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Mr Night's new attraction

Story from Blushes 47.

Mr Night's new attraction

'This is the cash till, I don't need to tell you,' Mr Night says. 'The centre of operations. We'll have to watch you don't get your fingers in it, eh?' He laughs at his little joke, and pushes himself harder against Ann. Against her bottom. Ann gives a nervous little laugh. She has only started this morning, less than half an hour ago in fact. Mr Night's shop isn't open to customers yet. So it is only her and Mr Night here. Mr Night and his new trainee assistant. Ann is standing at the till and her new employer for the purposes of instruction but also and more especially for his own pleasure is standing pressed close against her back. His loins in particular are pressed hard against the jutting swell of Ann's bottom.

"You've got a nice shape, Ann. I'll say that for you. And a pretty face too. But that's why I took you on, isn't it? A pretty face and a nice figure. This nice bum you've got here.' Mr Night rubs himself against it.

George Night advertised his vacant position in the press, the National Advertiser which has a good coverage of jobs for girls. His previous assistant after a 12 month stint has left to get married, at the end of last week so Ann is starting this morning, Monday. Mr Night had quite a number of applications because there aren't that many jobs available which unmarried girls are allowed to do. And nowadays, 1995, if a girl is unemployed for more than two weeks she is sent to a Training Camp. There is none of that business of hanging idly around at home living off her parents as used to be very common. The regime at a Training Camp is such that a girl will avoid it if at all possible – that of course is the object. Hence a good crop of applicants for the likes of George Night when he has this job available.

His hands have been round on either side of Ann showing her the operation of the till. They now cease this basic instruction and instead close on Ann's tits. 'And a nice pair of these as well, eh Ann? You've got to think of the customer in this business and a nice pair of these and a nice saucy bottom are what brings the customers in. I'm referring to men customers naturally. Not that you can't get one or two ladies with an eye for a pretty girl.'

With a good crop of applicants George Night naturally had to interview a short list to ensure he was getting the best – and also to have a good look at any other attractive candidates whom he was going to have to reject (he only had a job for one girl). His procedure was simple and straightforward: some general questioning for starters and then the main object of the interview. Which was requiring the candidate to take off her clothes. Well, he had to think of the customer and the new assistant's likely effect on him, and a man could only fully assess this if first of all he had a free and unimpeded view of the candidate himself. It was in this process of selection that Ann Stannis obtained the post. She was a very shapely girl of above average height with short-cut brown hair and a pert, gamine face. The intriguing combination of this dark-eyed face and the voluptuous figure had definately appealed to George Night. Yes, this was the one he decided as soon as he saw her. Or rather as soon as Ann removed her blouse and skirt and then for good measure had to lower her knickers. She was the one – but George Night made all the others remove their skirts and blouses and lower their knickers too. Naturally.

Still squeezing Ann's tits with now some ten minutes to go before the shop door is opened at 8.30 on this Monday morning, Mr Night says, 'You'll pick it all up very quickly, I'm sure. Charlotte did in no time at all. Just make sure the prices are on everything – and they don't try any label switching. You get that sometimes.'

George Night is keenly squeezing and palming the nice firm tits as he speaks. Having a new girl in training is always an exciting prospect and he wasn't in any great distress when Charlotte said she was going to have to leave. Training a new girl means work – but what delightful work! This delightful girl to be bent to his will. And especially this delightful bottom – hard up against which George Night's erection is now in full flower – that in the early days and weeks of training will have to be dealt with regularly and often. Surely that is why girls have such appetising bottoms: so that they can be dealt with.

With his blood up as it were and his member likewise, George can feel a powerful urge to give this bottom a preliminary going-over right now. Unfortunately however the time for opening shop is rapidly approaching. Some men in the trade are happy to cane a girl in public, in front of the customers. While it is a practice which can attract custom George is not a proponent of it. The cane for him is something to be used in private. And looking at the clock it would seem that it will have to wait just a little while. But not for too long: maybe half an hour or so after he has opened up. A quick caning does not have to take very long, as he has learnt with that equally desirable Charlotte (equally desirable but different, a big-titted, blue-eyed blonde). A girl can be told to go out the back and get ready: which means get her skirt and knickers off. And then as soon as there is a break in business he can go smartly out to join his waiting assistant and get into action right away. Yes. George has a great urge to do it right now but... Yes, he can wait half an hour.

Yes, he can wait half an hour – business anyway must come first. But – George gives another invigorating thrust against the ripe bulb of Ann's bottom – it would be nice to have at least a quick look at it now. Four minutes to opening time and the opening hour is sacrosanct, the door must be opened on the dot of 8.30. But four minutes...

George lets go of the tits and removes his face from the heady scent of Ann's newly-washed hair. And his erect person from the cleft of these surging buttocks. 'Get that skirt up.' His voice is a little croaky from all the excitement. 'Let's have a quick look at you before they come in.'

Ann looks at the clock on the wall. It is almost time to open. For some long minutes now she has been standing here squeezed up against the till with Mr Night doing these things to her. Squeezing her boobs and behind her doing those things to her bottom. It has got her all hot and bothered which is not at all the way you want to be with the customers coming in any moment now. Not when you are starting a new job – your first as it happens – and are fearful anyway of making boo-boos. Ann has been afraid Mr Night was going to be like this: he had made it pretty clear at the interview. But a girl has no choice but to accept this sort of thing from a boss if he wants to do it, there is nothing she can do. Being grabbed and felt up. Also being caned... Oh God!... but he is going to cane her, he told her that at the interview. And... anything else?... Don't think about it. But now... it is only a couple of minutes before the door has to be opened and Mr Night is telling her...

Biting her lip Ann pulls her skirt up. She has stockings and a suspender belt on with her high heels, Mr Night told her he wanted that. 'A girl has to be smart in this job. The customers demand it.' Now Mr Night says, 'Hold still. Keep it up there...' And he is sliding Ann's knickers down.

The second hand of the clock continues its inexorable motion... as Mr Night's hands close on Ann's bare bottom. The ripely jutting cheeks shivering... but Ann can only stand still and obediently hold her skirt up round her waist while desperately watching that clock. Mr Night's large hands fondling and jiggling the quivering nude flesh. One of the hands slides questingly in underneath... but the clock hand is now almost on the full 8.30. And outside a customer has in fact arrived. Mr Night's hand can't resist a quick final dart... in where it really counts. Then both of the groping hands come away. The gasping Ann is told to pull up her knickers and take up her position behind the counter. Mr Night is striding to the door. The customer, Mrs Farling, a middle-aged lady, is let in. As she enters, with Ann behind the counter still adjusting her clothing, the second hand of the clock has performed an extra quarter circle. This fact is not lost on the eagle eye of Mrs Farling.

'A little bit late this morning, Mr Night.'

That gentleman is a model of self-control, notwithstanding what he has just had his hand on and indeed what else he is planning to do at the very first opportunity. 'Just a fraction perhaps, Mrs Farling. It's my new girl of course. Ann here. Showing her the ropes.'

* * *

The room Mr Night has told Ann to go to is empty of furniture except for a single item: a swivel typist's sort of chair. This is standing approximately in the centre of this smallish room which contains nothing else. Or that is what Ann's eyes tell her as she enters – but once she is inside she can see that this is not quite true. In the corner behind the door is one other thing. A cane. She lets out a whimpering sound. Because that of course is why she has been told to come here. Mr Night is going to cane her. He has told Ann to come in here and 'get ready'. Get ready for a caning. Ann is to get her skirt up and take down her knickers. Mr Night will be in here with her very shortly, when he feels he can leave the shop for a few minutes.

It is 9.15. Since opening at 8.30 there has been a steady trickle of customers of various sorts: men and women of varying ages, plus a few schoolboys earlier on. These latter proved to be universally objectionable, their eyes lighting up at the sight of this new and pretty assistant. 'Cor, look at this!' 'What's she like, Mr Night?' 'Have you given her the cane yet?' 'Can we give her the cane?' 'Has she got big tits?' Etc, etc. At one point Ann unthinkingly allowed herself to be enticed out from behind the counter by two boys and was immediately grabbed. Mr Night did nothing as Ann struggled with them and when she finally regained the safety of the other side of the counter, her blouse all unbuttoned and her skirt unzipped, he said it was her own fault for letting it happen.

The adult male customers were no better, and there could be no struggling to get away as with the schoolboys. A new assistant was a big attraction for the shop. She would bring more (male) customers in and bring them in more often. 'So this is the new girl, eh George? Let's have a look at her then.' And Ann had to come obligingly out from behind the counter to be admired. To stand obligingly still while the customer's hand patted and fondled this and that. 'Needs the cane I expect, George. Need any help in that direction?'

Mr Night shook his head with some non-committal reply. Ann didn't know it but favoured customers would be permitted this privilege. But after the proprietor himself of course. Because George Night himself had not yet enjoyed that pleasure and was indeed getting impatient to satisfy his need. Glancing at the clock and observing the general state of play in the shop. Normally after 9 there was a bit of a lull... so when at 9.15 the shop became empty he quickly told Ann to go out to that room at the back. To get ready.

Another female customer drifts in... to George's concealed annoyance. 'I thought you were starting a new girl, Mr Night?' He smiles his bland smile. 'Yes, Mrs Harcut, she's out the back. Sorting some things out.' What the girl had better be doing of course is getting her knickers down.

Mrs Harcut leaves... and she does seem to be the last for the present. George Night goes to glance outside. Yes, the street is empty. All right then.

Ann has got herself ready. Not mentally ready certainly but she has done what Mr Night has told her to do. Tucked her skirt up round her waist and pulled her knickers down to the tops of her stockings. As she was shortly before the shop opened this morning, and indeed also at that interview. But now it is not only to have her bottom fondled by Mr Night's gropy hands – though that of course is bad enough. But now... that object standing in the corner of the room. Mr Night's cane. Ann has been standing here trying not to think about it. Though naturally that has not been possible. And now...

Her eyes widen in fright as he enters. Closing the door behind him. 'Ready, are we? We seem to be free for the moment, my girl. So we'll give it a little touching up, shall we? That pretty bum.' His hand can't resist a greedy grab. 'Get up on the stool then, kneeling... and get your rear stuck nicely out...'

Ann hasn't actually done anything that might remotely be seen as deserving of a caning of course, but that is no problem. A man expects to cane a trainee assistant simply as part of her training. Indeed George Night, like most male employers of unmarried girls, will continue to cane his assistant even after she would seem to be fully trained and competent in her duties. He will cane her and he will allow others to cane her. Certain favoured customers, gentlemen whose custom he wishes to keep and who for their part will be happy to let George Night have that in exchange for access to this choice young female.

So there is going to be plenty of that cane in store for Ann. Plenty to come of which she is now to get her first taste. Kneeling now on the seat of the typist's stool and holding onto the back with her skirt up round her waist and knickers properly lowered. That ripe plum of a bottom thrust appetisingly out. To receive what George Night now whips testingly through the air. He has to be quick, a man can't leave his business unattended, but George Night has learnt with Charlotte how to be quick. It doesn't take long: a four-stroker say: but enough to get that heady thrill, that surge of the blood. Enough to tide him over for a couple of hours, and then another quickie at lunch time and again in the middle of the afternoon. And then when it's closing time of course, time for something more extended – when a man can finally take his time at it. But right now... four, say...?


A gasping whimpering yelp from Ann as the cane stings the springy flesh of her thrust-out rear. Oh Jesus. Hanging onto the back of the chair for dear life as the hot pain throbs up through her. Oh Jesus... she can't...



* * *

Six p.m. Time for Mr Night to close shop. At last, the end of Ann's first day. A dreadful day! Those dreadful visits to the room at the back, that room with its solitary chair which Ann has had to kneel on or bend over. For those quick canings snatched by Mr Night whenever there has been a break in the action in the shop. And when there hasn't been a break in the action there has been the other thing: the customers, men customers of course, eager to grope and grab this pretty new assistant. Word has of course got round that George Night has a new girl and consequently custom has been brisk all day (although George has managed to snatch those moments). Yes it has been a really dreadful day but at last it is over.

This first day is over and Ann can now go back to her lodgings, Mrs Green's, because Ann's own home is some way away and she is only going to be able to go back there at weekends. Mrs Green, though, is all right, a pleasant lady who will have a meal ready for Ann when she gets back and Ann will be able to have a bath and perhaps watch TV or write a letter and try to forget how awful her first day has been. That is what she thinks as Mr Night puts the closed sign up in the door. She can go now...


'You're going to be late, Ann,' Mr Night says, turning away from the door. 'But it'll be all right. I've phoned your Mrs Green and told her.'

What! Mr Night has come close. His hands cup Ann's tits. 'Mr Milney. You remember Mr Milney? Came in this morning. Very important customer. He wants to see you round at his place. And we can't refuse a very important customer like Mr Milney, can we?'

'No!' Ann mouths automatically. Shaking her head automatically too – though she knews there is no possibility of refusal. Mr Night's hands squeeze her tits. 'Don't be silly, Ann. It's all part of the job: being nice to customers. Mr Milney is a very nice gentleman with a keen appreciation of a pretty girl.' He pulls Ann to him and the hands holding her tits go round, one round Ann's slim waist and the other to grab at her bottom.

'I daresay he'll want to give this a little warming up. Eh? But first of all I want to give it another go myself. I always say a girl just starting out can't have too much of the cane. Come on, my girl.'

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