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Pounds of Pain, Pounds of Pleasure

Story from Februs 25.

Pounds of Pain, Pounds of Pleasure
by Jean Philippe Aubourg

Catherine had just finished setting out the cups when the doorbell rang. She looked down at the coffee table before turning to glide down the hall. Everything was just right. Four cups, saucers and spoons, no sugar bowl, a jug of skimmed milk and definitely no biscuits.

She opened the door to find Joanne on the front step. She was beaming broadly and looked stunning in a black polo-necked sweater and matching slacks. 'Hi!' she smiled.

'Hi! Come on in. You look pleased with yourself!' said Catherine as Joanne slipped past her and into the living room.

'I certainly am, and I've every reason to be. I can't wait to show you. But,' she added, casting an admiring glance at Catherine in her white blouse and black pencil skirt, 'maybe I shouldn't be too confident.'

'Now, we have to wait till the others arrive,' Catherine scolded her good-naturedly. 'They won't be long. Sit down and I'll fetch the coffee.'

She had barely returned to the living room when the doorbell rang again. Setting the pot down for Joanne to serve herself, she went to answer it. A few seconds later and she returned, followed by a plump but still very attractive brunette in her late twenties, wearing a floral print dress underneath a lightweight black jacket. She also wore a slightly worried look but still smiled when she saw Joanne. 'Hello,' she said, 'how are you Jo?'

'Great Amy, just great. How's things with you?'

'Oh very hectic, very busy.' The conversation was light but there was no disguising the trepidation in her voice. She slipped off her jacket and accepted the cup Joanne had poured for her. The blonde girl was in the act of pouring one for Catherine when the bell chimed for a third time. The hostess returned to the front door and the sound of another female voice soon floated up the hall. As it grew louder it was soon accompanied by its owner, a small and youthful blonde of about nineteen. 'Hi!' she called as she saw Joanne and Amy, who had by now found an armchair and sunk into it with her coffee.

'Hello, Kelly,' they chorused. 'Great to see you again,' added Joanne. 'Glad you decided to stick with us. Especially after last lime.'

'Well, I think I got something out of it, even if I did end up a bit sore. In fact I know I got something out of it. I've lost...'

'Ah-ah, Kelly!' said Catherine sharply. Joanne and Amy reinforced her words with stern shocked looks. 'You know the rules, not until we've had coffee and we're all together'.

'Sorry,' said Kelly meekly, 'I forgot. I'm new remember.'

'That's okay,' said Joanne, 'but you may be even sorrier. We shall see.' And she grinned as she took another sip of coffee. Kelly giggled nervously, slipping off her denim jacket and folding it over the arm of the remaining chair, before taking the cup offered to her and sitting down.

The four women chatted and drank for about fifteen minutes, the conversation light and inconsequential. But to a fly-on-the-wall there would still have been something in the air, an apprehensive atmosphere, as if the little group was waiting for something to happen. And it was.

Catherine finally set her empty cup on the table. It was the signal they had all been wailing for. Three more cups were drained and joined Catherine's. 'Right then,' she announced. 'Time to see how we've all been doing this month.'

Catherine and Joanne stood up eagerly. Amy and Kelly followed suit, although both a little less enthusiastically, a worried smile passing between them. The other three stood in the middle of the room as Catherine skipped out and up the stairs. A few moments later she returned carrying a set of bathroom scales. She set it down two feet in front of the coffee table. Then she began to unbutton her blouse.

The others looked at her for a second. Then Joanne crossed her arms and pulled her sweater over her head. Turning it the right way out, she dropped it on the floor, then unbuttoned her trousers, kicking off her pumps and rolling the slacks down her long tanned legs to her ankles. Without a hint of self-consciousness she stood up again in just her white bra and panties.

By now Catherine was similarly attired, her blouse and skirt folded on the arm of the sofa. Her underwear was expensive, a matching black set which encompassed her pert breasts and well-tanned thighs.

Amy and Kelly had paused longer than the other two, but were both now almost undressed, Amy unbuttoning her dress and slipping it off her shoulders. Her figure, when revealed in her bra and panties, was voluptuous, large breasts filling the lacy cups to almost overflowing, her ample thighs stretching out from the high cut of her knickers. Kelly, stripped of her sweat shirt and jeans, was the smallest of the quartet, although her bust was disproportionately large compared with her short legs and tight little bottom.

All four women stood in their underwear and regarded each other for a few seconds. Joanne rested her hands on her hips, her shoulders thrown back with confidence. Amy seemed fearful, her hands rubbing up and down her bottom cheeks through her panties, but almost as if she were not aware she was doing it. Kelly twisted her hands around each other in front of her, staring down at her bare feet most of the time and only glancing up occasionally.

They all waited for Catherine, who had gone to the mahogany sideboard. Opening a small side-drawer she took out a black hard-covered notebook. Returning to the little group she began thumbing through it till she found the last entries. Each page was divided in two, with one of the girls' names at the top. A set of figures was written in columns under each.

'You lost the most last time,' she said to Joanne, 'so I guess that means you go first this time.'

'My pleasure,' Joanne smiled back from under her mop of blonde curls. Without hesitation she stepped onto the scales. The others peered over her shoulders as they gathered around her.

'Oh my God!' exclaimed Amy, 'how did you do that?'

'I don't believe it!' said Kelly.

'Hmm' muttered Catherine, 'seven pounds off. I think most of us will definitely be feeling your hand pretty soon.' And she wrote the weight in Joanne's column in the book.

'Now you, Catherine, you were second last time,' said Joanne as she stepped off the scales. Catherine handed the book and pen to her before taking her place. Once again the others crowded round to see the result and were equally impressed. 'Five and a half pounds' said Joanne, 'so close yet so far. Never mind, better luck next month.' And she wrote the figures in the book.

'Now me, I suppose,' said Amy. She sounded grim, as if she were not looking forward to this or what was likely to follow. Nevertheless, she stepped onto the scales and three pairs of female eyes peered over her shoulders. A few seconds later and six eyes widened in shock.

'Three pounds ON!' exclaimed Joanne.

'Oh Amy, I am sorry for you!' said Catherine.

'What's going to happen to her?' asked Kelly, looking away from the dejected Amy and straight at the others.

'The rules are very clear,' Catherine told her ominously. 'Not only is she probably going to finish bottom of the heap, she's gone so far as to put weight on. I'll fetch the cane.'

'Hold on,' said Amy, 'let's just see what this skinny little madam's score is before we start settling debts.' She stepped off the scales and Kelly took her place. 'Three pounds off,' said Catherine as she wrote it down. Kelly got off the scales feeling almost too guilty to look Amy in the eye.

Catherine closed the book and put it on the coffee table with the pen. Taking up the scales she disappeared out the door and back up the stairs. The other three waited nervously for her return. 'Never mind,' Joanne said to Amy, 'I'm sure it won't be so bad. And it'll probably just be this time.'

'I'm sure it will,' replied Amy glumly, her hands fidgeting in front of her. Catherine came back carrying a thin yellow cane about two and a half feet in length. Amy regarded it ominously and propped if against the side of the sofa. Then the hostess picked up a dining chair and pulled it in front of the fireplace. 'Your seat madam,' she said to Joanne, waving at the chair with mock solemnity.

'Thank you,' she replied sitting herself down, her hands resting palm-downward on the tops of her bare thighs.

'Now then,' said Catherine taking up the notebook again, 'Who's first?' She consulted the figures just entered. 'Oh me!' And she giggled as she put the book back down. Walking to where Joanne sat, she stretched her elegant limbs and bent herself over the blonde girl's lap.

'How much will she get?' Kelly asked Amy as they stood contemplating Catherine's upturned bottom.

'Four and a half minutes of course' said Amy. 'The calculation is simple – start with ten minutes and take a minute off for each pound you lose. Catherine's got away pretty lightly – not like I will.'

'Has your watch got a second hand Kelly?' asked Joanne. As she spoke she began to roll Catherine's panties down her legs to the tops of her thighs. The redhead wriggled as her bottom was bared.

'Yes it has,' the little blonde answered, 'do you want me to keep time?'

'Of course – just give me the nod.'

'Okay' said Kelly, raising her left hand to look at her wrist. 'Ready – steady – GO!'

Joanne had raised her right hand and now it came smacking down across Catherine's right buttock with a resounding crack. Catherine squeaked, then squeaked again as her left cheek was slapped.

Joanne set up a rhythm, spanking one cheek then the other, keeping a brisk pace. Kelly looked up from her watch and found she was fascinated by the red glow which was spreading from the tops of Catherine's thighs to just below the small of her back, as Joanne expertly used her time to cover every inch of Catherine's bottom. Her victim began to wriggle and groan as the pain and heat intensified.

Suddenly Kelly remembered she was supposed to be the time-keeper for this punishment. She checked her watch and was relieved to see she was just in time. 'Twenty seconds,' she announced. The effect on Joanne was to make her intensify the slaps, bringing cries of genuine distress from Catherine. 'Five seconds... four... three... two... one... Stop!' With one last spank right on the wire and right in the centre of Catherine's bottom, Joanne finished.

For a few moments Catherine lay across Joanne's lap, getting her breathing under control again. Joanne rubbed the mounds of flesh she had just been mistreating, obviously much to Catherine's relief from the way she was soon sighing. But she was only allowed a couple of minutes of this treatment before Joanne stopped and lifted her back on her feet. 'Time's up,' she said, as Catherine clumsily hauled her knickers back up, 'next please!'

The book was reopened and Kelly realised it was her turn. Gingerly she approached the waiting lap. This would be her second spanking. At the last meeting she had got her first from Catherine, not too hard because she was new. She imagined Joanne's would be much harder.

She stretched herself cat-like over Joanne's strong lower limbs. The feeling of the smooth flesh against her belly was a strange and not unpleasant sensation. She spread her arms out automatically to catch her weight as she went forward, her palms sinking into the deep soft carpet. She gave a couple of little wriggles to make sure she was exactly where Joanne wanted her, flicking her head from side to side to shake her long blonde hair away from her face.

Kelly lay quietly awaiting her fate for a few seconds. Then she felt Joanne's left arm lie gently across the small of her back, as it had with Catherine. Kelly managed to stay still but could not hold back a shiver when Joanne's right hand smoothed over the seat of her knickers. A second later and the hand was in the elastic of her waistband, then the flimsy garments were being pulled down. Her bottom was being bared.

Instinctively she lifted her hips to allow her knickers to be drawn down her thighs, to rest just above her knees. The prickling of her wiry little pubic hairs against Joanne's smooth bare thigh was the oddest sensation. She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself.

The uncovering of her bottom had clearly had an effect on the others, who had watched in silence as Kelly was prepared for sacrifice. It was Catherine who broke the tense atmosphere. 'You lost three pounds Kelly' she said, consulting the notebook. 'That means seven minutes of spanking. I'll keep time.'

Kelly giggled, even though she found nothing even remotely funny about her situation. She flinched again as Joanne rubbed her naked cheeks. Then her hand left her bottom and Kelly knew it was lifted ready to fall.

'Heady – steady – GO!' called Catherine. A micro second later and Joanne's hand landed smartly across Kelly's left buttock. She heard the impact first, gasping as the breath was knocked out of her, then she felt the pain. It was sharp, a piercing sting, very centralised in the flesh of her bottom. She barely had time to take in the full effect before her right side was given the same treatment. This time Kelly could not help giving a little yelp as Joanne's hard slap hit home. Kelly wondered if she would be able to take seven minutes, but pinioned over Joanne's lap there seemed little she could do about it.

The spanking continued and Kelly found herself gritting her teeth and flexing her arms and legs against the pain. Her little moans became louder and louder, and she wriggled and squirmed. Her fingers clenched and unclenched with each slap, dragging through the fibres of the carpet. Through the haze of emotions she could hear the comments of the other girls behind her. 'Lovely bottom... beautiful little thing... don't know why she needs to diet... let's just be glad she does!'

* * *

Kelly could not help wondering herself why she got talked into this. She worked with Amy and had been out for a few drinks with her one night. After a couple she had told Amy about her failed attempts to lose weight for her forthcoming holiday. The drink had loosened Amy's tongue and she pulled her closer, then told her about 'this fantastic slimming club' she was a member of. Kelly had not believed her at first, but when she repeated the story sober the next day she realised Amy had been telling the truth. She was still not completely convinced but there was a part of her that was curious. She came along to see if it was true, and had been flabbergasted to witness Joanne spanking both Catherine's smooth pale bottom and Amy's chubby cheeks. She had wondered aloud just how painful it could be, so Catherine played the good hostess and showed her. Then her weight was recorded for reference at this month's meeting.

Now, just as she was beginning to curse herself for not losing more weight in the last four weeks, she heard Catherine's voice above yet another heavy slap to her unprotected rear. 'Seven minutes! Time's up!' And as suddenly as it had begun, the spanking stopped.

Kelly did not know what she was supposed to do now. Stand up? Joanne was not trying to push her off her lap yet. Try to reach round and rub her scalded bum? She did not think she could manage that without losing what was left of her dignity. So she settled for lying where she was and trying to compose herself. Then she felt Joanne's hand on her bottom again, this time with a gentle stroking, just as she had done to Catherine, and Kelly found it infinitely soothing. 'Excellent' Joanne said, 'you did really well for a spanking virgin. Didn't she girls?'

'Oh, she's a natural, no doubt about that,' said Catherine. 'I just hope you didn't smack her too hard and put her off for good.'

'Seeing me get the cane might do that,' said Amy hopefully, 'I do you think we should postpone...'

'No way!' declared Joanne, 'you do not get away with it like that! Get across my lap now!' And Kelly felt herself being lifted back to her feet. As she got upright she dragged at her knickers to cover herself up, imagining her bottom must be twice its normal size after the abuse Joanne had given it.

She felt Amy behind her and stepped out of the way to let the brunette take her place. Kelly watched entranced as Amy stretched across Joanne's lap. The stout thighs and bottom cheeks seemed to spread even wider in this position than when she was standing. Joanne certainly had a wide enough target area to aim at. Just as well, since Amy was going to have to take thirteen minutes of a spanking which Kelly now knew was going to be anything but gentle. She rubbed her bottom at the memory, wincing at how tender it still was. 'Do you want to keep time again?' It was Catherine and she was talking to Kelly.

'Oh, yes, okay, if you want me to.' And she looked at her watch, noting how many minutes it was before noon, then waited for the second hand to reach the top. 'Go!' she called, as it ticked onto the figure twelve. Joanne's raised hand splatted down onto the centre of Amy's broad bottom. Amy gasped at the impact and Kelly gasped at the shock waves which rippled through her cheeks and thighs. Joanne's palm cracked down again, a little more to the side on the right this time, then a sharp blow to the left followed very quickly.

Kelly watched in fascination. Joanne was not holding back and Amy began to roll, squirm and moan. 'This is for all those cream cakes... SLAP... and french fries... SLAP... and mayonnaise... SLAP... which you couldn't resist,' lectured Joanne as she punctuated her sentence with hand spanks. 'What you need Amy is... SLAP... discipline. And since you clearly have no... SLAP... self-discipline, it's up to us to... SLAP... give it to you!'

Amy was gasping for breath by now and Kelly wondered if she could take almost a quarter of an hour of this treatment. But she was not crying for mercy or release and was making no attempt to escape Joanne's clutches. Did she not want to lose face in front of the others? Or did she honestly believe she deserved this punishment for letting herself down with her diet?

Kelly returned her attention to her watch and concentrated on the minutes ticking by rather than Amy's growing discomfort. The seconds seemed to hang forever and she thought it might never come to an end, but eventually she was able to call to Joanne and Amy that there were only fifteen seconds to go, then ten, and five, and finally she called 'stop – time's up!' bringing Amy's torture to a temporary end.

All four of them seemed to relax, not just the pair who had been doing all the work. As with Kelly and Catherine, Joanne began stroking Amy's bottom, which Kelly now saw was a mottled scarlet over almost its entire surface area. Sniffing sounds were coming from Amy's other end, but these gradually subsided as her body stopped twitching.

'And now the part she's been dreading since she weighed herself this morning.'

Kelly turned to look at Catherine. 'The cane.' The redhead strode to the sofa to pick up the thin rod.

'Does Joanne give her that as well?' asked Kelly, as Catherine flexed the supple cane between her hands. She had never seen one before and was fascinated yet also horrified by it.

'Well, Joanne will get to give her the cane, yes,' said Catherine, 'but so will we.'

'Us?' stuttered Kelly, not understanding at all.

'Yes, all of us. She gained three pounds so each member of the group gets to give her three strokes, it's a shame she chose the month you joined to let her diet go to pot, or she'd have got away with six. As it is she'll get nine.'

'Nine! Oh my God, I don't know if I can!' This was Amy, by now being helped to her feet by Joanne.

'If you're capable of eating enough to gain three pounds, you're capable of taking nine with the cane! Just think of all that extra padding!' said Joanne, landing another not too playful slap across her bottom, bringing another yell of shock from her. 'And I'll take those, if you don't mind!' And she seized Amy's panties, dragging them down to her ankles and giving her no choice but to hop out of them if she wanted to stay on her feet. The redundant underwear was lobbed onto an armchair and Joanne stood up and turned the chair around. 'Over,' she curtly instructed Amy.

The brunette looked forlornly from one to the other of each of the women in the room. Tears welled in her big green eyes. If it had been up to her Kelly would have snapped the cane in two and hugged the poor girl for all she was worth. But it was not up to her, it was up to Catherine and Joanne, and all Amy got back from them was stony-faced severity.

Realising she had no choice Amy turned to the chair and leaned awkwardly over the back rest. She placed her hands on the seat then shuffled her legs apart till the small but significant bulge of her tummy rested on the wooden strut. Kelly heard her sharp intake of breath, then she was still and silent, her red bottom glowing like a beacon to guide them to their target.

'You may as well start since you have the cane,' said Joanne to Catherine.

'Thanks, Jo, I think I will.' And Catherine stepped boldly up to Joanne's left. She took a careful grip on the cane just above the crook handle then lined its length up across Amy's rear. Kelly saw Amy twitch at the contact and thought she detected a whitening of the knuckles of her right hand which she could see grasping the seat. 'Ready?' Catherine asked her. She only nodded in reply and the cane was drawn back about two feet.

For a second all four women held their breath, then there was a swish as Catherine swung the cane down. A loud crack echoed around the room and Amy let out a choked 'aah!' as it made its mark squarely across her cheeks. Catherine raised the cane again and Kelly saw the vivid weal, red and getting redder; right along the centre of her bottom from cheek to cheek. Then the cane landed again, a little lower this time. As it was lifted Kelly saw how the mark started off white, then came to match its neighbour in colour. The cane flicked down again, above where the first strike had landed, giving Amy three clear tram lines.

Catherine stepped away from the bending girl and held the cane out to Joanne, who took it with a smile. Kelly guessed this was bad news for Amy, and she was right. 'The three most important things to have when you're dieting' said Joanne as she took up Catherine's former position, 'are willpower, willpower and willpower.

'Unfortunately, my girl, you have none of them'. And the cane whipped diagonally across Amy's bottom, from left to right, top to bottom. She gave another gasp. 'So you must learn it!' And with a flick of her wrist the cane landed with a diagonal slash opposite to her first attempt. 'Or you'll only find yourself right back here next month!' And Joanne finished off her set with a particularly nasty stroke which travelled the conventional distance, straight across Amy's bottom and almost on top of one of the marks left by Catherine's cuts.

So far Kelly had just stared at the punishments being handed out. It had not really dawned on her that she would now be expected to used the cane herself, so when Joanne held the handle out to her she just stared at it for a few seconds. Then she regained a little of her composure and took it.

It was of course the first time she had ever held one, and at first she was impressed with the smoothness and polish of the texture. It was so thin it seemed too innocuous to be able to cause any pain, but the six vivid lines across Amy's bottom were testament to its powers. Standing in the spot she had seen Catherine and Joanne stand, she put her hand right in the bend of the crook. 'No no, not like that,' remonstrated Joanne immediately, 'hold it further up, away from the handle'.

'Why do I have to do that?' Kelly asked dumbfounded.

'Because, its the only way you'll be able to aim it properly. Look, hold it out in front of you,' Joanne went on in a somewhat exasperated tone. Kelly detected a wry smile playing across Catherine's beautiful lips as she stretched her arm out. 'You'll notice it's not completely straight.' The cane did indeed have a slight kink in it. 'So in order to land it properly you'll have to angle the bend against Amy's arse, and grip it higher up so you can shorten the length, otherwise it could go up, down or even round as you swing it. And you're meant to be caning her big fat bottom, not her hips or thighs.'

Kelly moved her hand and turned the cane around as instructed. She had no idea if it would make it any easier to use, but it seemed to keep Joanne happy. She pulled her arm back till it was level with her breasts, then held her breath, concentrated on her target and flicked her arm down.

The effect was electric. She managed to land the cane across both Amy's buttocks, although it had landed diagonally and she had been aiming straight. She had not meant to hit her friend particularly hard either, but the flexibility had proved to be stronger than she allowed for, and she could only imagine the sting as the cane landed. Nevertheless, Amy sucked in her breath but there was otherwise no reaction.

'Good, now again,' Joanne encouraged her. Raising her arm again Kelly looked at the part of Amy's bottom where she wanted the cane to land, then swung it down. This time it was much closer to where she had aimed, and a little harder. Amy let out a groan and clutched the seat even tighter.

'Once more and make it a good one,' said Catherine. 'Remember she'll thank us next month when she's lost weight.'

'Thank us, and probably spank us after this,' added Joanne. 'If this doesn't make her lose more than the rest of us, nothing will. Still, all in a good cause!'

For some reason, the prospect of Amy turning the tables on them all in a month's time excited Kelly beyond reason. Lifting her arm a little higher she lashed it down with more force than before, bringing a startled cry from Amy and gasps of surprise from Joanne and Catherine. 'You meant that, didn't you?' said the latter. Kelly just grinned and nodded then handed the cane back to her as Amy stood up, tenderly pressing her fingers into her abused flesh.

The others dressed in the living room but Kelly took her clothes to the bathroom, partly because she wanted to use the loo, but also so she could take a good look at the damage Joanne's hand had done to her bottom. The sting had become a pleasant warm tingle and she found much of the initial redness she imagined must have been there had also faded. To her surprise she found she was a little disappointed at this. As she stood with her back to the bathroom mirror, her knickers back around her thighs, she traced a horizontal line across both cheeks with her right index finger, exactly where she imagined the weal of a cane would go. Then she turned and looked at her figure full-on, her hands on her hips. She decided she was not in such bad shape after all. Of course she would carry on coming to the meetings to make sure she stayed that way. But she certainly did not need to lose that much weight. In fact maybe before they got together next month she could do with gaining a pound or two.

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