Thursday, 7 July 2011


Story from Janus 52.

by Andrew Grantham

ANGIE didn't feel as brave as she had done in the Rose & Crown an hour earlier. Then, with all those drinks inside her, it had seemed a bit of a giggle. Now that the crunch had come, everything was very different.

Dark-haired Pam, her friend from work, sat curled up in an armchair lazily smoking a cigarette. The blonde flicked a glance at the young man sitting back in the depths of the settee. Brian, tall, muscular and handsome, shared the flat with Pam. Granted, he was a dishy-looking bloke, but that didn't make the prospect of what was going to happen any more appealing.

The blonde took a deep breath. She had let herself be talked into the situation, so it served her jolly well right. She couldn't back out now; the moment of truth had come. She undid the zip of her jeans and pushed them down her legs, then raising first her right knee and then her left pulled them completely off.

Brian hunched forward and rested his elbows on his knees. He obviously liked the sight of her long, slender legs. Pam took a deep draw on her cigarette and blew out a couple of smoke rings. There was a smile of satisfaction on her broadly sensual features. She had been trying for weeks to get the blonde girl from the office to agree to this.

'I'm not stripping right off, you know,' stated Angie as firmly as she could.

'That won't bother Brian,' grinned Pam. 'He's not a tit man.'

He smiled, his eyes firmly fixed on the girl's lean, exciting thighs and her flimsy pink nylon knickers which left uncovered about as much as they concealed. Already he had noted that Angie was a natural blonde.

'Shall I take them down for you?' he offered.

'That's what I like about my Brian,' laughed Pam, looking at the younger girl. 'He's always so bloody generous.'

Angie shook her head. Pam's boyfriend wouldn't have been the first to whisk a pair of panties down her long, graceful limbs, but he was going to be the first to give her a spanking.

Wishing again that she had not let herself be railroaded into this situation by the persuasive Pam, she started to slide down the triangular scrap of pink nylon. Raising her legs to step out of her knickers gave a revealing view of her pubic region. Brian stared hard.

Pam stubbed out her cigarette, got up and stood behind her friend. 'What a lovely bum,' she enthused. With that, she gave Angie's buttocks a slight pinch to test their fullness and to break the ice.

Being partially naked in front of a male naturally caused the young girl to experience a flutter of excitement.

'What happens now?' she asked, her hands at her side.

'What happens now, my dear,' whispered Pam in her ear, and at the same time trailing her fingers over the soft contours of her behind, 'is that Brian gives you a gorgeously warm bottom.'

The young man patted his knees. 'Come on,' he coaxed.

With a sinking feeling in her stomach, Angie stepped a few paces forward and let Brian take her arm. She felt a loss of self-control, especially as the pressure of his hand on her shoulders guided the upper half of her body through the horizontal plane so that her hands were flat on the floor and her bare bum poked up in the air, with her hips resting on his lap. Pam rolled up the blonde's white tee-shirt, baring most of her slender back then knelt down, positioning herself where she would have an excellent view of the action. She exchanged a conspiratorial wink with her boyfriend.

Brian admired the full and well-rounded bottom at his disposal. Pam could certainly recognise a nice arse when she saw one. His girlfriend had waxed lyrical over the new girl's derriere ever since her first day at the office. He would see she got her reward directly after he had finished with Angie!

The blonde was tense. She stared at the patterned carpet, so close to her eyes. He could feel her rigid apprehension as a physical sensation. The cheeks of her bottom flinched as Brian lightly ran his hands over their satin-smooth surface.


'Oohh!' responded Angie as she received the first-ever smack on her deliciously-curved bare behind.

Her bottom quivered as if it was on springs, much to the delight of Brian and Pam.

The young man struck the voluptuous buttocks again, but much harder than the first time, making a very sharp sound.

'Ooffh!' let out Angie, whose breath then came in gasps.

Brian glanced at his girlfriend. She grinned and gave him a 'thumbs-up' sign. He nodded and poured on some more heavy slaps with hardly a respite between each one.

Angie groaned and wriggled a little. Already her burning bum felt twice its normal size. Brian took his hand away and watched her heated skin changing from magnolia to pink. Then his palm smoothed over the smarting cheeks, in a way that would have made other girlfriends jealous.

Once more the heat of his hand suddenly blazoned through her up-poked bum.

'Oww!' she yelled, kicking her long legs. The tingle she had experienced earlier turned into a blazing sting. To think that Pam actually liked being spanked. There must be something wrong with her. She must be mad!


Four more heavy-handed smacks landed on her bottom so quickly and so noisily that they resembled the rattle of a machine gun.

'Ow...ow... owww!' protested Angie, tossing her head from side to side and trying to raise herself up. Brian hadn't restrained her in any way, but now he ringed her trim waist with one arm, gripping her powerfully. He needed to use his strength, for the whole of Angie's body was alive with jiggling energy.

Every inch of her nates on both sides of her long, deep cleft was bright scarlet. She clenched and unclenched her thighs, striving to keep them pressed together. Panting as if running a race, not resisting him but unable to keep still.


So hard! So loud! As her burning bottom received these two sharp blows Angie began to squeal and she beat a tattoo on the carpet with the palms of her hands. 'Stop! I've had enough!' she cried.

Brian looked at his girlfriend with raised eyebrows. Pam nodded in silent agreement.

The young man however just couldn't resist landing one more humdinger of a spank on the blonde's glowing behind. Angie's body twisted in reaction to the fierce hurt and a jagged croak broke from her throat.

Pam got to her feet and helped Angie to stand up. She comforted the weeping blonde whose hands were glued to her bum. Burning warmth covered it like a blanket.

Angie's head was swimming. She blinked the tears away and smiled at her friend. The awful stinging in her bottom was now becoming a warm glow. She experienced a heavenly feeling of relief, of the release of so much tension in an adrenalin haze. Her buttocks throbbed with rapid on-off pulses.

'Wow!' she said. Her smile broadened. She had entered the world of CP. It was a world she knew she would never, ever leave.

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