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What a Way to Pay The Rent

Story from Phoenix 26.

What a Way to Pay The Rent

Carole heard the lift stopping at her floor – the hum of the automatic doors opening – the sound of approaching footsteps along the passageway. She knew who it was long before he pressed the door-bell!

All morning she had been waiting – pacing about the flat – smoking numerous cigarettes, and becoming increasingly nervous. Her heart was thumping and she felt an emptiness in the pit of her stomach as she opened the door and saw the tall man standing there brief case in hand.

Mr Raynor was a distinguished looking man in his early forties. The exquisitely cut pin-stripe suit and elegant shoes seemed much too expensive attire for a mere rent man. But then Mr David Raynor was no ordinary rent man!

He and his two brothers had been left equal partners in their late Father's property firm. David however had proved the black-sheep of the family. Several rather scandalous episodes had culminated in an incident in which he had allegedly spanked his pretty young Secretary! – an indiscretion which unleashed much unfortunate publicity when she insisted in sueing him for assault!

After this, the other two brothers were adamant that David could no longer remain at Head Office, and they readily agreed to the suggestion that he should go out rent collecting. David also was quite amenable to the idea, as he had a feeling the job might provide opportunities for him to practice his favourite pursuit – indulging in which had of course caused the fracas with his Secretary! David Raynor was a lover of flagellation – a true devotee of the art of chastising female posteriors!

In his new position he soon found a few lady tenants who were in such difficulties with their rent that a proposal of chastisement in lieu of payment almost seemed like an offer of help.

Today he hoped to add a real 'stunner' to the list – the delectable Carole Barnes – at whose door he now stood.

"Oh, it's you Mr Raynor!", she exclaimed, trying to give an impression of surprise, as though she had forgotten he was due. "Good morning Miss Barnes", said the man at the door briskly, "it is my day for calling you know. I trust you are now in a position to settle up your outstanding account?"

"Well I am not too sure – er – you better come in!", stammered Carole, shutting the door behind them and showing him into the small living-room.

Carole Barnes had fallen behind with her rent payments. Several times she had only been able to pay one week's rent against the two Mr Raynor called to collect fortnightly. Arrears had consequently built up but Carole, fully aware that she was an attractive young woman, felt confident she could charm a middle-aged man like Mr Raynor into continuing to allow her leeway.

His visit of a fortnight ago however had provided a most unpleasant shock, when he presented her with a Notice to Quit! She had been quite devastated, especially when no amount of sweet smiles and fluttering eyelashes made any impression on his decision. Her entreaties to be allowed more time to pay fell on deaf ears. Then, just as he was about to leave, Mr Raynor had, as he put it to himself, 'baited the trap'!

"You really should pay you know!", he insisted, "if not in cash – then perhaps in some other manner? Your failure to meet your obligations deserves some punishment – you should have your bottom smacked young lady! – don't you agree?"

Carole had nodded miserably. "Well, there you are – it's something to think about. Accept a spanking and I might forego some of the arrears. Anyway I'll hold back this notice for a fortnight and we'll see how much you can pay off then". With that he had departed, leaving Carole in something of a daze as she considered the implications.

For two weeks she had really made an effort to accumulate some money, but oh dear! how foolish she had been two nights ago – playing the fruit machine at the Club where she worked most evenings. Winning a jackpot would have solved her problems, but as usual she had ended up losing heavily. Consequently today she could again only proffer one week's rent against the two due!

She blustered out the usual excuses, and assurances that in a week or two things would be better. "No!, that will not do", interrupted Mr Raynor, producing the Notice to Quit form again and handing it to her. "You must vacate this property within 28 days! – there is nothing more to be said".

He made as if to leave and Carole panicking at the turn of events moved quickly towards the door to head him off. "But please Mr Raynor!", she pleaded. "Isn't there some other way – last time you were here you suggested – er!" "Suggested what?" he said in a resigned tone. "Well! – that I might pay in some other way", she blurted out blushing furiously. "You mentioned the idea of spanking me!"

"Did I? – can't say I remember", said Mr Raynor in a disinterested manner. This was all part of his method. Having previously dropped hints about chastisement in lieu of payment and knowing the victim had taken the bait, he then appeared totally forgetful about the idea. The anxious tenant was therefore forced to raise the matter herself. Having thus humbled herself by in effect requesting chastisement, she could hardly object to the indignity of preparing and positioning herself for punishment.

Mr Raynor felt Carole needed a little more pressure, so he continued towards the door. This forced Carole into saying more. "Yes!", she continued frantically, "you said if – if I accepted a spanking, you might forego some of the arrears".

Mr Raynor knew he now had her exactly where he wanted her – or to be more correct – he knew in a few minutes she would be exactly where he wanted her – across his knee, bottom upwards!

"Hmm!" he murmured thoughtfully, "it would have to be a proper punishment, particularly as despite my warning you have allowed the arrears to increase even more! A good old-fashioned bare-bottom spanking is what you need my girl! so! what will you take? that, or the Notice to Quit?"

"Oh! the spanking please!" Carole replied without hesitation – realising as she spoke, the implied acceptance of the 'bare bottom' bit. Ever since spanking had been mentioned two weeks ago she had been wondering about that, but having been so frightened at the prospect of losing her flat it no longer seemed quite so important.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, as Mr Raynor closed the door and came back into the room. He drew a dining-room chair out to the middle of the room and sat down.

"Come here", he motioned her to stand in front of him. "Lift your skirt up – let's see what you have on underneath!"

Carole obediently reached down the side of her tight black skirt and, taking hold of the hem, started to pull upwards. Her knees came into view, then nicely swelling thighs, but when the hem was up to her stocking tops allowing a first tantalising glimpse of bare skin – the ascent stopped. The close fitting skirt was all bunched up, and no matter how Carole tugged and wriggled would go no higher. Her shapely hips were obviously unsurmountable!

"I'm sorry about this!", stammered Carole blushing crimson. "Perhaps it would be better if I take the skirt off altogether?" "Yes", Mr Raynor agreed, "that seems the only thing to do".

After smoothing it down and undoing the zip, Carole duty eased her skirt off and threw it across the table. She stood facing Mr Raynor aware that his eyes were appraising her lower half! The crisp white blouse only reached to her waist so her white nylon lace panties and matching suspender belt were fully on view. She also had on her sheerest stockings so, although embarrassed, she knew that even in this state of undress she could bear inspection.

Mr Raynor was indeed impressed – she looked lovely in her lingerie, and the few inches of delicious pale white thighs above the top of the suspendered stockings were so inviting, and so close, he had some difficulty overcoming the desire to reach out and caress the lush flesh. However he permitted himself the luxury of a long scrutiny of Carole's midriff area before patting his knee purposefully.

"Come Miss Barnes! – over my lap – let's see whether we can teach you a lesson".

Carole, very apprehensive now that the time for her torment had arrived, moved to Mr Raynor's right side and gingerly clambered across his lap, easing herself forward until her forearms were resting on the floor and she could support her lowered forehead in her upturned palms. Her blouse slid down her back past her bra strap. She was in position – her bottom poised invitingly across Mr Raynor's knees.

This time the temptation to touch proved too strong. He ran his hand to and fro over the lovely contours, feeling the smooth taut skin underneath the thin nylon-lace knickers which as it happens had worked right into the division of the buttocks and now clung tightly, emphasising the separate plump roundness of each bottom cheek. Carole wished she had put her hand behind her and pulled the panties out a bit before getting over his knee – but it was too late now!

'At least', she thought, 'he must be realising how thin the material is and may let them stay on'. Mr Raynor however had other ideas. His fondling hand was removed from her rear and his fingers grasped the elastic waistband. By rolling her one way and then the other he eased the elastic over her hips and downwards but then came a hold-up.

The fact that they had wedged tightly between her legs, coupled with the way she had perspired during the Notice to Quit saga, ensured that the panties were now clinging stickily to her most private parts. Carole nearly died of shame as Mr Raynor, tugging the waistband down her thighs drew the knickers inside out, but still could not dislodge the gusset. He had to take a firmer grip and pull hard before, with a little 'plop', they finally came away and slid towards her knees.

Any relief Carole felt that that indelicate moment had passed was quickly overshadowed by the waft of cold air on her bottom, bringing the realisation that that part of her anatomy pushed so lewdly upwards was now completely bare – inviting Mr Raynor's inspection, and whatever painful plans he had in mind for it!

Mr Raynor as it happens was delighted with the bottom now exposed before him. He considered himself quite a connoisseur of female posteriors and knew this was one of the most delightful he had ever encountered. The exquisitely rounded cheeks thrust upwards almost impertinently and the thought of spanking them was sheer ecstasy! Placing his hand on the milk-white bottom he savoured the feel of bare skin while gently squeezing the soft flesh.

Carole cringed – particularly when she felt her bum cheeks being parted, no doubt to satisfy his curiosity – but because of Mr Raynor's guile in making her actually plead for the spanking option, she could hardly complain. She just wished he would get on with it – and a moment later the wish was granted!

He raised his hand and then brought it down hard on Carole's right buttock. "Aah!", she gasped as the slapped cheek trembled and reddened. Mr Raynor attacked the same right cheek, making it as red as its but this time spread his hand and as a result the marks of his fingers and thumb showed up as red blobs towards the extremities of the plump round buttock which quivered noticeably.

Next, Mr Raynor applied two corresponding smacks to the left cheek, making it as red as it's partner and drawing two further sharp gasps from Carole. Having thus prepared the ground, as it were, Mr Raynor proceeded to spank the upthrust cheeks alternately with good hard smacks, allowing time between each one for the full effect to be felt.

Carole's initiation into the experience of being chastised was proving even more disagreeable than she had imagined. Apart from the agonizing shock-wave as each spank landed, the overall stinging and scorching sensation was intensifying to the point of becoming unbearable. Her cries became louder and her now bright red bottom squirmed and wriggled incessantly.

Eventually it became too much, and Carole flung a hand backwards, palm upwards, to shield her burning bum. "That's enough please!", she begged, "I can't take anymore! It's too sore!", and she gave a sob.

"Tch! Get up then", snapped Mr Raynor, annoyed at being stopped just when his steady spanking was inducing Carole to heave and writhe her bottom rhythmically in a most erotic manner.

Carole struggled off his lap, instinctively putting her hands over her mound as she stood up. "And take your hands away from there!", barked Mr Raynor. "How dare you play the modest madam with me! – don't you realise that failing to pay your rent is much more shameful than displaying your body to someone who is trying to help you?". "Yes – er sorry!" mumbled Carole, dropping her hands to her side and waiting patiently while the man sitting on the chair feasted his eyes on her fuzzy little bush.

"I thought we had an agreement Miss Barnes", continued Mr Raynor more calmly, "but the chastisement you have had so far is only worth a few days rebate – not sufficient to suspend the Notice to Quit! Indeed I have only given you about a third of the punishment I intended!" He paused to let that sink in before going on, "However, if you are too much of a cry-baby to take a proper spanking, we had better call the whole thing off".

Carole realised the awful predicament she was in! She knew now that spanking wasn't just a game – it really hurt! She also knew that unfortunately she had to accept it! At least according to Mr Raynor she had had a third of the intended punishment – and, although her bum was still hot and stinging, the most acute pain was disappearing. So, she told herself, having gone this far she could – indeed she must – endure the remaining two-thirds.

"I am sorry Mr Raynor!", Carole sounded contrite, "please let me try again. I promise not to interfere anymore".

Mr Raynor continued to scrutinize her frontal nudity for a further moment or so before replying, "Very well my dear – you must learn to take your medicine with more fortitude – are you ready then?".

For a second time Carole positioned herself across his lap and, as though to make amends for her lapse, parted her legs wider than before and hollowed her back firmly. Consequently, her still rosy-red bottom was thrust upwards more provocatively than ever. Noticing that she was also clenching her fists tightly as they stretched out on the floor, Mr Raynor knew that she was determined to accept a proper spanking this time. He was pleased – it was the sort of submission he had been seeking. Now he could consolidate the position!

The spanking was resumed – hard measured slaps to each cheek in turn, with every so often one across the divide punishing both cheeks together. Carole's bottom was ideally presented now and Mr Raynor made sure that the entire fleshy area received a fair share of treatment even drawing the cheeks apart with his left hand so that the right could have access to the cleft and redden up the insides.

Carole yelped and squealed as the onslaught continued. Her bright scarlet bottom bounced and heaved, writhed and wriggled, but – somehow – she managed to stay in position over his lap allowing him to spank the squirming bum at will.

Although enjoying himself tremendously, and aware of how well Carole was taking the punishment, Mr Raynor nevertheless knew he must not push her too far! This first chastisement had to be finely balanced – no so unbearable that repeat performances became unthinkable, but severe enough so that both parties knew domination had been established!

Judging that the latter situation had now been achieved Mr Raynor ceased spanking for a moment. The pause allowed the frantic writhing of Carole's scarlet bum to calm down – but the ordeal was not yet over! Mr Raynor decided a small postscript would ensure the position was fully understood.

"Now Miss Barnes! I intend finishing with four extra hard smacks, so I suggest you brace yourself accordingly! Be warned! – any interference will result in the punishment being continued for a little while."

Carole greeted this information with a groan, but then clenched her fists even tighter, gritted her teeth, and kept her red sore-looking bottom upthrust defiantly!

Mr Raynor raised his hand high in the air before sweeping it down smartly onto the swelling undercurves of the right bottom cheek.

"Thwack!", – the loud report of hard palm hitting plump flesh was followed almost simultaneously by an equally loud shriek from Carole as her bottom jumped several inches and her right foot lifted momentarily from the floor.

The aggrieved bottom contracted and expanded in rapid jerks, and before these had fully subsided the left buttock was spanked with similar venom! Again the target was the bulging undercurve. Carole's bum jerked and jived anew! The momentum was kept up by two hard slaps across the centre of her heaving bottom, but they were the last she had to endure.

For some moments Carole lay across Mr Raynor's lap, panting and sobbing, while he surveyed the shapely posterior which he had so ill-treated! His fingers gently stroked the red-hot cheeks – now crimson with a few bright scarlet blotches. He knew that later a little bruising might appear but nothing serious. For some time however Carole would know that she had a well-spanked bottom!

He helped her off his knee and she stood before him tearful and sniffling, but this time making no attempt to cover her frontal nudity. Instead, her hands sought her burning bum which she rubbed tenderly!

Mr Raynor began writing in his accounts book. "In addition to the one week's rent you gave me, I am reducing your arrears by three weeks! When I return in a fortnight you will have to bring them down further – one way or another – understood?".

Of course she understood! It would take her all her time to find the next two week's rent never mind paying off arrears.

She massaged her sore bottom with even more feeling as she realised that it would probably have to pay forfeit again!

If the thought dismayed Carole, it delighted Mr Raynor as he left the flat and walked down the stairs. The delectable Miss Barnes had been added to his select list of tenants who 'paid by special arrangement'! He knew from experience that on his next visit she would be less taut – therefore more receptive and able to take an even sounder spanking.

What a nice thought on which to repair for lunch!

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