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School for spanking

Story from Swish Vol.4 No.3.

School for spanking

It sounded a crazy idea – a great idea. Linda couldn't make up her mind, but then it wasn't her idea but Pippa's. And Pippa really knew how to put it into practise – or so she said!

"A school for spanking? Have you got any more crazy ideas?" Linda asked her sister, Pippa.

"Sure. The other one is that it'll work – and, besides, think of the fun we'll have," Pippa laughed. Both in their early twenties, they had always been among the most attractive go-girls in the neighbourhood, but this idea was too way-out even for Linda to follow. "First thing is," she snorted, "we'll have the snoopers round here wanting to know what the hell is going on."

Pippa fluffed her hair back and blew a long wisp of blue smoke from her prettily-pouting mouth. "Remember that Mum always used to tell US that we needed someone to really teach us?" she said. "AND?" Linda threw back at her, "he did an all. It was you upstairs first for half an hour and then me. Why it took half an hour for you to get yours when mine only lasted a couple of minutes I'll never know, by the way – but then they split up and......"

"Right!" Pippa interrupted her, "and we were still at spanking stage – me nineteen and you a bit younger. So just suppose there are girls who aren't getting it, but should, for one reason or another?" Linda cocked her head. Pippa had really been thinking this out, she could tell. "You mean like there's no one to spank them, or no one who dares to, or – er – they resist too much."

"Right on!" Pippa said in her best jokey voice. "You were like that, you know – resisting I mean. I could hear you. All squeals and squals. No wonder you were in and out so quick. You used to burst out of the study pulling your knicks up, I remember! And you still blush about it too. You'd make an ideal pupil, you would. Just my cup of tea, in fact."

"Oh yeah – and what would you teach me?" Linda sneered. A slight look of apprehension passed over her smooth oval face as Pippa jumped up and grabbed her arm. "No – look, Pippa!" she began desperately, knowing that look in her sister's eyes only too well. But she was off-balance in more ways than one and Pippa had sensed it. A screech from Linda and she was well over Pippa's lap with her skirt quickly tucked up.

"Nice! A lovely white round botty!" Pippa laughed, giving it a gentle smack where the cheeks burst out on either side of the backstrap of her sister's cute blue knicks. "No use struggling, Linda, I've got you tight. You try to wriggle off, my girl, and you'll get a real scorcher. Right – first lesson. Knickers have to come off – right off, like this." Linda's suddenly kicking legs were accompanied by a yell of "No! No, stop it!" which Pippa calmly ignored, ripping the tiny nylon garment down and getting it off one high-heeled shoe so that it dangled little larger than a man's hanky from the other. SMACK! went her palm, leaving a distinctly pink imprint of splayed fingers on Linda's luscious orb.

"NA-OW!" Linda yelped and got another. "I told you – I TOLD you what would happen if you struggled, Linda." SMACK! SMACK! And oh, how juicily even such a perfect tight bottom jiggled, Pippa thought with an inward thrill, keeping her left arm firmly clamped around her sister's waist. "STOP it, Pippa – will you stop it!" Linda howled. "NO!" Pippa said sharply, "I won't – not until you listen, Linda. This is exactly how some of our pupils would act, and a fat lot of good you'd be if you react in this way, too. Now – are you going to be quiet or not?"

"Oh-oooooh!" Linda whined theatrically for good effect and then decided to change her tune. Squeezing her tingling bottom cheeks together she let herself hang limp. "Go on, then – but no more smacks, Pippa."

"Huh! that's a bit Irish! How can I teach you if I don't? All right – just little ones – you'll hardly feel them but they keep you nice and tingly while I'm talking. Now, the first thing is, to get your skirt off, too. For one thing they crease up and for another they keep slipping down, O.K?" But before Linda could answer, Pippa's hand was already at the side zip and in a flash Linda's skirt was slipping down to her ankles just as her knicks had.

"Mmmm!" Linda bubbled as Pippa's palm fell very lightly but rhythmically now. If only all spanks were like this, it would be nice. Extra nice, in fact. Unthinkingly she let her legs glide apart, to Pippa's murmured approval. "Good girl, Linda – now, we've got you in the right position, just perfect. It's not hurting really, is it? Bulge it up, darling – I mean get it right in the centre of my lap. It's only one of the positions you can be spanked in. Or strapped, of course, but then you never did get strapped, did you?"

"Mmmmpfff!" Linda choked. Despite what Pippa had said, her hand was coming down just that little bit harder now and her cheeks were getting gradually hotter now and she was squeezing them more. On top of which the tingly feeling was spreading its tentacles right through her and making her feel extra squirmy. "B..b...but you weren't st....strapped, Pippa, were you? Did he strap you – honest?"

Oh, what a lovely bottom – so smooth, so round and getting so nicely hot now, Pippa was thinking. Several times in between her rhythmic smacks she let her fingers linger and drift over the silksmooth globe, teasing the tips into the tight groove and even slipping them down to the lips of Linda's pussy so lightly that Linda scarcely felt the sly caress at first.

"Uh-huh – a few times. Mostly when you were out," Pippa said dreamily. Linda was coming on nicely – her hands still planted submissively on the carpet. There were quicker, softer, "OOOOH's!" coming from Linda now and once in a while her pretty head would jerk up as a harder one fell on her bouncy cheeks, but her thighs were nicely lax still, the way they should be. Giving her a last lingering smack and then resting her spread fingers gently on Linda's pink bottom, Pippa bent suddenly to kiss both its hot cheeks, causing her sister to giggle and squirm.

"OOOH!" Linda choked, bringing a laugh from Pippa. "Yes, darling it gets very much like that when it's done properly. You never allowed it to be. Sit up now – pretend you've been naughty and you have to sit on my lap and say you're sorry."

Surprised to find that she was almost sorry it was over, Linda obeyed with a flashing of shapely legs, squatting her bottom into Pippa's lap where she had quickly drawn her own skirt up so that their warm, sleek thighs and stocking tops rubbed together. "You see – it wasn't so bad, and that's the way we'll teach them," Pippa said, clasping her sister fondly, "but you have to play the game properly now. Say you're sorry and then give me a little kiss." Linda giggled. Her bottom felt funny but lovely – and funnier still, really, bulging down partly on the front of Pippa's panties.

"All right – I'm sorry," she mumbled and gave her sister a quick peck, but then felt Pippa's arm tighten about her waist. "No!" Pippa told her sharply, "it's going to be like a drill, pet – we're going to have to teach them a full and proper routine. That wasn't a proper kiss, for a start. Secondly, you're not to scramble up yet. Not like you used to – that was silly, not to say a shock to all," Pippa added with a laugh. "Does your botty still hurt?"

"Y..y...yes," Linda pretended to stammer, though it was a nice squirmy tingle and in fact she couldn't help moving it about still. "Good it's supposed to," Pippa said in a practical way, "but that's only the first stage. Remember, you're pretending to be a pupil, O.K? You can keep wriggling around on my lap – that's what you're sitting like this for. It helps, you see. Now, next time you'll have it just a little harder – oh no, don't worry, it won't be awful, but you'll be surprised how your bottom will respond eventually. Then we'll take you to the strap, so you'll be bending right over for that. Or kneeling on the bed, I think – it gives the best position."

"Oh, but I don't want...." Linda began, rather startled, and not sure whether they were still really playing out a game or whether Pippa was serious.

"Sssssh! Quiet now, Linda. I'm going to slip my hand right under your botty now to feel if it's still hot. No – keep still, Linda!"

"NA-AH!" Linda squealed. There were fingers everywhere, it seemed to her. Her bottom jiggled squirmed. "N...n...not in there....OOOOH!" she choked. "QUIET, Linda, quiet, and stop being silly. There – doesn't that feel nice – and THAT? Yes, darling, arms around my neck, you've had your spank now, but not really hard enough. Next time I'll really bring you up."

"D...d...d!" Linda really stuttered now helplessly. There had never been any feeling like this before. The room seemed to be spinning about her and Pippa's fingers were moving faster, faster and the tingly heat in her bottom made her move it up and down until the breath seemed to be rushing from her body. "Nynnnng!" she mewed at the incredible sensations that were flowing through her and sending streaks of fire throughout her body.

Moments later, Pippa stroked Linda's hair as she went limp. "See?" she teased softly, "and THAT was only a little baby spank." Deftly her fingers slipped the buttons of Linda's top and laid the two halves aside from her bared tits, "Even your nipples came up! Oh, I'll really have to take the strap to you – and a lovely pink botty to go with it all," she coaxed, "come and see!"

"WH...WHAAAART!" came croaking from Linda's mouth, but she was off Pippa's lap and being led shaky-legged into the bathroom where Pippa spun her slowly round in front of a full-length mirror, her top flapping. "See? You look cute," Linda purred, "all flushed face, flushed botty and hot nipples."

"Oh stop it – you're TERRIBLE, honest!" Linda tittered, pulling away from her. "Honestly, you're so bloody sexy sometimes, I don't know where you get it from" – a remark that brought a silvery peal of laughter from her sister. "Well, I know where you got it from this time – my little spanking, pet, and you've been missing out," Pippa said admiringly. For Linda really looked a doll in her suspendered stockings, high heels and open top, and with her bottom cheeks still slightly roses and cream. "Well, haven't you?" she asked teasingly, running a caressing hand under the enticing warm globe.

Linda bit her lip and smiled. "I know what YOU'RE thinking and we haven't got one of THOSE around the flat!" she laughed and ran back into the living room to pick up her skirt and panties. Putting them back on she cocked her head at Pippa. "Did you mean it, though – all of it?" Linda shrugged. "Well...I was kidding about a school, of course, but there are a few possibilities, you know, and it WOULD be fun. Know what made me think of it? Sue Carter at the fete the other day. She was keeping a stall with her mother and father and some row or other blew up among them. I was standing just by the side of the stall at the time and I heard her Mum say, "He'll give you a damned good spanking when we get home, my girl."

Linda giggled, hand to her mouth. "Wonder if he did?" she asked. Pippa smiled back at her. "Well – he's coming to the social club tonight – I think I'll ask him," she replied and turned off into the kitchen while her sister was still gaping. "You wouldn't dare!" she called after her, while Pippa cheerfully called back, "You'll see!"

John Carter was always a bit twitchy around Pippa, and she knew it. How to bring the subject up was something else, but finally she managed it by wriggling occasionally. "Got an itch?" he grinned. He was about forty-three, as she figured, and not bad looking. The fib came easily in reply from Pippa. She and Linda had been fooling around spanking one another, she said – but she had got it harder. By this time they were in a side room to the local hall, all by themselves, and John was edging closer to her.

"Made you burn?" he asked, "want me to look at it?" – "Here and now?" Pippa asked cheekily and carefully moved away not quite enough as his hand made an enquiring movement around her well-curved bottom. "Whoo! It stings still," she laughed, "but I bet you'd have spanked me even harder, huh? I bet Sue gets it from you sometimes."

"That she does – or rather she would if she kept still. Three or four and she's off like a bolting rabbit," he smiled, while Pippa clucked her tongue. "Really?" she responded, "oh dear, we can't have that. Want me to take her in hand? I've had a bit of practise – at both ends, as it were," she grinned, "and Linda says I'd make a marvellous trainer."

"You would?" His hand hadn't drawn away, she noticed, in fact the smooth warmth of her bottom through her summer dress was attracting his palpitating touch even more. "I don't think you could exactly train a girl to be spanked, though," John said, convinced she was kidding him. But she had a glorious globe – it's surface felt as silky-smooth as the slightly shiny material of her dress. For a heart-thumping moment he had touched the inrolling groove.

"Listen – I bet you – I bet you twenty-five quid that in one week I could spank Sue, AND she'd like it," Pippa said, heart in her mouth herself. It was bloody daring, she knew it was – daft, too. It probably wouldn't work anyway, but she didn't see how he could miss the challenge, and he didn't. Knowing his male mind well enough, Pippa figured that if she lost he would never ask her for the money anyway. Just the chance to spank her instead!

"You're on, Pippa," he said eagerly, "one week as from Monday, and no rough stuff and no guys. Hey, but listen" – his expression screwed up comically – "how the heck would I know whether or not you'd won? Or whether I'd won, rather – because there's really no way that you can."

"Oh, really?" Her spirit was up now. "'d'd know next time you spank her, or try to. But I doubt if you ever will again, not after I've finished with her. So it's swings and roundabouts, huh, but don't forget the bet is on!" And with that – eluding his ever-more eager hand – Pippa skipped back into the main hall where he tried all evening in vain to get her on his own again. And – just as she had pre-arranged – Linda looked in later to pick her up, so the two were able to skip off together out of his reach.

It was then that Pippa rolled out the honesty mat and told her sister what had happened. Linda stared at her for a long moment. "So it was all just a gag?" she asked. "Huh! have you forgotten your little spanking and how it made you feel?" Pippa replied. "Listen, I'm really going to town on Sue, and it's time she came round again anyway. Besides," she giggled, "with a figure like hers at her age, I think she's got the makings of." Linda laughed. "Oh yeah? The makings of what?" she asked, but then they both burst into laughter and began figuring on the conversation of Sue.

Bringing the subject up wasn't so difficult as Pippa thought it might be, but the nice meal they cooked when Sue called round on the next Friday evening, washed down with a couple of bottles of white wine, did the trick. School was always a good standby subject, anyway, and for all three of them it seemed barely a long weekend away. "Funny that none of us ever got caned," Pippa said, "but I guess we were the goodies. Anyway, I think the cane's primitive. A strap's much more effective."

Sue looked slightly open-mouthed. "You reckon?" she asked, "well, I dunno, but if it's anything like spanking I don't think I want to know. God! the last time I couldn't sit down for an hour afterwards!" Pippa tutted. "Really? Oh, he does it much too hard too soon, that's the trouble," she said somewhat to the astonishment of Sue who was about to say something when Pippa went on, "You see, most men just don't realise that spanking is quite an art. It has to sting you, of course, or there wouldn't be any point in it – but there's a difference between that and really hurting you. Hey, Linda, shall we show her?"

Well....that was at eight thirty. By nine o'clock, Sue was regarding her discarded panties and skirt with bemusement and wriggling a bottom that was as rosy as her face. "WHOOOOO!" she gasped. Her skirt and knickers weren't alone. Linda's lay there, too, and Linda was laughing and saying to her, "See! that was a medium one, but it does work you up, doesn't it?" Sue's eyes looked rather cloudy, Pippa thought, but she had really wriggled adorably – and shown it all. Smiling to herself she watched Linda lean against Sue on the settee, put one arm around her shoulders and kiss her.

"You have to kiss after," she whispered. Her mouth brushed Sue's moistly. "Mmmmm," Sue breathed, "oh, I can't sit still, though, and....."

"And what you want is a nice lie down," Pippa said. She came over and took Sue's wrists and drew her up. Sue's nipples were pinky-brown and stiff as little thorns where she had opened her top after spanking her and when she put a questing hand down to feel and soothe that hot bottom, Sue's cheeks were squeezing invitingly. "I'll put some music on in the bedroom," Sue heard Linda saying and tried to draw back away from Pippa's caressing hand.

"I...I don't need to lie down really," Sue heard herself saying, but they were so nice and insistent and Linda was already lying down on the bed smiling and reaching out to her as Pippa led her in.... And then their tongues.... and their fingers..... WHOOOOO!

"Isn't she adorable? God, she needs it regularly," Sue heard Pippa saying, and then her lovenest was pulsing and sprinkling as Pippa's agile tongue snaked in and out between her thighs and Linda's lips and fingers were – OOOOOH! – in other places, too, and the bed was trembling – and spanking was never, never like this before.....

But never was anything quite the same after, as Pippa herself was the first to discover. It was at eight-thirty the next evening when John Carter called at the flat. Linda had gone out and Pippa was alone when she let him in. Privately Pippa had decided to say nothing to him at all and let the whole thing blow over, but he had other ideas, it seemed. "About spanking Sue," he began as they went into the living room. "You mean you have – again?" Pippa asked, trying to laugh the subject off. But he wasn't to be deterred, it seemed. And oddly enough he was peeling off his jacket without asking if he might. And smiling.

"One gets to know things," he said. It was Pippa's turn to gape. "Huh? You mean she sneaked?" Hands on hips he regarded her levelly. "Oh, I always give spankings myself for sneaking – whether true or not. Not too hard, but not too soft – shall I show you?"

Pippa remembered shrieking "No!" but the rest was a whirl. He was a strong man, as she quickly discovered, and once over his lap and under the grip of his steely arm there was obviously no escape for anyone. Moreover to her surprise he seemed to know just as much as she did. "Panties off – but skirt first," she heard him saying from above her while her nyloned legs kicked valiantly and to absolutely no avail. In a moment breathless and heaving, hair awry and her hands flat on the carpet, she was stripped to her top, nylons and high heels and feeling the first bouncing sting on his palm.

"YEEE-AAAARGH!" Pippa squealed as much in reflex as anything. "No struggling now – we don't struggle – isn't that in the rules?" she heard him asking almost in the same second that the SPLAT! SMACK! of his hand came down again on her juicy hemispheres. "WHEEEE-OOOOH!" Pippa mewed. Her cheeks were stinging and squeezing at every rhythmic SMACK! but at the same time the realisation was sweeping over her that he DID know how to do it. And better than she could.

"NEEE-YNNG!" Pippa gritted. That was a hard one – it wasn't fair! Her calves kicked to his amused but not mocking laugh. "Just getting the sting in a little deeper, pet," he told her, "get it right up now. You know what you've got coming to you, a practised hand like you."

"WHA-AH-AAAAH!" Pippa shrieked. He was smacking her too hard! God, she'd forgotten what it felt like after a whole twelve months. Her botty was flaring, cherry-red, and she hardly seemed conscious of the fact that he no longer had to grip her waist so tightly but was already calmly slipping the buttons of her top one by one until he could palm the polished globes of her tits, the nipples flint hard. "D..d...d....!" Pippa stuttered when he finally swung her up and carried her down on to the rug, his straining cock rodding up against her bared thigh. He daren't give her time to recover, she knew, as his fingers sought the pulpy lips of her slit and eased them open for her creaming.

After all, it was in the rules.

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