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Fantasy house

Story from Swish Vol.6 No.4

Fantasy house

A nice surprise for Mike when his wife says she likes it!

"What did you get this for?", Janet asked her husband. Crossing her elegant legs and leaning back in her easy chair, she turned the pages of a book he had brought home that evening. Glancing across at her, Mike smiled to himself. Whenever Janet was pleased or shy about something, she always dropped her head slightly as though to try and veil her eyes,

"Nothing special – but it looked interesting. It's the first proper book I've ever seen on – er – well, spanking", he replied. – "Proper?", Janet laughed and looked up at him and then down again, "These drawings and photos are a bit – well – saucy?" Smiling, Mike rose to sit on the arm of her chair, slipping one arm around her shoulders. At thirty-two Janet was in full bloom, neither pretty nor beautiful but, in his eyes, just plain gorgeous. – "It happens", he murmured, stroking the back of her long brown hair.

"Oh yes?", Janet replied pertly as her upturned face received a kiss. Returning her eyes to a page, she read slowly for a moment. Mike waited. She was absorbing the words, he knew. – "This Beatrice Bentwick – d'you think she's a real person?", Janet asked quietly while still scanning sentences. – "From the way she writes, yes. She's obviously had a great deal of experience. I'm sure no one could make that all up".

"Mmm.... 'That Art of Training Young Ladies'....", Janet read from a chapter heading, then reached her grey-green eyes up to his and said with a twinkle, "You never tried to train me". – Mike took the book slowly from her hands, closed it, and laid it on the floor. – "There's always time", he said and drew her up. Janet gave a little quiver of her curvy body and nestled into him, head on his shoulder. – "Why? D'you want to?", she asked throatily, and drew in her breath as his hand wandered down her back and shaped the bold bulge of her silky bottom. – "Yes", Mike said and could feel himself trembling. Little by little his cock thickened and stemmed up, making its throbbing length felt through his slacks against her thigh.

Janet's fingers tightened on his shoulders. "You wouldn't spank me hard, would you?", she breathed. – "Dunno. No. Not very", Mike said. It was almost like they hadn't been married for eight years – almost like he had never held her and palmed the glorious orb of her bum. He could hear her breathing softly through her nose, the gentle sound conveying the strange sense of excitement that was gathering between them. – "You want to? You want me to spank you – like a naughty girl", he asked while Janet still hid her face. It seemed an eternity before her quiet husky "Yes" came to his ears and then, in a voice he never normally used, Mike asked sternly, "You spoiled your homework last night, didn't you?".

A giggle from Janet. Her head shook. "No, silly, I'm a bit older than that", she whispered. – "How old, then, Janet?" – "Well – say eighteen and I've just thrown ink, in a temper, on the manuscript of your new novel.... and some of it went over your slacks", she added for good measure. – "Ah now, THAT does deserve a spanking. Up to your room, young lady, and prepare yourself. Go on. You know what you're going to get", Mike pretended to thunder. Janet almost blushed for real and tried to cling to him while Mike in turn strove to push her away towards the door. – "You... you... you'll take my n...n...n... knickers off, like you did last time, I know you will", Janet trembled, making Mike marvel at the realism she was putting into it. – "AND your skirt, young lady. Ink on my slacks indeed! You realise I shall have to take them off?" – "Oh!", gasped Janet and turned and fled out of the living room to run upstairs.

Mike gave her three minutes, all in a complete daze of wonderment that what he had wanted for so long was about to happen. Crazy that he had never asked to spank her before or even playfully attempted to, but somehow he had been inhibited about it. Now at last... – "Janet! Are you ready?", he called, striding into the hall and shouting up the stairs. – "Y..y..yes", came her muffled response and with heart thumping Mike mounted the stairs. She hadn't gone into their own bedroom, he realised, but more appropriately into one of the two single ones where her sister sometimes slept when she stayed. It was a pretty room with a single bed covered with a blue and white duvet, a white unit beside it, a white single wardrobe and a cane chair with a red cushion.

The door was open and Mike gulped as he saw his adorable curvy wife kneeling submissively up on the edge of the bed, facing the wall, with her skirt and panties neat beside her knees. Her pale full thighs looked dazzling against the dark of her stockings and the black frilled straps of her suspenders. It was almost as though he had never seen her before – never had let his eyes wander so slowly over the luscious pale moon of her bottom with its inrolling cheeks and the small dark tuft of curls beneath that shrouded her quim.

It was ridiculous that he was trembling slightly, but the way Janet had lowered her head and shoulders right down, hiding her face and dipping her back to make her orb even more prominent, she looked sexier than he had dreamed she could. – "First, young lady, I have to take my slacks off – the ones you've ruined. You hear me?" – "But you.... but you...", she stammered. – "And my pants – it's soaked through to them as well. Aren't you naughty? Weren't you naughty?", he asked, stripping off quickly. – "Yes, I know I was, but you shouldn't – I mean – oh!", Janet exclaimed as something fell beside her and with a quick peep she saw his discarded garments. Biting her lip and closing her eyes, she waited, though not for long.

SMACK! came Mike's hand against her bulging cheeks and a startled cry of "OH-WOH!" burst from her lips as his palm stung fire into her. "DOO-WOOO-WOOO! That's too hard!", she sobbed and waggled her hips so sexily that Mike almost put his thick upstanding prick to her there and then. – "Now Janet, move your knees apart more. Do it!", he said throatily and watched as with the spreading of a first pink tinge through her pale bottom, her knees moved hesitantly away from one another until they were straddled wide and her slit offered itself more openly to his eyes.

"I w...w...won't be naughty again. I.... NEEE-OUCH!", squealed Janet as the second caught her full under the bulge of her bottom, making her hips jerk up and leaving the imprint of Mike's palm and fingers clearly visible for a moment in white until slowly it faded into the splurging pink. Mike heard her really sob then and almost stopped, but he recalled what he had read in the book he had bought that day: 'Initial treatment should be gentle and steady – not being intended to over-alarm or to sting the miscreant too deeply. She will learn slowly to return to treatment without too many misgivings...."

The words came back to Mike as with sudden decision he moved sideways more and clamped one hand down on the nape of his wife's neck. – "NOO-WOOH-WOOH!", Janet gurgled immediately, but instead of then getting the further hard-stinging smack she expected, Mike began to spank her more lightly and rhythmically – 'according to the book' as he told himself with delighted grin and an ever-throbbing cock that tentpoled the front of his shirt. "NOO-WAH!", gurgled Janet to every SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! that made her firmly-jellied cheeks quiver and tighten. Her breath came faster, hips surging back and forth as though magically to meet his hand. The little broken sobs that came from her were so girlish and appealing, yet in some strange way they invited more... and more... and more, Mike thought.

Good God, he'd never laid a hand to her bottom before, but here she was behaving like a – yes – like a trouper. – "You naughty girl, you naughty girl", he heard himself repeating almost as mechanically as her bottom waggled, growing redder and redder until with a sudden little cry she fell forward, her legs widespread, the fronts of her stockinged toes on the carpet and her torso wriggling. Dear heavens, what a luscious, submissive sight she looked, all roses and cream, Mike thought as her broken cry came to him, "Oh yes – all right – yes!" and he flung himself upon her, feeling the hot butterball of her bottom wriggling madly to his long, thick corker, urging her back up into a kneeling position on the bed while the swollen crest of his tool nubbed against the oily pouting lips of her slit.

"DA-DOOO-DA-OOOOH!", Janet moaned, her head and shoulders falling as the thick, throbbing stem of ironhard flesh oozed slowly up into her until her burning bum screwed itself in tightly to his belly and glowed its fervent heat to his flesh. – "You... you... you...", Mike gritted in wonder. – "M...m...making me.... making me n...n..naughty... OO-OOH!", came from Janet as with seconds the pulsing rod of his root was buried full into her warm clinging nest and his balls came to rest beneath her fur. With a wild jerk, as if in tempestuous regret, she made as though to wrench forward to dislodge him, but with a growl Mike held her, ringing her slim waist with his arms and drawing her supple form back into him.

"I'll... I'll teach you, you bad girl you", he choked, "Isn't this what you really wanted, isn't it?" The fantasy was becoming so real now – the fantasy that she was not his wife but some other – that his head swam with it, and with her face buried and unseen he could well imagine her someone else. – "NO-WOH-WOH! OOOOH, t...t...take it out! AAAARGH!", Janet moaned.

"Come on, come on, you bad girl – take it", he growled, making her hot bum smack loudly into his belly, the front of his shirt draped over the back of her hips. – "HAH-OOOH! I mustn't! Oh, it's so b...b...big! OOOH-ER!". The bed squeaked faintly as they jolted, his cock slewing juicily in and out of her now until her sobs resolved into moans and petulant little whimpering sounds of pleasure came from her. – "Say it, say it! You want to – don't you? You want to?", came Mike's voice to her, bent full over her rippling back as he now was, and within seconds came her heartfelt cry, "Oh yes, oh yes, I... I do, I do! Oh, it's naughty... oooh!"

"Ask me, you naughty girl – ask me!", came Mike's insistent cry until Janet, rotating her hips savagely in all the wanton pleasure of the moment, sobbed, "Do it to me, yes, it to me! Oh, but you mustn't come, you mustn't!" – "Jeezus, I must! Oh, baby!", croaked Mike. Through all their years this was the lustiest and most exciting fuck they had ever had, and he knew that Janet knew it. PHEW! after this he would spank her and spank her and..... "PMFFF!", he gritted, loosing his first hosing jet of sperm into her and hearing her gurgling cries as it was followed by another and another while Janet sprinkled his balls with her own bubbling libation....

Then it was quiet... And in the quietness Janet coiled herself, wriggled from his slimed tool and cuddled herself full length into him as they lay together, panting. Mike stroked her hair. – "You were spanked before, weren't you," he said quietly. – "What?". Her reply came so softly that he scarce heard it. – "You were. I know you were", he said and turned her on to her back, gazing fondly down into her flushed face. – "I knew you'd know", Janet murmured, "I always.... I always wanted you to... well, to spank me and....". Her voice broke. "I s'pose you hate me now", she added with apparent mournfulness.

"Probably", Mike said with a grin, "but not if you tell me all about it". – "All?", she quavered as he kissed her. – "ALL", he answered firmly "and then we'll have to decide, young lady, on your future treatment. If you were really VERY naughty, then I might have to bring a strap to you". Janet blushed and worked her lips, not knowing whether to giggle or not. – "I was... well, a bit", she confessed. – "Go on, young lady. I want to hear everything. And if I don't", Mike said warningly, feeling with a certain wonder his prick stirring again already against her smooth warm stocking top.

"Well, you see, one day...." Janet began. "Knickers off....", Mike heard as a cloud of words came from her, a cloud that seemed at one and the same time both to fuzz his brain and yet excite his mind.... "bent me over.... smacked me... oh, he smacked, and I cried, Mike, I did, and I thought he would stop but he went on and on until I blubbered and blubbered and my bottom grew hotter and hotter and...." – "And it was like just now, wasn't it?", Mike concluded from her. Janet compressed her lips and nodded, looking half fearfully up into his eyes. – "He... he took it out... he.... I mean he didn't come.... oh!", and her face buried itself in her shoulder.

Mike said nothing for a moment, his prick now strumming up full length against the silky lush flesh of her thigh. – "There'll be.... there'll be a penalty to pay, y'know", he said. – "P...penalty?", came a muffled voice. – "A penalty, yes, Janet, and a severe one. Not only must you be strapped tonight, but your sister also when she comes at the weekend". – "Huh? Angela? But Mike... oh, Mike, you wouldn't.... would you?"

"You said it wouldn't be her first either – didn't you? That slipped out just now, though maybe you didn't realise it, Janet". His voice was stern. Her fingers tightened on his arm. – "You mean it, don't you?" she asked and received his nod. – "And you said something, in all your excited babbling just now, about YOU wanting to spank a girl, Janet. Now you did!", he accused, and biting her lip with a pleasure she could not conceal, his wife pushed him gently and sat up, mischievously reaching out to coil her fingers lovingly around his long, hard tool.

"I did, yes, Mike. I mean, I do. Is it awful of me? But not Angela – not my sister", she said quickly. – "Some other girl, then – not young, not too old. Someone like you were. You could be the headmistress, Janet, and I – well, the gym master, or something", he said. Janet could no longer suppress a laugh then. – "You MEAN it", she said wonderingly, "oh, you do, don't you? Really mean it?". Excitement had never been so intense in her, nor in Mike, as she could see from the glow in his eyes, let alone feel from the eager pulsing of his prick.

"Come on", she breathed, lying back again, "it does make one want it, doesn't it?" – "Yes", Mike said simply, "but not now. Restraint, darling, as per Miss Bentwick's book, right?" – "Oh no!", Janet pleaded and tried to grasp his prick again, but he drew his hips back. – "Oh yes, my love. It'll keep you on tiptoe – like it did quite a few years back, remember?", he asked with a tinge of sarcasm. – "But... but we don't know anyone", Janet pleaded, hooding her eyes sensuously, "except....". She stopped and bit her lip. – "Except? Who?", Mike asked eagerly, smacking her hand playfully away as it tried to stray close. She had to have discipline now, he realised with an intense thrill – and she had to know it.

"Huh!", Janet responded mockingly, but then seeing the look on his face, said "Well.... a girl who works in a shop near here. She's nice. A little bit shy but only a little bit. I WAS going to ask her round for coffee some time". – "You mean you are", Mike grinned and stood up, blatantly displaying his waggling weapon, "I know she's attractive, or you wouldn't have bothered, darling. Make it Saturday evening, huh?"

"But... but Angela's coming!", Janet responded, sitting up. – "That's right", Mike said solemnly and began drawing on his pants. – "But...", Janet began again and then was silenced as he raised his hand. – "You will now, young lady, receive eighteen strokes of the leather tonight for that objection. You'll see this girl in the morning and invite her – right". Janet gulped. – "Yes, all right", she said meekly and then giggled, "but I'll spank her, too".

"We'll see, darling", Mike said and left it at that. Angela was three years younger than his wife – married but separated, and had a luscious, fleshy-firm peach of a bottom. She'd take it – he knew she would, but like Janet she would have to be schooled. Going downstairs, he waited until Janet appeared, poured drinks, and said, "Now you read a chapter to me each night from the book – and you'll REMEMBER everything – right". – "Yes", Janet said dutifully. She had always wanted him to be masterful, and now he was being. She hadn't told him yet that she had been strapped – to spur her on, but he'd get it out of her.....

* * *

"Talk to Angela when she arrives", Mike told her just prior to the Saturday. – "Yes, I will", Janet said simply and, when her sister did arrive, took her up to the bedroom and closed the door. When they came back down, after what seemed an interminable half an hour, Angela looked apprehensive and questioning, but Mike studiously ignored her. She had to bend over first, before his wife's young friend, Sally, did. When Angela sat down in the living room, he watched her tidy her skirt and bring her knees together. Nice, round knees – thighs that swelled. He envisaged the gripping of her stocking tops, the warm bulb of her bottom nestling in her panties. Janet came and sat beside her on the sofa and smiled tentatively.

"You've told her?", Mike asked brusquely. Janet nodded. Angela gave a little start and clutched the hem of her skirt again. – "Mike, I can't... I don't want you to", she pleaded, her eyes widening as he stood up and towered over them. – "Your schooling – and you know the type to which I refer, Angela, was never completed in my view. I intend that it should be. You are under discipline here, as your sister now is". – "No!", Angela's voice blurted out and she made to try and jump up, but her knees hit Mike's and she sank down again. Janet gripped her wrist and said, "Angela, please!"

"NO! WOO-WOO-WOOH!", came Angela's throbbing cry as the tawse seared her, drawing fire in its wake into her quivering halfmoons that visibly tightened where a pink band spread. – "Ha, yes, go on!", Janet blurted, only to be silenced by a warning waggle of Mike's finger, whereat an almost prim look came over her face. – CRA-AAAAACK! Scarce had Angela tried to recover from the first stroke than the second laid itself stingingly into her rich moon. – "YEEEEEECH!", came her screech while Janet, bending slightly forward with her knees bent on either side of her sister's waist, pressed down with both hands on Angela's hips and so helped to hold her still.

"I shall ask you one time, Angela, how many you first received and how old you were", Mike said. – "No! Shan't tell you! I didn't! Janet's a fibber, she..... NEEEE-YNNNNG!", her voice broke off as a third stroke blasted waves of heat into her enticing, naked derriere. "BOO-HOO-HOOO! tell him, Janet – tell him I didn't! Tell him to stop!" – "Go on, Mike, until she talks", Janet said levelly, her own hips and bottom working up and down as Angela endeavoured still to thrust her off. – SCRA-AAAAACK! – "THOO-OOOH-OOOOH! Please no! It b...b...burns! HOOOOO!"

"Again", came Janet's voice implacably. She knew as well as her sister that the tawse did not actually hurt – not when it was wielded properly as Mike was doing. It burned and it stung, sure, but after a while..... "No, no, don't! I did!", came Angela's sudden wail. Mike let the tawse hang down by his side. – "Go on, Angela", he said tonelessly. – "I was... was.... was n...n...nineteen and I six". – "The first time, yes. And the second?", Mike asked. Maybe Angela could somehow sense him raising the tawse again for her hands clawed more fiercely into the duvet. – "A d...d...dozen....", she stammered and began to cry in such a baby fashion that Janet wasn't at all impressed, but Mike – to her surprise – stepped back and coiled the strap slowly around his hand as if ruminating.

"All right – let her up. But she's to stay up here, Janet, until teatime. I'll cane her tonight before she goes to bed. It'll be a light one only", he added helpfully and strode out, marvelling at his self-control, but knowing it needful. Closing the door, he heard scufflings and then the long, accusing sobs and muffled words of Angela mingling with the sometimes sharper, sometimes comforting ones of Janet. "I'm going home", he heard Angela wail and then Janet's cool, smooth reply, "No, darling, you're NOT", and he went downstairs. It was the same house now and yet not. In a way it was a house where fantasies were coming true. And he had Sally to deal with yet. She might need just a warm-up baby-spank first. Maybe he'd make a concession and let Janet and Angela do it playfully. That would warm Sally up for the real thing later.....

Stick around – It's all going to happen!

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  1. Another hear-warming - and bottom-blistering story - just in time for Christmas!

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