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Victoria Moon

Story from Janus 25.

Victoria Moon
by Nicholas Holland

IF YOU had been walking down the High Street that bright sunshining day last June, the vision of the delectable Victoria Moon in her short summer frock would probably have triggered a fantasy straight out of your dreams. What you couldn't have dreamed was the reality of the fantasy world that Victoria was about to step lightly and uncomprehendingly into. You see, in many ways, the girl was an innocent and despite her flowering 18 years she had barely scratched the surface of life. Of course she pretended to her friends that their imagined worldliness was no more than her own. There were even times when she believed it herself. If you had seen her that day perhaps you would have believed it too. I suppose it would have been something in the way she dressed, or moved, that gave the wrong impression. She would have forgiven you, because Victoria was like that. In her sweet innocence Victoria trusted everyone, but like most Geminis, with Leo rising, there was another side to her character. This 'other side' had pitched her headlong into situations that threatened to take control of her innocence and burn it with the fire of promiscuity. So far, Victoria had extinguished the flame at the eleventh hour, though the smouldering embers remained, glowing dangerously. Her innocence and even her virginity were still intact adding to the warm aura of latent sexuality that would have battered you if you had been lucky enough to have passed her that fateful summers day.

Three hundred yards away at the end of the High Street, Adam Krane waited impatiently. From the third floor window of his small office he had no trouble spotting the delightful shape as it flounced briskly towards him. So she WAS about to keep the appointment. He was mildly surprised and despite his vast experience of teenage girls and their inconsistencies, he was more than a little excited. It hadn't really bothered him whether she would turn up, or not. Now that she was about to fill him with a controlled excitement. This was something he hadn't experienced in a long time and he found it difficult to rationalise. He satisfied his own logical mind by agreeing with himself that this one was different.

For her part the excitement that Victoria Moon felt was entirely different. It was the kind of excitement she had experienced a number of times. It was the thrill of anticipation. The kind of thrill she felt dressing for one of her boyfriends when she had slipped into her flimsiest bra and pants knowing that at some stage during the evening the delicate material would be pulled aside to reveal her delicious charms to rough inexperienced male hands. Hands that would fumble and paw at her until her excitement mounted and the initiative she invariably held, started to ebb away. It was then and only then that Victoria would exercise her iron restraint. Her soft femininity would once again dominate a sexually frustrated young man leaving him in a state of high tension and feeling totally inadequate. Her withdrawal would simply submerge him with the potence of her sexuality and heighten his obsessive need for her. Never again would he gain the initiative. It was a situation that provided Victoria with the reassurance which she subconsciously craved for. And the thrill that her conventional existence demanded.

Adam Krane was aware that he was holding his breath. Intently he watched her prancing proudly towards him, the harsh summer sun lancing lazer-like through the thin cotton dress. One moment he saw a shadowy nubile outline and the next moment it was gone. She was close enough now for him to hear the sharp staccato rap of her stiletto heels above the drone of the evening traffic. Slowly he expelled his breath and drew back from the window. He was experiencing the state of mind of a teenage boy and it almost unnerved him. Recognising a familiar danger Adam began a series of deep breathing exercises to regain his composure. Control was something he always managed.

Victoria entered the anonymous building with apprehension and eagerness. Apprehension, because she felt that for once she did not hold the initiative and would have little influence over what was about to occur. Eagerness counterbalanced the reticence because Victoria Moon was adventurous. A very important piece was about to slot into the jig-saw of her lovely young life.

It was a long climb to Adam's office on the third floor and Victoria wasn't slow to appreciate the significance. The climb had started some few weeks ago when she had contrived an introduction to the respected Thespian. She had been to see him appearing at the local Drama Club's production of The Taming of the Shrew, and had been riveted by his performance. Of course, he was a star, but he had put so much into that performance Victoria found herself feeling tremendous sympathy for the pretty young female lead. The girl had been overshadowed both dramatically and physically. Naturally Adam brought great presence and strength to a part that Shakespeare could have written especially for him. His domination of the poor 'Shrew' was total. It seemed to Victoria, who had watched from the third row of the stalls, that very few men could have carried out the 'taming' with as much conviction and authority as Adam. He had skilfully built a tension which Victoria felt, but his handling of the climax was something that she had found electric. He had eventually turned the 'Shrew' across his knee and walloped the pretty girl's backside, over the heavy costume, with such ferocity that her portrayal had finally seemed authentic!

Adam Krane busied himself at his desk. The girl would be with him in a few minutes and he didn't want to give the impression that he was waiting for her. She was too damned pretty for her own good and Adam knew only too well the power that pretty young girls inherently possess. This one knew, more than most, that those gifts could be exploited and used to clear a path through the sexual minefield of her life. Why else would she have flirted so outrageously with him when they met for the first time? She was damn lucky that their conversation had taken place in the hallway of the theatre and not in his dressing room.

Only one flight to go. Victoria's pulse became the motor of her strong young heart, accelerating and driving her on. It was as if she couldn't find neutral and despite the stairs she was climbing quicker at the top than she had at the beginning. Apprehension had blurred into nervous anticipation. She reached the door at the end of the corridor. The sign read Adam Krane – Theatrical Agent. Victoria knocked, twice.

When she had entered the austere little room Victoria immediately felt at ease. His office had a certain ambience that made her feel welcome but she sensed a strength and power that came mostly from the man. At first it was only slight, reaching across the desk merely to touch her and intrigue her, causing her to let him carry the conversation so that she spoke only to answer his questions. After a while he stood up and walked casually about, talking easily to her in that rich, soft voice. She felt even more strongly the magnetism that she had experienced that night in the theatre, and she hung on every word that he spoke. She wasn't sure why she found herself reacting to him the way she did and in truth it didn't matter. She simply responded by talking and talking. Suddenly she couldn't bear there to be any gaps in the conversation.

Adam recognised the signs. The girl was nervous, but at the same time she was comfortable and at ease. Most definitely she was trying to impress him and she was filling in the gaps of the conversation so that he wouldn't think she was out of her depth. It was almost time to take the lead again and direct her to the very purpose of her visit. For the moment he would let her talk until she became enmeshed in the web of her own words, then he would lead her verbally and she would follow.

He walked around her as she told him about her latest boyfriend, drinking in the sun-kissed vision of healthy, girlish youth. She was certainly stunning and Adam remembered only too well that there had been a time when a girl like Victoria Moon would have overawed him. There was still a danger of course, but he would guard against it. For the moment it was sufficient to listen to a voice that filled his office with melody and feast his eyes on a figure that was positively sinful.

'But he is such a wimp,' Victoria was saying. 'He doesn't seem to realise that I am teasing him. He even stops when I tell him to!'

So we are getting to the point, Adam thought. He looked down on her from his position of masculine dominance, straight into the clearest spearmint blue eyes. For an instant he held his breath, realising that this moment of eye contact was vital, if he was to maintain the initiative. But she looked hurriedly down, blushing and talking even faster in a naive attempt at covering her confusion.

'They are all like that,' Victoria breathed. 'They all want the same thing but have no idea how to get it. I suppose it's a lack of confidence in themselves, isn't it?'

Adam laughed. She really was a most delicious little poppet.

'Perhaps,' he said, 'but you are a wicked little bitch, Victoria Moon. One day you will bite off more than you can chew. Girls don't tease boys these days, they either say yes or no.'

She shifted uncomfortably. What he said had struck home and she didn't quite know how to respond. For a moment she thought, unable to fill in the silence he had deliberately created. Suddenly she was nervous and a little unsure of herself. She looked at her fingernails because she knew she dare not risk another moment of eye contact whilst she felt like this.

'But I am still a virgin!' she protested weakly.

'You're a whore.'

It was a simple statement with no more emphasis than if he had just told her she was a secretary, but it hit her like a bolt of lightening.

'That's not true. I am a virgin. I really am!' Her eyes flashed blue fire, and indignation burnt like glowing coals on her blushing cheeks. Her attraction to him vanished for an instant, almost like a puff of smoke in the wind. But it was only an instant and then it returned, more magnetic than ever. Why was he trying to belittle her – why couldn't he be nice? She wanted him to like her and to be attracted by her, but he was unrelenting.

'That's only packaging!' he retorted. 'What's inside is a whore trying to break free. You need to be aware of this Victoria and you need to change your whole attitude to sex and relationships. Your mind requires a reappraisal of its values, attitudes and principles. This can only be achieved with humility and humiliation.'

She really wasn't quite sure what he meant and for a moment she thought deeply. She wasn't used to criticism from men, mostly they fawned over her and tried to please her. She felt that she was making little or no impression on him and for once she had completely lost the initiative. Totally perplexed, Victoria Moon crossed her perfectly wonderful legs.

'But what can I do?' Her voice was tremulous and she had become the helpless little waif who had to be protected and loved. The long lashes had drooped onto her cheek and the studied act was complete.

Adam Krane was not impressed; he had seen it all before. Her delicious femininity would have melted him under normal circumstances, but his resolve was like iron. He knew that it had to be.

'You can allow me to change your wanton thinking,' he said evenly. 'Chastisement of the body will cleanse the mind and free the conscience. You will once again become a whole person Victoria Moon.' He pronounced her whole name, as if trying to encapsulate her entire identity.

Her lashes lifted from the soft cheeks, almost retracting, opening the cool eyes and attracting him into the whirlpool trap of her innocence. He struggled free with great difficulty but maintained his ascendancy by drawing himself up to his full height and dominating her, spectre-like.

'Yes,' she agreed, 'I need help. I know I am wicked, but I can't stop myself from leading them on. It's very exciting... I know it's wrong and I suppose I should be more honest with them, but they are such wimps!'

Victoria paused and although the flutter of her soft lips had ceased Adam noticed that the clear blue eyes were resuming the conversation, imploring him and pleading. She struggled inwardly, trying to find the right thing to say and Adam realised that she had backed herself into a verbal corner. He smiled to himself; this was a bit like waiting for the other shoe to drop...

Finally and with some difficulty she spoke. 'What... what will you do, what can you do?'

The time had come. He walked around her once more and did not speak. He made her wait for his answer and because of the silence he had created she felt the electricity crackling around her. She shifted in the deep chair, not so much because she was uncomfortable, but more to relieve the tension which she had suddenly felt. Desperately she wished he would speak.

'Stand up,' he said at last. His voice was soft but firm and Victoria obeyed him without thought. She was surprised at herself and the way she was responding to him. She felt almost helpless, it was as if her mind was not her own. She did not know if she wanted to be like this, or even if she had any control over it. Her curiosity had taken over from her sensibility and she felt vulnerable. She realised that it was a feeling that she liked; something that she wasn't used to, because no other man had made her feel this way. Perhaps, Victoria thought, the others were only boys really.

Once again Adam didn't speak, he simply looked at the angelic face and the golden aura of the hair that framed it. So utterly poignant. She was almost too good to be true. No single girl had the right to be that pretty. No wonder she led her boyfriends such a frustrating dance.

'You must be punished, Victoria. Only in this way can your conscience be free of the guilt that compounds further guilt. You must pay your debt to yourself because it is your being that is bankrupt of emotional sympathy. It is your mind that must return to virginal purity.'

He paused to allow her time to understand what he meant and then he spoke sharply and clearly.

'I am going to cane you!'

Victoria Moon started and her head jerked up to look at him. His words had lanced into her brain like a rapier. Her eyes were wide and pleading.

'But I... I don't... I mean I can't,' she pleaded softly, imploring him.

He ignored her. What she had said was unimportant, irrelevant and he affored it no consideration.

'Lift up your dress!' he ordered.

Blindly, and completely caught in the web of his dominance, Victoria grasped the hem of her thin dress and lifted it above her thighs. His eyes burned into the soft vee at their juncture so that she felt flustered and exposed. He was walking around her again looking at her bare legs and tiny pants. She wanted to cover herself but something inside her had taken charge of her mind. She still felt terribly exposed but now she was feeling excited. She liked him looking at her and admiring her. She was beginning to enjoy the display she was giving him.

'Bend over that desk... now!' Suddenly there was a cane in his hand and Victoria obeyed without question. She hadn't seen him pick up the punishment instrument and was fascinated by the thin rod, watching intently as he tapped it softly and rhythmically into the palm of his hand.

'You are a very naughty girl Victoria Moon and as part of your reformation you will show respect and gratitude for what is about to happen. You will call me Sir from this point on. Do you understand?'

'Yes Sir,' Victoria breathed.

'Good,' he said. 'Now put your feet together and keep your legs perfectly straight. Push your bottom out!'

Victoria did as she was told, wriggling her delicious bottom and playing the familiar game that she knew so well. She had to tease and provoke because it was part of the excitement that she enjoyed so much. Like every other man in her life he would also find her irresistible. He had to. It was important.

Adam knew that he now had total control over her but he was worried that he might find some difficulty in remaining detached. The distractions were unique. He had never seen such enticement wrapped up in such a small package before. The girl's legs were extraordinary. Long and glowing with golden health, they were twin paths to the soft mounds of proud youth that was her bottom. Adam thought that it was the kind of bottom that could crumble castles and kings and turn lesser mortals into stone.

Victoria waited. She couldn't see him now because he was behind her. Was he admiring her or was he simply making her wait? She tried to look behind to see what he was doing but he shouted at her to face the front. She shuddered and quickly did as he ordered. She felt his hands tucking her dress into the thin belt around her tiny waist and she held her breath expectantly. She sensed him stepping back as if to look at her, but almost immediately the hands were back, this time gripping the waistband of her filmy pants. Slowly but firmly they were lowered. Nobody, but nobody had ever taken Victoria Moon's panties down and she felt powerless to resist. She didn't want to resist!

Adam could hardly believe the perfection of what he was seeing. If her bottom had looked enticing when she had been wearing knickers it now looked almost etherial in its nudity. The more he looked, the more the soft mounds seemed to thrust out and torment him, challenging his masculinity and threatening his dominance.

With some difficulty Adam raised the cane.

Victoria Moon held her breath. This was all rather exciting, displaying herself to him like this. It gave her a kick just to know that he could see her bared bottom and even a little bit between her thighs. She felt sexy and very warm.

'How many boyfriends have you teased, Victoria Moon?' The voice behind her was stern and reproachful.

'Only seven, Sir.' Victoria's answer was almost inaudible.

'Only SEVEN!' he shouted. 'ONLY SEVEN! Don't you think that's more than enough? Are you simply a virgin whore or are you completely wicked? How many strokes am I to give you for this selfish indulgence?'

His questions came down on her like stinging rain. She could not answer him and would not. She was so conscious of her exposed body. She did not want to bare her soul in the same way that she had bared her body. She knew that she would be far more vulnerable and far more exposed.

'Answer me girl!' he commanded her and still the cane did not fall.

Victoria's reply was soft and tremulous. 'Just one Sir!'

Victoria waited but he did not answer. She found that she was holding her breath and seconds seemed to last for minutes. Time just would not pass. A time-lock seemed to have opened up and swallowed her very being. She felt divorced from reality.


Reality returned with shattering impact. The whisper of the cane as it sliced still air barely warned her and she could not prepare herself for its sudden impact. Her whole system leapt with the unexpected shock of the intense pain. Bolts of electricity surged through her bottom, taking her breath away so that her scream was soundless. Her body writhed to escape the inescapable, but the searing pain followed her every movement.

'You will receive one stroke for each of your seven boyfriends!'

His voice reached through to her numbed brain, penetrating the void that existed somewhere behind her scorched bottom. Her soft lips answered him soundlessly as she tried to plead with him. But she did not move. Her bottom, stinging and hot, still thrust out towards him. Suddenly it had become the very core of her existence.

All but mesmerised, Adam raised the cane for a second time. Apart from a violent recoil, her delicious buttocks had scarcely moved. Still they thrust out towards him, taunting him and at the same time inviting him. He drank in the vision of almost flawless perfection. Almost flawless but not quite. A thin scarlet line, double-edged and glowing, bisected the soft cushions of golden flesh, emphasizing the girlish contours.


The cane bit into her softness again. Once more she jerked and this time he heard the cry. Almost in exact synchronisation with the biting impact a second scarlet line blazed across the golden flesh like a red-hot needle. Victoria moaned softly. Her slim shoulders were shivering gently and her hands clenched and unclenched on the desk. She had knocked some of the papers onto the floor with the suddenness of her reaction.

Victoria was expecting the third stroke and had bit her lip in anticipation, but this time the pain was different. The cane whipped into the gentle underswell of her buttocks and needles of fire lanced through her entire being. She gasped and all the breath was expelled from her body, causing her to gulp for air, exaggerating and prolonging the sharp pain and hurting her beyond belief.

As if in a trance Victoria waited. She was dizzy with the alternate sensations of pain and heat, which stabbed through her exposed bottom in surging waves. But now there was no respite and he administered the last four strokes in quick succession. She twisted and turned as if to escape the lashing pain, aware that she had a choice, but unwilling to sacrifice her conscience to the eternal agony of guilt. There was little time for her mind to react to anything except the compelling pulse in her throbbing bottom. All her senses were localised on this one aching area. She mewed quietly and helplessly into the softness of her arm, relief flooding her body as her tears spilled, her guilt ebbing like a summer tide.

Victoria stood up and turned to face him. She was conscious that her frock had not fallen back into place.

Watching his eyes sweep down to take in the gentle swell of her vulva she suddenly felt exposed and excited. The latent urges of healthy youth were beginning to pervade her body again and the guilt returned. Barely audibly she said 'thank you' and began to adjust her frock.

'Wait,' he said evenly, 'I have not finished with you yet, Victoria Moon. You will stand in that corner with your bottom exposed and your hands on your head.' He pointed with his arm stretched, his eyes locking on to hers. 'You will contemplate your punishment and the reasons for it. Now go!'

Adam Krane picked up the papers that had been scattered to the floor, put them into some semblance of order and organised his desk. He felt a benign satisfaction. Without any doubt he had handled the intimidating beauty of the girl well. The punishment, of course, had been administered with his usual calm efficiency.

Adam let her stand silently and motionless for a full twenty minutes. Whether she did contemplate her punishment, he could not be sure. What he did know was the inescapable fact that this precocious beauty would not be cured until she had received further therapeutic doses of the cane.

Reluctantly he looked at his watch. The 20 minutes was nearly over. He used the remaining few minutes to feast his eyes on the perfection of her girlish bottom. The practically perfect globes of her buttocks were marred only by seven scarlet fingers that caressed and hugged their soft contours. Adam wanted to cross the room and soothe the livid redness, but he knew better. He had learned to control such base urges long ago and contemptuously he dismissed his own inclination.

A few minutes later as she stood before his desk, Victoria still felt confused. Her frock was primly back in place and her panties neatly folded inside her handbag. The cotton of the simple dress brushing against the tenderness of her sensitive bottom with each gentle breath. It made her acutely aware of the reasons for her punishment and although she felt relief that the weight of guilt had been lifted, there was still the excitement that kept returning when she thought about the way she had exposed her nakedness to him.

He was speaking now – as if telepathically in tune with her thoughts.

'Of course, your treatment has not finished yet Victoria,' he said, staring sternly at the flushed young girl standing uncomfortably before him. 'You have yet to learn humility, through humiliation. This is an admirable quality which is sadly missing in girls of your generation. We will cure this deficiency in the course of the next few weeks.'

'Yes Sir.'

He looked at her steadily for a few moments and then said with finality, 'You may go now, but you will return in three days' time at 6pm. Do you understand?'

Victoria bowed her head, the long lashes sweeping her cheek like tiny brushes.

'Yes Sir,' she said more softly than ever.

* * *

Once outside Victoria was aware that her whole body seemed to be blushing. It was as if everyone she passed was looking at her. They were, of course, because Victoria was a vision of flushed prettiness. She was a magnet to every appreciative and lustful male eye and a target for the glare of every jealous and envious female. She felt very exposed and vulnerable.

She hated Adam Krane for making her feel like that. He had been a bastard to her and the stinging smart of her bottom was testimony to that. She had never been caned before in her life and why she had allowed him to do so she just could not comprehend. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction next time, because she would do nothing that she had to confess. It gave her a certain consolation to think like this, but she realised that the thrill she had experienced by tormenting him with her nakedness would also be missing. Next time... next time: good heavens, she was already thinking about 'next time' and she wasn't even sure that she wanted there to be a 'next time'!

From his window Adam Krane watched the delicious shape prancing proudly away from him. The encounter had been all too brief and it would be three days before he could glory in the presence of her youth and beauty again. She would return of course, because they always did. There was no doubt.

Adam looked at his watch and turned reluctantly from the window. It was 7.30pm and in fifteen minutes the next one would arrive. If he was to turn a pretty young actress into a star she would have to improve her performance in The Taming of the Shrew.

He began his preparations.

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