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Miss Armatage

Story from London Life Vol.1 No.3

Miss Armatage

'I'm sorry, Allison,' said Mrs. Armatage, rising from her desk. 'But I can't allow this type of behaviour to continue. I've got to think of the other girls, and of course, the animals.'

She paused to see what effect her words were having on the girl, but Allison only glared back with her customary defiance. 'That's what comes of giving a girl too much money and too much freedom,' thought Mrs. Armatage to herself, 'she had absolutely no respect for anyone or anything.'

She continued aloud, 'I've spoken to you before about racing into the stables with your sports car, but you just don't seem to take any notice. Not only do you frighten the other girls but you also scare the horses. And now, you leave your horse after a hard ride, all hot and sweaty and just drive off without bothering to care for him. I suppose you think it's alright to leave him for someone else to take care of. You're far too important a person to have to do such menial tasks such as rubbing the horse down and feeding him.'

'Well, if it's a question of paying extra,' Allison put her hand in her jacket pocket and brought out a handful of notes. 'How much will one of the girls want to take care of him?'

'There you go again,' Mrs. Armatage was obviously annoyed at the sight of the young girl holding so much money, and with such little regard. 'You think your money is the answer to everything. Well, I'm telling you, young lady that that sort of attitude will not get you anywhere at this riding stable. I'm not having the whole place upset just because of one spoilt girl. I'm sorry to say this Allison, but you are not welcome here, and I'm going to ban you from the stables until I see a change of attitude.'

'You can't do that to me,' said Allison. 'I want to come here and ride. I'm willing to pay, in fact I'm willing to pay well. You can't stop me coming.'

'Oh, no,' said Mrs. Armatage. 'This is my stables and I can do what I want. Now listen to me, Allison. You are banned from the stables for the next week. If at the end or that time you come to me and you can show me that you're prepared to take an interest in the other girls and the animals I might reconsider. It's up to you. Either you change, or you continue in your spoilt arrogant ways until no one likes you, and all you have left is your money. You think about it.'

* * *

It was a week later when Mrs. Armatage opened the office door to find Allison standing there. 'I've thought about what you said, Mrs. Armatage, and I did miss not being able to come to the stables. Can I come back, please,' said Allison.

'Come in Allison and take a seat,' said Mrs. Armatage pointing to a chair. 'I'm expecting someone whom I'd like you to meet. Ah here she is, come on in Jenny.' She spoke to a young girl dressed in a pair of muddy jeans and an old faded sweater who stood framed in the doorway. She wiped her muddy boots on the mat and then stood in front of Mrs. Armatage's desk, her head bent forward in shame.

'Now Allison, I want you to meet Jenny. Jenny suffers from the same lack of thoughtfulness that you do. She neglects to care or feed the animals, using them only for her own pleasure. Horses cannot speak and so they need someone to take care of their needs, and I will not tolerate girls who are so absorbed in themselves that they have no consideration for others. Now watch this Allison, and let it be a lesson to you.' She turned to the younger girl and continued 'You know what to do Jenny.'

Jenny looked at Allison, and a crimson flush crept up her face. She undid her jeans and slipped them down her legs, and then rolled her sweater up until it was gathered just below her small breasts. Allison watched the young girl as she bent over the desk and spread her legs slightly apart. She felt a mixture of embarrassment and excitement as she looked at the pink panties that were Jenny's only covering. Allison's gaze turned from Jenny to Mrs. Armatage and the long thin cane she had taken from her desk drawer. She flicked it through the air as she moved to stand behind Jenny and the swish it made caused both Jenny and Allison to look upon it with apprehension.

'Now Jenny,' said Mrs. Armatage softly. 'You know I dislike using this, but I hope that this will be a lesson to you, and will help you change your selfish and thoughtless ways.'

Mrs. Armatage leaned forward and gripping the waistband of Jenny's panties she pulled them down until they lay around her ankles with her jeans. Years of horse-riding had made Jenny's bottom firm and hard, and Allison stared, fascinated by the pale skin. She felt a great sympathy for the young girl, and knew that her presence only added to the girl's embarrassment and shame. She herself was also embarrassed about being forced to watch, but at the same time she felt an excitement more real than any of the thrills her money had been able to buy, and her gaze stayed riveted on the twin white globes that awaited Mrs. Armatage's punishment.

Mrs. Armatage did not hurry, for she knew that the shame of standing naked from the waist down was as much a part of the punishment as the actual blows, and being the kind-hearted woman she was she hoped that this one punishment would be enough to correct Jenny's manner in future.

Allison watched as Mrs. Armatage's arm rose and the thin cane swished through the air and seemed to cut into the white flesh. Jenny jerked and cried out, and almost magically a red stripe appeared on her bottom. Again the arm rose and at the second stroke Jenny wriggled her body, unconsciously exposing herself to Allison who sat watching her mouth open in horror and apprehension.

A third red welt joined the two that already marked the smooth white skin and Allison saw tears stream from Jenny's eyes. Whatever she read in the past about spanking being a fun pastime and prelude to sex there was no doubt as far as Jenny was concerned that this was a straight and simple punishment, and one that she would not forget in a hurry.

And then it was over, Jenny lay heaving and sobbing across the desk, her bottom covered by six red stripes that seemed to give off a red glow. Allison could see a tuft of hair between Jenny's legs, and as the young girl wriggled in pain Allison could see the very essence of womanhood revealed, but Jenny had no thought for what she was revealing. She was more concerned with her bottom which stung and throbbed like it was on fire.

'Right Jenny,' she heard Mrs. Armatage say 'You can get dressed now. Come on stand up.'

Jenny stood up facing Allison but did not seem to notice the girl sitting there nor indeed realise the sight she presented; naked from the waist down her legs spread apart and the triangle of hair at the top of her legs, and the secret it concealed completely on view to this stranger. Slowly as if in a daze Jenny pulled the pink panties and jeans back up, and tugged her sweater down. Her face was red, and wet where the hot salt tears had flowed as she stood there waiting for Mrs. Armatage to say something. 'Now Jenny,' said Mrs. Armatage. 'That gave me no pleasure at all, and it's my dearest wish that I won't have to do anything like that again. Now go and wash your face and compose yourself.'

As Jenny left Mrs. Armatage turned her attention to Allison. 'As I said Allison, Jenny reminds me a great deal of you, but fortunately her thoughtlessness is an occasional lapse, unlike your attitude. No don't interrupt me. I know that your father gives you a generous allowance, far too much for a girl your age, if you ask me. And I've seen what it has done to you. You think your money can buy you anything, and that everyone else is here just for your amusement and pleasure. Let me tell you young lady, if you don't change your ways you'll end up a lonely woman, surrounded by people who are only interested in your money, and without any true friends.' Allison stood up and spoke to Mrs. Armatage. 'I've been thinking over what you said last week, and I really have missed not coming to the stables. I really will try and be different.'

'That's really good to hear.' Mrs. Armatage smiled and continued, 'But I do think you should still be punished for what you have already done. It will also serve as a reminder just in case you succumb to the temptations your money makes possible. You've seen how I punished Jenny,' she picked up the cane and gently flicked it, 'I think you should have the same punishment. It will also prove that you're serious about changing your attitudes.' Allison stood there open-mouthed not knowing what to say. She had seen how Jenny had suffered from Mrs. Armatage's strong right arm and she had no wish to suffer a similar experience. On the other hand she had been lonely and bored for the last week since she had been banned from visiting the stables. Now she had the chance to return if she was prepared to endure what promised to be a very painful experience.

'All right Mrs. Armatage, I'm ready to let you punish me.'

'Come over by the desk and get undressed,' said Mrs. Armatage, flicking the cane gently back and forwards.

Allison slipped her trousers down her legs, and then pulled her jumper over her head and stood there in her underwear. Unlike Jenny, Allison was a full-grown woman and her choice of underwear reflected this: the thin skimpy black panties hardly covered her full round bottom, and the uplift matching bra barely held her ample bosom in place. Submissively she bent over the desk and felt Mrs. Armatage pull her pants down. Although the thin material had not offered much protection she felt more helpless knowing that they rested around her ankles and her bottom seemed to tingle at being exposed to the air. She waited for what seemed hours with her bottom, naked and defenceless sticking up into the air. And then it came! There was a searing pain across her buttocks and she gasped in pain. In her mind's eye she could see the red welt staining her white flesh, but before she could give much thought to the pain the second stroke landed just below the first. Her whole body contorted with a pain she had never thought existed and she twisted and writhed in an effort to shake the pain away. The low-cut bra finally gave up its vain attempts to confine Allison's full large breasts and the white globes flopped over the black material, the brown nipples erect in a mixture of pain and erotic excitement. Allison was unaware that her breasts were now in full view, and had she been aware it would not have caused her any concern. All her mind was taken up with the pain that swamped her brain and drove away all other thoughts.

Mrs. Armatage looked at the sobbing girl who twisted and writhed in agony across her desk. She saw the black strip that was Allison's bra lying under her breasts, contrasting with her white skin. Looking down her back to the smooth white bottom she saw the twin red stripes that cut across each cheek. There was no doubt that Allison was in pain, and Mrs. Armatage felt sorry for the girl. But she knew she was doing the girl a kindness by punishing her like this. The pain and humiliation she was suffering would stay in her memory for a long time, and would help her to change her attitudes. Mrs. Armatage was worried that if Allison continued using her father's money to buy pleasure and her way out of any responsibility she would never know any true friends or real happiness, and hard though the punishment might be it was a small price for Allison to pay for her future happiness. She raised the cane and heard the supple instrument swish as it cut through the air and landed on Allison's bottom. She gasped a wordless cry and twisted her body across the desk, sending papers and books flying onto the floor. She rolled onto her side, facing Mrs. Armatage, hoping to keep her tender and sore bottom out of the way of the stinging stick.

'Please Mrs. Armatage,' she cried, 'No more, please.'

'I gave Jenny six strokes, Allison' she heard Mrs. Armatage reply, and her voice seemed very faint, as if she stood a long way off. 'I think it's only fair that you receive the same.'

Gently but strongly Mrs. Armatage turned Allison over onto her stomach on the desk. Allison's breasts pressed against the smooth polished wood and to her pain-wracked mind her bottom seemed to be jutting into the air, awaiting the strokes she knew would follow. She heard the ominous swish as the cane rushed to meet her and she felt her flesh darken into a red line where the cane had landed. Two more blows followed and her whole bottom flamed with pain. She could not tell which parts of the cheeks had actually received the blows and lying there on the desk she was not even certain how many strokes she had received. She felt Mrs. Armatage helping her off the desk and to her feet. She stood there, sobbing not knowing what to do until Mrs. Armatage indicated she should get dressed.

'Now Allison, I hope I shall never have cause to re-introduce you to my cane. If you go to the last stall I'm sure you'll find Jenny there, rubbing cream onto her sore bottom. Now go along girl, and mind you behave in future.'

Allison nodded as she left, and Mrs. Armatage turned to the business of tidying up her desk.

* * *

Twenty minutes later Mrs. Armatage peered through the door of the stall, and saw Allison lying on the straw, her trousers and pants once again around her ankles. Jenny knelt beside her and was gently applying cream to the red-striped bottom. Mrs. Armatage smiled and left the two girls, thinking to herself that a punishment shared is a good basis for the start of a friendship.


Mrs. Armatage was right Jenny and Allison became firm friends, although they were both to suffer the sting of the cane on another occasion. The punishments changed Allison and despite her money she changed from a selfish spoilt girt into a kind feeling friend.

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