Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My plans

Hi all! I have returned.

The first thief has disappeared from the Internet, the second thief while has hidden, so I have decided to stop squabble.

I am now very busy and I cannot prepare new stories, but there is something, than I was going to be engaged for a long time.

As you could notice, from the Internet the blog "A Taste of the Birch" has disappeared, and together with it have disappeared hundreds fine spanking stories.

In the near future I intend to restore best of stories which were prepared by Alex, and to lay out them in my blog.

I ask to consider: these stories have been scanned and prepared by Alex Birch! If someone decides to repost them and will not specify at this Alex's name - this person will be considered by right as the rascal and the thief. You will steal not at me - you will steal at Alex!


  1. Alex Birch died 6 months ago. There is no one to steal from.

  2. Certainly, I know about it.

    Possibly, I was incorrectly expressed. I wanted to tell that the one who at a repost will not specify Alex's name - will show disrespect for its memory. So will be more exact?

  3. And in general, the anonymous author interestingly argues.

    You wish to tell, what at the dead person it is impossible to steal??? Look in the dictionary a word meaning "marauder"!

  4. You're right, Dmitry!

  5. Congratulations on resuming your site postings. I really like old British spanking magazines, and am glad to see more.

    I have a large collection of stories that I saved from Alex Birch's site. I definitely miss him and his postings. Unfortunately I saved his material in a "save clippings" program, which does not retain font information, including font styles such as bold or italic. But if there is anything you want from there, please let me know where to send it.

    Thanks again for a great site!!

  6. Many thanks for the offer.

    I have all archive of a Alex's blog. I have another problem.

    When I have compared archives of two blogs: Alex's and Uncle Peter's, I has found out that in 2008 and 2009 Uncle Peter already has copied in the own blog almost ALL most interesting stories from Alex's blog.

    So I now have difficulty. If I start to publish stories from Alex's blog - at the same time it there will be stories from a blog of Uncle Peter.

    Yes, of course, Uncle Peter copied Alex's posts without the permission of Alex - but all the same, position was created the ambiguous.

  7. Never mind about that! Alex's stories have definitely to be kept whenever it's possible. In his "A taste of the birch", he didn't always post his own stories.
    I've kept some of them and would be glad to send them to you.
    Some people live in our memory and I think Alex would have been glad to see his stories (or the ones he posted on his site) read again.
    So, as Anonymous said (why doesn't he choose a pseudo?), I can send you what I saved from the stories he published on his blog, as they do deserve to be read