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Story from Roue 01.


I had never done this kind of thing before, but working three evenings a week as a waitress in such a posh restaurant sounds good to tell your friends. But my reason was different.

I am a show-off at heart, and the thought of all those eyes looking at my legs gave me a big thrill. Of course, it wasn't just the men that looked, and I was surprised at the effect it had on me when I saw women eyeing me too. I kidded my friends that the short skirt and frilly knickers were embarrassing to wear, but I knew I'd never been so happy in my life before as I was parading around half-naked to the world in this socially accepted outfit.

Being a club rule 'not to touch the merchandise' did please me at first, but I soon noticed the other girls let the customers touch their thighs and pinch their bums and things, when they knew they'd get a bigger tip. Pretty soon I found myself getting the urge to be patted and pinched – not that I needed the extra cash – but this whole situation was bringing out all kinds of new sexual sensations for me.

So I chose my admirers on my way round the tables. I would sidle up to them at the appropriate times, when I thought no one was looking, and lean over at a convenient distance, to allow them to fondle my bottom while serving their soup course, and pretend to be surprised. I would give a little jump, making sure his or her partner had not seen anything and follow this with a twinkling smile – to reflect my pleasure. This being the first course it gave them plenty of time and I gave them the opportunity to repeat their admiring appreciation of my legs and tempting behind.

I had never ever enjoyed myself so much and the satisfaction at being so widely admired by so many made me wiggle around and bend over lower than I ever had before.

Even the other restaurant staff seemed to be more friendly and passed some quite rude remarks when I dropped some cutlery one day. So I made the most of that too, and made a habit of dropping things or brushing past the other staff closer than necessary. I was enjoying myself, and look at all those people I was pleasing, and I did it all so discreetly.

But I was making one big mistake – while I was being so careful not to let other customers see my well-planned enjoyments – there was one person I had forgotten to hide from, the one person I should have played up to all along – the head waiter.

While I was lapping up all this attention, I hadn't realised he was watching me and wanting to touch me too. But he chose his moment to let me know.

* * * *

It was a quiet night just after Christmas so he let half the waitresses leave early, knowing full well I'd volunteer to stay late. He called me over to give me the new menus, as he'd decided to cut out some dishes. So I went with him to his office to collect them.

'After YOU,' he stood back and let me pass in front of him and suddenly I was landed with such a slap on my bottom. Well, that was nice I thought, but said: 'Ouch,' and spun round to see whether his face was pleased with his gesture or was I going to get a telling off? He actually giggled. 'Bit harder than usual was it?' he was obviously pleased with himself.

'I don't know what you mean,' I said, wondering just how much he'd seen.

'Well it's only the customer/staff rule this "look but don't touch" you know. No rules between staff, I've made sure of that.'

'Oh, I wasn't complaining, you just took me by surprise.' I thought I'd better not cross him, and anyway I had enjoyed it.

'That's good,' he smiled and gave me a gentle push on my bum to get me into the office. Once inside he shut the door.

'I have never inspected you properly, have I?'

'Inspected?' I wondered what he meant exactly.

'Your uniform – for size and appearance I mean, stand over there and turn round slowly.'

This was bliss, individual and complete attention, and he wasn't a bad looking guy either. I tried to look shy and appealing, I had no ambitions of being a beauty queen type – they've got that 'untouchable' look!

'Mmm, it looks different when you're standing still, walk around a bit.'

So I walked round his desk, then when I got to his waste-paper bin, he said: 'Stop! Pick the bin up for me.'

Then I realised what he wanted – I bent right over and then he walked up to me: 'Stay down there where you are. My, no wonder all those customers have such a good time. Do you know the restaurant is more profitable on your nights on than the rest of the week? Everybody seems to eat more when you're serving, or at least order more courses, and no wonder. Has anyone ever told you what a lovely bum you have?'

'Well, no, not in so many words.' This was true, nobody had actually talked about it before!

'It's unfortunate you have to go back right now, but I can't really spare you.' As he said this both his hands landed softly one on each of my cheeks and squeezed them with the fullness of his hands very firmly and warmly. The sensation was different and sent tingles up my spine. Then he fondled my thighs, still with both hands. Then the stinging smack on the bottom. I shot up with a start.

'I don't like you girls flaunting yourselves in front of the customers like you do. But in the circumstances, you do have quite a number of regular customers so it's worth keeping you on.'

I was bewildered by this new superior attitude. He'd seemed so friendly at first, enjoying me like the rest. Then I realised he was probably testing me to see if I resisted. When you think about it, if the other girls just let the customers touch them for the tip afterwards, it's likely they didn't enjoy it as much as me. I suppose in that case, if Mr Carey, the Head Waiter, had approached the others as he had me, they might have slapped his face or something. Perhaps it was a nice surprise for him that I was so good. Anyway, it had been a nice surprise for me, and that was all that was important at the time.

'I don't want to leave Sir, but you can't be rude to the customers you know.'

'It doesn't pay to ignore your head waiter either. Well take these menus before someone starts screaming for them. We'll have to continue your inspection later.'

I patted my hair to be sure it looked tidy when I left, and smiled my twinkling smile, well rehearsed by now.

'Of course,' I said, 'I hadn't ignored you, you know. But I don't encourage the customers. With these uniforms they can't resist trying to touch us, you must have noticed?'

'Well, I have eyes too! Go on, hurry back and I'll expect to see you in here before you go home.'

Another shove on my behind, this time he made sure my skirt was up, so his hand felt quite solid, with just my cotton knickers between his palm and my wobbly flesh.

I felt quite flushed when I got back onto the restaurant floor and had to hurry round with the new menus as the new set of customers arrived. It took me a little time before I regained my usual rhythm and I was preoccupied the rest of the night with my newfound admirer. I was disappointed that he didn't appear at all, as I was really looking forward to the knowledge that his eyes would be on me all the time. So when the last of my customers had left and I had cleared everything, I made my way to the staff room to change before going to see Mr Carey.

'This way please, Mandy.' I heard his voice from behind me. I looked round to make certain no one else could see where I was going and as though walking on air, I followed him to his room again.

Had he been watching me without me knowing? I wondered. He must have, or how would he have known when I was coming? Somehow I knew this would be a new kind of experience. I was quite excited. I remembered his hands squeezing my bum and the tingles of pleasure when he touched my thighs. Before, when the customers touched me and the staff said rude things, it was always in a crowded place, but now I was ready for the next step.

* * * *

I wouldn't say that I was sore after my spanking, but it really did sting, and it must have been very red. I wondered if there were any hand marks on my bottom. I could hardly wait to go and look in the mirror.

I was still on my knees and now Mr Carey lifted his arm from my back so that I could get to my feet. He sat back in his chair and put his feet up on the desk. He looked me up and down as though undressing me slowly with his eyes.

'I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did,' he said very knowingly.

I suppose anybody else would have been annoyed to get such a smacking without any other reason except: 'You've got a lovely bum.' I wasn't sure exactly how to react to his remark. I didn't want to appear too easy, but on the other hand I didn't want to discourage him!

'Was I supposed to enjoy it?' I heard myself saying.

'Well, it would surprise me if you didn't. Come on, pull them down, let's see the result.'

Tingles ran down my spine again. Here was someone who really turned me on. I had my back towards him, slipped a hand under my skirt and yanked the elastic down over my cheeks to the top of my thighs and bent over a little.

'You're a good girl. I ought to reward you more often.'

'Thank you sir,' I said smilingly and with a bob-curtsy.

I heard him spin on his chair and his feet hit the floor as his hands grabbed me round the waist. I was pulled round and over his lap.

WHACK!! One cracking palm stung me on my bare bottom, before I had time to realise what he was doing.

'Ouch! – What's going...'

'Mandy, you're too irresistable. We can't have you going home with the job only half done!'

With one hand between me and his legs, squeezing my breasts and tickling my ribs with his finger-tips, and the other patting me gently between the loud smacks, I could have got up at any time. But I had no desire but to lie there bouncing up and down in pure enjoyment.

His hand slipped down my top and his fingers wriggled about my tits, pinching my nipples and prodding the flesh in rhythm with the patting the other end.

I could tell that he knew I was wallowing in absolute pleasure. My bottom jogged up and down obediently with the slapping of his big, firm hand.

'Ow!' and 'Oh!' slipped out when the smacks made their mark on my bare buttocks. My breasts were kneaded and squeezed, pinched and fondled. My whole body wriggled with excitement.

I felt completely relaxed and exhilerated with this experience.

'You've got a lovely bottom,' he would say when another sharp slap stung my reddening cheeks. Then patted and stroked them, coaxing me to wriggle with the anticipation of another series of playful smacks.

My knickers were still tight under my cheeks until, with the next SMACK! I lurched forward then backwards with the shove of his other hand. Now, with a palm pressed tightly under one breast, the other gently eased my knickers down my legs. I kicked off my shoes as he slithered the cotton pants down my legs and his fingers tickled my thighs. He said: 'Down they come, down, down, down, down!' I worked them off my ankles and they were kicked away as another series of cracking slaps hit my unprepared bum with more force than before.

A strange new fieryness had gripped him – his slapping was stronger and his other hand was now holding me firmly with both my wrists pulled down towards the floor.

The fondling and patting had stopped, and the next ten minutes or so was his enjoyment. I found it physically exhausting and my bottom and thighs were getting more and more sore. Each slap hurt more than the last. I wriggled then pulled, then jumped up and down, and side to side, trying to avoid his stinging palm. My pleas and objections didn't have any effect.

I bounced off his lap completely twice. The first time, he shot his slapping hand under my belly, picked me off the carpet, bottom upwards, and placed me back on his legs without saying a thing.

The second time, he knelt down, pinning my legs down to the ground with one of his knees. He grabbed a ruler from the desk and struck my left cheek with such a BANG! that I tried to jump up, but had no option but to lay there, writhing on the floor under his heavy grasp, taking several WHACKS! and CRACKS! with the pain penetrating my sore, sore bottom.

'Oh no!' WHACK! 'Owwww!'

'Don't – no more, no, no.' CRACK! 'Ahhh.'

Then he spoke: 'One more for luck.'

At that I cried out again. 'Stop please, PLEASE, I can't take any more.' Tears filled my eyes as I buried my face into the carpet.


The last blow hit my burning cheeks with a resounding sting. He let my hands go, and I encircled my head with my arm, trying to stifle the sobs.

My bum was numb but my thighs were burning. My body collapsed with utter fatigue. I lay there for some time half dazed.

'Oh Mandy, Mandy, you're marvellous.' His voice entered my weary stupor. Somehow he eased my aching body from the floor and he stood there with his arms clasped gently round my waist. He cupped my bum cheeks in his large, strong hands. He rubbed me fondly, pressing himself closely to me, my breasts sinking into his chest so softly. I was nearly tempted to respond to this invitation, but knew I had to give him something to look forward to. And anyway, I was pretty tired. I gave him a peck on his cheek. 'I feel better now, thank you.'

He smiled, as though understanding my gesture. He let me go. 'You'd better get ready to go home, now you've recovered my dear.' He spoke softly and then stroked my bottom gently. It still felt numb – but I began to feel myself again, with a certain glow about me.

As I dressed, he half-busied himself in the office, putting things away, but still glancing at me periodically.

'Well, how d'you feel then?' he asked as I was putting my jeans on with some difficulty.

'Strange,' I said, 'I feel strange. You could say I'm glowing all over.'

I eased the seat of my jeans over my injured behind, but decided not to try and do them up just yet.

'Hmmm, good description!' he smiled, putting on his overcoat.

'You were very fierce, I mean I wasn't expecting a real pasting you know?'

'It's for your own good dear.'

'But I thought you said I was a good girl?' I had to stand up, even though the chair looked so inviting.

'Yes, that's the point.'

I looked up at him quizically, still holding on to the waist of my jeans to keep them from falling down.

'Well, you're such a good girl, one day someone's going to take advantage of you.'

'I may be good, but I'm also careful.' I tried to sound reassuring.

'Yes, but our customers are no saints, and some day you're going to be temped by one of them.'

'Me? Oh no!'

'Well, you've had plenty of invitations I'm sure. You don't have to answer that. I didn't have you here to chastise you.' He walked over and patted my poor bottom again. 'It's too pretty a bum to be mistreated.' I was still puzzled but didn't want to appear stupid.

'Come on, I'll take you home and explain properly in the car.' He waved me out of the door, and I carried my uniform to the Staff Room. 'If you put your coat on, you won't have to do your jeans up yet.' He sounded as if this wasn't the first time he'd hurt a poor girl's bottom.

I was astounded with his cold calculated reasoning. I had been right, he had had trouble with the other girls, although he didn't say so in so many words.

'When you're out for all you can get from the customers, you know the ones who can afford to take liberties,' was the way he told me the other waitresses played it. But in my case, he said, I doubled their pleasure by actually enjoying it, so pretty soon, he reasoned, I would feel the necessity to extend that enjoyment, and to discover a more fulfilling experience.

'Some girls need putting down a peg or two when they're working under me, if you see what I mean,' he said with a smile. I thought I saw! 'But you'll find it a pleasure, after tonight, I know you will!'

Had I not gained this valuable and rewarding experience from him, I might never have appreciated the extent of the possibilities open to me. He made it quite clear that I would not find it necessary to go elsewhere for my satisfaction. For himself, he would enjoy it all the more, watching others trying to lure me away, knowing that all the while he would be the one to administer the fulfilling experience.

And so it was, Little Miss Mandy would be getting her sexual emotions stirred up by his customers, ready for the eventual satisfaction waiting for her in the Head Waiter's room. The plan certainly did have a happy ending!

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