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Sports day

Story from Roue 02.

Sports day

'It's the only bright spot in the week these days,' said Marti sulkily to whoever was listening. 'Comes to something when all you've got to look forward to is the Branch's Weekly Figures and drawing pretty coloured lines on a potty graph!'

'Who's got the grumps today then?' The cold presence of Mrs Oliver entering the room gave her the shivers, but a smile emerged as Marti quickly explained.

'Bit fed up about the weather really, Mrs Oliver, it's supposed to be Sports Day tomorrow – and it looks like it's going to be a miserable day.'

Mrs Oliver strutted past the desk very breezily, answering Marti from the desk in front and not even looking over her shoulder. 'Look on the bright side dear, remember, think positive...!'

Marti didn't hear the rest: she'd heard all this eyewash before. Whoever had heard of a woman manager of a Bank anyway?

Marti finished typing the tape in the audio machine and started checking her work slowly. She was feeling fed up with the situation again. It had been a bad idea to volunteer for the staff of a new branch when she did, even though her old manager was a bit of a rogue and had his own way of keeping his staff on their toes (or his lap, more like!).

She hadn't realised that a new branch would be so slow and boring. She really missed the old crowd at the main office, with the dilapidated furniture and tatty staff room. Everyone here was trying so hard to make a good impression that the fun had gone out of working. She had really been looking forward to the Annual Sports Day and intended to make up for the fun she'd been missing.

It was a good day after all and the sports field was filled with a happy, excited crowd.

Marti, like all the other competitors, wore her running strip throughout the day and had no need to change into her track suit, as the sun was so hot. It was a sight for sore eyes – so many shapely bottoms dotted around this colourful crowd. Their shorts were nice and tight – it was a wonder some of them didn't split! Perhaps that was really the main attraction and the reason why so many supporters gathered along the race track instead of the refreshment tent on such a hot afternoon!

Marti was obviously enjoying her 'fun day' and her white outfit was as tight and shapely as the rest. Her plump little bottom certainly attracted the stares and glances as she swaggered around the bustling throng.

'Nice to see you again Martina.' The voice behind her sounded very familiar. She turned her head.

'Oh, hello sir.' It was her old manager. 'I didn't see you there.'

'I thought I recognised you.'

'But I had my back to you,' she said with a knowing smile.

That's what I meant. I see you're still as saucy as ever. How's the new branch then?'

'Not too bad I s'pose.'

'Miss us, do you?'

'Well, it's not so interesting. Yes, I do miss the old crowd,' she confessed.

'Same old Martina, always jumping the gun. You should know the grass isn't always greener over the hill.'

His tone sounded familiar, and his smile was not as friendly as Marti had thought. She suddenly realised he wanted to spank her.

'It's always been a fault of yours my dear. Remember, I was always having to chastise you for acting without thinking first?'

'But Sir, it's different now. You're not my manager any more.'

'Of course I'm not, and your replacement has her faults too, I'm sorry to say.'

Suddenly Marti was jealous. She had expected him to have missed their spanking sessions in the Board Room after work. He had even let her claim the overtime money for the time he'd kept her after office hours, just in case anyone suspected why she stayed. Perhaps that's why she wanted to leave his branch after all. She had told herself that she was fed up with always getting a good hiding for such human mistakes, but really she was getting worried about the way the others pulled her leg because of the overtime she had to do to keep in with the Manager.

What a fool she'd been. And now another girl had taken her place, and she was left with a boring old job she didn't even want.

'See you later then.' He left without expecting her to reply.

Marti's day was spoilt now. She decided to withdraw from the rest of the events and go home early.

What Marti didn't anticipate was his appearance in the changing room.

'Not feeling well?' he asked.

'Leave me alone, I'm going home,' she said dismally. She had taken off her top and bra, ready for a shower, and now fumbled for her top as he locked the door behind him.

'I thought you might go and do something rash like this. You're still as headstrong as ever.'

He drew a chair from a pile stacked up along one wall and beckoned her over to it.

'You can't wallop me any more,' she blurted.

'But Martina, you've asked for it. How could you let our district down by pulling out of the team so selfishly?'

'No, you can't. You know you can't.'

Those tight little white shorts emphasised her round inviting bottom, just begging to be punished. His palm was twitching with the anticipation of this long awaited moment. Her cheeks would bounce up and down as she protested in her endearing way about the injustice of it all. He would have to be patient and persuading. No use letting an opportunity like this slip away when he'd timed it so well up to now. He could hardly wait to get those soft fleshy thighs across his lap, her smooth pink skin silky to the touch yet wobbling and wiggling at his command.

'Oh, but I can my dear, and we both know that I will. Now, think before you do something silly. We don't want the rest of the staff to find out how you've let their side down do you?'

She nearly stormed out in one of her moods, but realised what a fool she'd look if she reappeared after telling everyone how bad her headache was.

He shoved the chair a couple of inches nearer to Marti. She took a deep breath and looked round at him as though defeated. As she turned to walk towards him, her top swung open and revealed a pair of pert and tempting young tits. She stood there with her breasts peeping out beautifully. He started to get excited for more than just a spanking. Had she deliberately tried to arouse him? This was a new Marti, he had to handle it even more carefully. Perhaps after all he had got more of a hold over her than either of them realised.

She crossed the room slowly, her tits swinging rhythmically. He was mesmerised. She was lovelier undressed than even he'd imagined. Perhaps it was the fresh air that made him feel so randy, he didn't know, but certainly he was going to make up for lost time.

Marti didn't really mind his hungry attention, in fact his eyes on her boobs sent a sensation round in her tummy she hadn't experienced before. She had forgotten they were showing in her outburst of temper. But what was the difference now anyway? He'd seen them! Seen one pair, seen them all. That's what she thought about men. He's just got that fatherly feeling for her anyway. Always wanting to spank her like her dad did when she was a kid. It suddenly felt nice to have bare breasts, her parents had always seemed embarrassed about their bodies, and at school she had only got ribbed about how big they were. Fellers had squeezed and prodded them in the backs of cars and rummaged about inside her jumper to give them something to brag about to their mates. Nobody seemed to think she was anything special, or her body really fanciable.

She bent over the chair obediently. Her bum was perched high on the back, her legs straight and her breasts brushed against the inside of arms which rested on their elbows on the seat of the chair. The back of the chair pinched into her belly and she had to jump up and down, when the stinging slaps came, so that the chair back didn't dig into her tummy too much. She didn't know what was hurting her most, his palm or the chair.

Slap, Crack, Whack.

'Ouch!' 'Oooo!' 'AAhhhh!'

'Keep quiet. Stop complaining. Hold still.'

The sounds echoed in the empty room. Marti's squeals and moans were muffled in the chair and the more she was slapped, the more the chair scraped along the floor.

Marti's bottom hadn't lost its bounce, even though the shorts were stretched tight across her cheeks. He had to compose himself to give her the punishment she deserved and he was enjoying it. What a good idea to have her over the chair.

She continued to protest that he was heartless and how glad she was not to have him for a manager any more. He told her to hold still and quieten down unless she wanted double the punishment for being so obstinate.

But the enjoyment wasn't fully satisfying. He kept thinking about those lovely tits out of his sight.

He stopped suddenly.

'Stand up Martina,' he ordered.

'I want you to take your things off.'

'Oh, a new game is it? Just for ex-offenders?'

'Just take those shorts down. Do as you're told for a change.' The voice of authority weakened her usual spitfire temper.

She sulked. He liked that. What a child she was. Her tummy had a red ridge right across it where the back of the chair had dug into it. Obediently, off came her shorts, then her top, she turned her back to him shyly. When her knickers came down, she covered her pink-blotched bottom with her hands outstretched.

The little girl was naked. Her temper gone. She looked cuddly and warm instead of prickly and sharp.

Had he only meant to look at her soft body? Those full breasts with the kissable nipples. Her firm but round belly and that lovely smackable bum. Dare he touch her, he could give her a spanking to be proud of now she had no clothes to get in the way. And the anticipation of her bare body over his lap was too tempting.

He picked up her clothes. Inspiration!

'Follow me,' he said. He walked past her, took her hand and led her to the store room.

There in the corner was a pile of foam mats. They were generally used for Judo training, but he had his own kind of use for them today!

He sat on a pile and pulled gently to get the sulky, shy Marti onto his lap, lying full length across the mats, with her tummy resting softly on his thighs. She covered her face with her hands.

'No more – please sir – I'm sorry I didn't think first, I really am.'

'I know, Martina. Then you always are. Now, no more protests. Today you'll learn your lesson properly.' And with that, a firm hard hand landed loudly on her wobbly bum with a sharp cracking sting.

Marti bounced up. 'Oooo! I'm sorry. I'll try not to –'



His hand was strong and firm on her soft uncovered cheeks. At first it stung rather than hurt her. Before it was really painful but now, with the soft mats under her, she found it much easier to move without hurting herself.

It was stuffy and hot in the store room and Marti's body was damp with sweat. Apart from his cracking slaps, it was very quiet, there weren't any echoes in here and Marti felt her smarting buttocks get sorer and sorer. She stifled the squeals in her hands. His lap was firm and comfortable. He gave her an almighty slap on her pink outstretched thighs. She responded violently, kicking and jumping up and down.

'Ahhh, that hurt!' The fiery temper returned in a shot!

'It was meant to. And here's another!'


'Oi!' She tried to turn her slithery body off his lap.

'STILL!' he yelled – the anger in his voice quietened her instantly.

A series of sharp painful whacks followed, reddening the firm thighs to match the well-blotched cheeks. He was very pleased with himself. She felt lovely under his masterful palm.

She had no control over her tears. Tears she hadn't cried for years. But she couldn't stop them, or the whimpering.

'Please stop. P-please,' she sniffled.

He suddenly felt very silly. He hadn't meant to reduce this little spitfire to tears. He had never gone this far before. It had been enough for him to feel their soft bouncing bodies on his thighs and punish their delectable pink bottoms till they turned a nice shade of red.

His desire to take Marti into the store room in her naked state had turned a little bit sour on him. He hadn't been expecting her to cry and blubber like this. He stopped his spanking and almost told her to dress and go home, but he let her lay there a minute to see what happened.

'Oh Sir, I'm glad you stopped.' She looked round at him. She was shaking and her fists were clenched tight.

As he stroked her damp, crimson bottom, he was amazed how hot and slithery her skin felt.

'Ooooo!' she murmured, and a shiver went down her spine at his soothing touch.

Up went her backside and she nestled closer to his body. She stopped crying and was making that soft cooing sound, so unlike the scornful Marti he was used to. Her breasts pressed down, delicately resting on his legs. His body became alive with sudden passion.

"Mmmm, oooo, mmmm.' The soft breathless mumblings and the slow bobbing body thrust up against him was crying out for more.

His forehead was dripping with sweat and his palms sticking to her fiery, upturned cheeks. He buried his face in her hot beautiful bum, kissed and hugged the smarting thighs and felt her soft bouncing tits on his ever-hardening prick.

The exciting tingling feeling shooting through her body was uncontrollable. She felt every muscle move instinctively to his touch and his wet tongue sliding up and down her thighs sent her into a state she could not explain.

'Oh! Oh! Oh!' She was jumping up and down now as he reached down, biting her cheeks and squeezing her swinging breasts.

'Hang on Martina, don't let go yet.'

She had no control over her body as he picked her up, and laid her face upwards on the mats. He shoved long and hard inside her, with the appetite of a wild animal.

Marti spread her legs outwards, enjoying the sensual pleasure of the result of her spanking, instead of the usual angry mood it put her in. Her usual fiery temper had been transformed into a fire of desire and lust.

She seemed to take ages to reach her climax, while writhing up and down with excitement and making some of the most unusual noises. But he gave her the satisfaction of reaching her climax before giving her his final oozing thrusts. His satisfaction was doubled with the beautiful sight he surveyed as he lifted his heavy body from the naked beauty beneath him.

'I'll leave you now Marti, you'd better get dressed or something.'

'Yes sir, thank you.'

'Thank you too my dear. I'd better get back, I've got to do some prize giving.'

'I don't expect I'll see you again till the Christmas party, will I?' She got up and looked for her knickers.

'Oh, did I forget to tell you that you're coming back to me next month?'

'You didn't say anything to me.' She looked at him curiously.

'Yes, my girl's leaving, so I'm having you back. OK with you is it?'

'Do I have much choice?'

He smiled, blew her a kiss and left.

'Don't forget to put the mats back properly, will you?' he called through the part-opened door.


Marti was in a kind of a trance. She hurried around, clearing up and dressing, and got herself thoroughly confused. She'd better get home quickly. She couldn't think straight. She was so excited; it felt like she had won the pools or something.

But she couldn't resist a peep into the marquee, where the prize giving was taking place. She stood well out of view of those who thought she'd gone home. How disappointed she started to feel, seeing all those lovely prizes being presented to the winners. That radio could have been hers if she hadn't been so impatient. Still, she felt pretty smug about the prize he had given her, and smiled secretly to herself.

She looked up at her boss, standing at the top table so sedately. No one would have imagined how he could have got an innocent girl so worked up just a few minutes earlier! He gave his speech and stepped down, leaving the rest of them to finalise the occasion.

Marti decided to slip away before he saw her, but had a bit of a shock as she glanced over towards the changing rooms. There, filing into the sanctuary of her sexual enlightenment was a line of girls in little white shorts and tight tee shirts, being led through the door by – him!

'The swine,' she fumed. 'He's only going to spank the losers too!'

If only she had realised! Obviously he hadn't a hope of Marti being amongst them if she had taken part in her events. She'd been a dead cert to win! So he'd devised his twisted plan to lure her away from the races and onto his lap. What a fool she'd been, she was right back where she started months ago after all!

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