Thursday, 16 December 2010

What cheeks!

Story from old Swish.

What cheeks!

"Mark, did you hear what that man said as he walked past us?", June asked. Together with her husband she was leaning over the rail of the top promenade on Brighton's seafront, her short grey skirt swaying gently above her knees.

"Said what?" Mark asked, drawn out of his contemplation of a luscious, peachy young bottom on the beach where a girl in her late teens lay face down on a towel, legs apart. – "He said.... he said, "She's got an arse I'd like to smack." Fancy saying a rude thing like that – about me!"

Mark almost grinned at that but managed not to. One of the first visual points that had attracted him to June had been the polished apple of her bottom when he had first encountered her at the age of eighteen sunning herself in her garden. Mark had been accompanying a friend there on a quick look-in visit, but his entire interest had centred on the lovely, leggy girl who seemed to have no inhibitions about the fact that her bikini was so skimpy that over half of her tits showed above, while below the backstrap of the sea-blue bikini bottom had almost worked its way entirely between her bulbing cheeks. It had occurred to Mark even then how often June must have got spanked for displaying herself around the house like that.

"Mark, you should tell him off!" June was protesting, and though Mark was the last person to want to seek a barney in public, he sensed that his bride of eight months would think him a weakling if he didn't do something.

Striding after the man and wondering what on earth he was going to say anyway, Mark reached him and his girl companion – who was at least half the man's age – and tapped him on the shoulder, saying rather selfconsciously, "Here – I say!" – "Pardon? Yes?", the man responded and then turned, making Mark adopt an entirely different expression.

"Good Lord, it's you, Roger!" he exclaimed while Lucy, who Mark also knew from a couple of years back, turned and smiled, her tits jiggling under her loose top. Lucy was the same age as June, though those two didn't know one another. Roger was the eldest of the four, in his forties, and kept a sort of antique shop, one of the curiosities of which was that he often had a bundle of old canes and birches somewhere in the back for 'interested enquirers'.

Explanations quickly followed between the two men. – "I wasn't being offensive, I was praising you, June", Roger was saying all of ten minutes later when the four stood in the bar at a nearby, seafront hotel. June shrugged and looked coy while she and Lucy continued casually eyeing one another up. – "Yes, he's always saying things like that when he sees a pretty girl, June," Lucy said, which brought a bit of a more pleased look to June's well-made-up face, bringing her to say, "Well, I s'pose it's all right; we didn't know who you were, of course".

"Let me make up for it by buying you lunch", Roger suggested, adding "Or we could have a sandwich in my room, or Lucy's, upstairs. It's a bit more relaxing. I love room service, don't you?" – "Room service? Oh yes, it's nice to be waited on", June replied vaguely while Lucy giggled and sidled up to her saying, "I get it all the time -room service, I mean, do you?"

"Eh?", asked June. The four were already drifting towards the lift. – "Oh, she's kidding you, June; she only gets spanked occasionally, that's all – the way Mark spanks you, I expect", Roger said frankly as the lift whirred up. – "Oh no, he's never...", June began but stopped at a nudge from her husband and a quick look that said silently, "Don't make me look stupid, June".

"Really never?" Lucy asked. The passage up to the second floor was quick and an empty corridor received them. In no time at all they were in Roger's room and June's quick eyes picked up the communicating door between the bedrooms. Following her look, Lucy laughed and said, "Oh, just in case". – "She means in case she needs attention of some sort", Roger put in and made a phone call for sandwiches and coffee, plus a follow-up drink.

"On holidays you can do anything – that's the nice thing", Lucy said and threw herself down on her back on the double bed, ceiling-gazing and showing her stocking tops, which made June flush and try to look away. "Romances, you mean? That sort of thing?", June asked, hoping that the subject of spanking wasn't going to be brought up.

"Not really. Something more out of the way, she means. Don't you, Lucy?" Roger asked provocatively. – "Yes? Tell us then", Mark said. He had an idea where they were leading and with a sudden kick he realised that with the four of them in one room there were distinct possibilities. He had always resented June's apparent prudishness in some things after the way she had always paraded her 'perfect peach' around. She had looked even more provocative than Lucy in those days – if that were possible.

"Well, I mean....", Lucy began, but then came the waitress and conversation died away until she had gone. – "I mean, in a hotel room it's just really private; you can let yourself go, better than you can when you're at home sometimes", Lucy offered. She had sat up but hadn't pulled her skirt down. Her black suspenders showed. Mark thought of the canes in Roger's shop – the old canes that must have seared so many bottoms – and felt a quick tingle in his loins. He wondered if Lucy had been Rogered as well as spanked.

"I dunno", June said and had a funny feeling that she wanted to escape or at least get the subject changed, but they weren't going to let her. Lucy started to talk about her first canings at school and Mark and Roger were listening like it was the gospel, June thought resentfully. Only when Roger asked, "And how about you, June?", did she start and blush. – "Oh no, not me", she answered quickly, making him raise his eyebrows and ask, "Never? Really never?"

"But you were spanked, June, weren't you?", Mark broke in. Dammit, he had been wanting to ask her that for some eighteen months, even before they were married. A luscious tight bum like hers couldn't have gone untended, surely. But Roger meanwhile saw June's hesitation and read through it, even as Lucy did. She gave her uncle a quick wink as if to say, "Go on!" A tight feeling of excitement was in her. She got up and put the two trays of empty plates and cups and glasses aside – that small gesture giving June a strange feeling that something odd was going to happen. Besides, Roger had a funny look on his face. And then with the completion of Lucy's bit of 'tidying', he got up from his chair and said quietly, "Come on, June; shall we find out?"

"WHAT?" blurted June in amazement. He had got hold of her wrist and was pulling her up. She didn't want to have anything to do with this near-stranger, she thought, but Roger knew that feeling, too. Girls always felt like it when they had their bottoms unpeeled for the first time and perhaps had to bend over in a college study under the interested, searching eye of a Head.

"Mark! Stop this! What's happening? Ah, NO! You can't do this! I want to go out, I want to.... NAAAAR!" came June's screech as Roger literally hauled her to the side of the bed and jerked, "Quick, Lucy, get the cane! Mark – you deal with Lucy. Isn't this what hotel rooms are for?"

"You DARE! Mark, I'll never speak to you again if you.... Oh, my god, no – stop it!" June cried in an anguish of apparent embarrassment as her brief, flimsy skirt was flipped up to the admiration of all three. Her nylons were sheer and tanned, taut at the tops where suspender drew on them, bringing the darker rings to small peaks. Her panties were powder blue, translucent, the pert cheeks gleaming half visibly beneath, the firm twin half-peaches bulbing out naked on either side of the thin, stretched material.

"June, it's just a bit of fun", Mark said with excited desperation. Lucy had scuttled through the party door so quickly to fetch the cane that she was back in a trice, handing it to Roger who said in a clipped voice, "You hold her down, Mark, you have to", and this producing another good screech from June of "Oh my god, no! Not in front of.... oh, you SOD!" as Mark clipped her shoulders down, pressing her mouth and nose into the bedcover while Roger swiftly peeled her tiny panties down and got them off her struggling legs.

"I'm going to tell my mother and every.... YEEE-AAAARCH!" came June's piercing cry as the cane took her full across her cleft orb, and therewith a barking interruption from Roger of "Be QUIET, June, and put it up now, put it up! You may have escaped a spanking in the past, young lady, but your time is due now". – "It isn't, it isn't! When I get out of here I'm going to.... GEEE-OUCH!"

"You're going to WHAT, June – what?" Roger growled. The second one he had given her had been too quick for his liking, but it was the way he had had to deal with Lucy once until he had tamed and trained her. June's fists were beating on the bed, her back squirming as she tried to resist the pressure of Mark's hands, and to no avail. Already, as Lucy could see in I profile, Mark had a hard stand-on that was poking up into his trousers. In fact both men had. It was exciting and would be even more so if June would only control herself.

"June, listen.....", Lucy began, kneeling up on the bed on the opposite side of the struggling young woman so that she faced Mark. – "NO, Lucy – she has to learn. I believe she did once, and she's forgotten it. Isn't that so, June?" Roger asked.

For a moment only June's wild sobs could be heard as she strove to contain the fierce burning of those two strokes across her hitherto uncaned bottom. Yes, it had been spanked several times in the past, and especially when she flaunted herself in her bikini, but she wasn't going to tell them that. She remembered how her wild sobbings had filled the house then and how she had been spanked the harder until she had subsided mewing and had felt her bikini bottom then being stripped carefully down to reveal the hot, reddened state of her quivering bum-cheeks while her squirmings had caused the hump of her unveiled pussy to rub shamelessly on her duvet until she felt sicky and funny, and then the curtains had been pulled together, and.....

"NO!" June gritted rebelliously now. In struggling, her pink-streaked bum came unguardedly higher up for a moment, giving Roger his sought-for chance to whip one up under her orb – under the ledge of it where she would really feel it. And June did. – "YEEE-EEEK!" she squealed. "Mark, if you d... d... don't stop this, stop him, I'll.... NEEE-AAAARGH!"

"I don't often cane a girl like this, June", Roger cut in across her rising wail, "I like to take my time, June, and that is what I'm going to do eventually with you – when you've quietened a bit, that is. You ARE going to quieten down, June, aren't you – ARENT you, eh?" and with that another brief flick of the cane brought yet another squeal and the wild, surprising cry from June of, "Yes, yes, yes – all right!" Scorched as her hot apple felt, June felt desperate in that moment and no longer had the energy to press up against her husband's restraining hands. Even her legs had slopped kicking and hung limp, thighs tremoring, a reddened hue spreading fully over her once pale but apple-firm cheeks.

For a moment then a near silence fell on the room – a silence as ripe with expectancy as June's flaring bum was. – "I want....", Lucy said suddenly and slipped off the bed, looking coy, and Roger said simply, "Yes. Mark – take her into her room. There's another cane in there".

"HAAAR, Mark, no! If you do..... NEEE-OW!" – but this was June's weak cry, of course, and with it came such a searing, searching passage of the whippy cane again across her quivering hot bumchceks that she actually reared for a moment and then slumped again, her fingers scrabbling wildly at the bedcover. As Mark released his pressure on her shoulder, so he expected her to spring up, but June didn't. Her face turned away from him, her eyes half closed, lips trembling.

"Quickly", Roger said and nodded towards the door to which Lucy was already coyly retreating. Lucy was still very good at looking coy, Roger thought approvingly, if not also admiringly. She only needed three or four strokes nowadays to bring her on, but Mark wouldn't know that. Not at first, anyway....

It had been eleven forty when the married couple had first encountered the other pair. It was two forty when they finally left. – "We'll have dinner first – say eight o'clock this evening", Roger's last words to them were. As for June, she held her head strangely high, her tears long dried and her make-up restored. For a long time she didn't speak and refused to let Mark hold her hand, but in a matter of twenty minutes they were in their own room at a hotel just a few hundred yards along the front.

"I'm not.....", June said suddenly and sat in a chair by the bed, clenching her fingers together. Mark looked at her sadly. Everything depended now on what both said and did, and he knew it. – "They're only staying here over the weekend", he said, and drew the curtains aside to look down at the promenade. – "When you were in the other room with that girl....", June said and stopped again. – "It's only for dinner tonight", Mark responded, but he didn't turn to look at her. Right now June didn't want to be looked at too much, he thought. – "Oh that's what he SAID!" she sneered. "If you want to go – go with that girl as I'm sure you did, you can, but I'm not. I'm..."

"June! Shut UP!" Mark uttered decisively, bringing a gasp from her, but – to his relief – no shouted reply. – "B... but, you don't understand what he.... I mean, what he.....", June said and began blubbering while Mark watched dispassionately and then moved towards her and bent slightly over her, stroking her hair. If she had really meant to leave, she wouldn't have begun immediately packing her things, he told himself and – better – June knew that HE knew that. Her blubbering was a cover. He didn't need to be told what she had succumbed to on the bed afterwards while at the same time Lucy's hot bottom was bumping passionately into him. He knew and June knew. It was a part of it. He felt pretty sure by now that it hadn't exactly been her first lesson, either.

"Come on, we'll go down to the beach, June", Mark said suddenly. "But Mark, you don't understand – I'm not going to.... Oh, Mark, please. I don't want to!" wailed June, albeit softly as he led her out of the room again. It was his turn not to speak now. She would appreciate that. Her wail had been phoney, and they both knew it. It was too late to turn back now, and she knew that, too. Too late. They were both suddenly in another compartment of life. True, they could shift in and out of it at will, but not right now. There was something that June had to re-learn. Obedience was the only word for it, corny as it might be – and she had been obedient under Roger on the bed afterwards. Mark knew that, even though she had got her knickers back on by the time he and Lucy (a well-pumped Lucy) had reappeared in the neighbouring bedroom.

There hadn't been time for June to smooth the centre of the ruffled bed, and she had been conscious of that, too. They had only used the side of the bed when she was being caned. There had to be a real lesson for June tonight – and that too was the half-excited, half-scared thought that was in her own mind as well. – "I wish – I wish we had done it together", Lucy had blurted afterwards, but Roger had silenced her with a look as if to say, "Yes, but don't say it, Lucy".

It was Roger who directed everything – or maybe she had always wanted to be directed, June thought dully when her dragging footsteps led her at last into the bedroom with them again. It was Mark who pleaded with her then, "Don't make too much noise tonight, June", but it was Roger who said crisply. "Don't ask her, Mark; she has to learn. Isn't that the way it used to be, June?"

And as smoothly as if he owned her, Roger swept one arm up beneath her skirt and held her plump, knickered pussy firmly cupped then while June stared at him and Mark and Lucy and dared not move. Distantly she realised that Lucy was quickly slipping her own dress and knickers off and that one silent cane waited on the bed. Mark wasn't going to take Lucy into the other room this time. June realised that too as Roger turned her about and led her towards the bed.

"You're going to be a good girl tonight, aren't you, June?" Roger was murmuring as he bent her over, stripped her knicks down and picked up the cane. And June remembered those selfsame words long ago, and her bikini bottom lying on the floor, and the curtains being drawn, but this time there were two waiting, urging cocks – not just one.....


  1. Deliciously naughty! It's wonderful to have all these new stories, Dmitry - just the thing to read and read again over the holidays - something to really 'stir the loins'!

    Thank you, kind sir.

  2. I thought this was a delightfully lurid tale! Thanks so much for posting it and all the other ones too! I do appreciate all the effort you put into this site!

    Happy Holidays!