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The Scourging of Sonia

Story from Janus 17.

The Scourging of Sonia
by Andrew Grantham

AFTER a tour of her new school, Sonia said goodbye to her father and carried her belongings to the room she knew she would share with three other girls. The long-legged raven haired beauty had been a pupil at several schools, but al 17 years of age this would be her last.

The door was ajar and she could hear the sound of sobbing from within. She poked her head inside and her eyes opened wide at the sight in front of her. A bare bottom was sticking up in the air. Its owner was kneeling on the bed, her face buried in the bedclothes. Her shoulders heaved with little sobs.

It was easy to see just why the girl was sobbing – her bottom was a mass of fiery, criss-crossing weals!

Two other girls were also present. One was comforting the sobbing girl by patting her on the bare shoulders. The other girl was smoothing cream into the ravaged buttocks.

The girl with the cream, a small-boned attractive brunette looked up and smiled. 'You must be Sonia, our new room-mate.'

'Yes.' Sonia forced a smile in reply.

'Come on in! I'm Beverley. You don't mind if I don't shake hands, do you? I've got them full of cream at the moment.'

The girl comforting the beaten victim turned around and greeted Sonia. She was a tall, leggy blonde. 'Hi!' she smiled. 'I'm Nicola.' Indicating her stricken friend she said, This is Janine.'

Sonia noticed that the girl with the damaged bottom was a redhead, with beautiful short copper curls. She dumped her belongings on the empty bed. 'What happened?' she asked, horrified that such treatment could be inflicted upon young female flesh.

'Janine got a School Punishment,' Beverley informed her as she gently smeared the cream over the redhead's bottom. Janine clenched her bum-cheeks.

'A School Punishment!' echoed Sonia. 'What exactly is that?'

Beverley continued to rub cream into the raised tramlines as she replied to the question: 'It's the worst of all the punishments.'

'Don't talk about it!' pleaded Janine, her voice muffled by the bedclothes. 'I don't want to be reminded!'

The other girls obeyed her wishes.

Sonia moved her belongings into her lockers, assisted by the helpful Nicola.

Beverley continued her tender ministrations with the cream. Once or twice, her fingers inadvertently went a bit too far. It had the effect of turning Janine's sobs into little giggles.

'I'll give you 24 hours to stop,' said the redhead, raising her face from the bedclothes.

Beverley reprimanded her by finding an undamaged area of bottom and giving her a slap.

Janine, her sobbing now subsided, raised herself up and greeted Sonia, 'I suppose it's a bit unusual to see someone's bum before seeing their face,' she chuckled.

All the girls joined in the laughter and Sonia knew that she was going to enjoy pleasant company for the couple of terms remaining before she started at University.

Although it was called a 'mixed' school, the young males and the young females were kept very much apart. Just about the only time they were allowed to meet the opposite sex, officially, was at the twice-daily school assemblies.

The older students naturally had ways of beating the system. Varied were the ruses devised for boy to meet girl. Indeed, the plans put into effect would have done great credit to the wartime inmates of Colditz Castle.

Very soon Sonia had made friends on both sides of the 'barrier' between male and female. Some of the staff she liked and some she loathed. One of the latter was Miss Leathers, the School Matron. She was a great deal younger than most people's conception of School Matrons, being only a few years older than the senior girls themselves.

It appeared that Nicola and Beverley had accidentally tripped her up during a friendly game of hockey and she had never forgiven the two girls over the incident. Because Janine and Sonia were room-mates of the other two, they found themselves being treated in the same way by the young and not unattractive Matron.

'She should have stopped my beating!' complained Janine as the four girls sat around one night discussing the staff in general and Matron in particular. 'That's why she is present at House and School Punishments. It's her job to intervene when we've had enough!'

'What's the difference between a House Punishment and a School Punishment?' Sonia asked again.

There was a silence as the other three girls ail looked at each other. It was Janine who eventually spoke. 'A House Punishment is really terrible, but a School Punishment...!'

Here, the freckled redhead put her face in her hands and scurried to the washroom. Somebody changed the topic of conversation and all talk of punishments ended.

Yet it was not to be very long before Sonia found out exactly what a House Punishment was. Her room-mate, Nicola, was unfortunate enough to be caught in an 'out of bounds' area and was sentenced accordingly by the House Master, Mr Prime.

All the girls sympathised with the luckless blonde, but they knew that all they could do was to offer comfort and soothing cream.

'Miss Leathers will take great delight in this!' fumed Beverley as she accompanied Sonia and Janine to the large School Hall. A little earlier Nicola had made the same but tearful journey on her own, carrying her gym kit under one arm.

When Sonia and Janine reached the Hall, they found they were amongst the first to arrive. Attendance was compulsory, Sonia learned. The girls' names were ticked off on a list by a House Prefect upon their arrival.

It was customary for the friends of the victim to obtain the best positions in front of the stage. This was done purely to deny anyone who did not like the recipient of the punishment, a good view of their discomfort.

Nicola sat alone on the stage in her gym kit, a disconsolate figure as the unwilling spectators trooped in to witness the chastisement.

The sight and sounds of a cane being laid across bare flesh was supposed to act as a deterrent to would-be wrongdoers. But for some of the pupils, and certainly for most of the staff, it caused some considerable pleasure.

Nicola forced a smile for her friends and repeatedly crossed one long leg over the other as the numbers in the Hall began to swell.

Members of the staff started to arrive and they sat, grim-faced, in a semi-circle on the stage.

There was a low murmur around the Hall as everyone waited for the punishment to commence. Sonia's heart went out to her likeable friend and she wondered what was going through Nicola's mind at that moment. The agony of waiting must surely be just as terrible as the pain that would be inflicted.

Miss Leathers appeared on the stage and sat down right next to Nicola. The young Matron, a green-eyed honey blonde had a smug smile on her face. She looked at Nicola who immediately turned and looked the other way.

Beverley nudged Sonia and when she had the tall girl's attention, she whispered to her. 'Mr Prime has been seen coming out of Matron's room late at night!'

Sonia pulled a wry face. 'Had he now? It's a pity he can't be punished for being 'out of bounds',' she hissed in reply.

The low murmur subsided into a still silence as Mr Prime appeared. He was a tall, athletic young man and very good-looking, too. Nicola, who had a crush on him, paled visibly when he appeared. She stopped crossing one leg over the other.

Sonia noticed for the first time that Mr Prime was carrying a long thin wand of rattan. The lovely blue eyes of the trembling blonde on the stage were instantly drawn to the rod that was going to slash into her flesh and cause her acute pain and discomfort.

She dutifully rose to her feet as Mr Prime mounted the steps. Miss Leathers rose, too. She quickly turned around the chair on which Nicola had been sitting so that its back was now to the assembly.

'Nicola Lee!' Mr Prime spoke out in a loud, clear voice. 'In contravention of school rules you deliberately entered an 'out of bounds' area, namely the Senior Boys' Accommodation Block!'

Nicola hung her head at the implication. She had tried to explain that she had gone there to get help with her prep for next day. Mr Prime, however, refused to believe her story, preferring instead to believe that she had been there for some sinful purpose.

The House Master cleared his throat and continued. 'You will receive nine strokes of the cane for your misconduct!'

The shock of the announcement reverberated around the large Hall. Nicola's mouth dropped open. She went to say something but thought better of it. Her shoulders sagged wearily.

Janine was furious and she hissed to Sonia, 'I'll bet that bitch, Miss Leathers had something to do with the three extra strokes.'

Mr Prime flicked the cane with his wrist. Nicola jumped. 'Bend over, Miss Lee!' he ordered.

Nicola turned around and put her hands on the back of the chair so that her long legs were at a 90 degree angle to her horizontal body. Then Miss Leathers stepped forward and rolled up the girl's gym vest to just below her tiny, pointed breasts.

'She's getting it on the bare?' Sonia could hardly believe what she was seeing. Janine did not reply. She bit her lip and Sonia knew that she was re-living a horrible experience she had herself been through not so very long ago.

Miss Leathers grasped hold of Nicola's gym shorts and yanked them down to her ankles, exposing for all to see, long, lean but shapely thighs below slim and un-marked buttocks. All the male members of the staff leaned forward to obtain a better view of the derriere they had not seen before. Nicola kept her legs tight together to protect her privacy.

'This is awful!' breathed Sonia. Those around her silently agreed.

Mr Prime took up his position, laying the cane across the target area first of all before starting his swing, so that he could get the range.



All the girls in the assembly winced as the cane hit flesh. Nicola did not cry out, but the force of the blow buckled her knees.

Mr Prime waited before delivering his next blow. Expert that he was, he wanted the young backside to glow in agony before inflicting further punishment.

Sonia's heart continued to thump as she saw the imprint of the cane springing up instantly on the taut skin of her friend's bottom.

Two of the male staff put their heads together, whispered, grinned and then nodded approvingly. They obviously appreciated Nicola's curving, girlish hips, her narrow waist, her slender, creamy-skinned torso as well as the tight bottom that waited for another dose of the springy cane.

Sensing that the pain from the first blow was now receding, the House Master delivered another cut.


This time Nicola did cry out and her knees buckled once more. Again the imprint of the rattan showed up on Nicola's tender globes. As the blonde girl waited for the next stroke she sought to obtain some relief from her agony by clenching and unclenching her bum cheeks.



'Ay yee!' shrieked Nicola. Her back arched and she threw back her head.

Sonia looked at Miss Leathers. She was breathing heavily and licking her lips.

Nicola raised one ankle in the air and waggled her bottom from side to side. She began to sob.

'She's cracking up already,' whispered Janine urgently to Sonia. 'I don't see how she can possibly take another six!'

The fourth stroke made the stricken blonde jerk bolt upright. She let out a piercing yell.

'He's really laying into her,' whispered Janine. 'I'll bet that awful Miss Leathers told him to give her a good thrashing!'

Mr Prime tapped Nicola's stinging bottom with the tip of the cane. His clean-cut features expressed keen concentration, even some pleasure. 'Bend over!' he reminded her.

The fifth bite into the already scored flesh caused Nicola the most distress of all the cuts she had received so far. Her legs sagged and an 'ooh' went up from the shocked spectators. The wand had whipped diagonally across the first three horizontal marks. Nicola buried her face in her hands.

'Get up, Miss Lee,' ordered the House Master.

'I can't!' wailed the distressed Nicola.

Mr Prime bent down and whispered something to the Matron. She shook her head.

'Bitch!' hissed Janine, knowing that Mr Prime had asked her if he should stop.

Somehow Nicola struggled to her feet and bent over the chair. She was no longer concerned with trying to protect her privacy and she spread her legs wide apart.



'Oh ... oh ... oh ...!' Again Nicola slumped to the floor and she clutched her blazing buttocks, rubbing them fiercely with the palms of her hands.

'Up, Miss Lee!' ordered Mr Prime.

Sobbing bitterly, Nicola made no move.

'Come on, Nick!' urged Janine quietly. 'Only three more and it's all over.'

The House Master spoke to the two young teachers who had earlier given approving nods at the sight of the semi-naked girl stretched over the back of the chair. Instantly, they jumped to their feet and made for Nicola. They pulled her to her feet, first taking a good look at her thighs and golden bush as they did so.

The tall blonde was stretched by the two men so that only the tips of her toes were touching the floor. Her hands were secured in the two masters' vice-like grips.

There was a thud as a young member of the school fainted and hit the floor. Several of her friends hurried to her aid to remove her, and thankfully to remove themselves, from the sight of the popular blonde sixth former being beaten and humiliated.

'This is horrible.' murmured Sonia.

Nicola's slim and tender buttocks were now a criss-cross map of suffering, but Mr Prime lined up the cane for a further infliction of agony.


'Yaroo!' screeched Nicola, her legs threshing wildly. Her bottom being so slim, the target area was therefore relatively small and the latter cuts were now landing in the already hurt places of earlier ones.

Sonia thought it a good job that it was an all-female audience in front of the stage, the way Nicola was now revealing herself. The disclosure of her intimate parts was the least of the distraught girl's worries.

Mr Prime waited until the long legs had stopped moving and the girl's toes were again touching the floor. He again raised the thin wand and almost every single onlooker tensed as they waited for the blow and the anguished reaction. Only Miss Leathers seemed to be not affected by the canework of her friend on the bared, crimson arse.


Nicola's scream was the worst yet. Many of the girls who had covered their eyes before this stroke opened them wide in horror. The distraught girl continued to yell long after the fresh weal appeared. The two men who were holding her wrists had their work cut out to keep her bent double over the back of the chair.

Still Mr Prime waited for the pain to climax and start to ebb before delivering the final cut. This time the House Master caught her on one of the worst of the weals. Nicola let out a long, low moan and dropped to her knees again as she was released by the two men. Crying bitterly however, the beaten blonde struggled to her feet and again presented her buttocks for further punishment.

'Poor kid!' breathed Janine. 'She doesn't realise it's over!'

Miss Leathers got up from her chair and pulled up Nicola's gym shorts.

The audience filed out and the three room-mates climbed on to the stage to comfort the victim. Somehow they got the dazed Nicola back to their room where they laid her on her tummy and again pulled down her shorts.

'Oh God! Look at those marks!' wailed Beverley.

'It's horrible!' choked Sonia.

'Matron shouldn't have allowed it,' complained Janine. The whole of Nicola's bottom was suffused an angry sullen red, against which the darker lines of individual cane marks stood out evilly.

The girls gently tended her wounds but it was some time before the blonde moved so much as a muscle. Eventually, her bottom caked with cream, she was covered up. Clutching her teddy bear for comfort, Nicola sobbed herself to sleep.

Beverley, Janine and Sonia sat disconsolately on the bed discussing their friend's terrible ordeal.

'A School Punishment is even worse than that!' groaned Janine.

'Will somebody please tell me what a School Punishment is?' asked Sonia.

Beverley looked at Janine. The memory of her own suffering still fresh in her mind, the redhead became tight-lipped and shook her head, signifying that she did not want to upset herself by even talking about the dreaded punishment.

Next morning's talk in the refectory was all about Nicola, who did not herself put in an appearance until just before lesson time. She then walked in, head bowed and stiff-legged before gingerly resting her battered bottom on the hard wooden bench. The blonde then leaned across the table and whispered in confidence to her friends, 'Miss Leathers had Mr Prime in her room all last night.'

The girls 'oohed' and 'aahed'. 'I wish somebody would teach that bitch a lesson,' someone remarked.

Sonia looked thoughtful. Then her lovely eyes gleamed. 'I have an idea,' she smiled.

Her audience giggled as they listened to Sonia.

'It's very risky!' cautioned Janine.

'No, it isn't!' protested Sonia. 'As long as you all keep a good look out.'

At tea time a full jar of mayonnaise disappeared from one of the tables!

Once it was dark, the girls crept towards the out of bounds staff quarters. The ground floor window of Miss Leathers' room was open and the room was in darkness. Sonia clambered inside, armed with the jar of mayonnaise. She made straight for the bed, turned back the sheets and emptied the contents of the jar before replacing the sheets.

'Hee hee!' she chuckled. 'Miss Leathers and Mr Prime will get a nasty shock when they tumble into bed tonight. That will dampen their ardour!'

Suddenly the room was flooded with light and Miss Leathers appeared from nowhere. Sonia had forgotten about the adjoining bathroom. The young Matron had been in there the whole time! Sonia dropped the empty jar and she heard her friends outside the window scurrying away to safety.

* * * * *

Sonia stood before the Headmaster, Mr Whipp, and heard herself sentenced to the dreaded 'School Punishment'.

'I will call a special assembly in fifteen minutes to deal with the girl,' he informed Mr Prime. He had heard Sonia's 'confession' along with the Head Girl, a tall sturdy pupil called Carolyn. Carolyn was a girl who thrived on punishments. Sonia saw her grinning from ear to ear as the dire sentence was pronounced. Also smiling was Miss Leathers, who had given her evidence in floods of tears, thereby convincing the Headmaster that drastic punishment was necessary to safeguard the disciplinary standards of the school.

Mr Whipp addressed Carolyn and indicated the ashen-faced brunette. 'Get her ready!'

'Yes sir,' Carolyn responded eagerly. She pulled Sonia away by the arm.

Poor Sonia had lain awake all night fearful lest she be given a 'House Punishment' and now here she was, only fifteen minutes away from what was something infinitely worse. Her three friends had tried to comfort her. But the sight of Nicola's bum, still a glowing sunset of fiery red, had done nothing to relieve her mental torment.

In a daze, Sonia stepped into Matron's room – only a short way from the large Hall, where just a few days earlier she had witnessed Nicola's punishment.

Carolyn stood before her, hands on hips. 'Strip off!' she ordered.

Sonia's mouth dropped open in horror. 'Strip off?' she repeated.

'That's right,' smirked the Head Girl. 'I have to be naked for this?' gasped Sonia disbelievingly.

'Practically,' giggled Carolyn. 'Now hurry up!'

Mechanically, Sonia unbuttoned her crisp, white blouse. Then she took it off and slid out of her skirt. Forcing back the sobs, she raised first one leg and then the other, to peel off the sheer nylon stocking from her smooth, shapely legs.

'The boys will see my boobs,' she complained.

Carolyn nodded, an evil smile on her face. 'They'll see your bare arse as well,' she reminded her brusquely.

Sonia took a deep breath and reached behind to unhitch her brassiere. She handed the garment to Carolyn who looked approvingly at Sonia's milky-white, cherry-tipped breasts. Breasts that would soon be seen by everybody in the school.

She hesitated for a moment before starting to remove her panties. However they were soon on the floor and Carolyn's gaze was fixed on the naked girl's thick, dark bush.

The door opened and Miss Leathers walked in. The Matron pressed something into her hand. 'Put this on!' she ordered.

Sonia looked at the tiny, black G-string. 'What's this for?' she asked.

'What do you think it's for?' snapped Miss Leathers. 'It's to conceal your private part without covering up your bottom!'

With the willing assistance of the Head Girl, Sonia put on the tiny thong. Her black hair spilled out from all around it! Both Carolyn and Miss Leathers shook their heads.

'Take it off!' ordered the Matron. She produced a pair of scissors and sat on a chair in front of Sonia.

There was a knock on the door. 'Come in!' called out Matron.

Sonia gasped and one arm moved to cover her breasts whilst a hand covered her black 'vee'. The newcomer was the Head Boy, an attractive youth called Clive.

'Take your hand away!' snapped Miss Leathers. Sonia did as she was told and the Head Boy leched at her lovely, nubile body. She felt a thrill run through her and her tongue flicked over her dry lips.

Snip, snip, snip went the scissors and a dismayed Sonia watched as the outside of her pubic thatch was cut away. The scissors were cold on her warm flesh.

Both Carolyn and Clive walked around to the back of Sonia and they stared hard at her bare bottom. Somehow, despite her fear, she enjoyed the almost prickling sensation of their eyes on her flesh.

'Is everything ready?' asked Carolyn of Clive as she watched the crinkly hairs fall to the floor.

'Yes. It's all ready for her,' smiled Clive.

He held out the G-string. This time the tiny scrap of material covered what was now left of her pubic mat.

Clive leered at Sonia. 'You've the nicest backside I've seen for a long time. It's a pity it will look pretty horrible before much longer!'

The floodgates opened. Tears coursed down Sonia's beautiful features. Any further reminder she may have needed of her plight was given to her by the sound of a multitude of footsteps in the corridor as the entire school assembled for the flogging.

'You can save your tears for later!' hissed Miss Leathers.

The footsteps died away as the Hall was filled. Sonia's heart gave a lurch. It was almost time!

Without warning the door was thrown open and both Mr Whipp and Mr Prime entered. Their eyes drank in the sight of the bare-breasted girl who seemed to be somehow proud of showing off her gorgeous body to them. The Housemaster carried a bundle of four canes and Sonia wondered why one wasn't enough.

The mutterings and whisperings in the Hall died away as the small procession entered. It was led by the two teachers, each carrying a cane over one shoulder. The near-naked Sonia walked behind them and the small parade was made up of the Head Boy and the Head Girl each carrying a cane in the same way as the teachers.

Sonia kept her head high, knowing that her body was the centre of attention, particularly among the boys of the Upper School. Each step gave a sensual flounce to her breasts. She was almost enjoying the occasion. It was such a powerful drama, all centred on her, and the atmosphere was sheerly electric.

At the end of the Hall, on a raised dais, were two horizontal rails. Sonia knew what they were for!

Carolyn pushed her forward through the throng of pupils and staff who were to witness the beating. Sonia stumbled towards the tiny stage, a strange pang of excitement coursing through her vaulting stomach.

She then recalled that Janine had been through this experience and she looked for her. There she was, along with Beverley and the recently thrashed Nicola where she knew they would be – as near to her as possible, as a token of their friendship and affection for her. The audience packed around the place of punishment in a tight horseshoe. For some reason, a lot of the boys were huddled close to the sides of the dais.

Sonia stood proudly for the school's inspection – she would not have minded if she had been totally naked! She was still frightened about what was going to happen but at the same time she was secretly pleased with being put on show. She aspired to becoming an actress when she left school, but all the same she was shocked by the intensity of her mixed feelings.

Mr Whipp made a short speech and then Sonia was instructed to lean over the first bar and to grasp hold of the second bar. She did as she was told. Now she was in a complete right-angle position.

'Wow – Ouch!' she yelped. Sonia had not expected the stroke so soon and she had not prepared herself to receive the pain. It had been worse than she had expected it to be. She looked over her shoulder. It was Carolyn who had delivered the blow. She knew then the reason for the four canes. She was to be punished by no less than four different people!

'Oh please!' she gasped unthinkingly, seeing Carolyn raise the rod high into the air. The Head Girl was obviously enjoying herself. Sonia turned her head away and waited.

'Erhh!' She stifled a cry, being somewhat prepared this time. The hurt however was awful. And this was only the beginning!

Sonia clenched her bum-cheeks and waited for the next one. It came – and with it, another dose of stinging pain like nothing she had ever experienced before.

Hardly had the hurt died away than Carolyn struck again – harder than ever! Sonia heard a yell and then realised it was herself crying out.

Her hurt flesh was throbbing and pulsating. Grimly she waited for the next cut. She took a quick glance behind her. Carolyn had now made way for Clive. Four strokes of each cane? Another twelve to go! What shape would she be in after it was over? She had seen the aftermath of her friends' beatings. Would she cope as well as they had?

Sonia forced herself to watch as the Head Boy prepared to administer his first stroke. The rod whirred and whipped through the air to land on a previously unhit part of her bottom. She choked back a cry and frenziedly shook her posterior.


She heard the second one coming,



Her cry tailed off and she slumped over the rail. Sonia had hoped that the Head Boy might take it easy on her. After all, they had fondled and petted on several occasions. Not so. It was as if the sight of her breathtaking nudity inspired him to greater effort.

Sonia fairly screeched when he struck her for the third time. She now knew why a lot of the younger lads had positioned themselves in front of her. Hanging under her, Sonia's breasts wobbled and swung as she squirmed under the goading cane! This was further humiliation for the elegant, beautiful girl. At least, her G-string prevented those who desired it a view of her most intimate, personal part.


The fourth and most vicious cut of all caused her to shriek louder than ever. She clutched hold of the bar. Tears flooded down her face.

To her surprise, Miss Leathers appeared in front of her and motioned her to stand up. Panting, Sonia did so. Her backside felt as if she had sat down in a cauldron of fire. She smiled gratefully at the Matron for calling a halt. It was none too soon. Miss Leathers offered her a glass of water and Sonia grabbed it with trembling hands. In fact, she was shaking so much that as she raised the glass to her lips most of it spilled out and cascaded down her breasts, much to the delight of the droolers at the front.

Matron took the empty glass from her and, to her horror, told her to lean forward again. Her ordeal was not over after all! Once again, her glowing, striped and pained buttocks were to be offered as a sacrifice to the wicked rattan wands that waited to slice into her young, tender flesh. She sensed the erotic atmosphere in the Hall heightening even further as she resumed her position.

Mr Prime took a practice swing before lifting the cane above his head. The fierce stroke knocked the breath out of Sonia's body. Her face became a mask of pain and every muscle in her body tightened in reaction.




Her breath came in long, noisy gasps. A lot of the girls had their faces in their hands. Janine buried hers in Nicola's shoulder. Beverley wiped away tears from her eyes. The members of the opposite sex, however, seemed to be revelling in the spectacle.




Sonia's bottom bounced and quivered. Without the support of the bar she would surely have slumped to the floor.

The pain from one stroke now merged into pain from the next.

The Matron leaned forward to get a better view of Sonia's backside. The young blonde woman marvelled at the sorry derriere that until so recently had been a splendid example of how a female bum should look – fleshy, creamy and nicely curved.

Mr Prime's final stroke hit a previously unmarked spot. Sonia yelped like an anguished puppy as the fire coursed through her body.

There was a brief respite whilst Mr Whipp changed places with Mr Prime. Sonia thought back to the interview in his study on her first day. Her father had had no hesitation in signing the punishment consent form. If only he could see her now! Closing her eyes and nearly at the end of her resistance to the suffering, she waited for another onslaught.

The rod whistled, cracked and bit across the already weal-striped rump. Sonia did not have the strength to cry out; she merely moaned as more pain was injected into her body.


Mr Whipp's second stroke caught her across the tops of her thighs, just below the rounded buttock.


This time Sonia did not utter a sound but her whole body quivered. Her breasts swayed from side to side.

Sagging wearily, Sonia waited for the last cut of all. She would soon be free to go!


'Oh...oh...oh...!' The relief sounded in Sonia's long drawn-out moan. The stroke itself was not a particularly severe one but it landed exactly on one of her weals, just as if the fiery swollen line had been a pathfinder for the rod.

Sonia's face was dripping with tears and her lovely thick curls were now tousled and untidy. She waited to be freed. However her ordeal was not yet over! The punishment had mercifully ended, but there was further humiliation in store for the wretched girl. One by one, every member of the school was made to pass close by her and to gaze at the inferno of criss-crossed tramlines that was now Sonia's bottom. To a lot of the pupils this was the highlight of the whole affair. Several inconsiderate members touched her battered rump and trailed their fingers along the weals. Sonia squirmed and yelped.

Eventually the last pupil passed by and Sonia delivered her weary, agonised body to her friends. All evening the faithful three room-mates tended to her needs.

Eventually, next day, she was able to get up and make her way slowly and painfully to the refectory. With her head downcast and reluctant to speak to anyone, Sonia started on her meal.

She responded to a tap on her shoulder. Miss Leathers peered down at her, a grin on her face. She pressed something into her hand.

'Have some mayonnaise, my dear,' she said cruelly.

Sonia screamed, dropped the jar and buried her face in her hands.

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