MarySue did stand up straight. Jerry Wexford came close. Not yet wielding the cane but just coming close. Because, well, he couldn't resist this heavenly form. The cane for the moment in his left hand. So that his right... could reach out.

'Keep still, young lady.' No, a man couldn't resist... a feel of these breathtaking, sticking-firmly-out tits. Weren't they the most marvellous tits a man had ever been priviledged to see? And feel... yes, no doubt at all. As the lovely girl made more whimpering sounds. Feeling them. And then... well, he couldn't resist this either. His hand going down... to that perhaps even more lovely thing. Mary Sue's pussy.

It was heady alright, with his hand on it. Enough to drive a man out of his mind. But... to business. The essential business of the cane. MarySue's recently red hot bottom (maybe now cooling down just a bit) and the cane. It had to he done – however enticing her pussy was. Yes, to prepare her. A few cuts of the cane across those wondrous spheres.

Jerry Wexford reluctantly took his hand from between the lovely girl's legs. Positioning her. Turning MarySue and bending her. Standing with her hands on her knees and the lovely ass proffered. Pushed mouthwateringly out. Offered to the cane.



Oh God! It was desperate alright. Was her bottom cut clean in two? It fell like it. It felt exactly like it. MarySue automatically straightened, clutching for her stricken rear. As the cane sliced in again. Partly across her hand this time. Which was her own fault, as Mr Wexford sharply told her. A girl had to learn to keep in position.

'Come on. We've only just started.'


* * *

How many? MarySue couldn't think. Didn't want to think. But through a sort of red haze she heard Mr Wexford say it was six. Six was probably what a girl could expect in England. 'Well for starters at least. Six of the best, that's their expression.'

She was still gasping for breath. Gasping with the impossible shock. But... it was over. At least.

Wasn't it? At least Mr Wexford had finished. Well... The thing was he had also heard about that other thing Lorene had said. What a girl could also expect on a visit to an English school. Jerry Wexford had got it from Steve Slofield who was in Lorene and MarySue's class (and was in fact one of those drooling characters eager for a hot-eyed look up MarySue's short skirt when she was doing those high kicks on the cheerleader squad). After MarySue's visit to his office the Head had thought to inquire further. He had had a quiet word with young Slofield – who had relishingly relayed what Lorene had said in its entirely.

Adding with an innocent expression, 'What do you think, Mr Wexford? Can those British teachers really do that sort of stuff?'

Jerry Wexford had grinned. 'What do you think, Steve?'

But what Mr Wexford thought was... Well could he? The thought of it was even more dizzyingly exciting than the rest: the spanking and caning. They had been fantastic, and he thought that maybe he was going to have to do it again before she went off. Well maybe more than once. Just to ensure the lovely girl was fully prepared for what those Brits could do to her.

But to have her fully prepared... there was this other. Yes, and who could say that those awful characters wouldn't try that. Because you couldn't put anything past them. Could you?

The darling girl was still in the altogether, apart from her knee socks and shoes. Trembling, her breathing gaspy and irregular as she still tried to come to terms with it. With the undoubted shock to the system that a cane can induce when vigorously delivered six times to a girl's ripe bare nates. A lovely, lovely vision of a girl, red-faced from a certain amount of noisy weeping and also of course red-bottomed. That part of her anatomy decorated with the six red stripes that had been bright scarlet but were now deepening in shade. Yes a truly glorious vision. And what Jerry Wexford, principal of Northside High, greatly desired now was for the vision to do a certain something. Which no doubt those British members of the teaching profession were in the habit of requiring in quite a routine manner from their choicer female students. And were there going to be any choicer that lovely MarySue Phillips? No. No possible way.

His desire for her to do it was really quite overwhelming.

* * *

Mr Wexford has his arm round MarySue. He is leading her over to the settee. But once there it is the Head who sits down, and tells MarySue to kneel. Kneel on the rug. Close up. Between his parted thighs. And then...

Oh! Can it really be! What appears to be Mr Wexford's request! In the manner of the English teaching profession according to Lorene Greene. Yes. It is. And the delectable MarySue... (after some protestation certainly)... is complying... Well her head is still in quite a state. Going round and round, so that she is not so clear what is happening. What she is doing. Not completely clear perhaps, that she is pulling down the zip to Mr Wexford's pants. And then... pulling out this very large stiff thing. And then...


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  1. A lovely tale - thanks. I was always under the impression that our cousins across the pond were into paddles for dealing with wrong-doings, rather than canes. It was good to be disabused of this idea in this very charming story!