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Knicks Down And Bend

Story from Swish Vol.7 No.1

Knicks Down And Bend

John and his sister-in-law, Amanda, are both ex-school Heads and both have a penchant for hot bottoms. As you might have become aware in Spanking Pleasures last month, it looks as if John's daughter, Judy, might be in for a spanking yet. For the time being, though, Amanda is teaching John the finer points of indoor discipline in concert with her ex-pupil, Linda.

* * *

'Good heavens, she's humming up there!', John exclaimed in amazement as Linda moved around in the bathroom upstairs. Considering that between them they had given the sexy twenty-two-year-old a pretty thorough spanking, he couldn't believe it — but that, as Amanda saw it, was just John's problem. After all the boasting about how many girls he had caned, she was beginning to realise that until now he had lived in a world of dreams and hopes.

'Linda isn't a BEGINNER, dear, though she is quite capable of putting up a good imitation of one. Her nice tight bottom first tasted my cane four years ago. I almost had to tie her ankles at first, but I soon got her tamed. Before she came into my hands, though, she HAD been spanked, but by no means successfully. Bull-at-a-gate stuff — and girls hate that. You've never done that, John, have you?', she asked cunningly, while her brother-in-law quickly shook his head.

'Why, heavens, no', he bluffed, 'I always lectured them sternly first before they went over my desk. If they — herrumph! — failed to remove their panties, then it was necessary for me to do it for them'. — 'Yes, of course, I understand, John, but here, with Linda, we have a more domestic atmosphere. You will have seen that she has become accustomed to it — up to a point — but she still needs her coaxing. I think she is putting on a very brave face by humming up there now while she freshens herself up, don't you? One must encourage that. I suggest a very light spanking in an hour or two. One must find an excuse for it, of course'.

'Ah, yes', John replied vaguely. After his astonishing experience with Linda — who had played the coy one to perfection — his penis still thrust up in a hard stalk under his trousers, as Amanda could see. Perched on the arm of his chair as she was, she leaned sideways and brushed her fingers across it. — 'What a time you must have had with the senior Sixth Formers', she sighed, 'But I think that in a more domestic situation, we do not want to scare them off, do we? When Linda is ready for her second dose — say after tea — I think it best that you handle her as though she were a beginner like.... well... like any other girl of her age whose bottom needs attention'.

'Well, I say, yes. I have only formally caned girls before', John said self-excusingly, and while wishing fervently that he really had.

'Exactly, dear. For domestic spanks, the best posture is supposed to be across the lap, but I have never agreed with that. It is much better to induce the miscreant to straddle your thigh. I mean that you keep your legs apart and bring hers astride over one. The upper part of her body is then held down under your free hand. Naturally, one stockinged thigh comes close in between your own, and hence it cannot be said to be your fault, John, if in squirming — as she is bound to — she rubs it against your prick and gives you a hard-on, to put it crudely. That is surely her doing, is it not — deny it later as she may'.

'My goodness, yes', John answered chokily. — 'Good. I knew you would agree, John. The very first spank you give should be quite a firm one, but NOT an impersonal one, and by that I mean that it does no harm to caress a hot, naked bottom gently and soothingly for a few moments after you have given a last big smack. A little finger-tuning, I call it. You may even murmur to her — while ringing her waist and listening to her sobs — that you will not spank her so hard next time if she is good. Soothe her bottom with your palm as you speak and give her a little hug. Then move her off your leg gently and draw down her skirt in a very gentlemanly fashion, feeling her thighs up as you do, but not too blatantly. Tell her, sort of playfully, that the next one won't feel half so bad'.

'But she may feel so resentful.....', John began. — 'Not entirely, no. A mixture of emotions and thoughts, John, and that's what counts. That's what you will induce in her if you do as I say. Be both firm and gentle until she becomes used to it. No heavy stuff — especially on the second occasion when you find it necessary to spank her. The second spanking is very critical. Don't announce it beforehand. Take her entirely by surprise, swing her over, flip up her skirt and give her a first one or two through her panties and hold her over hard.

John swallowed. 'But.... but I don't think I could......', he murmured, but Amanda appeared to ignore him.

'After that second smack through her knicks, cup her bottom and glide your forefinger under her cheeks just enough to give a butterfly touch to her slit through her knicks. Don't do it blatantly, but just enough to let her feel it. Oh yes, she'll probably squeal out then, 'Don't do it!', and she will be referring to the touch-up, but as far as you are outwardly concerned she means the spanking.

'Ah......', John uttered. His prick was, if anything, sticking up even more by now into the cloth of his trousers. He gazed up at her with admiration.

Amanda suppressed a sigh. Men were so unsubtle. It really did take a woman to teach them how. — 'Your next words, John, should be to tell her that she has had it before and is going to again. You can cheerfully fib, too. Tell her that she didn't really struggle before. She'll yell that she did of course. Right — another SMACK! for that. Let's suppose she was standing and that you've bent her under your arm. Next, you rip her panties down and give her another. Then you CAN use a warning. Tell her to be quiet or she'll get a real one'.

'You mean only to give her a sort of medium spanking again?', he asked. — 'THAT, my dear, has to depend entirely on your judgement of her and of the situation. Medium to hard, I would say. Let her bare bottom really feel that mastering palm of yours until she's wriggling it redhot. She'll never confess it, but she'll want you to cup it firmly then. Do so. Lead her to the sofa doing so. Just as if you were comforting her afterwards. Indeed, utter some comforting words and bring her to sit on your lap and hold her strongly there. Keep talking softly — that's half the trick of it'.

'Good lord, yes!', John exclaimed, just as if he had suddenly thought it all up for himself. He could see the whole scene. The gates of Heaven were opening. If it worked. And Amanda seemed so certain that it would. — 'And then?' he asked.

Amanda knew what he wanted her to say. 'Poke her, darling — get her on her back', he wanted her to say, but that wasn't how it was done, or at least not in her rule book. It had to be a slightly longer process than that. A girl had to be made to feel that she had somehow melted into an act of ultimate naughtiness, and had not simply been mounted and plugged.

'Why, dear, then.......', Amanda begun, but at that moment Linda entered the room again and gazed at them hesitantly and enquiringly as she knew Amanda wished her to. Linda's pert cheeks glowed a little still and felt terrific. She had rinsed her face and done all her make-up again. Her blouse was neatly buttoned and her skirt smoothed down. Both fitted her very tightly, for John had filched Judy's old school outfit from her wardrobe and had brought it over. A striped tie dangled in the valley between Linda's prominent, firm tits. Her black stockings were taut again and banded tightly around her thighs, as John could see. There was an enticing two-inch gap between the hem of her black, pleated skirt and the tops of her sheer nylons.

'If you lived here — if this were your home, Linda — you WOULD be an obedient girl, would you not?', Amanda asked smoothly, getting up and walking to her. Linda knew exactly what was expected of her and bit her lower lip and hung her head. — 'Yes; yes I would; I would try', she answered hesitantly. — 'And just supposing that you were difficult sometimes, would you expect to be spanked?', Amanda asked.

Linda pouted. It was something she could do beautifully, and she did it as she looked past Amanda at John whose heart thudded though he did his best to appear nonchalant. — 'Yeth', she lisped deliberately, and felt Amanda take her hand. Little did John know it, but Linda's own pulses raced at that moment. — 'Well, Linda, we will just see if you mean it. Let's suppose you have just sworn at him and that you think you've got away with it', Amanda said, giving the girl a little push so that she slouched towards John and then stopped a few feet from him. Behind her back, Amanda gave a silent signal with her hands to John as if to say, 'Slowly — slowly!', and in fact it was with a great effort, suppressing his eagerness, that John rose and made as if to turn away from Linda towards the fireplace.

'What did you say?', he asked quietly with his back to her as if he weren't really too worried. — 'I said — I said you were an old sod and.... NEEE-OW!', Linda squealed realistically. Spinning suddenly about, John looped one arm around her waist, and rammed her full against him so that both Amanda and Linda thought he was about to kiss her pouty mouth. Perhaps John himself did, too, for a moment. Like many men, he wanted to break all barriers at once as her thighs and tits slammed against him, but the momentarily greater desire in him made him spin her around like a top and bend her over under his arm with such strength that Linda could not have straightened up even if she had wanted to.

Something broke in Amanda, too, at that moment as she watched John scoop up the back of the short, pleated skirt. — 'Wait, darling — let's suppose that I approve of this, in this instance. Hold her while I get her knicks right off', she breathed excitedly. Linda would react with perfection, Amanda knew, and she did. — 'Stop it, no! It's not fair!', she squealed as Amanda came behind her and scooped her tight blue knickers down to her ankles. — 'Oh yes it is, my pet — I told you that you would go too far one day. All right, John!', uttered Amanda, sitting back on her own bottom so that she had a perfect view right up under the tight, warm globe of Linda's bottom.

'Oh no, please don't let me! I'll be good, I'll....... YEEE-EEEEEK!' came from Linda in the next second to the accompaniment of the juicy smacking sound of John's broad palm up under her naked hemispheres. Even as his arm sprang up again, John made to give her another, but Amanda stayed him with a gesture and crooked her forefinger suggestively up under Linda's globe.

'You.... you didn't howl before', John uttered breathlessly to Linda, and almost forgetting his script. — 'Did, did, did!', sobbed Linda, twisting her waist helplessly in his strong, looping arm and then uttered a surprised 'THOOOO!' as his hand groped right under her orb and tasted the slightly oily lips of her quim in their nest of curls. — 'Stop it, stop it, it's naughty! Don't do it!', the girl sobbed.

'What? Of course I intend to spank you, young lady!' SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! sounded John's palm as he entered into it with excited enthusiasm, causing tears to squeeze into Linda's eyes, though she had had it often enough before in such circumstances. — 'YOO-HOO-HOO-HOOO!', she sobbed, her throbbing botty rotating deliciously, 'Oh, please stop him, please! It's not fair! YEEE-OW!' Her up-thrust hemispheres really glowed now. Amanda could see that he had laid it in rather harder than she had coached him to. A deep red had spread right over Linda's moon. John's face was just as flushed. Amanda's hand shot up in silent signal to him again. It moved slowly up and down, and John blinked at her and nodded.

Linda's black-stockinged legs quivered as he began then smacking her juicy young cheeks rather more gently. — 'BOO-HOOOl' she sobbed at each rhythmic descent of his hand, but her cries were noticeably quieter now and — to John's utter delight — she held her hips steadier.

'You see what a good girl she can be, if she tries? Wait, John, I think it best to have her knickers right off', Amanda breathed. This wasn't what she had told John at all, but the moment was too good to miss. — 'Oh NO! You mustn't! YEEE-EEEEECH!', screeched Linda as simultaneously her most intimate garment was deftly worked down over her high heels and John's hand came down in a much heftier and warming SMACK! on her heat-blazoning cheeks. This time, however, his palm did not bounce off but stayed, allowing his forefinger to feel right under the glowing orb to the now oilier crevice of her furry nest.

'WHOO-HOO-HOOO!', squealed Linda. Her hips squirmed madly as his fingertip caressed the rolled lovelips and then the upper part of her body suddenly went limp — rather to John's dismay. Had he overdone the spanking? But Amanda had got up and put a finger to her lips. — 'John, I think you had best deal with her on your own. I'm going upstairs to have a bath. Now, you be a good girl, Linda'.

'BLUB-BLUB-BLUB!', came softly from Linda. Amanda quietly made her exit, not winking at John as he expected her to, but leaving it to him. Linda waited expectantly then, though he did not know it, and felt herself moved sideways awkwardly, so that with a moan and an upward jerk of her hips she was suddenly plonked down on to John's lap, feeling something like a hot, hard poker under her heat-swollen bottom.

''t!' she sobbed, hiding her face in his shoulder so that he could take any meaning from her words that he wanted. — 'Shouldn't spank you? I must if you're naughty, mustn't I?' soothed John, insinuating one hand up to her hard tits whose nipples poked through the blouse. Linda gave a little start as he did, but then buried her face deeper and uttered mewing, babyish sounds as his fingers slid down into the vent of the thin garment and found the silky, palpitating flesh beneath.

'Shouldn't I?' he repeated in a choky voice. Linda wriggled petulantly. His thumb was brushing across her perky nipples. She could feel the crest of his stiff prick nosing up through his trousers between the seared cheeks of her bottom. — 'I s...s...s'pose so', she admitted. — 'Well, then — kiss and make up?', John husked. For a long moment he thought she would not move, but slowly Linda raised a faintly tear-streaked face to his. — 'Only a likkle one', she murmured, but then an insensate thrill ran through John as her peachlike lips parted and the pink tip of her tongue peeped out hesitantly to his..........

But John has got to train himself too, as you'll discover next month.


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    By the way, I will answer the question of one of visitors of blog about "Colonel stories" from Swish. I have neither part 2 nor part 3 from this series. I'm sorry.

  2. One of the most beautiful phrases in the English language, is "Take down your knicker's, so that your bottom is bare, for a good 'six of the best' caning.

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  4. Hi! Yes, I have this story from Swish Vol.7 No.4. I will post it on Friday.

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