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Uncle Arthur

Story from Whispers 06.

Uncle Arthur

Her mother said she was to call him Uncle Arthur, Mr Dibley sounded much too formal. Linda didn't see why: he was Mr Dibley and he wasn't her uncle, he was their lodger. Her mother said, 'Try not to be so awkward, Linda; Arthur is very much one of the family now.' Linda made a face, but didn't answer.

Mr Dibley, Uncle Arthur, was OK, pleasant enough, friendly. Maybe too friendly, maybe that was why deep down Linda didn't like him. He had a way of slapping her bottom in a 'friendly' manner. Linda didn't appreciate her bottom being slapped but it was difficult to say much without seeming silly. Her mother of course had got very keen on Uncle Arthur Dibley.

Linda's father had disappeared long past: Australia the last time they had heard anything but that was years ago. Mrs Chapman had been taking in a lodger for some time but had had unfortunate experiences. Mostly gentlemen who were hard up and couldn't pay, or making an awful mess in the house. Arthur Dibley was not like that at all. He seemed to have plenty of money for one thing, he was very neat and tidy, and also charming and attentive to Linda's mother. Ideal, Mrs Chapman thought and told all her friends that. Within a few weeks they were on first name terms: Arthur and Monica. Arthur Dibley of course was some years older than Linda's mother: he could be 60, Linda thought, whereas she knew her mother was 39. But still...

It was just about a week after they began using Arthur and Monica that Linda's mother came up with that Uncle Arthur business. Linda just couldn't bring herself to say it. That night when he said 'Goodnight Lin,' she said 'Goodnight' but followed it with a mumbled sound which if you were hard of hearing just might be taken for 'Uncle Arthur.'

He got to his feet and said, 'Come and give Uncle Arthur a goodnight kiss then.' Linda flushed. She had never kissed him before just as she had not called him Uncle Arthur, but she could hardly say No she didn't want to. She went reluctantly over. He put his arms round her, pulling her close, and gave her a wet kiss on the cheek.

Then he said, 'Let's hear you say it properly, Linda.' She had to say it. 'Goodnight Uncle Arthur.' 'That's better,' he smiled, and one of those big hands came down and squeezed a cheek of her bum through her thin skirt. Her mother must have seen if she wasn't too intent on the TV because Linda's back was facing her, but she didn't say anything. Uncle Arthur chuckled and gave her bum one of those slaps he was so fond of.

The whole thing made her go hot and cold all over. Five minutes later up in her room Linda was still trembling. That wet kiss on her cheek but even more having her whole body, her tits, her tummy, pressed hard up against him like that; and his hand squeezing her bottom, jiggling it. She shook her head, trying to shake off the feeling that Mr Dibley — Uncle Arthur — had done something to her. It wasn't anything, she told herself, a kiss and a hand jokingly on her bum; forget it. But she couldn't.

The next night was the same. She had to kiss Uncle Arthur goodnight and he got those arms round her again, like an octopus. Hands feeling her trim shape and then one down onto the riper swell of her 17 year old bottom. When he had finished she was gasping. Uncle Arthur gave his low chuckle. 'Not shy, is she?' he said to Linda's mother. 'I bet she's not shy with that boy: Stanley, is it?'

Monica Chapman kept one eye on the TV screen. 'Oh take no notice, she has her funny moments.'

Uncle Arthur chuckled again and his hand came out — to smack that seemingly irresistable rear. Linda felt a flush of anger at his referenced to her boyfriend. What was that to do with Mr Dibley? Her mother must have said something to him and that was a bloody cheek; but when she mentioned it the next morning she was told not to be so sensitive. 'I really don't know what you've got against Uncle Arthur, Linda.'

The real bombshell came on Friday afternoon, two days later. It was right after school, just her mother home with Uncle Arthur still out. 'Wonderful news', Mrs Chapman said, her face flushed with excitement. 'Uncle Arthur is going to be your guardian. And he's going to put a substantial sum of money in the bank for you in trust. Aren't you a lucky girl!'

Linda was speechless — but after a bit did manage to find some words. What did being a guardian mean anyway? 'Being responsible for you,' her mother told her. 'Like a proper uncle, or a father.'

'I don't want him as an uncle or a father,' Linda said hotly. 'I don't!' Her mother told her not to be so stupid. Arthur Dibley was very well off and didn't she realise how lucky she was that he'd taken an interest in her? Other girls would jump at such a thing.

'Well I don't want it!' Linda flared, for some reason close to tears. Monica Chapman went red in the face. 'Linda, he's putting £1,000 in the bank for you,' she hissed.

When Arthur Dibley got back he had a bottle of champagne and was all smiles. 'How about a kiss for your new guardian!' She tried to squirm away but couldn't. There was that hand having a quick grope at her bottom again. She said she didn't want any champagne.

Uncle Arthur's eyes hardened. 'I think you and I should have a little chat, Linda; especially now I'm responsible for you. In some ways you've got a bit out of hand.' Her mother joined in. 'She has. She needs a firm hand but I just haven't had the time.'

After they'd had the champagne, Linda reluctantly taking a sip, Mr Dibley said he thought he and Linda should have that chat. 'Come on, my girl. Up to your room.'

It was the first time he'd been in there — unless he'd been nosing around when she was out. It was a real invasion of her privacy and she felt hot and angry. He sat heavily down on her bed. 'Now Miss, we're going to have some discipline from now on. One thing is that boy Stanley: you're seeing too much of him. A girl your age should be at her studies not gallivanting out.'

'You can't stop me!' she blurted out defiantly.

Perhaps Uncle Arthur had been hoping for that show of defiance. He got up and grabbed her, pulling her slim but firmly-breasted body close against him. His hand was immediately at her bottom through the school skirt. His voice was excited.

'If you can't obey, Linda, I shall have to warm this bottom up. Take your knickers down and give it a good tanning. That's what you've been missing.'

She struggled and squealed. It was obvious that that was what he had been wanting to do all along. She yelped out, perhaps ill-advisedly, 'You wouldn't dare!'

Uncle Arthur might be 60 or so and look fat but he was also stronger than she was. He got a grip round her waist holding her two arms in with one hand and the other... It was reaching up under her skirt. Groping up the backs of her thighs... And then on her bum in just the tight white knickers. 'No' she squealed but she was helpless to stop him. After groping about at her knickered seat his hand went further up, onto her hip. He was grabbing her knickers down, first one side and then the other.

She let out a high-pitched desperate squeal, loud enough to be heard downstairs. Monica Chapman's eyes widened, her lips pursed... and then she gave her concentration back to the TV screen. Linda had been getting out of her hand. Upstairs Linda's knickers, despite her struggles, were down round her thighs... Arthur Dibley's hand was hungrily roaming.

'Just you be warned, my girl. Or I'll make this bum so hot you won't want to sit on it for a week.'

He grabbed her skirt up round her waist at the back and then still holding her close against him delivered a few sharp smacks to the bared cheeks.

Then he let go of her. Linda thought she was going to collapse in a heap on the floor she was so devastated. Somehow her legs continued to support her. With tears blinding her eyes she grabbed at her lowered knickers.

Uncle Arthur went out. She flung herself down on her bed and began sobbing. It was impossible to believe what had happened. That man had had his hand on her bare bottom. Groping it. Spanking.

The next day as it happened was the school dance and naturally she was going with Stanley. That certainly had always been her plan and Uncle Arthur couldn't stop her. That was what she said to her mother in the morning, when he was out. 'He can't stop me.' Mrs Chapman shrugged her shoulders. 'He's your guardian now, Linda, and so you would be sensible to listen to him. Anyway you have been seeing too much of Stanley.'

'I am going,' Linda insisted, half afraid the tears would start again at any moment. She hadn't mentioned what had happened last night up in her room, it was almost too dreadful even to think about. Perhaps it had been a nightmare...

Uncle Arthur in fact was out when it was time to get ready and maybe she could sneak back in without him knowing. He might still be out if she didn't stay late because Uncle Arthur had a club he went to on Saturday evenings. But she was going, Linda told herself. For one thing there was her super white silk dress that she had only worn once before.

She put on white stockings and the new suspender belt she had got. Also her best, rather sexy, white French knickers. The dress had very narrow straps at the shoulders and that other time she had worn it she had a bra on but the straps had shown. She decided not to wear a bra. She slipped on her white high-heeled courts. In her full-length bedroom mirror the outfit looked really super. For the moment she could forget the horrors of Uncle Arthur. She put on some of her scent and a little pink lipstick. She went to get her coat. Then there was the sound of someone coming in downstairs.

Like a brick hitting her Linda realised it was Uncle Arthur. Through the half open door she could hear he was talking with her mother... And then he was coming heavily up the stairs. In a blind panic she looked round but there was nowhere to go. Suddenly he was there, in her room, seeming about eight foot tall and three foot wide. A gleam in his eye, his large face pink, with excitement. He closed the door behind him.

'Well, well, young lady. We are' all done up and looking tasty. Like a proper little trollop in fact.' He came close. 'And what's this?' His eyes had caught the fact that she had no bra on. 'What is this?'

His hands came up and grabbed the slim straps and pulled them down over her shoulders. Linda's pert tits were suddenly nude, but only for two seconds as Uncle Arthur's hands took hold of them.

'Got them all ready for that young Stanley to play with, have we?'

The room began to go round and round as his hands squeezed her bare tits. The nightmare was back, worse than ever.

He let go of her. Shaking, beginning to cry, she pulled the straps back up. Uncle Arthur had gone to fetch a chair which he placed close in front of her and sat down on. His face now red rather than pink, he said quietly, 'Take your knickers down, my girl. If you've got any on that is. I imagine you were planning to take them down for that boy.'

She stood immobile, stunned by what he had just done. 'Take them down, Lin. Or I shall do it for you.'

Her hands went up under the brief silk dress. Her brain wasn't really functioning but somehow her hands knew what they had to do. The sexy knickers came down. 'Now lift your skirt. Let's see you.'

Again her hands knew they had to obey the hard, firm voice and her brain too, though it desperately wanted to go away and hide somewhere, it too knew there was no choice. He was her guardian. Forms had been signed which said he was in charge of her. He could discipline her if he wished. He could do it how he wished.

'Higher. Get it right up.'

Blinking away the tears she held it high. Uncle Arthur's eyes greedily on her brown bush framed by the white satin suspender belt. She stared straight ahead, trying to blot out what he was seeing. There was a creak as he moved the chair forward slightly. When he spoke his voice was thick, intense.

'Girls your age, Linda, need protecting from themselves. Otherwise they get into all sorts of trouble. That's why I'm going to give you a good spanking now, to bring you to your senses. Turn round and get over the bed. Part your legs.'

She was bent over with her forearms on the bed and her bottom up over the end and her legs wide apart. Uncle Arthur still sitting on the chair but close up, virtually between her legs. He said afterwards when he pulled her up and held her close, as she shook and sobbed with the shock and shame, not to mention the stinging pain in her spanked bottom, he said he had done it in that way, in that position, so that it would shock her. Get some sense into her head. And he would use that same position in any further spankings he had to give her.

'She does need a firm hand,' Monica Chapman said in a low voice. It was 11 o'clock that same night and Arthur Dibley as had become his custom in the last week or so had crept silently into Monica Chapman's room and then into her bed. He grunted assent as he got on top of her. He might be 60ish but he was still an active, vigorous man. Tonight he was even more vigorous than usual. Monica Chapman could guess why, but still, Linda did need a firm hand.

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  1. Courting the mother to get at the daughter...An old trick, but very effective.