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Persuading Sarah

Story from Swish Vol.5 No.2

Persuading Sarah

Even at twenty, Sarah had never had her panties off for a spanking. It was time she learned – the hard way, maybe, but she learned to love it.

* * *

When the doorbell rang, Vivienne Masters went herself to open it. Blonde, stately and five feet ten tall, she carried herself like a model, as she had once been. Her firm, heavy breasts jiggled beneath a white nylon blouse. Beneath her short, tight black skirt her bottom cheeks rolled sensuously.

"It's Sarah, isn't it?" she asked as she opened the door and stepped back, weighing up with a quick professional eye the slim and pretty girl who stood there hesitantly. Sarah nodded and would have remained frozen where she stood had not a large male hand impelled her gently in to the wide hall of the private house. "How old are you, Sarah?" Vivienne asked gently. "," the girl stammered. She wore a neat oatmeal costume, dark tan high heels and a fawn and frilled blouse.

"You look younger," Vivienne murmured and, before Sarah could move, had taken her soft hand. "She always did," the middle-aged man with Sarah said and ran his hand lightly over her bouncy hair. Sarah said "Yes" and blushed. "Well – we'll go in," Vivienne said comfortably and led them through into a large drawing room where another tall and shapely girl sat, attired as Vivienne was save for black, gleaming boots which stretched up over her rounded knees.

"Lana will get you a drink, Sarah," Vivienne announced, taking Sarah forward. Lana got up smiling and extended her hand in turn. Loosing her gentle hold on the girl, Vivienne turned to the man and said quietly, "We'd better talk." He nodded and, while Sarah turned her head and gazed at them wonderingly, they moved into a small side room where Vivienne closed the door. "Tell me about her," she whispered, "I know we spoke on the phone, but.... yes.... I see. For how long? Uh-huh. Yes, they can be difficult. Give me a few days. It may even be less. Call me tomorrow evening. She won't know. We're always VERY discreet. Best if you go now or she'll wonder."

"O.K." he nodded and swept his eyes so obviously up and down Vivienne's glorious figure that she smiled. "No – that's extra. Costs lots more," she said teasingly and took his elbow, guiding him out. Sarah, seated with Lana on a sofa, made to jump up. "You're going?" she asked anxiously. "Not for long," he said. Vivienne stepped towards her. "Sarah – you're in good hands," she murmured and watched the girl's woebegone expression as the three of them were suddenly alone. "Sarah, you're not a child – take your jacket off," Vivienne said.

"B...b...but I'm not staying. I thought he had a meeting with someone here. I don't understand!" Sarah wailed and ran to the window just in time to see the Rover departing. "Sarah – come here!" Vivienne said sharply, bringing a startled "What?" from the pretty girl's quavering mouth. Lana stepped towards her and she backed away, bumping her hip against the window sill. Wildly, Sarah fended her left arm back but it was taken. "I d...d...don't understand!" she blurted. "Vivienne wants you," Lana said, "don't be silly now, Sarah."

"I w...w...want to go!" Sarah wailed. She made a sudden run for the door, found it locked and jerked despairingly at the handle, bringing a laugh from Vivienne. "I'll SCREAM!" Sarah threatened, bringing Vivienne and Lana both over to her. "Will you?" Vivienne asked quietly, "but HE'LL say you wanted to come – asked to come. Wouldn't that sound a bit silly now? You fight too much, Sarah – that's your problem. A girt has to know when to give it, and when not to. We'll teach you both."

"I d...d...don't understand!" Sarah wailed. They had both taken an arm and were leading her towards the sofa again. Her feet dragged in vain, heels scouring the thick carpet. "Darling, you WILL – you soon will. It's only a little training session, nothing more. All right, Lana, get her over the arm, head down. I want her in her spanking outfit."

"NO-OH!" Sarah screeched madly. In a flash the upper half of her body was bent over the high rolled arm, her legs at full stretch so that she was forced on to her toes. "YES, Sarah!" cut in Vivienne's voice, "skirt off usually, isn't it? But ONLY your skirt to date, apparently." Sarah's arms flailed wildly but caught only empty air. With Vivienne's hand clamped firmly over the nape of her neck she was powerless to rise and let out a high-pitched shriek as she felt Lana unzip her skirt and rip it off.

"How DARE you, how dare you!" came her sobbing cry. Vivienne with her free hand stroked her hair. "Oh, we dare, Sarah, we dare. How many spanks d'you get normally?" – "I do-oh-on't! Are you mad? Stop it. YEEE-ARGH!" the cry forced out from Sarah's lips as a hearty SMACK! landed on her pert bottom whose ripe, tight cheeks gleamed through her white semi-transparent panties.

"Yes, I can see the problem you are, Sarah," Vivienne murmured, giving a nod to Lana whose palm swept in right under the delicious globe, bringing an outraged shriek from the girl who tried frantically still to rise. "AND she makes such a noise. It must ring through the whole house," Lana laughed, running her palm lovingly over the wriggly orb whose cheeks showed faintly pink from the two big smacks.

"She can't be allowed to fib as well, though," Vivienne said almost sadly, "so go on smacking her adorable botty, Lana, until she confesses that she IS spanked. How silly of her to deny it, anyway." – "No, no, I'm not, YEEE-EEEK! Oh, stop it! It stings, oh it!" Sarah howled, jiving her hips madly to try and throw off the blasting smacks that burned right through her nubile bottom. "OOOOH-HOOO-HOOOOO! No!" came her despairing cry as another caught her exactly as before, right under the sweet bulge of her cheeks, bringing her up on to the very tips of her toes.

"Twenty years old and all this fuss, would you believe," Lana said chidingly and again ran a sensuously caressing hand over and around the heated hemispheres while Sarah sobbed on and jerked again. "Uh-huh, eighteen months of spankings and she's still like this. I think we'd best have her panties off," Vivienne said, controlling the would-be upward thrust of Sarah's quivering body. Blubbering as she was, Sarah managed just to cry out, "No! you can't!" before relapsing again into tears.

"They never have come off yet for a spanking, have they, Sarah?" Vivienne asked quietly. Sarah's flushed face moved wildly from side to side. "!" she bubbled. If she fibbed again she would get another big spank, she knew, and she hated it, she always had. "I see. Get up, then – at least you've confessed that much. Sarah, get UP!" Vivienne snapped. With even just her skirt off, the girl was delicious to look at. Good legs balanced a good waist. Her boobs were smaller than Vivienne's or Lana's but firm and round like juicy pomegranates. Her bottom jutted beautifully when she stood as she did now, reaching blindly for her skirt which, however, had vanished.

"SIT! Lana, make her sit," Vivienne instructed, taking her seat on the sofa and calmly filling three glasses. Sarah jerked "OH!" as she was made to do so and immediately squirmed on her taunted bottom. "Drink this – you'll feel better and – Sarah – do NOT interrupt or the next spanking will be twice as hard and twice as long. DRINK it – it's only wine, silly. Don't you like wine?" Sarah sniffled and took the glass with shaky hand while Lana settled on the other side of her so that the thighs of both women nestled warmly against her own. Sarah opened her mouth to speak but then seeing the warning look in Vivienne's eyes wriggled again and relapsed into sulky silence.

"That's better," Vivienne said and sipped her wine smoothly. "Want a ciggy? No, all right, later then. I won't beat about the bush, Sarah dear. You're one of a number of girls who are sent to me for training. Yes, training. You should be past it at your age, but still. NO, Sarah – I've warned you – don't speak, just listen. You have been spanked regularly – we know that. Even better we know how you are when you are getting it – noisy and silly. Still.... spanking IS a bit much for a young woman of your age. If you promise me just one thing, Sarah, I'll not be too stern with you. Well, girl, speak!" Hand shaking still so that her wine almost slopped over the rim of her glass, Sarah asked "Wh...what?" in a quavering voice, her eyes misted with tears. "That you will be QUIETER, dear. I mean ALWAYS, in future. It's really very indiscreet of you to make such a noise. WELL?"

Sarah tilted her head back and drank quickly, more and more convinced that it was all a vivid dream. "Wh...what are you going to do to me?" she asked, making them laugh together. "Oh! so you CAN put the little girl voice on, Sarah, can you? Well, that's always an asset. Sarah, we're all women together. That's the first thing to remember," Vivienne said and slid of a sudden to her knees, running both hands up the girl's rounded silky thighs. Sarah quivered and bit her lip, aware that at any moment Lana might seize her hands. Lana took the empty glass from her nerveless fingers and laid it aside. "Sit still," she said softly. "It's true what Vi says – we're women together. We're going to teach you pleasure."

A startled "WHA-AAAH!" broke from Sarah's lips as without warning she felt her knees lifted swiftly up and over Vivienne's shoulders while Lana clamped one arm full around her from the front, imprisoning her arms. "Pleasure, darling – we will give it to you first – HE will give it to you afterwards," Sarah heard Vivienne say from below her. "NEEE-OH!" she screeched and made ineffectually to struggle as delicate fingers drew aside the crotch of her panties, baring the moist lovelips between which Vivienne's long pointed tongue slid and curled.

"B...b...b...b..." stammered Sarah. She tried to kick, but she couldn't. Vivienne held her legs as firmly clamped as were her arms. Seizing her chin, Lana's rich lips misted sensuously over her own. "" Sarah stuttered quickly against Lana's mouth. No one had ever tongued her before – not down there. Vivienne's mouth was now deep into her fur and Sarah could feel herself swimming. Gliding her free arm down, Lana felt for Sarah's silky, stinging bottom which was just beneath Vivienne's chin and cupped it tightly.

"AH-HAAAR!" Sarah moaned. They had her firm between them now. Vivienne's tongue snaked in and out, sweeping its tip up to curl around her clitty. Lana's worked its way within her mouth. The breath hissed in through Sarah's nostrils. Catherine wheels were spinning and exploding in her tummy. Her spiky heels beat a wild tattoo on Vivienne's back, but Vi knew the signs. Rising quickly while Sarah quivered and moaned her frustration, she drew the girl's legs together high up so that her knees all but touched her forehead and her bottom bulged over the edge of the sofa.

"Wh..wh...wh...what?" babbled Sarah madly, doubled up as she was an unable to see what Lana – who had risen was doing. "YEEE-EEEH-EEEEH!" squealed Sarah as then without warning, and with her ankles held tight up together by Vivienne who sat at her side, a broad thick strap whistled in precisely at the bulge of her cheeks. "YA-AAAAAAH! NO!" Sarah screamed. "YES, Sarah!" she dimly heard Vivienne answer and then the strap come in again, on and on, burnishing and searing her half naked bottom that was so delicately poised until with a back-arching cry Sarah loosed a pelleting succession of orgasms such as she had never known before.

"All right," Vivienne said quietly even as Lana raised the strap again. Lana's arm relaxed while Sarah's legs – suddenly released – fell to the floor and she flopped sideways, mouth open, eyes closed, the crotch of her panties clinging so stickily to her that her lovelips showed clearly through the nylon.

Vivienne's arm snaked about Sarah's shoulders and drew her up again into a sitting position. "There, there – well put you to bed now," she coaxed, "Sarah have nice sleepy?" The journey upstairs to an ornate bedroom was not one that Sarah remembered except dimly. She was tired, drowsy, swimming – her bottom burned, but the glow now was different to that she had ever experienced from a spanking. Limp and sobbing quietly she let herself be stripped and slid under the sheet. "She'll sleep well," she vaguely heard Vivienne say, and then the closing darkness came upon her...

* * *

"Sarah, this is your regular evening uniform in future," Vivienne said to her two days later, adding with a smile: "By the way, your deportment has improved, too. You stride better instead of those silly hesitant steps. How d'you feel?" she asked softly, extending to Sarah a neat bundle. The girl took them, eyes wondering. It was like Vivienne's outfit except that the skirt was so short it would hardly cover her bottom. There were black self-supporting stockings and a white see-through blouse. "E...e...evening?" she stuttered.

"At least you're quieter – much quieter. You didn't howl at all this morning when Lana strapped you," Vivienne said with a smile in her voice. "Yes, EVERY evening, Sarah. You may put them on when you get back. You may have to be brought back here, you know, if you misbehave. You know that?" Sarah shook her head dumbly. "I don't want...." she began. A tear trickled down her cheek. "Don't want what? Don't want to leave? Silly, you can return now whenever you want – if you're obedient, Sarah. Are you going to be?"

"Yeth," Sarah lisped. They had pleasured her between them always before she was strapped, but it would be different now, when she went back, she knew that – and they had told her. She raised her face shyly to Vivienne's soft kiss. Their mouths brushed and lingered. "You'll be a good girl tonight, won't you? Promise? I don't want you back here tomorrow," Vivienne said, searching Sarah's eyes. Sarah nodded. "I you," she stammered quietly and began to cry. Vivienne stroked her hair. "I know. Come back tomorrow evening and tell me, huh?" "Yeth," Sarah mumbled, her eyes brighter with tears. She started as she heard a car stop outside. Vivienne laughed and gave her bottom a little pat. "Go on with you," she said, "and put your outfit on when you get there, right?"

Sarah nodded blindly, going into the hall where Lana in turn waited and kissed her. There were no panties with her outfit, she realised suddenly and felt her legs go wobbly as she entered the car and sank down. "You all right?" he asked quietly and she nodded blindly. "Wh...wh...what t...time is it?" she asked as the car sleeked forward. "Eight," he replied, "I booked a table. Well eat out."

"I'm not, I'm not hungry," she stammered. Cheeks bright red she stared away from him at the passing traffic. She wasn't going to be able to do it, she knew she wasn't. Stumbling indoors at last, she sat huddled on her bed, starting up as the door opened. "Put your things on, Sarah, and come down," he said. How she obeyed she never knew. Cheeks hot and flushed she descended at last, her thighs flashing white above the black stocking tops. Smiling he stood there, holding the strap.

"Well, Sarah, are you going to obey now?" he asked quietly. She gulped, staring past him. Her long legs quivered. The moment she bent over the arm of the sofa where she had so often been spanked, her naked bottom would show, rich and white between the black hem of her ultra miniskirt and her stockings. Blindly she turned and sank the upper half of her body over the arm, hiding her face.

"SARAH!" he barked. Biting her lip she eased her tightly-stockinged legs apart and turned her toes in, as Vivienne had taught her to. Behind her she heard the rustle of his clothing and closed her fingers tight. She could almost feel the heat of his huge cock as he neared her with the strap coiled ready. High-poised as she was, her bottom cheeks tightened and then relaxed. Tomorrow night she would see Vivienne again and it would be beautiful. "YEE-EEE-EEEE!" Sarah squealed as the first snaking caress of the leather hissed across her bottom. Her legs jerked, her torso twisted, and then she remained still again. HOOOOO! it burned!

"YA-AAAAH!" It had snaked in again, sending tongues of fire through her pert cheeks. Cupping her hands over her face, Sarah began to moan. She WAS being quiet, she was. "Rear your bum up and let him take you – you know he's going to, Sarah," Vivienne had said, "once he's got it up you, you'll want to." "WA-HA-HAAAAAR!" Sarah sobbed, but the noise was in her mind – the slap-cracking of the leather making her bottom rotate like a ball-bearing was the only sound now in the room.

"Now, Sarah, now – come on, give it!" she heard him growl after a seeming eternity. Her hips were uncontrollable now, her tummy bouncing and smacking on the rolled arm of the sofa, her legs spread wide, bottom glowing bright as a brazier. Sarah then heard her own voice at last ring throughout the room. "Yes, all right, yes – give it to me, put it up me – OOOOOH! Make me have it! AAAAAR!"

And miraculously Vivienne and Lana were forgotten, forgotten, in the breathless hot desiring of the night....

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