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Story from Janus 82.

by Andrew Grantham

Trevor spread out the photographs on the table top. The holiday pictures had all been taken in Spain — most of the shots showed someone either drinking San Miguel beer or posing with a bottle of it in their hands. Mexican-style hats were favoured by most of the young men who had been photographed. They all wore the usual offensive 'Brits Abroad' tee-shirts and looked typically stupid. No wonder, thought the dark-haired, unattached 31-year-old, that the Continentals only wanted the British if they happened to be involved in fighting a war on their behalf.

Featured in the majority of the photos was a young, shapely, curly-haired blonde. Topless in many of the photos, her breasts were like great, heavy pears. The nipples were big, and aroused too — clear evidence that a lot of horseplay had taken place before the camera shutter had clicked; and no doubt afterwards, too!

'You've got a nice pair of knockers there, my lovely,' breathed Trevor.

Even better however, in his eyes, were the two glossy photographs in which the blonde girl's resplendent bottom took pride of place.

In the first one, her big, moon-shaped behind took up most of the picture space. Had she posed like that for a bet? Too much Sangria, perhaps? Whatever reason she had had for exposing her butt to the camera didn't really bother Trevor. He was just glad that she had!

'That's a very nice arse you've got, young lady,' he breathed excitedly, bending forward to admire the young, female flesh through a powerful magnifying glass.

The girl's bottom was really just a bit too fleshy to be perfect, but it was certainly a 'nice arse' as he had put it. Trevor bet to himself that those luscious mounds would quake and quiver after a hard palm had landed on them — which brought him to the other picture!

In that one the blonde was draped totally naked over the lap of one of the youths, with her bottom poked high in the air. The person taking the photograph couldn't possibly have captured that moment when the spanker's hand had flattened the girl-flesh before its rebound. The palm must have been deliberately pressed down on to the soft humps for the purposes of the picture.

After a while, Trevor put the photo to one side and pulled the telephone nearer to him. He tapped out the number from a slip of paper and drummed his fingers on the table top as he waited for the ringing tone to stop and the voice to come on the line. The adrenalin was certainly beginning to pump, now.


It was a young female voice. She confirmed the number he had called.

'It's about your holiday photographs,' began Trevor.

'Oh yes.' The girl's voice rose in pitch, indicating her immediate interest.

Was she suddenly afraid that she was going to get into trouble over them? Trevor paused, so that she could feel relief when he continued, 'It looks like I've got yours.' Then he paused again before saying, 'You must have mine, Lisa.'

'Oh I see,' came the response, but there was still some nagging doubt, judging by her tone. 'Just a minute. How do you know my name and phone number?'

'Well,' said Trevor, 'Glossy Snaps suggested we exchange pictures ourselves as it would be such a lot quicker. Especially as we're not far away from one another.'

'That was a bit naughty of them,' sniffed Lisa. 'I've got a good mind to write to...'

'Good idea,' interrupted Trevor. 'Anyway, if you've no objections, I'll pop round this evening.'

Lisa didn't respond right away. Trevor then told her that Glossy Snaps would send a credit note and free vouchers for the inconvenience. She agreed and Trevor wished her 'goodbye'. Beaming broadly, he put down the phone.

It was early evening when he arrived at the address written on the slip of paper. The door to a small entrance porch was not even closed. The old house was divided up into flats or bedsitters. Pieces of paper and brown envelopes fastened to a porch support by drawing pins indicated the various tenants. Miss L. Murphy occupied number 12.

Trevor made his way up the uncarpeted staircase to the very top floor. There was no bell on the paint-flaked door, so he knocked loudly. There was only a short pause before it was opened as far as the brass safety chain allowed. The unmistakable face of the girl in the holiday snaps appeared in the opening.

From the pictures, Trevor had guessed her age as around 23 or so but she was clearly a couple of years younger than that.

The expression 'good-looking in a streetwise way' was, in fact, a fair description of Miss L. Murphy. Her eyes were blue and widely-spaced and her nose was just the right shape for her rounded face. She wore no make-up but Trevor could visualise what her fleshy lips would look like coated with glossy lipstick. Her natural blonde hair, which had been further lightened by its recent exposure to the sun, was loosely curled and it trailed down to her shoulders.

Her overall prettiness was, however, tempered by a perceptible sneer which Trevor had observed on the faces of many young women of a similar type.

'Hi,' she greeted, after a cursory inspection of the caller. 'I recognise you from the pictures. You're just as ugly in real life!'

Trevor smiled. She had a sense of humour. He liked that. It helped to break down barriers.

He waited, pulse racing, for what would happen next. Would she merely exchange the photographs through the gap or would she ask him inside?

'You'd better come in,' she offered, slipping the chain and opening wide the door.

So far, so good. That was the first hurdle over.

He saw now that she was dressed in a pale blue leisure-suit. She looked very nice in it.

'Thank you, Lisa,' he smiled, quickly taking advantage of the offer. 'It's nice of you.'

'It's nice of you to put yourself out after Glossy Snaps cocked up our pictures.' Lisa actually sounded grateful.

'No problem,' Trevor told her, following the girl down a short, narrow corridor.

As she moved ahead of him, his gaze fixed on the curve of her buttocks. He knew, of course, exactly what her backside looked like from the pictures and it was easy for his X-ray mind to remove the taut blue cladding.

The outline of Lisa's tiny briefs was quite evident. Trevor's imagination had no problem whatsoever in removing that obstruction!

The plump cushions wobbled so delightfully from side to side that it was difficult for the visitor to keep his hands off them! He managed it however and he sat down on a battered settee in the rather tattily-furnished living room.

Lisa picked up a gaily coloured 'Glossy Snaps' photo wallet from a shelf and she sat down beside him. Her nipples prodded clearly against the inside of her blue top. She was obviously bare-breasted beneath the garment.

'I thought some of your pictures were a bit, er, um, on the saucy side, to say the least,' Trevor began, pulling a similar packet from his jacket.

'You're a good one to talk!' scoffed Lisa, her big eyes widening. She tapped the wallet with her nicely-nailed fingers. 'Some of yours should never have been printed!'

'Just fooling around,' grinned Trevor, shrugging his shoulders, but noting the broad smile on the girl's face.

'That's all I was doing, wasn't I?' she pointed out, screwing up her nose.

Trevor took a deep breath as he plucked from the photo wallet the picture of the nude Lisa over the yobbo nolidaymaker s lap.

'I take it you like having your bottom smacked,' he put to her.

'Don't be so 'effing cheeky!' Lisa's response was more of a matter of form protest than a cry of outrage.

'Nothing wrong with it,' insisted Trevor. He brought the photograph up to his eyes as if it were the first time he had inspected it closely.

'There's nothing wrong with your bottom, either,' he laughed. 'It's very nice indeed.'

'Here!' snapped Lisa, stretching for the photos. 'I'd better have those!'

Trevor noticed how her features had now hardened. He let her have them and he sat back in the seat.

'I've got a proposition to put to you, my dear.' He tried to sound relaxed, but his heart was pounding madly. It was make or break time.

'Have you indeed?' She gave a half laugh. It was obvious however from the expression of interest on her face that she wanted to hear what his proposition actually was, all the same.

'You must like a bloke spanking you...' began Trevor, in a very serious tone.

'So that's it!' interrupted Lisa, standing up and glaring at her visitor. Her blue eyes were like fire now. 'Just because you were lucky enough to see some photos you shouldn't have seen in the first place, you think...'

'Hear me out!' Trevor spoke softly and placatingly held up his hand. 'We can maybe do a deal.'

Lisa let him carry on and her features changed from a stony mask into a frown. Next, her eyebrows arched as she looked pensive. A smile followed and, finally, she bared her bright teeth in a grin.

'Okay then,' she told the excited Trevor, 'but you've got to do your part of the deal first!'

Trevor shot to his feet, a huge beam of delight spread across his handsome, clean-shaven features.

* * *

Undressed, Lisa was actually much less weighty than she had appeared in her holiday shots. She was a very curvy girl, though.

As she stood beside him ready to drape herself over his lap, Trevor resisted the temptation to cup at least one heavy, sun-kissed breast in the palm of a hand. That was not part of the deal and he couldn't take the risk.

She still had her panties on — a pair of white tanga briefs. They were at full stretch and her thick pubic thatch was like a pad beneath the straining nylon.

His heart was no longer behaving like a steam hammer, but it was still beating excitedly within his chest.

'Just my luck for my snaps to go to someone like you,' sniffed Lisa as she lowered herself into position.

'Why?' asked Trevor, exhilarated at the sudden intimacy and warmth her practically naked young body had produced as her weight pressed down in his lap. 'You obviously enjoy getting your bottom smacked.'

'I can live without it.' Lisa's voice came from down near the carpet.

Trevor smiled smugly to himself. He couldn't live without it!

Gloatingly, he contemplated the fresh young body at his disposal. Lisa's shoulders were quite wide, but her waist was nicely nipped in above her expansive hips.

Lisa's briefs covered only a very small portion of her upthrust bottom. The skin was tanned and Trevor well knew that the tiny segments still hidden beneath that scrap of nylon were exactly the same colour. No doubt she enjoyed wearing nothing but a G-string on crowded foreign beaches and would feel stimulated to make such an exhibition of herself. The backs of her generous thighs were smooth and inviting and her calves were nicely contoured.

Trevor's gaze returned, inevitably, to the fabric triangle.

He gripped the elasticated waistband and tugged sharply downwards.

'Hey!' exclaimed Lisa. She rose up on one arm and tried to halt the down-sliding briefs with a quick grab behind her. Alarm showed on her face.

'Just like the photographs. Right?' Trevor reminded her. 'That was the agreement. You were bare-arsed in the pictures, remember?'

Lisa said nothing and quickly resumed her submissive pose. Trevor then fully exposed all of her ripe, young bottom. He stared admiringly at the plump, shapely cheeks before running a palm over their warm, silky-skinned surfaces.

'Wide-arsed and wonderful!' breathed the visitor. 'That's how I like them.'

The pair had agreed that Trevor would stop the spanking immediately Lisa requested him to do so — after he had given her a minimum of six good slaps. In order that she would be free to roll off his lap if she so wanted, he did not ring her waist with his left arm.

'Aren't you going to do it then?' sniffed Lisa disdainfully. 'I thought you were dead keen to spank me. But if you want to spend all night just looking at it, suit yourself!'

She was a cheeky bitch, thought Trevor but at least she had volunteered her backside for his pleasure; and a pleasure it would certainly be!

'You're quite happy with your part of the... er... agreement?' he asked her once again.

The 'agreement' had been for Lisa to recreate her spanking pose as per her holiday snaps. In return, Trevor had recreated the poses which had caused the girl a great deal of amusement. He had done his part of the deal!

'For fucksake, if you don't hurry and get on with it, you can bugger off home!' snorted Lisa. What language modern girls used. But was she giving away more than she intended?

Determined more than ever to make every one of the allocated slaps count, Trevor delivered a full-armed smack upon Lisa's bared behind.

'Ooh!' she exclaimed involuntarily and her whole body replied in an instant jerk.

The delighted visitor let his palm stay on the firmly-rounded flesh for a while. Then, when he took it away, he stared down at the exposed globes. There on the crown of her right cheek was the stark pink imprint which marked the sudden descent of his eager hand.

'Okay?' asked Trevor.

The answer was a grunt and an affirmative nod of her head. His palm had returned to stroke her bottom intimately. 'Get on with it!' she said. He lifted his hand again. He noticed that her shoulders hunched and her buttocks clenched apprehensively as she waited for the next one. That first slap had been pretty powerful, and loud. She had ridden it very well, but of course the girl was no novice.

Trevor now aimed for the left side of the alluring crevice between the twin globes.

'Nghghh!' Lisa exhaled noisily as Trevor's hand splatted across the target cheek, making a sound that was extremely crisp and sharp.

The girl's hips rotated in a furious circle and her legs jerked upwards forcing more weight into Trevor's crotch.

Now, the mate of the first mark sprang up on the opposite orb.

He couldn't, unfortunately, see the expression on Lisa's face, but he was willing to bet that her features would be all screwed up and that the sneer had been temporarily obliterated.

Trevor waited for Lisa to stop squirming before preparing to deliver another stinging slap on to the plump, shapely cheeks.


'Ooooch!' gasped Lisa, wriggling her shoulders and her bottom. 'You've done this before. Right?' That voice was anything but dead and emotionless.

'Right!' confirmed Trevor as her responsive young bottom heaved up and down. He knew that the playful spanking she had had at the hands of the lager louts in Spain would have been nothing like the one he was giving her now. Those yobs had been mere amateurs whereas he was of professional standard!

Ready now to put some more heat into Lisa's lovely round buttocks, Trevor again raised his open-palmed hand up to shoulder height.

Suddenly, his right arm flashed downward and his hand cracked against the gorgeous full moons with the heel landing on the left cheek and the outstretched fingers on its twin.

Lisa moaned. It must have felt as devastating as it sounded!

Trevor raised his stinging hand. The spanked area of Lisa's smooth, warm bottom was a solid shade of red. The stretched skin was still quivering from the impact.

'My bum feels like you could fry an egg on it, you bastard!'

Lisa was obviously gritting her teeth as she spoke, but she was not really complaining. She knew how to take it. Maybe she figured that insulting him would bring out the beast in him, but he remained polite as ever.

'Ready for another one?' Trevor asked her.

The answer was another affirmative nod of her golden mane. He heard her breathing fast.

The impact of his scything palm sounded explosive as the fifth slap drove further fire deep into her nates.

'Ooooch!' she responded loudly, her bare hips grinding his lap as she rode out the smarting smack.

Trevor, his blood racing, feasted his eyes on her rotating, crimsoning backside. He wanted this to go on for ever.

'Two more, Lisa,' he said softly to her, gliding his palm over those curved, scorched surfaces and then up and down the unmarked flesh of her thighs.

'I can 'effing well count!' protested Lisa, twisting her head to look at Trevor. Her pretty features, however, were lost in the waterfall of curls. 'There's only one more!'

Trevor smiled and sighed at the same time. Oh well, it had been worth a try. If he could only smack her smouldering nether region the once more, then he would make sure it would be one she would remember him by!

Summoning up all his strength, his arm arced through the air and his flat palm delivered an almighty SELAPP! on to the up-poked, rosy summits.

The sting in his hand was too painful, but the effect on the girl's behind was simply sensational.

'Yaroooochh!' Lisa screeched at the top of her voice and her whole body, from head to toe, leaped into motion. Her shoulders shook, her hips writhed, her colourful buttocks rose up and down in frantic movements and she lewdly kicked her legs like a demented frog. Blatantly displayed was that most intimate part of her that the camera lens in Spain had not seen.

Trevor was absolutely delighted with Lisa's reaction. Perhaps he could sweet-talk her into a couple more slaps before he went for his train. After all, very few girls were willing to take it even lightly.

He had a long way to go home, but the trip had been well worthwhile.

* * *

Telling Lisa over the phone that he didn't live far away had been a big fib. The girl had naturally assumed that Glossy Snaps had got the pictures mixed up accidentally and that Trevor, out of the goodness of his heart, had kindly arranged to swap them over.

It had been nothing like that at all!

Trevor, a spanking devotee, was in fact the Production Manager at Glossy Snaps and he had to personally 'vet' any photographs which showed 'naughty bits' as the processing staff called them. That particular part of his duties suited him down to the ground. It was amazing the array of female flesh he had to look at sometimes, but it enabled him to make approaches to girls most likely to offer their bottoms for a voluntary roasting. Most approaches were not successful, but those girls who succumbed to his overtures never realised for one moment that the whole thing had been cleverly set up.

All the way home on the train, Trevor wondered what the next day's spools of film would bring. It was holiday time and he knew there would be a lot of 'naughty' snaps for him to censor.

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